Daygame Mediocrity #2 – Krauserfoolery and the Street Swindle

October 5, 2016

The world is not how it appears. We have been brought up to expect a certain stability to the world around us, weened off dependence on our parents and onto dependence on the government and upon cultural tropes. There’s a set formula to dating now: install the Tinder app, swipe right, then hope you get picked. We are using machines to date.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could date against this machine?

I have conducted extensive research into the social world and I have a secret for you: many people are already living their lives against the machine. They are swimming against the crowd and hustling a buck here and there.

  • Con men are befriending elderly old women in end-of-life care homes then swindling them out of their life savings.
  • Double-glazing salesmen are cold-calling low-IQ housewives on owner-occupied housing estates and bullshitting them into buying expensive new windows.
  • Jewish hedge-fund managers are paying off backhanders to financial regulators to get inside information or forebearance to ignore the imminent collapse of their Ponzi schemes.

I ask you – the aspiring daygamer – what can we learn from these men? What can we learn from the world’s most immoral swindlers that we can then action in our own quest to swindle women out of sex they’d never freely give up to us?

Respect the hustle, yesterday

Respect the hustle, yesterday

Hi, I’m Uncle Nick and I’d like to introduce you to the Krauser Toolkit [1] that you can practice with your daygame. Each day you go out, I want you to do 300 sets and keep one of these tricks in mind:

Krauser Stop – This entails walking up to a girl, making weird “bee bop” noises and waving your hands like a retard.
Hand of Krauser – Shake a girl’s hand when you introduce yourself.
Pedo Eyes – Holding steady and slightly creepy eye contact with a girl you really don’t believe you are entitled to fuck [2]

Watch and learn, my trainee swindlers. Here is another set from Daygame Mediocrity.

[1] – Please, please, don’t actually take any of this seriously.

[2] – Really, don’t. I’m trolling.


  1. Haha. Nick and Tom have a passive aggressive thing going on. Too funny. Nick, you da man.

    • I know, right?

      After their divorce, I imagine that they are both still keeping track each other on every material published, then attempt to take a counter against it.

      Disclosure: I also do follow both, anwy 😛

  2. This definitely proves that even the most cringeworthy initial approach can be overcome. Nice work. [I don’t think you’re watching properly. It was an excellent initial approach. That’s actually best part of the set. K.]

  3. Thanks uncle Nick.
    Today I’m definitely gonna use Krauser Toolkit in my parents.

  4. Anyway, I’m gonna glad when your video product will included date venues and something like that.

  5. Uncle Nick, good to put up some real game infield. Obviously this is not the tightest game, it’s light on attraction material (squirrel tease) with a lot of rapport, no qualification that I could see. However you still got a number close. Now the big question is if you were running A game here would your odds of that number being solid go up or would it make just a minor difference. If it doesn’t make much difference perhaps we should all run game just like this? It would save a lot of energy for sure. [I got this girl on a date. It was solid. If you ignore my bluster and focus on the dynamics, you’ll see it is actually a very good set. Just boring. K.]

    • Yes it’s low key for sure, I think I’m still at the intermediate stage where I tease loads and get the girl giggling and fizzing, problem is while it looks and feels great I’m getting tons of flakes. I’m still only on my 300 set or so and hoping I can still improve.

      Your set above is very quick, would spending more time make any more difference? Sometimes I bail on a high ping but think what if I’d just stuck in there and imprinted my character a bit more. [Poor english, she confirmed she liked me, and her friend came back and couldn’t speak a word. Would’ve been mistake to linger. K.]

  6. Nice stuff, This is textbook game. Everyone going to flash and
    Over cooking it. This is a great example of less is more projected clam and confident.

  7. Nick, are you always aware of her feet? Looks like you fractionated at 0:49. How does one select what aspect of the set to focus in the moment, and how does one internalize it optimally?

  8. What we’re seeing here is the birth of ‘post-pickup.’ A kind of knowing, burnt-out, self-referential display of game deprecating both of the PUA in question and the art of PUA itself. It’s an exposure of sorts, laying bare the emptiness and absurdity at the heart of these kinds of interactions. Krauser is deliberately going through the motions – even shoehorning in ‘the squirrel,’ for which he’s been ridiculed in the past – and the set is unapologetically mechanical, reminiscent of a road-weary musician churning out a rote version of a greatest hit. We see one human being interacting automatically with another who can barely speak his language, with the whole scene taking place in that cathedral of superficiality and emptiness, the modern-day shopping centre. To add an extra lemon-squeeze of irony, the girl ‘hates shopping.’ The fact that the interaction concludes with a number close is simply the icing on this rather bitter cake.

    There’s something compellingly nihilistic about it all: pre-set, a woman walks into a distracted Krauser, whose odd ‘ooh ooh ooh’ and arm-swings seem to communicate the very essence of alienated ‘who-gives-a-fuck’-ness: he comes across as a drifter running on ennui, a rogue satellite spinning through a strange galaxy. And the video ends, fittingly, with two mic-sputters which no-one could be arsed to edit out.

    This is a video that stands out amidst the snake-oil slickness and sheer lunacy offered up by other prominent PUAs. It operates on another level entirely – on several levels, in fact. It’s probably the closest thing to honesty you’ll find in this discredited community of desperados – even as it chronicles a hoodwinking. [This may be my favourite comment of all time. You should be a writer – if you’re not already. Whatever clever meta-level shit I thought I was doing with this product trolling, you just one-upped me big time. Bravo, sir! K.]

    • I’m saying it first; Giant screens, continuous playback, Modern Art installation at the Tate.
      And in the words of Bodi, it would be “wonderfully Gamma”.
      It would also be pretentious and serve the real art/culture – destroying narrative of your alter ego (((Mr Berg))) 😉

    • That is a fucking quality comment. Bodi? Is that you?

  9. What is this?

    The only reason you put up this mocking-type of pua stuff is because you’re afraid of sharing your tight/solid game approaches for fear of being judged and critiqued too harshly. Looks like performance anxiety: fear of being judged (for your actual skill) so you frame the performance as “this isn’t my best, I’m just fucking about” otherwise you’d never be able to perform. [Sure, it does mate. Sure it does. K.]

  10. The race baiting and “look at me pull white girls as a MINORITY” continues…I think this is one of the Wayne clones. Why they all would name themselves after that pleb is beyond me but anyway:

  11. Fucking hell old pal, reading these comments, is half your your readership dense or what. What have we here?

    I thought I’d come and visit you on your blog, slum it for a while and lookee what we have. Your readership is definitely about 30 IQ points below mine. They actually think this is a genuine post.

    As we’d expect, the class is on the Jambone side of the net, once again. you are over here attracting the dingbats and the ne’er do wells while ol’ Jiimmy is in the whisky lounge with the erudite and gentile. I’d invite you over but we’re talking about the possibility of an objective secular model of ethics right now. Shall I call you when we get round to lighting our farts?

    Steve you can come over any time mate. Just don’t tell Nick.

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