Daygame Mediocrity #1 – Bald White Old Guy De-virginates Two Communists

October 3, 2016

Imagine the scene – Moscow in late summer, hot girls ambling around in short skirts with smiles on their faces and adventure in their hearts. Full of new-city excitement, Nick Krauser goes out onto the streets with friends and chats up a whole bunch of them.

It’s madness. A five minute street kiss close with a slim brunette he fucks a few days later. Getting his hands down the pants of a tall Tajik girl one hour into a first date who finally gets cold feet at his front door. Two dates with a Miss Moscow finalist. He fucks a hot young student** on first date then gets bedroom LMR with another student*** a couple of hours later. Another two near misses due to periods. It’s magic on the streets and carnage in the bedroom!

What would it be worth to you – an aspiring daygamer – to see all of that captured on video? Literally every second from approach to close (or near miss) captured in full HD with microphones? Video after video of the highest level daygame there is!

How much is it worth to you to see top-level seduction of hot girls broken down into learnable repeatable detail? $500? $1000?

Stop and think. This is a serious business!

How much would you pay to accelerate your learning and catapult yourself to the very top level of Advanced Daygame? $2000? $5000?

Hotties. Fucking hordes of them.

Hotties. Fucking hordes of them.

Well……. don’t bother. I didn’t have the camera switched on so no such videos exist.

So lets imagine another scene – Moscow a week later, pissing down with rain almost every hour of every day so that the girls all decided to stay home. What few girls venture outside scurry into the mall with frowns on their faces and impatience in their hearts. Nick Krauser is there but totally sick of it all, wanting to go home and see if Tom Clancy’s The Division really is any good.

This time he remembered to mic up with a dictaphone but wishes he hadn’t bothered. His vibe is gone. His feet hurt. It all feels like a terrible waste of time. Eventually, after much coaxing from his wing, he rattles off a half dozen half-arsed sets that afternoon. Mostly he just repeats the same old tired bullshit that he can do on autopilot. There’s not a scrap of spontaneity or enthusiasm. The next day he does a few more sets. After scrubbing the half dozen blowouts and a few sets where the cameraman messed up the memory card he’s got eight sets of tolerable video and audio quality.*

“Fuck my life” he moans. “I’ll just release that”

Welcome to Daygame Mediocrity – the most insipid street hustling you’re ever likely to encounter.

* I don’t have the audacity to charge for such tosh.

** A female student from Moscow, not the male student who was winging with me.

*** As before, a local girl.


  1. Have you gone back to finance work now, or was that just preferable to saying you travel the world fucking girls and writing about it? [I guess I’m still on my sabbatical. K.]

    • Do you think you could ever go back to working in an office all day?

      • Don’t ask silly questions luv

      • Genuinely interested in an answer to this. I did day game and travel for a solid six years until I became as depressed as I was before I decided to quit my day job. Now back in the saddle with a girlfriend and the simple life couldn’t be happier. For me it had a shelf life and glad I did it and got that monkey off my shoulder but wouldn’t go back.

      • Joy that’s an interesting post, I wonder if all daygamers don’t go back to the normal
        World at some point. Money usually is the biggest driver of this, trying to make money in a small personal business is hard, in many ways harder than just going to an office job. Also the girls part can get tedious, the grind on the streets, perhaps a girlfriend you actually like and enjoy time with is better.

  2. Is it Nick Wayne or Deepak Krauser?😜

  3. haha.. A communist hammer-sickle on a naked girl – Thumbs up from Marx.

    Non-verbal hook. Bouncing off the obstacle and vibing with her. Nice infield. In mastery though it’s mentioned that the majority of lays come from solo girls. Though most probably the answer won’t change, i wonder if there’s a way to make it work by tweaking the model a bit.

  4. As a beginner, the biggest learning curve for me is seeing how Nick handles the end of each conversation thread and moves the set along.
    For me these often result in an awkward silence or me panicking because I realise an awkward silence is approaching.

    Thanks for putting this stuff up for free Nick, really helpful.

  5. So is there an actual video product coming or is this all just banter?
    I really enjoyed the video and would love to see more.

  6. Video np.2 tops this one.

  7. I would have had a difficult time not breaking off the set and going after the tall redhead from 3:44 – 3:48

    I suppose staying committed to the current set is a cardinal rule.

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