Simple In-Set Predictions

November 8, 2016

We you talk to a girl, there are two variables that determine whether she’s likely to fuck you: interest and availability. Put simply, to fuck a girl she must be at least somewhat interested (in you) and somewhat available (to you).

Contained within that are all manner of shades of grey. If she’s happily married, heavily k-selected, and feels sexually cold towards you then that’s an extreme No Girl for a caddish player in town for a week looking for casual sex. She could be a Weak Maybe for a local daygamer looking for a mistress over the longer term. She’s unlikely to be anything closer to Yes for anyone else. An all-around low probability girl because she’s happy with her current romantic options, her life plan, and not of the type to have casual sex easily.

In contrast a girl who broke up with her boyfriend three months ago, hasn’t had sex since, is in a new city, and at the horniest time of the month – this girl scores high on general availability. If you then happen to match her on DNA or the archetype of man she likes, she’s interested in you. This could be a Yes Girl. Between those two extremes are all kinds of Maybe Girls. Sometimes a girl is dating a boyfriend but growing dissatisfied and harbouring thoughts of dumping him – she’s just waiting for a better option. So she is somewhat available and you coming along may be the push she needs. Even so, you might not be her type so she’s uninterested in you even though she’s theoretically available to a player with different characteristics.

Most daygamers have experienced a girl who eye spazzes quickly, gives a long hand-hold, allows you close and to touch her, and is clearly dripping wet on the street but….. is married and says no. That’s a girl strongly interested in you but unavailable.


So, that fleshes out the concept that the girl must be interested in you and available to you – and that these are somewhat sliding scales. Let’s talk about how to recognise it in set.

INTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These girls give immediate positive reactions be it strong eye sparkle, blushing, giggling, hand-holding (strong interest) or a milder version of the same, so as subtle body shifts, solid eye contact, and an agreeability (mild interest). The crucial tell is physical engagement. If you see that, you can tick off “interested”.

Now, does she invest? If a girl is willing to stick around for ten minutes talking to you, come on an idate, or she tells you she’s late for a train but she gives you a few minutes: this granting an opportunity to make a pitch suggests availability – she may still be making her mind up about you (i.e. not strong interest) but she’s at least willing to hang around a while to find out – she’s generally available.

INTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These girls also give the positive signs of physical engagement but – crucially – few signs of social engagement. Think back to how many times you had a fun chat with a girl who seemed ‘on’ but at the end she says “sorry I have a boyfriend / husband”. Now rewind your memory of the set and look for one specific thing – did she ever throw herself into the conversation?

These girls are always holding something back in-set. You feel they won’t take a step forwards into the interaction. Rather, you get the feeling they are letting you run your game as if they are spectators to a football match. They aren’t taking the pitch themselves. This situation emerges because these girls like you (are interested) and therefore wish to continue feeling the pleasant sensation of flirting but would feel guilty about actively encouraging you (are unavailable). So they fudge it – they let you run your game, coo and giggle, but don’t muck in themselves. These sets usually last five minutes and end as soon as you force her to stop sitting on the fence.

No reason

No reason

UNINTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These are the flat boring sets that never seem in a rush to end. Let’s say you spot a girl sitting in a cafe and you open. She looks a little dubious but makes conversation. It probably feels like you are plowing at the beginning and it takes skill and effort to keep the conversation going. Yet she’s not really IODing you. She doesn’t ask you to leave or make excuses (the street version is she doesn’t walk away). So you think “maybe I can turn this one around”. You sit down and have a twenty minute chat. She gradually opens up. She shit tests you but does give some mild IOIs. You bring the set to an end on your own timescale (not hers) be it a number close or an idate. She doesn’t reply to your feeler text.

This happened because she was generally available to being picked up by somebody but she lacked initial interest in you specifically. Given that she felt open to the world she allowed you to run your game so she could see if she’d warm to you and develop some interest. She granted you the opportunity to make your pitch. That’s why she shit tested you, to see if it would provoke feelings of interest in her. It’s why the whole thing was so flat – she’s just not very interested. These sets are the worst time-wasters because the girls don’t excuse themselves quickly like the INTERESTED/UNAVAILABLE girls do. Typically they’ll last between ten minutes and an hour.

UNINTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These sets are easy to spot – you never have a real hook point. They either blow you out fast or stand around impatiently with magnetic feet (they want to be polite but also want you to take the hint). Most of these sets last between ten seconds and two minutes. You never feel like you’ve stopped their momentum.

Next time you’re out daygaming watch for how the end result of your set can be predicted by spotting these signs while you’re in there.

If you thought this post was clear, precise, and actionable you should see my video product. It’s all of this done live in-field with a shit-load of analysis.


  1. What about the ones Deepak offers jobs to? Are they really interested in his curry dick or just want the dosh K?

  2. See… Lately I’ve been picking my brain trying to figure out why I’m often caught in the same situation: a girl will stop, greet me with a big smile, hook, go into conversation, accept my escalation and even put the horny eyes on me and suddenly… Poof! she excuses herself and eject. No reason other than: “I have to go” or “I’m running late”. I go in almost fully ´r-selected´ – in my mind, at least – and will argue the toss if I perceive even a slight interest from her, but many times it’s so sudden that I would have to grab after her for her not to leave, so I simply let them go. What’s frustrating is that I’m not sure whether this is just the reality of daygame (sometimes you just run into a long streak of INTERESTED/UNAVAILABLE girls) or there’s something off in my calibration, like perhaps I’m overstating the point that it’s no-strings-attached sex that I’m after. Ever been there?

    • >> Poof! she excuses herself and eject. No reason other than: “I have to go” or “I’m running late”

      This rarely happens to me. Not claiming to be especially good, but this is not my pattern. They leave, but I can feel it coming, or she starts to signal, it’s not typically sudden.

      If you’re getting it somewhat often, I assume you are doing something to get that sudden response? I know I catch myself staring down her cleavage sometimes, and I don’t think that ever helps my interaction… that’s one thing I’d check… are you showing R- with eye contact? Or by looking her up/down a lot? Are you suddenly getting closer to her as this happens?

      Or maybe… you’re starting to think about the close, something in how you present changes, she feels the change and bails??

      >> Ever been there?

      One time this happened to be recently… but I remember being surprised, as I’m not used to this. Right before Halloween. Good stop. She liked it. She was engaging. I wasn’t particularly wolfy. And “poof,” she said she had to go and walked away. I had been thinking that I wasn’t that interested, but would take her number… but she ended the set very quickly.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’ve been checking out your blog… cool stuff. Firstly, let me say it’s not an everyday occurrence; however, it did happen quite a few times. Mind you, I game girls in Argentina in my own language and, oddly enough, there is a high level of social retardation similar to that which is observed in some countries in Asia. Roosh’s and Bodi’s accounts of their experience here is quite accurate and girls do tend to play fucktarded games, like talking with you for half an hour, lead you on, give you their number and then say something like: “please don’t text me or call because I have a boyfriend… I’ve deleted your number so delete mine”. I think guys are to blame in the first place, since 99,9 % of them have zero game – despite being masculine – and will fuck anything that walks on two legs and will put up with anything for the “pleasure”. The vibe on the streets is awful – nearly every city brimming with derelicts and badly damaged and ugly people – and although one tries hard not to be affected by this, sometimes it just fucks with your vibe.

        All that said, I’m sure you’re correct in that there is something in the way I do things which triggers that response… I’ve tried to flatter myself thinking that it is the feeling of peril of being imminently fucked by me which sends them running to the hills. What you say about thinking about the close makes a lot of sense, since I did notice this happens mostly when my sex drive is through the roof (after a dry spell, for instance).

      • @Daygame in… ” I think guys are to blame in the first place, since 99,9 % of them have zero game – despite being masculine – and will fuck anything that walks on two legs and will put up with anything for the “pleasure”.

        I see this where I am. It does impact my outcomes because girls suddenly become super “picky” expecting me to chase after a number close or interaction.

        My general rule is that I will text twice…if it goes no where for whatever reason, I drop it.

        I may re-open a few weeks later but that generally doesn’t lead anywhere.

        What could work is if I run into the girl again in another setting, that sometimes leads to the girl being super-on.

        I can’t blame other guys for my own interactions but this factor does have an impact in the sense that it makes gaming these girls that much harder…

    • Man, I spent 12 years in Buenos Aires, I did all my game-learning there. What you’re experiencing is not the reality of Daygame (or game in general) – it’s worse. At the same time nightlife is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing. Girls there are crazy regardless.

      • Yup, the only rational conclusion one can deduce is that lots of them are badly damaged. Hell, I know I have to deal with my inner demons as well. I have had my humble fair of success from daygame, though… I’ve started this jouney almost a year ago (done slightly over one thousand approaches) and bedded 13 girls solely from it, but having had to do a hell of a lot of work. I guess an obvious advantage of daygame here is that cities don’t get burned, since nobody is doing it (maybe 3 or 4 guys out there, but I have yet to see they exist). I’m guessing this is why I had such an unusual high score rate in my first one thousand approaches. So not really complaining, just aware that I’ve hit a plateau and the only way is forward.
        Where are you currently based?

      • Im in Europe now, small town. If you’re in Baires join couchsurfing and go to the weekly events, I can introduce you to a few people organizing parties and meetups, so you can game foreigners. Better looking, less crazy than the locals. To get laid with argentinean girls you have to “remarla” like a motherfucker, before, while and after. Unless you get some social status (what I ended up doing) then they come to you like locas. Try couchsurfing activities – it’s worth it.

  3. I think, in this video the first set is probably a good example for “available maybe”, but not interested, she’s just polite (but the 3. set is very funny)

  4. You getting banned on twitter was the best thing that happened to the PUA community this year.
    Regards, a fan

  5. Nick, wouldn’t this mean it’s about testing for (sexual) availability only? Because a girl who isn’t interested but available isn’t available for you. The only tests to know both would be touching and leading (movement, further escalation). The rest is noise rather than signal (known as false-positive).

    I wanna add, some “uninterested but available” girls like to flirt because of attention and self-validation. Some of their “shit-tests” are more a way of making fun of someone because they don’t have enough respect/attraction for the guy. It’s kinda ridiculous how many PUAs label disrespect, nagging, girls giving them shit and outright insults as “shit-tests”. Especially beginners..

  6. daygame is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I’m banging my head on the wall trying to learn this shit

  7. Also, make sure to get to the polls and vote for Donald J. Trump!

  8. Damn you’re posting a lot more these days. I second the guy who said Twitter ban was good. Sorry, K, but I do prefer your writing here on the blog.

  9. Yes, I’m also glad that banned twitter.

    a fan

  10. The thing is a lot of sets have characteristics from many of these groups so it’s difficult to pigeon hole a girl into one or another.

    Bottom line though if she isn’t showing compliance you’re done.

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