The Upa Drill – Bedroom Edition

December 31, 2016

Sitting over a morning coffee in Thailand with a couple of friends our conversation turned towards the previous evening’s events in the UFC. Before long we discussed the application of MMA techniques to the bedroom. Let me show you a very easy trick to employ with a lucky lady. It has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Pure porn

Pure porn

Do you know the “upa drill” in Brazilian Ju Jitsu? It’s a warm-up / conditioning drill in which you lay on your back and then buck your hips up and to one side, then reach an arm over your head to touch the mat on the other side. Here’s a video.

You can practice that on your living room floor until it’s burned into your muscle memory. It’s application is to bridge an opponent out of mount position. There are several YouTube videos demonstrating it, so let’s pick one what has two slim women making only a token effort to pretend it’s not a wank-stash vid:

The key is to conceive of the top girl’s balance as like a table with four legs. If you remove the legs on two sides it will tip over. Watch the video again and note how the bottom bitch girl traps her opponent’s ankle with her own foot, and the same-side arm with her arm, bringing it tight into her body. This removes the two “table legs” and makes her tip over in that direction with only the lightest upa movement.

If you haven’t figured out why this move works great in the bedroom, I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. And on another note, here’s some art from my almost-ready next book:


If you liked that, you’re gonna like my book. It’s just not on sale yet.


  1. Get a move on me ole nigga Krauser! Got my cock in hand here waiting for your next book!

  2. Very funny Krausers. I see the real game for you is raping Thai ladyboys.

    • I tell you my final warnings, enough of the fake Deepaks. My Google ranking is already taken over by fucking Krausers, I will not allow more fake Deepaks using my name.

      If you don’t stop I will make true PUA videos of me fucking white womens FOR REAL, I will show all prooves and you will all be destroyed and start race wars.

      If you want a fight I will fight you but don’t be cowards, fight me with real names and real peoples – show proofs and videos or you are just liers and fakerz lol

  3. Cool idea. I’ll try it out next time I get a girl back.
    You should share more bedroom tips Nick.

  4. Used this on a new girl on New Years morning

    Technique was a bit shit, learned it from a free Gracie University course

    She loved it though [Give her one from me. K.]

  5. Hi,

    I’m new to your site. A newbie PUA too.

    Please write more free stuff, its great and it helps me to get laid.

    I’ll buy something I promise

  6. Krauser
    Twitter needs more of your epic trolling. You know you want to come back on there and piss off the normies mate!

    All the best

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