A Deplorable Cad

February 12, 2017




Three years ago I embarked upon a wildly ambitious project. As an aspiring player I’d read Neil Strauss’s famous memoir The Game in which he describes his entry into the underground world of pick up artists. Reading those pages I felt like I was along for the ride, living the successes and failures with Neil. It’s a good book.

Unfortunately, it’s also a bit light. In order to squeeze everything into a single volume to sit on a bookstore shelf, Neil packed a long timescale into few pages. By necessity, he skips over so many things that I had wanted to read about in detail. It felt like eating a chocolate bar when my stomach rumbled for a three course meal.  FRUSTRATING!

What I would have liked was more  detail.

– How exactly did he meet these girls and how did the dates go?

– What was it like to deal with anxiety and self-doubt on a daily basis?

– How did he deal with women he actually succeeded with?

It’s one thing to simply tell a good story. I also wanted to learn. I looked around and tried many books but none were able to walk me through the Player’s Journey in real live detail, red in tooth and claw.

Fortunately for you scamps – Enter the Nick Krauser Memoirs!



By mid-2014 I’d achieved all my goals in Game. I’d been hitting on girls for six years straight, learning, improving and ultimately writing best-in-class material on how to daygame. Now I wanted to tell my story. I didn’t want to perform a victory lap, telling everyone how awesome I am (though I’ll admit that’s highly tempting….)



..I wanted to write a memoir that would help my fellow players improve.

..I wanted to write a book rich with detail, depth and above all wisdom.

..I wanted to chart the Player’s Journey so every man following in my steps knew exactly where to go and exactly what to expect.


This was a wildly ambitious project, to write however much needed to be written to convey my knowledge. To write until it was done – however many pages it took to get there. The Nick Krauser memoir is neither a cash-in nor a victory lap. My vision was to plant my flag, to blaze a trail and leave a map for other men to follow.

Because it’s not all fun and games. It’s a tough path to follow.



From my many years coaching students I’ve been shocked at how many men fall by the wayside. It’s no exaggeration to say over 90% of men give up, having cracked under the pressure and fallen short of their goals. NINETY PERCENT!

Those of you who’ve daygamed understand why. You know how it is to trudge through the rainy streets, your mind racing with anxiety and self-doubt, wondering if you’ll ever really make it. You know how it feels to have four dates lined up and then three cancel at short notice. You know how hard the downside hits you. It can sap you of the will to continue.

Believe me, I know how this feels. I lived it.

I know how important it was to have my friends around me, riding the same waves up and down. I could look at their experiences to be inspired by their successes and commiserated by their failures. It was so very important to have someone next to me, taking the same blows, and we pulled each other forwards.





A Deplorable Cad isn’t just a story. It isn’t just an entertaining recounting of my sexual escapades. This book is LOADED with heartfelt emotion and deep introspection. At every stage of my journey, at every key event, I explore how it made me FEEL and how I summoned the willpower to proceed.

Yes, I just said this book is full of FEELZ.

“How gay”, you laugh.

That’s the problem we face as men. You can’t talk about it with your mates.  It feels weird, right? And Youtube and websites are full of coaches puffing themselves up like supermen who never suffer self-doubt or fear of failure.

Let’s put that shit to rest right now.

I’m a  successful player yet self-doubt and fear of failure kept me company throughout the entirety of my journey. Denying it to your audience doesn’t make it go away. If anything, it hurts your audience, makes them wonder if they are the only people who doubt themselves.

A Deplorable Cad is an inner game book.  The next time you struggle – the next time a girl cancels a hot date with no explanation.  The next time you see your dream girl glide by, but you just CANNOT approach her no matter what – you will recall that I’ve been through this EXACT experience, and overcome it.  You’ll feel the comfort of knowing you’re not the only one.  The self doubt will dissipate and you will find the will to push forward.

And you won’t need to have embarrassing confessional sessions with your mates to do it!

I lived this life. My friends lived this life. And now I can take you along for the ride.

thanks for listening,


Nick Krauser

Buy my new book A Deplorable Cad in paperback here. Enter codes FWD15 and SHIPFEB17 at checkout for 15% discount and free shipping.



  1. Hey Nick I can only afford $23.56 + $2.73 shipping – can you subsidize the rest 😂 😂 😂

    (Looking forward to reading!)

  2. Very interesting Krusters. Real players never questions their skillz. They know if womans reject their advances it because woman has mental illness. This is how you smash the HOT YOUNG white womens at the rate I do (1 new pussy every 2 dats from DAY game). You don’t doubt real game from real man. DOUBT ME NOW.

    • More bullshit from Krausers. Who want hear about your silly adventure running round catching only 6’s. No one can learn nothing from your stupid life book.

      I’ll update you now, Deepak will soon rite (or video) his live story with many prooves and white pussys flashing on screen (no rape, drugs or job openings)

      Currently in outer Berlin (not centre, logistiks bad) near my bedsit filming more live videos for the story.

      My FINAL WaRning : stop with the baby Deepak’s, there is only 1 real Deepak (me) – now stop or show your face and prooves like I do. And don’t edit your infields neither, not legit.

      I’m off to do some squatting (not too low because of bad back)


  3. FWD15 is the copupon to use, I’ve just used and it is working

  4. SHIPFEB17
    Use the code above for free shipping

  5. Just ordered it, using both codes, discount & free shipping, well done. Looking forward to reading it.

  6. Would be very interested in a Kindle/whatever version.

  7. Looks good Nick. I tried to infuse my products with emotion and stories because it makes it easier for the guys to remember and leverage when things are not going so well. It works!

    I hope it does well.

    PS Great promo page 🙂

    • Hey steve!!!

      What happened to your PUA website?

      • Yeah?? I was just trying to link to you… I had a SDL last night based on an IOI. I got more into IOIs because of you.

      • Hi,

        It was severely hacked.

        I am actually bringing it back online as we speak. It’s a total fucking mess.

        I expect it will be back online properly by early next month. I’ll get it up and running again and even the products should work again (fingers crossed).

        Arsehole hackers made a REALLY good job of fucking it all up

        Daysofgame – Hold off on that – I will need all the help I can get to bring the site back – inc links. It’s been severely compromised

      • Okay, sorry to hear that man.

        I already have some links to your site, but I’ll hold off on the new one. I did link to your book here on Krauser’s site from my new post.

        When you’re back up, msg me and I’ll add that link to the new lay report (it’s going live later today).

      • Lol at Deepak Wayne hacking Jabba’s site.

      • Hey,

        I’ve thrown up a WordPress site explaining everything.

        Website URL : jabbamusings.wordpress.com

        To be honest, this is likely to become my main site from now on.

        I understand Nick will reference it in next post or two to get me out there again.

        Any of you with sites – links would be welcome.

        I suppose I should mail by list at some point! ha

      • Thanks for the update Jabba. That hair transplant is looking decent as well as the eye surgery.

        Are you still jelquing or has your cock shrunk back to normal status?

        John Berba

  8. Okay, bought it. Thanks for the discount. Like everything else you’ve published, I’m looking fwd to reading it.

    And with that said…

    >> Three years ago I embarked upon a wildly ambitious project

    Who wrote this page? Is this how a deplorable cad would talk???

    >> PS Great promo page 🙂

    Is Steve nodding at the same thing??

    I’m flinching at this page… but assume the book will be in true Krauser voice. [It’s a sales page. Different language. K.]

  9. Your books are an inspiration and continue to help me with my London Daygame adventure Nick. Just bought it and looking forward to reading it.

  10. Good job but make no mistake that when the great purge happens, you’ll be put to the sword for your softness on the “Slav Question”

  11. Are you planning to eventually release PDF copies of the rest of your memoirs like you did for Volume One Balls Deeo ? [Eventually but not any time soon. K.]

  12. Thanks for planting a timed bomb of self doubt in my brain!

  13. just bought it Nick Luv! will post a review on lulu for you once read

  14. dont think it will beat my wayne system tbh!

  15. Just bought this and look forward to reading it. I’m having a lot of the problems you mention in this post so hopefully should be helpful.

    I’m at a stage of my own journey where I’ve had some success but still have yet to bang a girl that would make me feel that any of this was actually worthwhile. One of the most frustrating things I’ve found about the PUA scene is that very few people actually tell you how excruciating it can be at times (although I guess nobody would sign up for bootcamps if they did). Most of the guys I’ve met along the way who are successful fall solidly in the tChad camp that you mentioned in an earlier post, so seem to be almost unaware of this.

    It’s a relief when someone actually says ‘if it seems difficult, that might be because it actually IS really difficult’.

    • Are you in a Western? Difficulty is very much location dependant.

    • >> One of the most frustrating things I’ve found about the PUA scene is that very few people actually tell you how excruciating it can be at times

      Love this comment, Bastiat. It can be brutal.

      And one thing K points out, is that even solid guys have rough days, or rough weeks, etc. My buddy Pancake (that I met on this blog), is a monster with girl, but is having a lot of flakes and a rough season. I doubt down his abilities at all, I’ve seen him with girls, he’s amazing. But you can get a run of bad cards… and it’ll test you.

      I was just in Japan, had a fucking great time, and lots of success, but had “excruciating” times, as well. My last week, should have been “all harvest,” but I got my ass kicked for the most part.

      I just posted about being a “blowout artist” on my blog. I am a BOA, (c) Nash, 2017. I got some major blowout time in Tokyo… even though it was some of the best game of life.

      Good men get tested. That’s how you know you’re really solid. It’s not that you don’t get tested, it’s that you pass the test more often than not.

      You’re not alone, man. Keep going.

  16. Krauser! Are you a “P.U.A”? what does it mean if somebody a P-.U.A?

    • It means Pick-up artist. Picking up girls. Cold aporoaching. Taking them to bed. Mimicking alpha behavior to make them think you have alpha dna to get that pussy. Going to couchsurfing meetups and pretending to learn Spanish to hit that ass.

  17. Krauser! Are you a “P.U.A”? what does it mean if somebody a P-.U.A?

  18. Good word. I’m one of the 10%. Yeah, there’s a lot of BS in mainstream game. I spent the last fifteen years regurgitating all the generic crap they shoved down my throat. Game is hard. I compare it to climbing a 200 mile high mountain that takes years to crest. No one in mainstream game tells you about the bad parts of game…the fights, the 86’d nights, the nights when the drunk boyfriend comes home and catches you in bed with his girl even though she told you she’s single, the hot chick with std, the creepy dad who chases you down the road throwing rocks at you, the security guards who follow you around and leer at you, and finally the family members who think you’re a disgusting womanizer. Yes, these are the realities of being a pick up guy.

  19. Pingback: TYO: Rejections, Mistakes, and Failures - Days of Game

  20. Any plans to put the other memoirs into PDF? [Eventually, but not any time soon. K.]

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