Still your mind, grasshopper

March 20, 2017

“Krausersatthva, how do I find vibe?” asks the intermediate grasshopper daygamer. “I have looked hard for it but haven’t found it.”
“Where have you looked?” I ask.
“I read some books on inner game. They tell me many things about my mind, about the conversations in my head and they try to get me to correct my self talk.”
“When you engage in self talk, who is it that is talking? And to whom do they speak?”
“Well…….” the intermediate daygamer thinks, screwing up his eyes and putting a finger to his lip. “It’s my observing ego talking to my base self.”
“So what is it that watches your observing ego talking to your base self? Who is observing the conversation of the observing ego?”

Got you there, you little shit

“I’m not sure that’s the point” he replies. “We could call it a theoretical structure to represent what’s going on in my mind. It need not be literally true. The point is that by understanding the dialogue I can gain some kind of control over it, and steer it in a better direction.”
“And how do you do that?” I ask.
“I learn better self talk. The inner game books give me new things to tell myself.”
“I see” I nod sagely. “So your answer to the problem of being in your head – that is to say of a noisy chaotic self talk that creates anxiety and thus prevents you finding vibe – is to attempt to attain greater control over self talk, and to shackle it under even more conscious control?
“Yes. That’s mental mastery”
“Is it?” I ask, wishing I had a long beard to stroke thoughfully. “Is that not like trying to calm disturbed waters by swiping your palm across them?”

I visualise myself something like this

The intermediate daygamer looks disturbed. “No, no. It’s not like that at all. It’s a more positive mindset.”
I sip my green tea. A gong sounds somewhere up in the hill, probably at a temple. I decide it is time to nudge my conversation partner in a different direction.
“The problem with finding your vibe is that you can’t find it, because it isn’t there. The very act of trying to analyse, control, and shackle your internal thoughts is precisely what creates the disturbance, and with it the anxiety.”
I’m enjoying this. I continue.
“The way to find your vibe is to look so hard for it that you eventually realise it isn’t there and then give up looking. It’s precisely by turning over every little corner of your brain and rattling off every silly mindset mantra that you realise your vibe isn’t to be found inside your head. It’s only when you’ve looked everywhere there and not found it that you can be confident it isn’t there at all.”
“I’ve done as much as I can. I’ve followed all the advice out there. My vibe still sucks. Sometimes it comes, but usually it doesn’t” says the intermediate daygamer. He looks like he’s about to cry.
“And that means you can stop suffering” I say. “You’ve done the work and you’ve suffered enough. Your penance is over and you can stop punishing yourself for not having good vibe. You are ready to let go and accept the vibe was there the whole time – but it’s out here.” I wave expansively at the world around us. “It’s in the air, it’s in the feel of the sun on your face, and in your connection to the street. It’s in the very absence of all these futile attempts to develop your mindset.”
“You know what” he says. “I feel like the pressure is off.”
“Great. That’s the best time to hit the street. That’ll be £50 please.”


  1. Wise man you are bald boy Krauser, your cocks wet it is, from dipping it into premium EE 20 year old snatch!

  2. All of this is perfectly true, and yet… new levels of “mindwank” here. Mindwank about mindwank.

    RSD Tylers “Hot Seat at Home” spends a LOT of time showing specifically how vibe works. Tyler is blatant about it, but it’s still illusive.

    “So your answer to the problem of being in your head – that is to say of a noisy chaotic self talk that creates anxiety and thus prevents you finding vibe – is to attempt to attain greater control over self talk, and to shackle it under even more conscious control?”

    Krauser (or was this perhaps a guest post?) is mocking this above, and rightly so. It’s very normal to approach it this way, and some of this helpful and unavoidable, but you can’t consciously work your way to a place of ease and lack of self-consciousness.

    To join Krauser in eastern-analysis:

    “You cannot untie a knot by pulling on it.”
    — Some Zen Bastard

    Tyler does all kind of “gimmicks” to try to shake you out of that self-conscious space. “Massive action” as a means to shutting off the brain (which is just approaching anyways… lots of approaches, as quick as possible). And physical gimmicks to “force it” until it flows. He does this goofy, gibberish dance to try to get him out of logic and into free-flow. He demos on guys from the audience. Good stuff.

    One thing I do on the streets is clap. I clap my hands when I first start out. Big, loose-armed, obnoxious claps. If someone notices… good! And I clap when I first weasel. Clap and smile. And I clap when I get blown out. Clap and smile some more. And keep going. A lot of times, the physical gimmicks help where “more logic” will not.

    It is a theme in my understanding of game right now, that a lot of “mastery” is about looking at two choices, like “A” and “B”, and then choosing choice “Q.” This is how we deal with shittests… how we deal with feminine doublebinds… but also how we deal with “vibe” issues.

    If you have shit vibe, and are presented with two choices: “Don’t go game” or “shackle it under even more conscious control?”… sometimes the correct choice is a goofy, gibberish dance, some clapping, barking like a dog, some nonsense, whatever, until you give up logic and your flow can do it’s thing. [I have answers to all this. It’ll be in the next textbook. K.]

    • The problem with the analysis is the view on things with respect for time.

      What you practice consciously, over time becomes believed unconsciously.

      These positive mental statements become positive mental habits of belief, over time.

      However that is for the long term.

      For the short term to let go of the need for a good vibe or to feel a certain way, in essence to accept that wherever you are now is where you are and to stop resisting this fundamental fact, is what creates good vibe in the moment.

      If you say “Girls will like me when I gain 10 more pounds of muscle, and then I’ll feel good about myself” you are denying your ability to feel good about yourself right now, without this qualifier of “10 more pounds of muscle” or more importantly needing “girls will like me” to like yourself.

      A process oriented mindset which is conducive to good vibe would be more like “I’m going to hit the streets, have fun making myself laugh and giving the girls a good time, not be bothered if I run into unpleasant girls or situations, not be bothered if I weasel the first few potential sets, and no matter what I’m going to learn something from my experience today and give myself credit for getting out the door and putting my feet on the pavement”, then you have good vibe because you’ve already met your condition for happiness; taking action and having fun and looking for lessons, while removing conditions for unhappiness like running into unpleasant girls or simply not having good reactions from girls that day. And because taking action leads to good results over time also (with sound theory), you will have external reinforcement to match your internally propelled positive mindset, creating a positively reinforcing cycle of good vibe.

    • >> A process oriented mindset which is conducive to good vibe would be more like “I’m going to hit the streets, have fun making myself laugh and giving the girls a good time, not be bothered if I run into unpleasant girls or situations, not be bothered if I weasel
      — Longtime reader

      Mostly agree.

      My current mantra… something I do in between the “clapping” I mention above…

      I hold my arms up to the sky, stare upward, and say:


      And then I fucking clap and smile. And I hope somebody saw me pray. I really do that. Pretty much every time.

      That is a little more concrete than “nothing matters, I’m just here to have fun…” but it’s not particularly results dependent. I’m just “taking a walk.”

      Which is my other mantra, especially when I really don’t feel like it:


      Viva daygame.

      • It’s not “nothing matters” it’s “nothing matters that is outside of my control”.

        Basically drawing on Stoic doctrine, and yes I realize there are all sorts of ways to distort what is an what is not inside one’s control.

        I particularly liked a previous post here where Krauser explored the idea of a girl who almost kissed you, which once she had made that decision would have meant sex, and the girl who goes back to your place and makes out with you, knowing full well that sex won’t be on the table no matter what.

        That sort of critical analysis is done out of field where now you’re determining what is and is not controllable and coming up with new strategies. In field you accept the model you currently hold for what it is and simply try to run it the best you can.

    • >> [I have answers to all this. It’ll be in the next textbook. K.]

      I know you do. I am limping thru Adventure Sex, and it is a GREAT read. I am currently curious about VIRGIN GAME in my own journey. I keep meeting and dating virgins as I pickup… and I was curious to know if there was any specific advice about virgins.

      And then I read CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE: VIRGIN ISLANDS… and it was very close to what I’m looking for… a few notes about territory I am beginning to enter myself. Very helpful to come across that right now.

      I had another date w/ a virgin on Friday… and am about to post about it, and will quote you somewhere in that post. I’ll link out to the book again, too.

      My thanks again, K, for sharing all this. I posted on Riv’s blog about “purity fantasy,” quoting you some more from this same section of Adventure Sex. It’s really helpful to hear another man’s notes on what this lifestyle is all about.

      I also have Deplorable Cad, it arrived last week… but I’ll sit on it for a while as I work thru some other books.

      Thanks again, man. I’m deeply grateful.

      And if you might entertain a REQUEST…

      I would love to see TEXT GAME from you on this blog. Recent examples of exchanges with girls in your life. You don’t include that much text stuff in your books, so it wouldn’t take away from the content there. And I would love to see more of how you think via text exchanges… I miss those nuts and bolts kinds of posts. I am going to reread Mastery soon… for the text discussion in particular, and for “The Talk” which you mention in Adventure Sex, and I want to review.


  3. And a long time ago, some bald guy wrote this:

    “I feel however I feel and that’s okay. So I will use this authentically and rely on that authenticity to carry me through.”
    — Bald Daygamer

    Pretty good stuff.

  4. I tried whipping me cock out on the street….ended up with a swift kick in the testicles and old bill on me case. Ho hum…

  5. This hasn’t really got anything to do with the subject at hand, but what do you think of Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller in Prison Break? What about the body language of Purcell, especially? [Pretty good but he’s much cooler in Killer Elite. K.]

  6. Top Mindwank Nick! Enjoying it!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Hey kid… wanna find some vibe?

    1 shot of vodka ( 2 if you are a boss )
    1 or 2 lines of quality coke
    1 cup of coffee

  8. Krausersatthva??

    Is that the same bald guy who have an Indian accents?

  9. Great to hear you’ve become Krausersatthva 🙂 It can be felt from your posts that you’re becoming more balanced, less forceful about the subject and thus more effective to both ends of the situation (which is only way of real and consistance efficiency if one wants to grow emotionally not only chase statistics like in corpo-reel). RSD started it but they’re still to “American” so there’s definitely a field for you I think to cast your infield concrete experience on the deeper nature of reality. When you wrote about maths being experimental at some point it become somewhat appartent. The “actual truth” lays beyond any conceptualization, most complex math models etc and is a pure experience, an insight that solves all paradoxes. And this insight is inseparable from compassion and joy as expression of our human nature. Sexual freedom is part of it definitely and probably biggest sticking point to achieve happiness but after all it’s all about happiness itself. Not anything specific, rignt? I also liked the part when some girl challenged you to be “too logical” and I envision it as a “Ultimate PUA” – to fully embrace women’s perspective and do it somehow together in more and more harmonius way (meaning either smoother or even more wild with only caveat of being purified of negativity, “impurity” of sex, shame, guilt and all this shit which makes BOTH men and women suffer and not satisfied). And it’s not that “new” as we might think if we take 60ties and hippie times, later obscured by the whole consuptionism and corpo stuff etc. And yes, it’s gone too far and we need some serious tools to undo it, not some surface New Age but genuine philosophy and methods to work with the mind. Cheers and look forward for your new work!

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