I bang my first leggy 23 year old Belorussian nightclub dancer

August 27, 2012

Robusto and I have recently been dating tall Belorussian girls. His was a street stop in Central London a couple of months ago while mine was an old old set from a Lithuanian nightclub two years ago. Lots happened inbetween but suddenly both of us found ourselves bearing down on the finish line neck-and-neck this week. Finally it comes to the wire when we take some mushrooms for an inner game exercise on Saturday night (I might post about that, mushrooms are an inner game accelerant). Robusto gets a strange message from some old dude who tells him his girl is married (to some provider guy) while old dude is her sugar daddy. It spirals out of control and Robusto drops her like the soap in an Aussie prison shower. As he relates this unexpected turn of events, my girl messages me about how she wants to come around the next night. Game on.

Closing this girl was a nightmare. It all began in July 2010 when I show up to a Vilnius nightclub with one girl on my arm then bump into a different girl I’d made out the night before. I’m soon dancing with both of them and preselecting myself to fuck allowing me to catch IOIs off the prettiest girl in the club. I open with a John Travolta point and hip shake. I take a flaky facebook at the end of the night and forget about it. Just one of many sets that go nowhere at a time in my development when I couldn’t close an open window.

I really did open with this

Fast forward a year (and only a handful of Facebook chats) and this Belorussian visits London for a fortnight to study English. I’m the only person she knows but while I ought to be able to work her at my leisure it’s complicated by my dating a different girl who I was far more interested in…… long story short is Belorussian stays over at my house three times and gives hardcore LMR three times until I have to throw her out, my last words being “I’ll never see you again”. She leaves London. We’ll call that Push Away #1.

Fast forward another year and to the following summer. She comes back to London this April, to stay a year. I meet her at the airport and generally plan to look after her a bit but when she bristles when I touch her I get that sinking feeling like I’ve been wasting my time again. Hmmmmm, I’m sick of this hot-cold thing and it blows up a week later when Jimmy and I are out clubbing. We’re drunk as skunks, hooting and hollering when Belorussian shows up past midnight to see me. She starts her sexy dancing in front of me, turning away and shaking her ass. The whole club is looking because she’s far and away the hottest girl there. Not sure what comes over me but I plant my foot in her ass and send her flying across the dancefloor. She turns around in outrage, thunder in her eyes. Jimmy and I crack up laughing and she storms out. Radio silence for two months. I don’t bother contacting her. For the third time I assume its over. We’ll call this Push Away #2.

This in brunette

Freeze outs and strong push-aways work. A couple of weeks ago she breaks radio silence and starts liking some of my Facebook photos then soon begins chatting. I’ve long since decided that I’m not going to invest any emotion or effort into this girl, so tired am I of the coquettry. Several times she tries to entice me into inviting her out and I don’t take the bait until finally she has to invite herself out. We meet for coffee a short walk from my house. It’s alot of fun to make a girl chase when you really don’t give a fuck how things turn out. Last summer this girl was a real head-turner – a solid long-legged eight – but a year of drinking wine has added a few kilos and now she’s simply fairly hot. Let’s say a mid seven. I’m LJBFing her hard which gets her pawing at me and verbally IOIing. So I take her back to my house and let the tension build, never touching or kissing. Steam is coming out of her ears she’s so hot, her eyes spazzing. Finally in my room I think she’s a volcano about to erupt and I go for it.

LMR for the fourth time….

I would’ve kicked her out there and then but she gives me a long passionate monologue about how she wants to have sex but something is holding her back at the last minute. Seeing the wild swings of emotions in her eyes – fear, excitement, confusion, affection – I believe she’s not playing games. I let her stay over.

Then tonight she invites herself back. Within half an hour we are on my bed and this time its just token. Close. Finally. Two years on. She’s a pretty wild fuck too, the crazy ones always are. Plus one, new flag. I’ve now reached my lay target for 2012.

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t bother with crazy girls. Even though I closed her and had great sex, it simply wasn’t worth the total investment of my time and emotion
  • That said, it’s good to have a few crazy girls as a lesson in games playing and to appreciate the authenticity of non-crazies
  • Nothing beats LMR better than high attraction followed by a strong push-away. The key is to really mean it, be outcome independent, and force her to re-initiate
  • Once the girl re-initiates, the frame is yours. Keep her in that chasing role.
  • You’ll only get one really good chance to make the big LMR-busting move before the frame is at risk again. So time it well. Keep her chasing and heating herself up then take her at the flood


  1. Booyah!!! I was pissing myself laughing with your John Travolta move, hilarious.

    Great work on the long game and you’re dead right about the crazies- crazy in bed as well.

  2. Been keeping track of the whole Justin Wayne debacle?

    Sure surprised me, I even recommended the dude for daygame newbs on RVF. He’s even trying to emergency clean his real name now, pretty pathetically.


    [Yes. I’ll wait till more evidence is in, but it’s not looking good for him. K.]

    • Nick, I’d be really interested to hear more about your inner game work on the ‘shrooms… definitely worth a post if you think there’s something worth sharing. Cheers!

  3. Im definitely qualified to speak about bellarussian women.

    Been involved with one for this past year. Eventually fucked her once, then things went south. 7.5 or an 8…great body, small. But what I can say is that they will play. with. your. head.

    Just by the tone of your post, i can tell she was equally difficult and unpredictable. Ultra coy. Hard to resist. Never met such a game player. I spent LOADS of time and effort into this girl with very little payout. Very fickle.

    Silver lining? She sharpened the living hell out of my game.

  4. (Inexperienced in game)
    The only Belorussian girl I’ve met was a total mindfuck and sexy as fuck. I adore girls who try to fuck with your head. Seriously.

  5. It would be good to hear your thoughts more on the shroom related inner game.

    When staying in Amsterdam me and several friends took truffles. After most of the visuals and laughter had faded. We returned to our hostel. Back at the hostel,surrounded by a gaggle of sweet latin american girls, I was completely at ease, began to cook food, play music and was opening without a thought. Just being my true self with a relaxed warm vibe.In a nutshell I realized how ridiculous allot of the anxiousness I have really is. I had a few other realizations but that was the main “Game” related one.

  6. What can I say – they come from a f***** up country.

  7. Hey Krauser, you need a couple crazies early in your banging career so you know what to avoid in the future….

  8. great story man. let’s get those vids up again.

  9. krauser is pua just a numbers game? i.e law of averages and screening for girls that like you… or is it skills where you can reduce the numbers game with your actual Abilities to seduce. This question has been racking my mind [The latter. K.]

  10. does that mean that you can in theory turn around a maybe girl into a yes assuming its the right type of girl and that you have the right amount of game [Yes. This girl is an example of a Weak Maybe who eventually became a Yes. K.]

  11. keep them coming. Good stuff Krauser.

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