Text Game Clinic – Georgian Catwalk Model

August 24, 2016

Right then dickheads [1] let’s have ourselves a little gander at a recent Facebook message exchange I had while in Moscow. This was a Georgian/Russian girl I met in Gorky Park during a blisteringly hot Saturday afternoon. She was with her friend who couldn’t speak English and both were a bit too cool for school. As I walked off it felt like a weak close so I treated it as such in the ensuing messages – the most important goal was to build early attraction to get a proper hook point. So I took a few risks.  [right-click and “open image in new tab” if you have trouble reading the text]

Textgame 1

Section 1 is straight out attraction + mythology. I bait the hook with an unconventional opener that almost forces her to either (i) agree she’s trouble (ii) deny she’s trouble or (iii) ask why she’s trouble. Any one of those three answers gives me a launchpad into a mini-routine and there’s a 90% chance she’ll pick one of the three. My fourth sentence was a direct prod at her because her profile at the time was a modelling picture wearing a hat and she’s a very tall girl – I want this sexual from the off, so I mention long legs. My final message in this section is a visually evocative mythology to her. So, five sentences and job done. This was the make-or-break section of the entire chat and it worked. She’s hooked. Time to get a little normal.

Section 2 is drawing her out in rapport to tell me about herself. Usually I’ll look for a segueway into dropping a DHV – in this case having lived in Japan. I’m not teasing her because that’s too much clowning after such an irreverant start. Instead I bed it down a bit, lower the energy, and set up the next spike….

Section 3 is playfully prodding her again. I like to set up all FSU girls as some kind of KGB spies, vodka drinking thugs, or forest-dwelling snipers. Any time a girl explains she comes from a specific region, I’ll recast it as a peasant village. Google Images is good for that – just search “[her region] traditional costume” or “[her region] peasant village”. Her reaction to to qualify herself – “I do sometimes modelling” which translates as “I do something cool, I want you to be impressed”. Note how much of my concern is to manage the energy of the chat, creating peaks and troughs as if it’s music.

Textgame 2a

Anytime a girl sends you pictures of herself looking pretty or sexy, she’s trying to get you to think of her as a sexual prospect*. That doesn’t mean she actually wants to fuck, just that she wants to be seen in that way. It’s approval-seeking. When working Attraction, your response is to frustrate her expectations and to withhold that approval [2] as I do in Section 4. We’ve come a long way in a short time, from a girl who seemed fairly disinterested in me initially.

This all works to trigger Section 5 which is her now displaying an interest in me – the meta-level is that it’s “soooooo, tell me about you….. oh, cool!”. I take the opportunity to DHV and present my archetype as a talented but uncontrollable wanderer. Keen students of Mystery Method will spot that we have gotten to the end of phase A2 and midway into A3. I’ve demonstrated value, it’s hooked her in, and she’s begun to qualify herself and IOI me. I just haven’t yet IOId her back. I finish on an attraction spike and roll off. Job done for now. It doesn’t feel like she’s fishing for a date invitation so I don’t want to overstay my welcome and appear too available.

It seems many people misunderstand the point of Window On My World pings. You don’t simply tell a girl you’re eating ice cream or drinking coffee. You have to dress it up, as I do in Section 6 by self-aggrandizing my effect on Moscow’s harmony. Naturally that draws a smile.


Textgame 3

Section 7 seems trivial but just pause and consider the mechanics. I don’t respond “I’m drinking coffee too” or something equally gay and agreeable. I pick up on something so minor and still twist it into a chance to prod and challenge her. I also employ some minor comic timing with my countdown. Girls like it when you can make the mundane spectacular because in microcosm that’s what you’re doing with her boring mundane life. After that I let some more low-energy rapport prattle on so I don’t look too fizzy or clownish, then I give her mild IOIs in liking her job. Attraction material is fun and addictive but you must still bed things down and show her you’re capable of normal social interaction.

Finally I think i should try to get her onto a date so I make an ask in Section 8. She gives what is either a mild refusal or a genuine “don’t know”. I suspect the former so I decide to roll off behind a tease. My rationale is she doesn’t feel sufficiently hooked and I’ve worked hard to get this frame. Savvy giraffes like her can sniff out thirst from miles away. I don’t know if this was the right decision. That said, ask yourself this: who is driving the conversation, and who is happily letting themselves get driven along?

Textgame 4

Now I need to rebuild before the next date invite so Section 9 is a standard ping and follow-up. She’s showing enthusiasm in her messages and the speed of replying, so I figure I can build momentum quickly and soon move into another attraction spike in Section 10. If she’d been tardy or boring I’d have cut it short without Section 10 and rolled off another day. The key learning point of this section is how I build it out of absolutely nothing, I just go off and create a mini-drama. I’d started to feel like light-hearted truculence would fit well so Section 11 does that. It’s all about self-aggrandizing myself rather than teasing her. I want to show that I’m confident and creative but don’t take myself too seriously. Comparing myself to both a lion and a cute dog demonstrates this.

Textgame 5

She responds positively and pulls me into rapport, then again sends me a completely gratuitous photo of her looking pretty in Section 12. I go with the rapport. She soon told me she was going on holiday and thus bad logistics intervened and she gets parked onto Long Game until my next trip. So there we have it, an example of how text game can pull in a Weak Maybe of a top-tier girl so long as you’re patient, understand female psychology, and get a little bit of good luck [3]. Will I fuck her? I’ve no idea – I’ll try ramping it up again when I’m back in her town.

[1] Esteemed readers.
[2] When running rapport, you give the expected (and sometimes unexpected) approval. Comfort requires meeting expectations so as not to agitate the amygdala.

[3] Or you could wear a pocket square, hit on trolls way below your own looks, then use absolutely laughable text “game” to filter for pure Yes girls

* And I have to re-upload a redacted image blacking her out because now I’m reminded that people can reverse image search the fucking thing. This is why we can’t have nice things.

If you thought this post patiently walked you through the art of seducing Soviet girls so you learned a lot about how to do it yourself, you should see my book. That’s the whole point of it. Then again, you could just wait until all the PUA clowns rip off this material, rename my tactics as their own, then pretend I don’t exist.


  1. “yes but Torero says you should text…” .Just fuckin with you Nick ;). We know who the real deal is 😉

  2. I know that’s not the topic, but I relentlessly gotted banned today from RooshV 😀

    The said the reason: Troll

    I’m just asked Roosh, are you a faker, Roosh? 😀

  3. He is probably not getting laid.
    But I don’t understand why he uploaded his youtube channel that video

  4. ohhh, another thing.. Roosh Started at 3:0
    And you should click on subtitles button!

  5. Hello Krauser. I’m not gonna try and act like I could’ve done better, and hindsight is 20/20, but I have some questions, Do you think you could’ve gone from 7 to 8 a little quicker? It seems as if the area between 7 and 8 kind of just deflated things and made you start 8 in a bleh moment. You were already in the coffee topic at 7 to easily transition to 8.

    I don’t know if the sofa picture was in good taste. It just creates a nasty imagery. You linked her and trash together. Do you think a pink children’s chair would’ve been more fun while teasing at the same time?

    Do you you think a little stronger teasing would’ve helped you? Making a joke about how unhappy the dog was with her might have been a good opportunity.

  6. What is happening at the end of section 10 to 11 where she seemingly rejects your chair joke, then tries to switch convo to her kids (which you reject)? Power struggle or encouraging attempt to keep convo going? Or something else? [It was all happening fast. Benefit of hindsight I should’ve probably drawn her out a little rapport on the kids before spiking again. K.]

    • Krauser pushed her away, she felt the string and wanted to heal it without continuing that topic so she changed topics and continued the conversation to win his approval.

      • sting* btw, Krauser, can you do something about the ridiculously small text of this Reply box? It’s miniscule. Needs to be at least 14px.

  7. In my opinion, section 8 is disaster. She told you: “I work every day beside Saturday and Sunday”. It probably means: we can meet Saturday or Sunday. You ask her out on a working day instead. She expectedly lets you know that after work she usually goes home. Instead of setting it for another day, you get a bit aggressive with the “booring” pic. It’s harsh and she smells fear of rejection. But she still may like it. Indeed… watch the words she chooses in the subsequent messages: “Rain is romantic…” “Sharing is caring…” ecc. She has already started the feminine fantasy of redeeming a bad boy transforming him in boyfriend material (perhaps because she spotted vulnerability through the “booring” pic): so she may still want to fuck you, but I don’t like the choice of sending her a pic with the rundown chair (Russian girls hate displays of poorness) and the “does a lion use an umbrella” ecc. jokes. At this point you are fucking around too much and Russian girls like directness. [I thought about the Sat/Sun thing, you may have a point. I missed it at the time. K.]

  8. Why do you tell her you sometimes work in investment management? Isn’t this just trying to impress a girl with high status/how much money you have? Also since you are lying about this are you not just cheating girls into bed? [It’s not a lie, and this girl is a K not R. K.]

  9. This is pure gold. I’ve been using this structure since you started outlining it in your blog and Daygame Mastery.

    It works. The opener is catnip. Girls like the idea of being untameable. They want the challenge of you making them behave.

    The photos are excellent at provoking an email tonal reaction. She’s clearly intrigued. From here you ask her out to something. She’s in or out.

    This is a fool proof way of weeding out the time wasters.

    I have adapted your structure a bit to sexualise it earlier. That sets things up on a sexual frame sooner. I’m tall higher risk.

    When I ask: “have you ever had a foreign lover?” Earlier in the interaction that shifts things into a sexual frame. Lover not boyfriend.

    Thanks for sharing this it confirmed a lot of what I’ve already been doing and helped me to fine tune it.

  10. Georgian girls are easier to hook than e.g. Russians, but these Georgian girls are squirrels, and they don’t fit this FSU model, also they are not Slavic people. A little long game I’m sure will work.

  11. Trying to improve my text game, what do you think of the following critique (MM = Mystery Method) :

    3 – She’s qualifying herself to you, maybe misinterpret or push-pull teasing “Oh it’s a shame, my Russian friend says that Russian girls are the best lovers/cooks, but Georgians are fantastic ….”

    4 – Great joke, leads to her first question.

    5 – Technically you are entering MM A2 here, she’s started showing you interest and you need a few more IOI’s before going onto A3.

    5 – Instead of answering her question I’d have made something ridiculous up, then when answering for real trying to describe your emotions Juggler Method style, “I used to love maths… but then I had to sell myself for money, now I’m following my dreams et.c”. You’re going into rapport too early.

    Between 7-8: Surely it would be better to tease her on her music tastes? You also then qualify her on something lame.

    8 – I’d have tried escalating a bit more on text, force a bit more interest before making the first proposition. The blowoff is quite bad, there’s no actual excuse for why she can’t come and no offer to reschedule. I’d have teased her much more on it.

    9 – Easy tease here “Do you feel romantic when you drink water” (or something much better ofc)

    10 – I like this playful teasing.

    11 – Calling yourself a lion is lame, but it draws her third question (!).

    In general I don’t think you ever got past MM A2, I would have been slightly more scandalous, then toned it down before pushing for the meetup. It’s no coincidence that her two big questions were when you wern’t going for rapport (model joke and calling yourself a lion).

    PS Roosh’s text game would have worked much better when it came out (2007) when girls weren’t addicted to their phones, it’s probably still good advice if you have a really solid interaction in person. No need to diss him here. [I’m happy to host such analysis – that is kinda the point of putting these posts up. I think your suggestions are all the kind of 2002-era stuff that Euro girls don’t like. Maybe in the US it works better. This girl is an educated, intelligent, K-select greyhound. They really don’t respond well to the Style/Mystery superficial stuff. K.]

    • Which part of:

      Hey trouble ///// All girls are trouble
      My dad does modelling too + picture of plane
      Does a Lion use an umbrella? Does a Bear ? Does a Hamster ?

      Is not superficial, or is educated, intelligent, K-selected et.c
      Note that these were the things that stimulated her more 🙂

      I was suggesting you do more along those lines, maybe slightly extended or deeper.

  12. I think your blow-off at the end of section 8 was too abrupt, she needed a soft roll-off because her resistance to the coffee date was token. The subsequent sections are a repetition of those that came before 8, cycling between breaking rapport (i.e. spiking) and establishing rapport.

    btw, I google image searched the catwalk pic she sent you, she looks too androgynous for my taste, like a masculinised version of Monica Bellucci. [That’s a bit creepy, but I guess you telling me you searched it reminds me I shouldn’t put up such images. K.]

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to ask: you picked up guitar and play on stage? Please tell me the idea was sparked after our conversation in this post: https://krauserpua.com/2015/10/05/cold-approach-is-inefficient/ [Nope. An unrelated winter project which is now finished. K.]

    • Probably a little creepy if a little curious. Yup, I had to pause to think of a way to let you know that it would be easy to get the girl’s full pic via a google image search without fully discouraging you posting them in the future. It’s best to avoid any pics that seem to be in the public domain (like a modelling shot), face-blurred-selfies are fine since they won’t be on google.

  13. Great stuff Nick. I had a Russian girl send me a pic of her swimming in the sea (although she was very far in the pic). My reply was “wow, fantastic” My question is was she sending it to make me think of her as sexual prospect and was my response adequate? Thanks Joe

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