The Infinite Experience Machine

March 13, 2017

I sat in a comfy chair in a Costa cafe today, sipping on a hot latte and letting my mind wander. All told I was ensconced in my bubble of tranquillity for around two hours and loved every second of it [1]. Measured in terms of happiness, it was a successful deployment of my resources. That said, I achieved absolutely nothing. Time passed, I enjoyed it, but I gained no new experience in anything of value. Which was the point. But what if I had wanted to “move forwards” with some area of my life? [2] To move forwards we need to do things. By doing things we accumulate experiences. These experiences are the fuel we shovel into the Improvement Furnace [3].

“Here, take another set”

Activities which get you out into the world doing things, especially difficult things in an uncontrolled environment, are great for rapidly accumulating experiences. That’s one reason sports are so good for kids – they learn about all kinds of things tangential to the sport itself from the very act of doing sport [6]. How about daygame? What does an extended period of in-field work give you?

Saturday rolls around and you’re feeling that ominous dread in your gut at the thought of hitting the streets and talking to women. You don’t much fancy the sting of rejections nor the negative feedback it suggests as to the current state of your Game and SMV. Nonetheless, you potter through your own personalised pre-daygame ritual [7] and get those first few sets in. The AA dissipates and you might end up with a good session.

Improvement Furnace result: increased ability to overrule hindbrain angst using forebrain willpower

Mid-way through that Saturday session you still haven’t hit your stride. The weasels are chattering in your ear, trying to talk you out of it. One particular set goes badly, a girl just waving you away while you’re left hanging. You think you catch a ghost of a smirk on your wing’s face, laughing at you. Negativity surges from deep down. You remember something similar happened the week before and you’d spent the rest of the afternoon ranting about how women are bitches, game is shit, and really it’s a much smarter plan to just save money and fuck whores. You’d gone to bed that night feeling terrible, having talked yourself into a seething mess. “Not today!” you tell yourself. Rather than bitch and moan to your wing about the blowout you shrug your shoulders, chalk it to the game, and resume your usual positive self talk. “Fuck me, she wasn’t having it was she?” you laugh. Your wing agrees. Crisis over, vibe maintained. You can feel the session begin to shift towards the positive.

Improvement Furnace result: improved emotional control and increased ability to manage your own vibe

“Let me guess, I look French? Bye bye, loser”

It’s getting on to 5pm now and you’ve had a couple of good sets. You’re pretty glad you came out and especially pleased with yourself for overcoming the earlier wobbles. A pretty girl flashes you what might have been an IOI. You’re not sure but there was something there, vanishingly subtle but you’ve been practising your sensitivity to IOIs and you think that might’ve been one. You go in. She lights up and giggles, hooking immediately. The set goes great and about four minutes in you just get the sense “this girl fancies me, and she doesn’t want me to go”.
“Look, I was thinking about having a coffee over there. Would you like to join me?”
She enthusiastically agrees and comes off on the idate. At that point you don’t know if there’s anything in it, but daygame has just generated another experience for you.

Improvement Furnace result: improved ability to recognise, interpret and act upon subtle social cues.

I could go on [8]. My point is that whatever immediate tangible results you are getting (or not getting) from daygame, so long as you keep going out the Daygame Infinite Experience Machine is replenishing your fuel stores and keeping the Improvement Furnace going. There are all kinds of active and passive skills levelling up in the background like a real life Skyrim character [9]. You still need your introspection, your theoretical study, and your process of continuous improvement. Just don’t forget that you also need the fuel of new experiences and can feel blessed that the streets are always there and thus you can always go out and replenish your stocks.

If you’re wondering which books you ought to buy to improve your theoretical study, I may have just the thing for you here.

Cigarette break at the foundary

[1] Indeed I’d highly recommend you try that sort of thing more often for the relaxing effect it has on you.
[2] Other than happiness. And aint no one got time for that.
[3] And perhaps the animal holding the shovel is Improvement Furnace Otter, should you be of the indulgent neurotic type who wishes to personalise these sorts of things. [4]
[4] Was that mean? [5]
[5] Probably was, wasn’t it. I think I don’t have a strong leash on Needless Insult Leopard today.
[6] I’m referring to things such as teamwork, self-control etc
[7] In London, mine came to involve the Number 13 bus, a Starbucks filter coffee with semi-skimmed milk, and an M&S sausage roll.
[8] But I won’t
[9] If you take an arrow to the knee, you may need to transition towards coffee shop game.


  1. “Let me guess, I look French? Bye bye, loser” Hahaha

    • response to that …”no i was going to say you look like a total bitch & I was right” [I think I covered that type of reactive negativity in the post. K.]

  2. Not sure if this slots in with the reality or delusion of the DK effect in your other post or somewhere in-between. [Emotions are not objective, like for example money. If you can manipulate your own emotions by your frame control you can improve your life without the negatives you’d get being deluded about something real like money. K.]

  3. I had a heated debate with a PUA friend the other day who’s an avid Tony Robbins fan, arguing that it’s possible to hack knowledge and skills using Tony Robbins Black Belt in 6 months example and that that it’s all a ‘belief’ system. To which I called out as Bullshit.

    It’s possible to get skills in half the time using good instruction and coaching, but nothing can ever replace experience. I see it in my gym consistently. A seasoned advanced student often always wipes the floor with the fresh batch of students who’ve come up the ranks despite having the same skills.

    So it really boils down to one simple factor – It’s not how long you’ve trained or what skills you have. But how often you train. Its the one thing that nature has ensured you can’t hack. There are no shortcuts.

  4. Hey Nick!

    What are the odds Torero hired actresses for recent video product? I’ve seen some of them and they just seem a bit off to me. The women at the end always moaning like a porn star, the way they hook seems too easy, etc [I don’t know. I haven’t seen the product and don’t intend to. People are welcome to discuss the issue so long as you stick within the bounds of reasonable scepticism and buttress your points with evidence and analysis, as opposed to just slinging mud. My own guess is they are legit but cherry picked, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You may wish to compare them to the similar audio/video I gave away in Joy Of Daygame on my youtube (from the sounds of it that series plus Daygame Mediocrity is roughly equivalent to Stealth Seduction). There’s a few SDLs on there, so that gives you an idea of what legit ones can sound like. K.]

    • It’s 10 infield lay vids but most of it is just audio. Painfully boring and really not very helpful. Content marketing seems to be (at least in Torero’s case) just give away everything for free and then have products where you give away the same thing. Like the free content is better than the purchased content. Tom has been regurgitating the same thing for years now but always seems to come up with “new” products. [I read the sales page so I know what it’s about (approximately). Do you think the sales page accurately explains what’s in there, granting a little leeway for the usual marketing hyperbole? K.]

      • I haven’t seen it all but yes, he’s not lying about what’s in there but he’s also not telling you that most of it is boring date audio or date video. [I think it’s fair enough. So long as he’s delivering what he advertises, it’s up to the customer if they think it’s worth spending the time and money. K.]

      • Did you pay for a copy or did you steal it?

        You mentioned you’ve seen “some” of them?

  5. Makes sense why torero would have audio only. Suspect his bar on quality is low in light of the sample I’ve seen a few years back of girls he was hooking up with. Ok I realise he’s a 5 but he’s banging 4-6s. If you showed video the audience may see his powers are not all conquering.

    This would also explain what you suggested in terms of girls hooking easily. Girls sub 7 do hook easily as they are grateful for any male attention.

    In terms of what he’s teaching its just dull, unoriginal recycling of the old stuff. For someone who was educated at Oxford it’s surprising how little new stuff he has been able to come up with since those days. Seems to be able to make a decent living like this though! Another weird thing about him is he’s hired some dude who looks like a clone of him to run his bootcamps. That guys game is beginner level. So tom is doing what exactly, recording some recycled for his boring podcasts and chasing 4s around in Poland. Very sad bottomworld stuff.

    • Getting a hook isn’t the be all and end all. A girl can enjoy the attention and still not give you her number. The hotter the girl is relative to you, the more likely this is to happen.
      There is an elephant in the room that the community doesn’t like to disclose due to marketing – Daygame raises your value up a few notches. But if you’re a 5 and become a 6/7 with charm and charisma. You will not get an 8/9 no matter how good your verbal skills are.

      You either need to be very good looking, jacked, well groomed, have a large social media following ala Youtube Vlogger or Instagram Celeb or simply a dude who has money.

      Yes, money has a lot to do with it. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. It’s no surprise that the hottest of the hot hang out in trendy places.

      So I personally wouldn’t berate anyone who’s going out daygaming. There will be limits to the quality of woman you can get out of it. That’s my personal opinion.

    • Tom is not a 5. He looks worse on camera, pics. The dude is like 6 3 and slim ffs.

      I’d aware Tom a 6.6 – 7.

      I’m about 7.25

      Are you really an 8 btw? Pics or it never happened.

      • Tom isn’t a 7 Jabba. He has the shoulders and hips of a woman. Aka low T high E. I’m sure if you checked his digit ratio his index finger would be longer than his ring finger. He also has a weird head and face shape. Height, and of course the leather jacket, are most of what he has going for him.

        And yes, I stole product. I can re-sell it to you at a discounted price.

      • Steve is correct. Met Tom once and he’s a lot less funny looking in person … [Tom is tall, correctly proportioned, has all his own hair, a thick neck, and dresses well. This significantly off-sets the wonky face and lack of muscle. I wouldn’t call him good-looking either but he’s nowhere near as ugly as you’d think if you only watched YouTube of him hunched over in his mum’s storage closet. K.]

  6. I knew it. You come across as the kind of dude that steals then whines about it.

    Regardless of your perception of his rating, what matters is only what women think. I’d bet he does better than you, and no I don’t need to see your pic. Can tell by your posts, context and actions.

    I stick by my awarded rating of 6.5 – 7.0. Poss 7.1 on a good day with correctly styled hair.

    I’m 7.25 – 7.5, 7.6 on a really good day. Remember I am nearly 42 now!!

  7. I would hope he does better than me. His whole life has been daygame for 7 years. We all know about your dry spells, so I don’t need to speculate whether I do better than your old washed up, hair transplant, eye surgery, ass. You’re like those Ukrainian chicks with the blown up lips that look blatantly fake.

    And stealing the product was a joke you retard. It’s not on torrent, you can’t just download it. I know it’s a sore spot for you though because people have been ripping off your shit products for years. No one in their right mind would pay for it.

    • OOH Touchy!!

      You’re reacting emotionally because you know I am right! Deep down you know it…

      I bet you’re a 3!

      • No, you’re proving I’m right by trying to redirect the argument. You have nothing to combat what I said so of course you just resort to personal attacks.

        Get off the internet and go work on that pencil neck you faggot. You look like a god damn bobble head.

  8. Are you above a 3? Pics?

    The rating just got 1 point lower!


    LEL! Possibly urgraded to LAL!

  9. Lol tom isn’t banging 8’s and 9’s.
    Most (99%)daygamers have pretty low smv.
    There are certain things that can’t be bypassed no matter how “charming” one may appear.

    And tom is around a 5ish on the scale for a london guy. Absolutely not above a 6. Come on man.

    Looks and youth trump everything for casual sex.
    Followed by an attractive personality, cool mixed social circle, money and lifestyle.

    Some guys who are very active gamers are not getting anything. Other 20 year old meatheads with swagger and overt masculinity are banging hot girls week in week out.(yes it’s looks based game)
    None of this 1 in 50 or 100 approaches.
    Tom t put out a video recently about realistic expectations when daygaming.
    Come on we have to get serious for a sec if a guy is approaching a hundred or so girls in london and still not getting laid there’s something going wrong.
    Game only gets you so far.

    • I think ‘game’ (ie marketing yourself in an effective way) can lift your value by one, possibly 2 points at the very most. Also, ideas like cold approaching and leading etc. stop you from self sabotaging which could have been acting as a cap to getting any women in your life.

      Sadly I think most daygamers never get laid with genuine hotties though. To start with most are self selected as a bunch of losers. Its always funny how the daygame fraternity talks about being a ‘cool guy’. 1st rule of cool is you dont try to be cool, as soon as you do you become a dork. Anyway most go on the daygame treadmill for a bit then give up (usually lasts about 6 months). However, they seem to find a girlfriend around their own value level after this though losing some of their fear around women and a couple of skills they picked up from daygaming.

  10. I got stealth seduction and have watched a couple hours of it. It’s one of the best infield products I’ve seen, on par with overkill. And I think it’s legit – you have to see some of the infields to know this. There are some situations that arise which would be very difficult to fake.

    Some of toms infields are predominantly audio but there’s still some video mixed in – girls seem to be mostly be in the strong 6 to weak 7 range.

    While there may be a quality ceiling on what you can get from daygame, I think it’s important to keep in mind that daygame is the best value delivery mechanism for a lot of men. I suspect most of the guys banging 8s and above are using some combination of status or social circle game where they have weeks and months to build comfort with the girl. For a lot of guys that just isn’t an option so the next best route is daygame, even if you can “only” expect to bang 7s from it.

    And actually I think WHERE you are daygaming has as much an influence as anything on the quality ceiling – so you can’t bang an 8+ in the Anglosphere, go somewhere else. Personally I redefined my own ceiling on military assignment to South Korea.

    And to the guy talking shit about Steve jabbas products, screw him. The secret society was a legit product with some original ideas.

    • Nice balanced reply. Thank you

      By the way I was trolling him, I think he cottoned on to me though. Was trying to bait him into making himself look even more foolish!

      • Translation – he really made me look stupid so now I’ll hide behind “trolling”. Fuck you’re pathetic Jabba. Go back to ripping off incels on your residentials to fuel your shady business. [I’m afraid you’re wrong. Steve showed me a screencap today of an FB chat to a mutual friend before this comment argument, saying he was trying to troll me on the Tom/Steve looks difference. Whatever else is going on here, Steve using you to air opinions designed to troll me was a major part of it. K.]

    • How many products do you need Tim? [I’m afraid you are acting rather gamma, letting the rage spread into other commentors. K.]

      • Fellow readers of Nick’s blog. Does this guy sound like a real Gamma to you?

        Starts off logical, then when he gets a light trolling / called out, immediately the pretense of logic gets thrown out the window, along with his self control. Out with the vicious insults! Like a bloody scorned woman. Hehe

        Was fun cracking you like an egg! Only took 2 well delivered comments and your true nature was revealed for all to see!

        PS Was legit LEL CELLING at your irate bitter tirade! Thanks for the amusement.

      • Are you still talking? Truth hurts eh Stevie?

        No one is coming to your rescue.

    • There isn’t a ceiling on ‘daygame’. You are making a category error in categorising all guys as having the same value. A male 9 doing daygame can get a female 10. However a male 4 cannot (although he may be able to get a 5 or 6 at best with good game). The world isn’t a fair. Get used to it.

  11. Reading “A Deplorable Cad” now, P221-P222,; Wow the relevations about the darkside of the PUA community
    Amazing how some adult Men behave like little bitches.
    Great Read. [Thanks. Would appreciate a lulu review afterwards if you can spare the time. As to that particular story, it’s water under the bridge now. I write about it because it’s true, it’s a good story, and it was highly relevant to a theme in the book, namely my flirtation with the Dark Side. K.]

  12. Edit; should have written “P221 -P233”.

  13. Lol No matter what industry you’re in. You will always have politics fuelled by trolls whose only motivation is to attack and berate the action takers due to not having the drive to get off their butts and do it themselves.

    I embrace it as it makes for fun reading for guys who are actually out there putting in the work. So to all the Gammas out there. Keep up with the great work. You’re doing all of us grafters a great service by providing us with some entertainment. [Sometime I’ll write about why I deliberately cultivate haters in order to let them do “recon by fire” and thus do all the hard work of identifying my weaknesses for me. K.]

    • Krauser, you assume the “haters” actually have the analytical skill to pick up on your weaknesses. Also that they are motivated to pick out these specific things to have fun with. We all hide parts of ourselves and shape our image to others which creates further haziness. Better to have solid introspection as who knows you like you do? [Not quite. Haters often instinctively know what to pick up on, but the good thing is even when they don’t the sheer volume of them can help. You ignore the haters who miss, and use the haters to accidently hit as helpers. They don’t have to be smart – if one of them stings you, that gives you information about a weakness through the very fact that it stung. K.]

  14. meets Deepak wayne:

    You’re soo wrong… I got a copy from Stealth Seduction, and in my opinion there is a high chance, to thats product is the best for daygame now.
    and be real… can an average man bang victoria secret models? not often…
    But Torero definitely banging hotter and younger than him… There is some pretty women on that video. And the product 500% worth the price… It wasn’t expensive at all.. And the value is soooo hugh…. It was totally game changing for me…. Compare the price, and value with real social dynamics, for 400-500 usd…. Go for some RSD product… nothing gonna really change… If you think Torero is bad, you’re really really wrong…

  15. and Torero is highly innovative with this new video style, I really liked it [Give it a rest. K.]

    • Really? What is Torero doing differently to what was taught by ‘’? You cant just say its ‘innovative’ without any specifics on why. I would hazard a guess that he’s doing the same old tired things guys were going years back and it frankly that isn’t the best way to go in daygame (ive seen many of its acolytes in action and the general results including those of their coaches like Yad/Andy are embarrassingly bad). [It’s all old wine in new bottles. That doesn’t mean it’s not competent or detailed, but it’s still 2013 in that world. K]

  16. Krauser: How do you mean, it’s like an old wine? Do you make things differently, or better or more innovative or something? Seriously..
    Do not misunderstand… There is nothing wrong with old wine…

    But for example if somebody as good as I am, I’m not gonna call him old wine

  17. innovative, becacuse this is the first time, when somebody show absolutely everything. I don’t thought it before, but I learned a lot about escalation in dates, as he showed it in real time. [“doing what everyone has already done on Youtube for several years, but doing it more and putting it all in one place” is not innovative. “Comprehensive” is the word you’re looking for. K.]

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