Daygame Mediocrity #3 – Same Day Lay With Russian Supermodel*

October 9, 2016

The strongest frame wins.

There is no objective reality. We are all moist robots who are programmed to survive and reproduce rather than to see the world as it really is. A true master persuader can win every time if only he is in the moment and he lives through his intentions with freedom from outcome and a dailed- in nimbis for the Now to utilise his ultimate seduction model to a peak of tight game with kino-leading and forward stacking.

It’s simple stuff, people.

So here I present you with the most AUTHENTIC and real video to build your self confidence (100% HONEST) and become your AUTHENTIC SELF in the MOMENT and reach TRUE ALIGNMENT. Forget the Krauser Toolkit and all the other BULLSHIT that PUAs were selling you only yesterday. Here’s the secret about women:

They don’t have brains. They don’t have opinions.

Even if a girl is in love with her steady boyfriend, they’ve announced their engagement to family and friends, and she’s blissfully happy at the thought of marrying her true love – a man she’s admired for years, feels a close personality fit with, has bonded over shared experiences, and with whom she’s planned a life together.


Women are IN THE MOMENT. You – a narrow-shouldered 5’6″ PUA of ethnic origin who is only in town for two weeks hitting on literally every girl you see despite not speaking her language – yes YOU can still get that girl if you do just ONE THING!

What is that ONE THING? What is the BIG SECRET? I’ll tell you.

You must simply get in the moment and be truly authentic with yourself and your separate personalities to project yourself as mindful of intent and yet free from outcome and then refuse to accept NO for an answer because this is beasting and so you hold her hand and do kino-leading and move her for the idate to build a domino effect or something that I can’t actually explain and then with a deep romantic connection she’ll be IN THE MOMENT and forget about that**


Because she’s a girl so she doesn’t have a brain, or preferences, or any ability at all to reject your ULTIMATE GAME.

*  Your experience of the video may differ. This was obviously a clear SDL opportunity but I decided to reject her because it was 12:55, I was a bit hungry and Coffee Shop Company stop serving ham and mozzarella panninis at 1pm. I was so free from outcome that I decided a pannin and americano were a higher priority. Still, because she would’ve totally fallen for my game – had I just idated her – I’m still counting it as a notch.

** Or just mute out the bit where you offer her a job, and the later bits where she asks about the job, and get a creepy friend to fill those spaces with audio analysis.


  1. Amazing how much of your life you devote to something you consider stupid and brainless. I don’t know a single woman who does that. [I feel utterly ashamed. You got me, Dan! K.]

  2. Krauser, thanks for some clever entertainment.
    Intelligent amusement can have a high value sometimes — especially when it seems scarce;
    surrounded by demoralizing dreary stupid bullshit…
    So I hope you will continue with this public service, ha ha.

    • The ho in this vid is clearly someone with very low selfesteem (may be she works as a waitress and aims to please everyone), any run of the mill guy can easily have this sort of conversation or even better with her.

  3. >> This was obviously a clear SDL opportunity
    >> because she would’ve totally fallen for my game – had I just idated her – I’m still counting it as a notch.

    Ha! You should totally count that as a notch! This helps me out quite a bit… as I didn’t realize how many notches I actually have. Damn, I’m a player.

  4. I can not believe commentators on youtube. Especially without any infield.

  5. You criticise my game and this is your evidences of your skills. Your career is finished after you attack me and Justin. Now the community sees that you are the fraud [Piss off, faker. K.]

    • Fuck it. Let’s start a group funding project so Nick and you can go head to head on the streets. 4 hours. Just you and a cameraman. A neutral third party will edit the footage so that we’re not watching a guy running around on a street for 4 hours consecutive.

      If you actually want to go up against Nick and Steve, then put your balls on the line and do it. Either that, or shut the fuck up.

    • This is an example of one of his bad sets, you fucking sociopath.

    • Deepak the post is a spoof of you. He’s ridiculing you. That’s the whole point. You’re just too dense to see it, which makes it even funnier.

  6. When the industry has evolved showing more just a mere number close, krauser is still in dinosaur ages fighting extinction. [Just because you’ve not seen the SDL and lay videos I posted doesn’t mean they don’t exist. K.]

    • This makes me laugh. Dibben87 wants a dick pic, or none of this is real!!!

      I know from marketing work that “early funnel” activity does, in fact, indicate more ROI deeper into the “funnel” (so to speak). If you are seeing solid number closes (no muted BS), solid ones, you should assume the guy is getting some sex in his life. Maybe dibben87 needs to see K’s cock to get something from all this? Ha.

      I know, to some extent, “proof” is about selling product. But is anyone really unsure that K is legit at this point? Really? Have you done enough daygame to know that that is real? None of this looks familiar to you? You need bedroom footage… to understand a street pickup? If you’re learning, isn’t there enough here to show you the way? If you already get it, isn’t this enough to give you a sense of community and solidarity in the pack of hunters?

      I still love examples. I still want to learn. I want to be inspired. But I don’t need to see the money shot to know this path is real.

      • I am glad that you had some giggles from reading my comment. The level of good game cant be concluded from getting number from cold approach as it is just a small part of whole seduction process. Anyone can say that they are getting laid but it can be possible it is with girls below their looks or status level. As such does the person actually has good game? In my opinion a follow up date and bedroom scene provide a more compete picture on the level of game someone has especially if you are able to judge the attractiveness of the girl . [I think you are retarded enough to be more at home on Deepak’s channel. K.]

  7. “It’s impossible to get engaged, married or other women who are in a relationship. Naturals do that because of magic, they are naturals, that can’t be imitated” – Nick Krauser. Logic of a stupid, weak, old man who has no eggs to confront ME by saying my name on his blog. Just enough balls to throw indirect pseudo statements…

    Hey pussy, why don’t you get some courage and instead of having such an emotional, mediocre ego, you get your weak balls up and try to do instant dates instead of trying to set up a date? Don’t you realize that you are playing a retarded numbers game? Don’t you feel that with isolations you could get more compliance for setting up the date?

    Or is that logic just too much for your old british brain??

    Ahh, wait, wait. One has to do it THE WAY YOU WANT. No, we can’t try new things, how shall we? You are the best Daygamer in the world. Ridiculous pussy.

    Even I can teach you. Let me say it slowly so that you… Understand me… Instead of… In a stupid, idiotic way… Just trying to get the girl without even having talked to her for 10 minutes, you should isolate her to have instant date, get more compliance, and get her to accept she likes you.

    Don’t you know that women don’t contradict what they say? They find always explanations for her statements, not contradictions. Or are you so old that you haven’t even realized that?

    Next time try it. If you do that well, maybe you can reach the Wayne level. Even such a coward like you.

    Hit me up whenever, wherever you want. My Facebook is linked to my YouTube profile. I don’t hide, I’m not a pussy like you. [You talk exactly as I’d expect from the pictures on your Facebook profile – a chode with low social intelligence who has little experience with women. You are repeating what the daygame charlatans told you, not writing from actual experience and it’s really really obvious. K.]

    • haha. what retarded cunt you are. This series of videos are done tongue in cheek hence being called “daygame mediocrity”, Its actually Krauser fucking around you moron! wow… can someone be so fuckin dumb…..and btw krauser is right ….you do look like a complete and utter twat and an armchair “player”. Get out of the house and meet real women instead of repeating amateur bullshit advice you’ve picked up from the wayne chumps. turd

      • Who the fuck are you, just some other anonymous pussy?

        Kid, talk to me when you get some infields. You can see my success at Daygame whenever you want, I don’t hide. Of course I don’t make them public, comparing myself to you I study.

        Ahh… But you don’t want to meet. You are of course a Krauser follower, you hide, you don’t want to compete and you just go for 5s and 7s 😂😂😂

        Not every pua is at your level dude, not everyone remains still at home. You should know more people, be more social. I’m sure you can (or maybe not 😂)

      • You say I’m wrong? Prove it. I’ve just said you could get more compliance when isolating the girl to set up the date. And Krauser said that’s delusional.

        “One can’t get compliance during isolation or instant date. My book, Daygame Mastery, is fake. Just as Justin Wayne. Because there says one can get compliance during the date (you can touch the girl, kiss her, lead her, and even after other dates, get her to your apartment. That’s compliance during date). And, as we all know, compliance during isolation or instant dates is impossible, so, I’m fake and my book and my teachings are delusional by my own logic” – Nick Krauser.

        Krauser, JKL… I know Krauser’s material since January of this year. Your logic is I have purchased Nick Krauser’s material because I don’t do daygame? Because I don’t go out? Low intelligence kids, really low

        JKL. The best you can do is knowing Krauser’s materials. I have already studied that long ago, you have less experience than me. Prove me wrong

    • Haha, better prove me wrong before I prove you wrong. Oldie

      Mm, you can’t. Wayne’s logic can’t be beaten

      • oh no you are infested with a wayne chode here nick! lmfao. A legend in his own mind! never even heard of the cunt but according to himself he’s a top PUA. Just looked at his facebook profile and yes defo and idiot. He can’t even speak english properly and he’s a spick….not surprising his tongues halfway up the waynes assholes then is it lol. Exactly the sort of pidgin english immigrant that the waynes target..Classic!In his own words little experience of daygame in 2015 but now in 2016 this idiot is an expert haha unbelievable! Looks a bit apergers/special needs as well.Classic wayne fodder. Hilarious

      • also dont see any of your infields anywhere, if you are so fuckin great and have nothing to hide then feel free to post them up and send the links. Im not going to hold my breath though…idiot lol

      • I work, I study in the university, I train, I cook, I live alone and I’m dating someone. I don’t have time for someone to record me when I do Daygame. Moreover, my infields are in german, not English, and my town is small. I don’t want to risk my reputation in the stores just because I should prove myself for you.

        The thing I said was that Krauser should have tried to instant date the girl and there get compliance and set up the date. That’s not delusional, as he thinks.

      • waiting to see these infields you have mr “been doing game one year and now I’m an expert PUA” . Put your money where your rather large keyboard warrior mouth is and post some up. Waiting

      • I’m not a master pua. Master pua will I be when I got multiple girlfriends who tattoo my name on their bodies, like Justin Wayne.

        I will post my infields. This year. But right now I can’t because of time.

        And yes, with game you can evolve quickly, in less than a year. Bootcamps can do that with asperger guys, and infield analysis with normal guys.

        Moreover, you talk to me without showing your face. Such a big amount of cunts. Criticizing without knowing me! Asperger? HA. Let’s see who’s got Asperger when I post some proofs and you nothing.

      • yawn, no proof just all talk here. nothing interesting. no surprises at all, all talk no action. wayne fanboy chode 100%

      • MDDM you are right and Krauser is wrong,.What Krauser doesn’t understand in his limited experience is that the drive of the woman is internal to external but the man is external to internal. A theory I call pre-fractured resistance and I have tested now over 500 sets. Krauser relies on his external to internal pickup method which worked in 2008 but not in 2016.

        The ways that truly get the girl are eyes, focussing on how you use them, body language, where your feet point, do you body rock, you have to understand what alpha is which Krauser doesn’t and innner game. You can’t flirt with a girl in a non direct way, which Kraiuser proves he doesn’t understand in every video. You also escalate verbally and not just physically, which I have mastered and which Krauser PROVES he can’t do.

        Pickup mastery is like being attacked by a swan in this analogy, Let me explain: What you should do if you are attacked by a swan.


        Growing up we had a guard goose – Hal – that protected our ducks from everything that moved. And everything that didn’t move. And some stuff he imagined.

        The protocol when you had to go where Hal didn’t want you to go was to walk straight toward him. Upon his charge, if you were coordinated and didn’t hesitate, you could grab him by his neck and flip him around so he was facing away from you. In that position, his wings couldn’t get you and as long as you grabbed close enough to the head, he couldn’t bite you, either.

        Once you had the goose, you could toss him into a pen or whatever and do what you needed to do. Mostly, I would just toss-shove him away. We would repeat the his-charge-my-toss half a dozen times and then he would remember that I was the one who fed him (Hal was not very bright) and would leave me alone for a few days.

        For a wild bird, it depends on the “attack” – a charging goose or swan can be outrun in most cases, and will leave off the chase once you are away from whatever they are protecting. It is very rare for a wild goose/swan to actually attack you unless you continue to approach their nest/offspring and ignore their several false charges.

        MDMA and I are on the same page because we have learned a more successful piickup method post 2008. Krauser is 2008 still and that’s why he fails to get anything above a 7.5 or maybe 7.9.

      • jonesy and Mick, you say I’m just words. Then what the fuck are you, hiding anonymously without infields, just as me. Don’t worry, as soon as I get time I will post them. This year, december, after christmas. You will see.

      • I’m not the cunt claiming I’m a top PUA after a year and how fucking great I am YOU ARE. If your so fuckin great then post your infields seeing as your telling everyone here how good you are at pickup otherwise shut the fuck up. All I’m seeing is bullshit and excuses as to why you can’t post anything….”no time”, “in December” blah blah . Yeah yeah yeah all hot air nothing else. Put up or shut up you Peruvian prick. And btw putting up your real name here so we can all see you on Facebook isn’t eaxactly the smartest of moves is it? For one we can all have a laugh at your fuckin ugly inbred Peruvian face and two I can message all your friends there now and tell them to come here and see all the big claims you are making of being a top PUA. Sure they are all going to have a big laugh at that 😂😂😂. Oh dear!!!😂😂😂

      • Mick, do that. My friends know who I am, I don’t hide, my family, everyone knows. I’m congruent. I haven’t said I’m a top pua at any time. I’m just a normal pua. You are just showing your stupid level by talking about my nationality. Let’s see if you can get an scholarship in Germany being Peruvian and lift 175kg in deadlift while doing daygame and working. You can’t even get out of your ridiculous country to a better one, or even to get admission to a top university of your own country. Pretty sad, you are worse than a Peruvian, you are worse than me.

        Let’s say you are on a top university. You still are weak as fuck, it’s really stupid from you to try to bother me, when I could beat you up only with my left hand.

        Prove my arguments wrong and we talk. Just because I say why Nick Krauser is wrong without having infields, doesn’t mean that my statement is false. Think, ridiculous shit.

      • Oh dear….Looks like I have hit a nerve, lovely !😂😂. You fuckin Peruvian peasant. Do us all a favour and piss off back to the Wayne’s site and chat your Peruvian fart there. Not interested in you or anything you have to say. “Congruent”😂😂 yeah right🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

      • See ya emotional pussy. You don’t have arguments 😂😂
        You talk from your feelings, you are wrong and we are right. We have arguments and you nothing, like Krauser.
        Bye! Talk to me when you want to compete face to face in anything. Daygame, strength, great degrees. Loser!

    • “As I’d expect from the pictures on your Facebook profile – a chode with low social intelligence who has little experience with women”. Oldie, haven’t you seen your profile? Mine has 48 real likes from people I know and I live near to. Yours has one ridiculous like from a guy you don’t even know. And that picture is not even a picture!! It’s a drawing omg…

      Your most recentt post has 5 likes, all from people you don’t know. Mine has 12 from people I know. Male and female.

      So, comparing your idiotic statement between mine and YOUR facebook profile, you are socially retarded. If I’ve got “little experience with women” you don’t even talk to guys. And the photo I’m using is from 2015, with little experience on daygame. But we are on october 2016. You should refresh maths, oldie. Think more, take your vitamins haha

  8. I like your other videos and appreciate them. But I hope that you said ‘clear SDL opportunity’ for this video as a joke. cause if you were serious than I gotta say that you are delusional, but I am pretty sure that was just for entertainment and a joke.
    Good laugh though…
    Hope to see better quality videos (as a set ) and field reports as you did before. [Of course it’s a joke. K.]

  9. Geezus….it never fails to amaze me how many people dont get the joke! irony chaps irony!

  10. Good video.
    Funny babushka walk past at 2m20s

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