Daygame Mediocrity #4 – How To Get Laid In Moscow*

October 11, 2016

Let’s have a specific analysis of animals and how to apply the magic ANIMAL CODE to a girl.

  • 5’1″ and below is a Mouse.
  • 5’2″ to 5’3.5″ is a Gerbil.
  • Up to 5.4″ is a Hamster, although if she has an overbite she is a Chipmunk.
  • Girls of middle height up to 5’7″ are Cats and then everything above that is either a Giraffe or a Flamingo.

NEVER EVER make the mistake of calling a girl a Gerbil when she’s really a Hamster (and vice versa) – these two are MORTAL ENEMIES and you may get your eyes scratched out and no SUPER FAST VIRGIN SDL for you.

* This was my first mistake! You’ll see this girl is in flats and only slightly shorter than me. That puts her at maybe 5’8″ so I’d missed the Cat cut-off by ONE FULL INCH! I’d failed to observe she wasn’t wearing heels *

When a girl is walking in a straight line and you front stop her, you must stand directly facing each other, being on each other’s twelve o’clock. In contrast if you side stop her you will begin on her nine o’clock and turn her around so she puts you on her twelve while she remains on your three for a while. Do you see my crucial mistake at 0:45 of this video?

* YES! I had her on my ONE O’CLOCK – somewhere around half-past. This is a DISASTROUS ERROR and I can feel the SUPER FAST VIRGIN SDL slipping away. This set was already lost. Can I rescue it???? *

So at 0:56 I pull out my big move – THE KRAUSER TOE! This lets me rescue the twelve o’clock and pull her into my MEZMA BEAM! GAME ON!!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

1:12 – Note the KRAUSER WAVE OF MEZMA with my left hand. I calculate her pussy wetness increased by an average of 3.4% with each circular wave. In the end I stopped so as not to damage the poor girl’s loins. Note she moves her foot position in an obvious attempt to let the stored juices squelch out into her panties.
1:32 – I smash her with the NOT FASHION line. She quickly replies “What?” as if to say “OMG I’m so wet right now. That was so spontaneous and unscripted!”
1:55 – I missed the most obvious opportunity in the set. She tells me she’s studying journalism and I failed to spot the two natural openings to CLOSING THIS WHORE. I could’ve either (i) said I work in recruitment and often handle entry-level jobs in journalism and perhaps we should meet for coffee with a hidden camera turned on, or (ii) inquired if as a student she’d broke then suggest we shop of iPhones and then I’ll treat her to dinner at an expensive restaurant.

* I cannot BELIEVE I missed this chance. This is TRULY MEDIOCRE game *

2:27 – Dirty whore. Obviously thinking of DICK. Again I miss an obvious opportunity to TAKE HER HAND to create the ROMANTIC CONNECTION and then lead her to the toilets for a SUPER FAST VIRGIN SDL.
2:52 – She shows some resistance to rape game.
4:47 – This may be the most boring set you’ll ever see.
6:02 – “NO!!!!” Um, my chances of rescuing the SUPER FAST VIRGIN SDL are dropping. It’s probably only 50/50 now.

* Not like this, clearly.


  1. Nick, with my 69 weeks transformational experience I can teach you the PROPER way to make a romantic connection. It involves caressing the labia minora unexpectedly, followed by slapping the bitch upside the head.

    Register now for the low price of 12 monthly payments of $3,599. [Sold! K.]

  2. Hi cowboy Nick,
    This video is really good, because I feel I’m learned from this a lot. Even if obviously there is no attraction in this video, that was a good game.
    I’m curious what was that in 2:05? That was a spike? False disqaulification? Or those two things exactly the same?
    In 4:38 again: Is this the same like 2:05? [This video is a textbook case of a girl starting out “No”, warming up into “Will enjoy social flirtation”, but never once thinking she’d like to have sex with me. I recognise it early but plowed a bit just because the camera was on. 2:05 is just lolling around, kind of like a false-disqualifier done with a knowing nudge-wink. Same idea at 4:38. If a girl is attracted she’ll usually take the bait and say something like “No, I think you are clever!” This one wasn’t so didn’t. K.]

  3. With solid game you can tell quickly whether it’s on or off.

    I like how you plough on clearly for comedic and exaggerated after effect to show how chodes bleed value.

    The right move would have been to wrap it up around the 2 minute mark and move on. Her “I’m kinda busy…for the rest of my natural life and beyond…” Is typical.

    Having said that I was at a wine show on the weekend and was gaming the hot young wine model manning it all by herself. She kept pouring me full glasses and chatting. When I number closed she said she wasn’t allowed to because her boss was watching and hen some fat colleague relieved her. Oh well.

  4. Very good nick, even though your clearly doing this for laughs and it wasn’t “on” as they say in the biz, you still stood your ground (with the Krauser toe) and ground it out regardless quite clearly not giving a flying fuck. Just goes to show when your games tight and your outcome dependance is zero then who gives a fuck! I certainly don’t 😜

  5. “Poe’s law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers as sincere expressions of the parodied views.”

  6. She seemed to be interested since the beginning of the interaction, then she gave you a categorical no. How do you explain that? Nice video by the way, but I’m sad you stopped the London Daygame Buffoons serie ;(( [She was interested in social interaction, not sexual. When it became clear what I wanted, I got the no. K.]

  7. I’m curious: how often did you come across girls speaking such horrendous English in Moscow (I guess quite often)? She could barely understand what you were saying, despite you speaking much slower and more clearly than usual. Out of the 4 Daygame Mediocrity videos you’ve published so far only 1 girl had passable English. Even if you can get them out on a date, isn’t it a royal pain in the arse to have a conversation with them? Or is it in a way easier because you have to focus on non-verbals a lot more?

    • The majority of girls have shitty or no english at all and there is certainly a correlation between hotness and lack of language skills.

  8. Based on these videos it seems girls with little English are downright unresponsive because your game relies on structure an awful lot.
    Have you tried not being so verbal and relying more on subcomms? Someone like steve jabba and his kiss close video would be an example.

    Tom terero’s latest video shows how fun an interaction can be when both speak the same language. It’s like night and day. [Which “subcomms” do you think I should be using but aren’t? K.]

    • Doordie. Don’t make it harder for yourself than it has to be. Keep things simple and straight forward. Subcomms in my opinion now based on my personal experience is bullshit. As long as you have a fun personality and show some intent, then you’re all good. Women know what’s up when you approach. There’s very little for you to do to demonstrate your interest beyond the fundamentals.

  9. But in all seriousness have you lost a bit of desire for the game? [There are no magic subcoms tricks. Jabba kissed a yes girl, I failed to number close a no girl. K.]

  10. This is brilliant! Maybe you could put the ridiculous commentary on the actual videos, thereby teaching viewers what is mediocre and what is good…always have some kind of indication on the video that the whole thing is a joke however. At the end you could state this and link to a proper pickup, with commentary. Enjoying these very much.

  11. I see from your latest posts you seem to still be doing parody type stuff after the Deepak Wayne ‘feud’.

    Just wondering, what are your plans as far as game goes for the future? Are you still doing the ‘eurojaunts’ or are you going to retire from game? (since you mentioned that your best year was 2014) [No special plans. I’m not much interested in accumulating notches but I do like being on the streets in the sunshine. K.]

  12. This is what the vast majority of my sets look like… And I game girls who are native speakers of my language.

  13. liking this video… would like to see more no girls and rejection videos, there’s not enough of them around, and it helps

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