Early Thoughts On South East Asia

December 16, 2016

Regular readers will be aware that I like my hibernations. I consider my style of daygame to be seasonal in that my moods, appetite for skirt, and the weather in Europe means that going full-on all year around is just….. not much fun. So I divide up the year into the following chunks:

  • December to February – Hibernation. Forget daygame, focus on non-game interests, get work done, try not to get fat [1]
  • March – Excited to start daygame again and willing to tolerate iffy weather in one of the cities that has reliable flow of girls despite such weather.
  • April to June – Living the dream in Europe with visits back home between trips.
  • July and August – Some difficult decision making due to extreme heat and girl’s summer holidays halving the number of cities with good daygame.
  • September and October – Living the dream again but starting to get tired [2]
  • November – A last chance to try squeezing a bit more mileage out of the Euro-season in a race against time with the cold, rain and snow coming on.

This pattern suited me but over the past few years an idea has grown until it’s begun gnawing at me. A little voice has been whispering in my ear, like a mischievous squirrel trying to bullshit a bear out of his favourite cave, do you really need to spend Winter in Newcastle? There may be a better place to hibernate.

A siren song, yesterday

A siren song, yesterday

I could be escaping the zero degree Newcastle weather, the fat horrible women, the stodgy food, and the depressing multiculturalism of my city centre. Why not spend that time on a beach?

Well, I tried that. I went to Cancun and Chiang Mai in early 2011. I had fun but don’t care to repeat the experience. Crappy girls, third world boring shit. I tried Sao Paulo and Rio De Janiero in early 2012 but came away decided that I hate Brazilians and Brazil [3]. My key learning point from two winters in the third world is that Europe is much much better.

But there’s another reason, whispers Mid-Life Crisis Future Regret Avoidance Planner Squirrel [4], You need to take a closer look at the End Game.
“What End Game?” I reply
You are 41 years old, quite literally middle-aged says MLCFRAPS. Even though you’ll always be able to get young girls, it’ll get harder. Maybe your knees will go after all that walking. Your testosterone will drop and you just won’t have the same enthusiasm to keep chasing skirt. You need to look to the future, at Old Man Game.

Regular readers are no doubt aware of all the various Ex Pat and “Galt Game” forums on teh interwebs. There’s the likes of Naughty Nomad and Roosh V forums. Now, I don’t want to say bad things about these places because there are plenty of good straight-shooting men on there trying to share information and help each other out. Just because I personally dislike forums doesn’t make them a bad thing [5]. I’ve noticed there’s lots of talk on there from men camped out in South East Asia who are using a variety of ways to plunder the local women (allegedly).

As a general rule I don’t believe anything I read on the internet [6]. Nonetheless, it sets me thinking about if there’s anything in that lifestyle. Can a fifty-year old man go out and live in SEA and clack a bunch of hot girls? Can I add another ten years onto my player lifespan this way?

So I headed out to Asia. Bali and then Phuket. Here are my initial thoughts.

I think these are banned from South East Asia

I think these are banned from South East Asia

A waste of time. I was in the Seminyak resort and also spent time in nearby Kuta. In the ten days I was there I didn’t see a single eight. Not one. The western girls were either (i) gross chubby Aussies with bad tattoos and guts, (ii) pretty Europeans with their long term boyfriends. I only saw five or six of the latter. I got a ton of matches on Tinder [7] but after filtering out the hookers and ladyboys there were just grumpy 5s and 6s. I got one of them on a date and in my bed but after molesting her for a while she said she was constipated, hadn’t had a poo in five days, and her body hurt too much to have sex.

That’s just gross. Can you imagine a Moscow girl saying that?

Bali itself is a shithole. Nature is beautiful but everything is broken and dirty, the humidity is oppressive, and there’s nothing to do.

I binned Bali and took a flight to Thailand. After dropping my stuff off at the hotel and showering I went out to a nightclub with Jabba. Well, it’s more like a bar/club and really it’s just a brothel for semi-pros. I grabbed a girl, chatted five minutes and took her down the street to my hotel. On my bed she asked for 1,000 baht so I threw her out. I went back to the club and pulled another girl out. She asked for 1,000 baht on the way, so I went back to club. Then Steve was smooching on with a girl and I noticed her friend was one I’d been chatting to earlier. We all went down to the beach for twenty minutes then they made excuses about having to go home because of work the next day. I took a number. Back to the club and then a fourth girl pretty much jumped me. Five minutes later I took her home. She never asked for money so I fucked her.

Next day we were dead. Hungover.

Day three I had a first date with the girl I’d taken to the beach. Halfway through the first drink I took her to the hotel and fucked her. She never asked for money. Day four an Aussie guy I know SDLd a local from Starbucks. We agreed to go to the cinema to watch the new Underworld movie. The girl invited her friend to join, who showed up midway through the movie and sat down next to me. We had a quick drink in a bar afterwards, the friend was gagging for it, so I took her home and fucked her. She didn’t ask for money.

Four days, three notches. No money paid. Barely even did any game.  UPDATE: Make that 5 days, 4 notches.

So my initial impression is that Phuket is a bit better than Bali. I see plenty of hot Euro girls, especially Russians, walking around but they are always – without exception – with their boyfriends. I’m surprised how pretty some of the Thai girls are, especially the best go-go girls, but the Russians put them absolutely to shame.

I still can’t conclude on whether Phuket is a good place for the End Game. It’s a bit Disneyland and doesn’t feel like a real place. Having girls gyrating and shouting at you constantly is rather unnerving. I think it’s just not healthy to know that for 1,000 baht you can fuck almost any girl you see even if they are sitting reading a book in a cafe [8]

My guess is I’ll be sick of this place within a couple of weeks and rather glad that I put all that time into figuring out how to pull Euro girls. In the meantime, I’m having quite a lot of fun.

Difficult to stay interested in this kind of thing

Difficult to stay interested in this kind of thing

[1] Or more correctly since 2015, fatter.
[2] This is when my blog flips schizophrenically between high enthusiasm and Daygame Mediocrity.
[3] Except for my very good friend and fellow daygame blogger Suave who is as Brazilian as Romario.
[4] I wonder who that phrase sounds like….
[5] Although RVF is pure comedy in an unintentional way
[6] In fact, now that I think about it, how do I know that this blog post wasn’t just made up by someone on the internet?
[7] In itself quite a strange feeling because I never get matches in Europe.
[8] Aussie dude didn’t pay, but girl later revealed she actually has a sponsor.

If you enjoyed reading about my no-game successes in Thailand, you probably won’t want to bother with my book. That’s all game. And game is difficult.


  1. Im so bored of seeing your updates for “new” content. Why dont you post some seriously helpful content instead of this boring stuff? Seriously. Nothing says boring more than these useless posts. You had one decent article on why women need to suck a man’s cock. Since then, things have been extremely boring. We dont care how many airheads you banged. We need useful content, which will affect the women of today to start internet arguements that get them thinking about us, and not about them. You never reply to any of our comments now a days. Honestly. Whats the point of us even reading your “new” content. Hibernating??? WTF is that even mean??? Damn……

    • Disagree.Personally I just read the life stories stuff and skip the game nonsense. For some guys who have already made the journey I’d much rather see how other guys are getting on with their lives and progressing into life after game. Same goes for Jabba and Tom…. Love the real life stuff but game literature bores me to tears. Keep up the diary entries krasuer!

      • Krauser just spats off stuff that doesnt make any sense whatsoever. At this point its more plausable to believe he might be some dude with zero scores on any females and simply writing to keep whatever is left of his ego. Notice how he never responds to anyone who writes comments anymore? And for crying out loud just look at his picture of himself. Do you seriously believe anyone with that trashy look would even get with him? Come on man. [I triggered an incel. K.]

    • Nice to see such gratitude for FREE content.


  2. If I ever manage to unplug I’ll be spending the winters in Cape Town. I’ve spent a significant amount of time there. Hot girls, fairly westernised and nice weather.

    • Derrrrrr derp derpaderp derp DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR …… LOL

    • Seriously dude? Never been but hasn’t it got one of the highest violent crime epidemics in the world? Don’t you have to watch your back everywhere?

      Can’t imagine you go for the black girls who have a good chance of having aids & if you like the Boer girls why not just go to Holland where most of them are from in the first place? Actually Dutch girls are one of nicest races of girl in W Europe in looks and femininity. I might go there myself in new year!

      • There is a lot of crime, but I lived there for 7 years and never had a problem. Banged a few of the black girls and I’m still AIDs free… however, there’s also a lot of hot white and coloured girls there.

  3. I’ve never been to Thailand, But I imagine It would be like a kid in a candy store. I constantly get cute Thai/Philipino girls randomly adding me on Facebook. It’s almost laughable just how easy it is to get them to send pussy pics. It’s no wonder why so many chodes go there as it’s the easiest they will ever get. As a fellow daygamer, I could understand how it would get tiresome. No fulfilment or satisfaction.

  4. A while back before a long hiatus you talked about wanting to find a girlfriend (vs banging outsider status, lower value, r selected girls through conventional day game). You talked about doing eco system game and only doing shotgun daygame cold approach. Now it seems you are back in the daygame mill with the timetable set out. Have you abandoned the girlfriend idea or is this still an option if you meet a girl with the right characteristics?

    I don’t understand why you seem non plussed with your results in Thailand? Why wouldn’t you want to stay there even if as you say there isn’t much game going on? Game is just a tool to boost your SMV. Perhaps you can pick up your SMV by 1 possibly 2 points with real game. Reading your book you were mostly after long periods of grind banging Asian chicks anyway so why not just do the same thing where there is an abundance of them!

    Ps I can’t believe you went to Bali, it’s been turned into a squalid tourist shithole by disgusting Australian backpackers (unless you stay in some of the closed off expensive resorts on the island which have lots of Russian girls with and without boyfriends). [Are you talking about me? If so, I think your reading comprehension is a bit off. I don’t recall saying this stuff and my books aren’t about banging Asian chicks. Up until this trip, I’ve banged a grand total of 5 Asian girls since starting Game. K.]

    • WOW, so pathetic. Acronyms? Really??? This krauser dousche looks like a zombie who had open heart surgery. You’re following him like he is some kind of jesus christ. LOL By the way Jesus is fake too. Just so you know, all religions are satanic bullshit translations. Here’s an acronym for ya, all of this is complete BS

      • You do realise that the picture you’ve referenced twice isn’t Krauser but a still from a movie? You knew the caption underneath is an ongoing theme on the blog? You knew it was Jason Statham? No…? OK.

      • You do realize that I did realize it was Jason Statham, right? No? Okay. You also realize how trolling works, right? No? Okay. You do realize that krauser is a douchebag, right? No? Okay. You should realize that only retards follow a “strategy” to “pick up females”, right? No? Okay. Done.

    • Actually, Nick, you said in that London Real interview some things you pursue or work out afterwards. You talked about having a family at some point in the future. That was years ago but… [That’s was 5 years and 120 notches ago. K.]

    • My bad, I somehow got to this post off Bodi’s tweet and thought it was his post! Ignore all that bullshit above. Brain meltdown!

  5. The Thai girls you banged (and didn’t have to pay for) what score would you give them on the /10 scale? Sounds remarkably good going although I hate Thailand aswell, largely for the squalor and seediness which sickens me. Still if it’s that easy might be worth it next year! [6/10. This isn’t my finest hour. K.]

    • LOL Krauser is banging thai boys dressed as girls LOL

    • Hate to be a fucking cynic, but those girls you banged without paying, how could you be sure that wasn’t just a pitch to try and set up a sugar daddy type relationship?

      I’ve never been to Thailand so am just guessing at what things are really like there.

      A second thing I am curious about was, if the girls were hookers that you were shoring, did it did it make much difference that they were on the game at other times? Not from the point of view that “you’re fucking the girl whether you paid or not so who cares?”. I’ve never felt the need to use a hooker, so probably have more of an ego on me and want to know that a girl I’m fucking actually wants to fuck me and fancies me. One of those five girls you fucked probably was on the game. But did that ruin your enjoyment at all, or was it still great fun?

      Keep up these travel blog posts. It is really interesting to get unfiltered non politically correct views on the sexual marketplaces in various tourist spots.

  6. No thanks, I’ll stick to white girls.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Ben” is actually Deepak

  8. Game isn’t ‘difficult’. When performed well, it’s a fucking art. And you know it.
    You haven’t really sunk so deep as to consider becoming a sex tourist, have you, Nick?

  9. Epic levels of concern trolling and subtle dick waving in the comments!

    Let’s see m0ar, it’s funny

  10. Well this reads like a complete newbie review of Thailand (as do most of the comments). I’ve been going backwards and forwards to Thailand for over 10 years. Much like Bali, Phuket is a tourist shithole also. An overpriced one at that. As a taste of somewhere for “End Game” in Thailand, you couldn’t have picked a worse place to go. Those bars are on Bangla Road. Which is basically full of hoes. Even the discos are full of what’s known as “freelancers”. Which is why most of them keep asking for 1000 baht.

    Your pic captioned “Difficult to stay interested in this kind of thing” is of Alcatraz in Pattaya. It’s a gogo bar. Meaning you go inside, buy a drink, buy the girls drinks, then you can pay money to take the girl back to your room. Yup prostitutes. Both Pattaya and Bangla Road can be a lot of fun. Quite possibly more fun than anywhere else in the world. But they are just looking for money. And therefore there is no longevity in staying there. They are just tourist traps. Personally I wouldn’t spend more than a few days in Phuket. A couple of weeks there would drive me insane. There are much better places to go in Thailand if you want decent, beautiful Thai women that don’t ask for money.

    If you want hot Russians, go to Russia. Yes they can be found in Thailand, but so can hot Thai women. If you know where to look… [Care to tell us where to look? K.]

    • As I said, over 10 years of going to Thailand. There are short answers. But unfortunately the real answer is a long one. And also depends on what you are looking for there.

      I can give you a couple of short answers but they don’t come with any guarantees.

      1. Pattaya – 50x what Bangla Road is. Still a shithole but a much higher ratio of women, and of course a much higher ratio of ‘working girls’. Loads of discos like Bangla. Vet the girls first to make sure she’s not after your wallet if you only want freebies. If not I can tell you some awesome places to go that will leave you smirking like a school boy for hours. Lots of Russians there too but don’t go into any of the Russian establishments. 3 shopping centres along the beach road and the beach road itself for daytime pickup.

      2. Bangkok – Again, same as Pattaya but with much smaller areas. I warn you it’s a crazy busy city though. No beach. If you are strictly looking for what is free, then the abundance of higher class and better looking women there should keep you occupied. Head central. Lots of discos and shopping centres around. Discos are less likely to be full of freelancers than Pattaya or Phuket. But of course, where there are tourists, there will be hoes (which is why you need the long answer).

      It’s quite easy to find up-for-it 5s, 6s and 7s in any of either if these 2 places. You may run into a few stunners along the way. Use Tinder and Thai Friendly. And use Line for messaging.

      The long answer… and the real answer you are probably looking for (for End Game that is and will get you 20+ years, not just 10)… Firstly, I speak Thai. Over 10 years has also given me a good grasp of the Thai culture (and believe me you don’t even know how different it is to ours). I know the do’s and don’ts. I know the pitfalls. I know the in’s and how to use them. I know how powerful or powerless being a white face in their country can be. I know where it can benefit me in huge way but also where it will shit on me from a great height. Most people don’t even believe I’m a tourist when I’m there. So not so much a case of where to look… but how to look and where not to look. [Thanks for the response. It sounds like dynamics are a bit like what I experienced living in Japan and speaking the language but remaining a gaijin. If you’ve got any more Thailand info that you think would help my type of reader, please do expand on it. K.]

      • Yes I imagine Japan would be similar. The Thai equivalent of gaijin is farang (a white fruit). How you behave and come across depends on how they see you as a foreigner. Definitely some good adventure sex to be had as a tourist but can be short lived if you don’t go deeper into the dynamics.

        I have a cubic shit tonne of info on Thailand, but unfortunately would take too long to type out or even put into words. And I should charge for it 😉

        Maybe if there is something specific anyone wants to know I’ll see if I can point them in the right direction.

      • Chris knows what he’s saying. I’m basically bilingual in Thai. Here’s the gold standard test to filter out p4p traps from legit establishments in 3rd world shitholes: What’s the ratio of foreign male to LOCAL MALE patrons in the club? If it’s all farang sausage then it’s a hoe joint. For example, when you do the test, Hollywood disco in Phuket is obviously a p4p place. Don’t fall into the Aussiedouche trap of thinking all you can see is white dudes cause Thai men are too poor to go clubbing so the Thai girls are here for a shot at holy western dick and a free night in an air-con room. Or you can say fuck it and try to fuck the pros for free – aka shoring which makes up 50% of the notches claimed on rvf.

        You really should stick to daygame, esp in Bangkok. It’s low pressure and you can go in IDGAF mode. Here’s a quick and easy rundown of Bangkok as an example.

        non p4p Night game:
        Thonglor clubs – Nunglen, Escobar, Funky Villa
        RCA – Onyx, Route66 (though some pros have popped up lately)
        Khaosan: BrickBar

        Avoid: Any Sukhumvit soi 11 club, TheClub in Khaosan, Climax, Spicy, Bash, Insanity

        Daygame: Any mall with Central in its name eg. Central Rama 9, Central World, Central Chidlom
        Union Mall
        Terminal 21

        If any of you daygamers are coming to Bangkok feel free to hit me up

      • Thailand is actually a second world country approaching being a first.

        That is the standard test. I’ve often been invited out to places and private parties by girls on Tinder. Upon arrival I’ve literally been the only white person there. Not one hoe in sight. Thai men don’t actually go to bars, discos or clubs that have prostitutes inside. That’s only for the tourists. But they do frequent the soapy massage parlours. You can add Thermae to that list of places to avoid for non-p4p.

      • >> What’s the ratio of foreign male to LOCAL MALE patrons in the club?
        — Yolomofo

        That is a really great standard for any country. Well said.

        I know in Japan, as a white guy, I want to stay out from anyplace that has a lot of Aussies. I won’t even stand near another white guy when I’m in Japan. And one of my favorite clubs, where I had the best time… I am always the only white guy in the whole place.

  11. As you can predict Jabba and Krauser catching the 6s!

    Now you can admit your game is in the shit lol [You’d love it here. You can pay to get laid. It’ll be a change of scenery for your fake infields. K.]

    • You still need game in Thailand, but it only gets you so far (if you read my comments above).

      One dynamic of Thailand is that white skin is desirable and dark skin is considered unattractive. As poor people have to work out in the sun and the rich get to stay out of sunlight. So Western white men and Japanese and Korean men can find lots of attention for their fair skin. Those with dark skin are considered low class. This includes Indian, Pakistani and African descent. I’ve even seen them getting turned away from gogo bars and you never see them inside. So in reality you would find it hard work even to pay for it. No matter how much “game” you have. Thailand rules I’m afraid. [“You would find it hard work even to pay for it” Lol. Deepak’s world is in ruins. K.]

    • I don’t understand why Krauser doesn’t just move to Eastern europe, rather than going back to his parents in newcastle. Its cheap enough to live there and he would be around the women he likes all year round.

      He was on a twitter a while back banging on about how going to asia isn’t game and calling people out for doing it. Now he is thinking of going there himself.

      • I’m wondering the same thing… on both points.

        I suspect K is going to SE Asia, as so many “long game” guys have tried it. [I’m here because Europe is a no-go for winter. Never in a million years would I choose Asia over Europe in good weather. K.]

      • Dude have you been to Eastern Europe in the winter? There’s like 4 hours of daylight and you’d freeze your nuts off in most places. No one wants to go to EE between oct to march (nightgame may be ok but still not pleasant).

    • I know you want to defend me but please use other name because i am not interested in these kind of discussions and this will create more confusion between people.

  12. Nick, I’m just curious, what’s with “daygame mediocrity” product?
    when coming out? I’m waiting for it [It was a pisstake. Check my Youtube channel for all of the “product” infields. K.]

  13. I’m in Chaing Mai at the moment. Just came down from Bangkok. The latter is a shithole – dirty, smelly and as a white face the locals see money and try to scam you wherever you go. Tick off the main sights and move on. Khao San Road is fun to get pissed on but you’ll be bored after a couple of nights.

    Chiang Mai is a lot better – far more relaxed, chilled out and friendlier locals. Still very much third world as a city but not dirty, noisy or smelly like bangkok. I have to say I don’t find the Thai girls attractive at all. Porn has been somewhat misleading in that regard!

    Respect to your results – that’s a lot of lays in not much time at all.

    Chiang Mai is also the center of the location independent online marketer community in SE Asia as I understand it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this trip, it’s that I could never do that. Yes, you can be an online marketer and live like a king in a third world country, but at the end of the day, it’s still a third world country. It just doesn’t compare to Europe. Also agree with your observation of white girls being either ugly hippie backpackers or pretty but all travelling with their LTRs.

    TLDR; the end game it ain’t.

    I’m off to the islands next so will see what that throws up.

  14. Hey bud,

    Didn’t you live in Japan a few years ago? How did you find it difficulty wise compared to the typical Euro chick? SEA girls might not be attractive to you, but if you are into the lightskin East Asian look, JP and Korea might have a few cuties.

  15. For a 41 year old you’re in good shape and look young (good skin, vibe, dress well etc). I’d estimate you’ve probably got a good few years left before you call it a day. But I have to be honest. You’ve spent all this time perfecting your game, going through periods of pain that 99% of men will never face and coming out the other side as one of the best daygamers in the world and you’re considering Thailand? I’ve never been but imagine parts to be grotty cesspits that make soho look saintly.
    Would using all your experience and getting a hot, feminine beautiful girl waaay younger than you be such a bad way to end things in a few years??

  16. In eastern Europe not smelly Thailand I should add😁

  17. If you like Thai women, having lots of sex, and having sex because you like sex more than ego validation from telling your mates, then Thailand is a good alternative. I have been coming to Thailand since 2008 and up until November 2015 rarely got free sex. I just didn’t even consider it as a viable option, and thought the few notches I got were just lucky anomalies. I got into daygame in October 2015, read 1000’s of hours of pua content, ground out 1400 approaches in Brisbane, about 30 dates, and only a couple lays. While that feels like slow progress to me, when I come to play in the little leagues (Thailand) I consistently get 2-4 free lays over a weeks holiday. There is no way I was getting those results prior to daygame. The skillset that doesn’t get me results in Brisbane (yet) works well here.
    So is fucking girls in Thailand game? Not really. But if you don’t have game, you have to pay. Unless you are Deepak and then even that won’t work.
    Phuket I am not overly enthusiastic about. Pattaya is my favorite, there is a lot of development lately which makes it a reasonably modern city with all the western comforts – spread amongst the unavoidable squalor of Asia. I haven’t yet been to Udon Thani, one of the biggest cities in Isan, where all the LBFM’s come from. I think this is where you would find the girls that haven’t yet been jaded by the tourist cities and accompanying sex trade. But I like my creature comforts of the tourist cities too much and end up always going to Pattaya.

    • What league you play in doesn’t really matter. I certainly have no shame in going to Thailand and understand the misconceptions most people have of the place. Once I got myself passed all that I really started to see the real value there.

      I’ve not been to Udon Thani but I’ve heard a lot of good things. As it’s less of a tourist attraction that’s where have the knowledge, experience and knowing the language (Issan, not just Thai) will really come into play.

      Phuket used to be good 5 or 10 years ago. They’ve ruined it by trying to make it more of a “normal” tourist destination. But now just attracts a lot of wanky people and is home to some of the biggest scams and police corruption.

    • Maybe that’s 1000 hours of content pua material is your problem. 99% are fake and shit. Krauser, Torero, Sinn, these are the best.. Somedays “less is more”.
      And there are a few pua coach,who are good, but they don’t have strong material.

  18. Yeah Krauser. You can enjoy your prostitution bars in Thailand. You know here is the real game that is played lol

    • What the fuck is with these comments… Don’t you all have better things to do then spamming dumb shit online.

      I have recently been traveling through Eastern Europe. Your right, the quality of the women are significantly better then anything I am used to.

      If you get a chance, check out Cluj in Romania. Major college town, about 60K students with a 2:1 girl to guy ratio.

    • Deepak put up an infield with no breaks at critical junctures (right after a girl tells you she’s looking for a job for instance) with a girl over a 5/10 then talk about your real game.

      At the moment your ‘game’ is beneath newbie chode level, “can you guess where I’m from – no? The land of yoga – what’s my name? – Manish! You can’t remember oh you’re breaking my heart – my friend is polish she is an artist , are you a creative person and so on and so forth. I wish this wasn’t etched into my mind but it is.
      Really tedious chatter which shows you to be an unintelligent, boring and socially retarded individual which no girl would be attracted to. its amazing that this pua industry allows you to actually make some sort of living through the sheer desperation and idiocy of guys getting into it.

    • What’s my name? What’s my name? Ohhhh, you forget my name? I have a friend Masha in Ukraine. Are you creative? You look creative like artist….maybe artist. Are you artist?

      – Deepak Wayne game aka “Ultimate Seduction”

      You’re lucky India is so over-populated with beta street shitters aka currycels that allow you to make a living scamming them with your homosexual look, abhorrent accent and fraud game.

    • You’re a fuckwit Deepak who only retards could ever take seriously. Fuck off.

  19. When will your stuff on K-selection be out?

  20. HI, just a quick thanks for sharing your experiences, almost always a cool read (hey nobody’s perfect).

    I also see a few new products on the side bar.
    Perhaps you could have a post that compares the main features and target audiences of the books & videos.
    Or point me there if I missed it.


  21. Lol… you Krauser fans can eat your words now. Krausers big friend Tom Torrero frauding again [Oh, the irony! K.]

    • Why the hell you bring this Tom guy to this page over again and again?

      – Can you prove fraud on any Krauser product itself?

    • I don’t really care if Torero a bit exaggerate his results. His advices are solid. And this video isn’t proof. This is an old bullshit video with an old thing. [I didn’t watch the video but I assume it was just recycling the 2012 thing and nothing new. K.]

    • Please dont use my name when posting these type of posts I dont want to be a part of these discussion and it creates confusion between other people.

      • I’m getting so fed up of fake peoples using my name. Stop it!

        I know your Krausers and Jabbas fans are just jealous that minoreity can get with White women’s. You all know I am 100% legit and real deal, I have offered so many proofs.

        Instead of talking about me, why don’t you challenge me to a sarge off, I will show you the real game.

      • The real game is Ultimate Seduction and Conversation Superhero. All you feak Deepaks fuck off. You’re ruining my pristine reputation. If you want a bootcamp residental it’ll be $19,000 per day. That’s the cost of real game done right Indian style. Every other PUaz teach you tricks i teach real game real results. You want to fuck white girlz right? Sign up now and get 5 cents off.



        Beat my 45-in-90 days record!! Then you can take my name with it!!

        Look at my Youtube video channel for TONs of PROVES!!!

      • What a lot of pussies you white boys are, can’t take a BIG INDIAN MINOEIRTY picking up your White Women’s.

        Here is what I will do : I will put up too many infeilds with ONLY WHITE WOMENS from Berlin, Germnay PROOVING I fuck only White WOmen’s, no dirty Indians.

        Then I will invite you all to come and watch my 8 hours of proooven footage, just me and all you Deepak fake robots (just jealous), then you all have to stop using my name

        Then you can all try and beat me at Squatting in gym in my bedsit in BERLIN, whilst liking shit out of my stinky curry stained arsehole


      • Hahah, you boys think you are so clever but you’RE just PROOOVING that I am the only legit PUA in Europe, you cannot match me.

        All just fakers, scared of my big Indian muskles and proofs and accent, sccared of my big minoreity COCK FUCKING WHITE PUSSYES

  22. I think tom torero is genuine to a degree but exaggerates his results and has become a bit of a pua caricature.
    On his blog he claims 37 lays from hundreds of approaches. Absolute bullshit imo. This is his daily life and he is known to approach more than other full time pua’s/doesn’t take much time off during the year. I’d estimate the number to be not far off a couple thousand. Plus looks are a massive part of game (anyone denying that watch a youtube video featuring ryan from the four week natural ( alex rsd’s channel) and realise that game is hugely about your aesthetic, so an unattractive ‘nice guy’ who thinks he’s a badboy with terrible posture /physique needs to put in a hell of a lot of work do get decent women.
    Plus points he’s tall and is a great communicator/witty and engaging but looks and masculinity trump that any day of the week. [Tom has genuine daygame skill. If he dedicates a year to notch hunting, 37 is believable. If he’s filming it all, you can bet the top-15 highlight reel will have some pretty girls in there. I haven’t looked at what he claims his ratios are, but the end result of 37 is nothing like as outrageous as Deepak’s 45-in-90 days. I’m not saying I vouch for all his stats but I see no reason to dispute 37 lays. K.]

    • Yep, I can vouch for Tom and was there to witness one of his lays in Moldova when he knobbed a girl in a park. The audio recording of it will be in the finished product. So yes, 37 is very believable. In fact, 2016 has been his best year as he focused on it just so he could capture the footage for his new product.

      With regards to the Ryan video. It’s pretty laughable how easy tall good looking guys have it. But similarly very frustrating and demoralising when you just know that that strategy simply wouldn’t work due to your past infield experiences. Hence why 95% of guys watching their videos will not get anything out of it. It’s simply not applicable. [Good looking guy game. It’s a real thing but only a tiny number of men have the attributes to use it effectively. K.]

  23. Fucking hell I’m so wise 😁

  24. You gotta admit his results are pretty impressive though for a man with Downs Syndrome.

  25. do you mean this video?
    in my opinion this is just good looking guy game with fluff talk, shit posture and boring vibe. Probably he doesn’t have any deep knowledge about game. [The dirty secret in PUA is almost every coach getting good responses is tall, good-looking or both. K.]

    • yes but look at the amount of splicing and dicing going on … (almost) anybody can look like a pua superstar if you approach say 50 sets and splice a few interactions together. most girls you approach will be friendly if you are polite and have good vibe. quite a few will stand around chat and even give you their number. doesn’t mean you’re getting them into bed.

      blondie at start has a cracking pair of legs though 😉

  26. Nick I’m not disputing 37 lays, (and i agree he absolutely has skill) but he wrote hundreds of approaches. I think that number is considerably higher.
    Yes Mcs that’s the video. It’s completely different to what nick and others do. Wouldn’t even be classified as game tbh. It’s similar to steve jabba’s videos [I don’t know what approaches he’s claiming, because I don’t follow his stuff at all now, but a believable ratio is 1 lay for 20 approaches. A more likely ratio is 1 in 40. However the ratio can be lowered by (i) focusing on IOIs, (ii) crappy quality (iii) MILFs (iv) gooks (v) being in one city for a long time and letting old leads rekindle. Only Tom knows the real ratio and I don’t care. The only thing I’m keen to make clear is that the final number of 37 lays is eminently do-able if you work very hard and don’t mind padding out the bottom half with girls who aren’t quite YHT. This year I banged one girl for every ten days on the road. 37 lays is similar rate for a full year. Even allowing for Tom taking time off, by living in Warsaw he’s not suffering the “only in town two weeks must move fast” attrition. 37 is eminently do-able. While I don’t get on with Tom anymore, I don’t want any readers thinking he belongs in the Deepak category of fabricating results. and yes, I realise now you were contesting the ratio not the lay count. K.]

  27. Damn K, people are coming down hard on you for wanting to be on a beach for a month or two to escape miserable western weather during the winter. My business sells products manufactured in Thailand so I’ve spent a good amount of time there and aside from the beaches & food I don’t love it. I much prefer Vietnam and have been living there for most of the last two years. Have you considered checking out Saigon? I think southern Vietnam has some of the most beautiful & feminine Asian girls and a much different look than Thai & Indonesian girls. Different face structure, more of a milky white skin similar to Japanese girls. Most girls are very feminine and have hair down to their ass. This instagram is actually a realistic representation of the types of girls you’ll see strolling around the mall or out at the clubs – https://www.instagram.com/viet_hotgirls/

  28. man, 95% of men can improve their looks tremendously. build some muscles and get down to 10% bodyfat- to bring out your face and abs, and wear a shirt where you can partially see the abs. that would improve your overall results. I just think working on your looks can be worth it, just my 2 cents [I don’t think you’ll find many people here saying you shouldn’t work on your looks. K.]

  29. Daygame in London has really gone down the drain I see why top daygamers have fled the country ( i was there other day ). I live in a town near London and the quality of women is higher and they are more attainable.

    I always feel women in London and some parts of southern part of the country are having less one night stands through day game and nightgame compared to 5 years ago any thoughts?

  30. Which clubs/coffee shops you visited that are good in Phuket? I booked a month in Thailand in January.

  31. hi Deepak!
    What’s your name? Manish or Deepak? or both of them?
    Manish Deepak or Deepak Manish?
    and what’s this Wayne thing?

    Can I be real wayne if I’m using this Wayne thing here on Krauserblog?

  32. Dear Mr Krauser,

    Since its the Christmas era I would like to offer you my sincerest apologies for insulting your integrity. I have converted from Islam and am now a Christian. I am repenting for my sins and seek your forgiveness.

    To my dear followers, I have a confession to make. My infields have been fake. I have hired numerous actress. I understand your anger and will offer all customers a full refund. Please email me at deepak_is_a_fag@gmail.com.

    Kind Regards,

    Deepak Wayne

  33. Difficulty levels for “Game” by location for an average looking healthy white guy under 50 years old ( like Krauser ).

    * god mode hack – invincible * – Philippines. – the last true god mode country for a western white man.

    I’m too young to die: Thailand

    Hey not too rough: Elsewhere in Asia ( Vietnam, China, etc )

    Hurt me plenty: Eastern Europe

    Ultra Violence: Western Europe / USA

    Nightmare: Muslim Countries where only Muslim men are not allowed to touch women by law. Legend has it no known gamers have ever played on Nightmare mode as of yet. Torrero claims he will try one day

  34. Really Interesting update! I’ve spent my last 2 hibernations in Thailand. Bangkok is by far the best for beautiful, no pro girls. IMO some of the girls in Bangkok are stunning. The hottest girls are at the high end clubs Demo and Ce La Vi, these girls are not easy but if you focus on number farming hotties for a week or so you will pull some stunners. Have a look at this gallery to see the quality at Demo


    • I had a look at this page and there is no girl above a 7.5 on there dude (I thought girl in picture 47 was the hottest but nothing spectacular). Quite a few of them look a bit off. I realise photos often reduce looks, especially if people are shit faced in a club but the standard is pretty low I must say. You’d actually be better off in Tiger Tiger in Leicester Square. [I must say, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the slide show. K.]

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