Book Update – A Deplorable Cad

December 11, 2016

“Nick doesn’t seem to update his blog anymore. He only did three podcasts this year. I think he’s done with the Game” says a regular reader.

It certainly looks that way but let me reassure you all I’m most definitely not done with the Game. I have, however, had amended priorities in 2016 over and above regular blogging or doing in-field recordings.

I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Fortunately, I also have the tenacity to push forwards and the completionist’s obsession with finishing everything he starts. Two years ago I started writing my daygame memoir Balls Deep. It quickly became obvious that I couldn’t tell the stories I wanted in the way I wanted to tell them and still keep it down to one volume.

By the time Balls Deep was finished in late 2014 it had only covered the first quarter of my Player’s Journey. “I’d best do this across four volumes” I mused. So I added three more volumes to my To Do list and got cracking writing all three simultaneously, as if I was filming Lord Of The Rings.

What a silly idea!

Two years later and I’m still at it. Back in November 2015 when my winter hibernation began I resolved that I must get these bloody memoirs out! I spent the whole winter writing  volume four, Adventure Sex, which was released this summer (to good reviews too, check here and here). While writing these books I came to a realisation that game was no longer my obsession – writing had replaced it. Here was a highly technical, wonderfully expressive art form in which you can keep improving for literally decades! I’d sit down at the local Costa Coffee with a grande americano and just disappear into the book. Love it!

So let me update you on the status of the quadrilogy.

Volume One: Balls Deep is on sale in both paperback and PDF here
Volume Two: A Deplorable Cad has just been finished. It’s now with the layout designer.
Volume Three: Younger Hotter Tighter is currently a 75k-word draft. It needs a lot of rewriting.
Volume Four: Adventure Sex is on sale in paperback here.

Mock cover. Will change a lot.

Mock cover. Will change a lot.

So the big news is A Deplorable Cad. I’ve literally just finished the seventh and final re-write this morning, polishing its mammoth 161k words to a fine sparkle. I’ve already received most of the commissioned artwork and now I need to go through instructing my layout designer and then reviewing test prints. My best guess is it’ll be on sale in January, just in time to motivate you fellow daygamers to follow through on your New Year Resolutions to do more sets.

A Deplorable Cad is my best writing. I’ve lavished extreme care on it because writing is my big obsession now. It picks up right where Balls Deep ends. And that is why I haven’t been blogging so regularly in 2016, especially lately. All my creative energies have been poured into this albatross. I’ve written 320,000 words of my memoir this year. Unbelievable, really.

If you like hearing me witter on, come find me on Gab – the only social media company that has yet to lock my account. Find me at


  1. >> my daygame memoir Balls Deep

    It was great. I think my favorite part might be the “2 pumps” story, and the origins of that as the standard for a lay. First heard that on Bodi’s blog. And the book filled in the backstory.

    I have Adventure Sex… and am saving that for when I go on my Tokyo Tour next month. Reading books about “adventure sex,” while out hunting adventure sex, is particularly congruent by my standards.

    Keep going, K. Wonderful leadership and inspiration.

    Cheers! [Thanks boss. Good luck in Tokyo. Take a woolly hat! K.]

  2. Nick, how about Daygame Mediocrity? [What do you mean? K.]

  3. Looking forward to it Nick 😉

  4. Hi Nick, any plans to sell Adventure Sex as an ebook/pdf? I promise I won’t put it on the pirate bay [You pretty promise with a cherry on top? K.]

  5. stoked that your on Gab. been missing your twitter realtalk.

  6. Hi,
    Do you have any future plan to write another type book? For example something highly technical stuff 😀

  7. What’s this thing? I don’t like that.
    I think facebook is much better. If you use facebook, i can follow you on that thing, and I can watch your clever comments

  8. please use facebook.. even twitter is better than this
    this gab ai is totally gay.

  9. As much of an ass you are/where on twitter, I have to give, yes give as the really is no choice. A huge amount of respect for the mere fact that at age 34 divorced with no game skill, that you were able to turn it around and bang bitches half your age, in park toilets no less (if all is to be believed)

    That must have taken a huge amount of courage & self reliance. That is to be respected and a great motivation for others.

  10. Man we should swap our life. My obsession used to be writing, and now it is game 🙂

  11. glad to see u on gab!

  12. Even naughtynomad promotes bali has hottiez paradise for sea girls…..but he admits he has fetish for dark girls so lil skewed. But his only perfe t score went to ukraine [Then NaughtyNomad and I have very very different tastes. I didn’t see anything about a high 6 in Bali. Only bona-fide hot girl I saw in ten days was a French 7 with her boyfriend. K.]

  13. Hi Krauser,

    I’ve been day gaming but I’m a sexless virgin with no sexual projection. Should I lose my virginity to a prostitute to give me some experience or is that a was the of time? [Yes. Fuck some whores, take up boxing, and drink whiskey. That’ll help your vibe and remove a few of your issues. K.]

  14. Have you, as a writer, ever tried Game poetry?

    This one’s the last I’ve written:

    Feminist imposter

    She will not fuck,
    Which is sad because
    Of her soft, inviting lips
    Her deep, deep eyes
    Her girly white teeth
    Her Italian waves
    And her sense of fashion
    (just a hint of leopard)

    I, on the other hand
    Am way too bold for her,
    The right smell and looks but
    Not the right opinion
    (not hers)

    Fuck it!

    I would have respected her
    Or even more
    If she hadn’t looked down
    Like a bitch
    When I saw her again

  15. When will your stuff on K-selection be out?

  16. Change the cover if you like, but please don’t change “The worst of men chasing the best of women.” That’s perfect and very quotable. It will be your “Bond…James Bond.”

    Glad you’re up on Gab…count me another who’s been missing your Twitter deplorability.

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