My boy lollipop with never leave me, because it would grieve me

September 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about femininity. One thing I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is that all of my friends / wings who initially got into Game to rack up notches and have wild adventures have now all zeroed in on the same goal – finding girls with strong positive femininity. All the other stuff like height, curves, ethnicity is just details. When we go out we are scanning and screening hard for feminine essence.

Bhodi talks about girls dripping in oestrogen (figuratively). Now that I’m attuned to it I can pick these girls out of a crowd. Long flowing soft hair, glowing skin, relaxed strut, gentle facial expressions. Just as you can sense a man with raging testosterone you can also sense a girl with an oestrogen overload.

Men are not comfortable receiving affection from sluts or aggressive masculinised women. We all really really enjoy being around feminine energy, it’s like recharging your batteries and puts a spring in your step. That’s why I say I’d rather be on a (no sex) date with a purely feminine girl than fuck a masculinised slut. Even the posterboy of the high-notch ONS lifestyle wants to keep sweet feminine girls around him.

While on mushrooms I watched alot of Millie. Compare this girl to the likes of Beyonce. Think for a moment which one you’d prefer in your bed for ten years when you finally decide to marry. Do I even need to analyse the videos step by step? It’s pretty obvious to the Red Pill crowd why the guy in the Beyonce video doesn’t love her when everything she’s doing is drenched in masculine attitude.

Girls, if you want to keep a man around you need to boost your feminine essence. To do so I recommend the following:

  • Read The Rules Revisted and be prepared to learn from it rather than salve your ego by rejecting it. If you disagree with any post there it meansyou are wrong.
  • Change your diet away from man foods. Get more fresh vegetables, fruit, water, white meats.
  • Stop drinking alcohol. Really, try to entirely cut alcohol out of your life. If you must drink, avoid beers and lagers at all costs. More then anything else, alcohol and cigarettes ruin a girl’s hormone balance.
  • Don’t lift weights, circuit train or jog. Which girls have the most sexy feminine bodies? Yes, dancers, aerobics instructors and pilates girls. Joggers always look like shit.
  • Take pleasure in learning to cook and other girly hobbies. Make a real skill out of it. It’s so easy to set yourself apart from, and above, the crowd of girls with androgynous or masculine hobbies.


  1. “have now all zeroed in on the same goal – finding girls with strong positive femininity. All the other stuff like height, curves, ethnicity is just details. When we go out we are scanning and screening hard for feminine essence.”

    Really, really interesting. Have never thought about it in this way before… though the two longest relationships I’ve had lived your above points to a T.

    True about the ‘joggers always look like shit’. Had a girlfriend who was ALWAYS jogging trying to get the body she desired. Never could.

  2. Hard to find in London, does not mean they are not there though

  3. Amen – have never understood the pickup communities obsession with quantity over quality and i’ll include Roosh in that, as much as I admire the man.

  4. I met a 20yr old eastern-european girl a few weeks ago. The way she moved, laughed, smiled. I met up with her a second time and just sitting and talking with her was better than sex with the typical masculinized american girl. She left to go back home a few days ago, but wow! The difference was incredible.

  5. “I’d rather be on a (no sex) date with a purely feminine girl than fuck a masculinised slut”

    i can’t believe i’m nodding my head in agreement to this statement, but its true.

  6. Any tips on boosting masculine essence?

  7. Right to the point Krauser, I’ve been passing through this experience since the start of the year.
    After you pass 100 notches you stop caring about the quantity *and* quality of women you’re fucking and start looking for a very specific kind of woman: the extremely feminine girl.

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  9. Which people have the strongest hearts and lungs as well as increased lifespan?


    I’ll take being a healthy human being over being a sexy girl any day. [Just make sure all the cat hair around the house doesn’t trouble your respiration. K.]

  10. Hi Mr Krauser,

    I commented previously as the guy in his fifties who has just discovered game and been following your writing. Thanks again for everything you have written, it is gold dust and I thank you for the gift. [Appreciated. This is more important to me than cash from selling products. K.]

    This week I had an introductory date (a couple, old friends, were also present) with a very beautiful woman in her forties, slim, sexy and looked like a mid-period Bardot. However she spent the evening telling war stories about being a finance director in large corporations, how she was known as “the ballbuster”. I wondered what the hell she was thinking by telling me this.

    I consistently broke her frame, interrupted her and played Alpha-jerk on her social interactions. When I told her I was fed up of hearing her business war stories and what was she interested in, she became sad and melancholy and told me that “there is not much to me”. This is a woman trying to be a man and wondering why she has been single for the last five years. So your article is timely for me.

    Feminine essence. I am now on the lookout for it.

  11. Good post. It has only taken me about 30 lays to realize I need a very feminine other half and what to look for. I’ve dated a plethora of girls and my past favorites have both been college age, Venus shaped (good hips – skinny waist – regular size tits), and drove Bugs. They are both pure girls and that is what they want to be. The one I’m currently dated, didn’t just text me naked pics, she scrap booked her naked pics into a card and gave it to me. That’s a girl you keep around for a while.

    On the other hand for example, the former power-lifter couldn’t cook for shit, and didn’t even have salt and pepper to cover up the taste.

    My rule of thumb is to look for bright colors: black/gray/blue wardrobe is bad news; lots of bright colors is a go. [Agreed except last point. The latter wardrobe is the sign of an introvert, which people like me really screen for. The big no-nos in wardrobe are (i) clothes that hide a girl’s shape – even if she’s thin it means she’s uncomfortable with her femininity and (ii) look-at-me clothes, especially silly new fashion or brand names. That smacks of vacuous Kardashian wannabes K.]

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