Not only do I bang sluts, but I’m rubbish in bed too

October 18, 2012

My site analytics showed me I’d gotten a bunch of hits from this guy linking me:

  • SadVirgin whines: Why oh why do us sad lonely male nerds struggle while jerks like this get all the hot beautiful women? (link to my last lay report)
  • I reply: Because jerks like me put in the hard work to become a sexworthy man. If you shifted your ass and did what I did, you’d get what I get.

Exhibit A

This quite understandably triggers a few responses. Now seeing as a couple of them are reasonably thought out, I think perhaps there’s decent people involved in this website so I invest a little time explaining myself. Here’s some of the early comments. First a reasonable but slightly blue-pill guy:

Anthony: It is absolutely true that you put the work and effort in to becoming ‘sexworthy.’ But your attitude isn’t helpful. Under one caption on your site, it read “I’m entitled to this” or something along those lines. Which is complete bullshit. You’re entitled to your opinion, that’s about it. If you want to break away from the norm and date lots of women and have casual sex, there is nothing wrong with that. More power to you if you can achieve it. But when you have the attitude that you’re entitled or owed sex? Then you’re treading into asshole territory.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with what you do (the sleeping with women part – the general disregard for their feelings [and I realize it isn’t quite that simple], that’s a different story), but your attitude makes you a jerk. So, I understand why unsuccessful men would take their anger out on you. It’s ill-placed, because being angry at you won’t help them get girls. But, some (if not most) of the hate you receive is well-earned.

Then a hater:

Commonly Known As X: I’m sure you can be the sad old git picking up insecure young women without two much trouble, especially if you travel to places where poverty or recent civil wars mean there is a lot more vulnerable youn women. The women will probably learn a sad lesson in what to avoid as they grow up.

IF of course this whole scenario is real. PUAs almost always remind me of really dorky teenagers bragging about their imaginary conquests. I mean, did he really dump this young hottie or did she suddenly realise that not only was this guy twice her age and half her maturity level, but he was completely selfish in bed. An interest in “sexually inexperienced” women seems like a red-flag for not very good at giving pleasure.

And then a fairly red-pill woman:

Eselle28: Hot beautiful women aren’t rationed out based on the recipient’s moral worth. The jerk in question approaches lots of women, has either developed or learned to fake appealing qualities, and is fishing in waters where he may have a certain extra appeal as an exotic foreigner. I’d say the first step for sad lonely male nerds is to develop a persona beyond “sad lonely” – that’s not a combination anyone finds very attractive.

I think I’d also suggest taking some of these stories with a grain of salt. I suspect that the writer experienced some harsh rejections he’s leaving out, and that at least some of the women he mentions may be more interested in having an exciting fling than suffering from hopeless, virginal love.

So I dispense my opinions in a long reply. I incorrectly assume the above hater is a man(gina), btw, so it’s best to treat my response as a generic rant cos it was off target this time. Oops.

Krauserpua writes:

Anthony – I mostly agree, but I think you also missed most of my humour regarding things like the “entitled” caption. Understandable if you’ve dropped into my blog and haven’t read it long enough to get my writing style. A strong sense of entitlement is actually very important to develop if you want to date hot women – if you don’t believe you deserve them, you won’t push past their screening tests and they’ll agree you don’t deserve them. The hate I receive is mostly from manginas like Commonly Known As X – these are perenial losers who project their own self-loathing onto me and are utterly callous about it. Their total disrespect for anyone they see as non-humans (namely, anyone who enjoys their life) is part of the hateful victim vibe that repels women.

CMaX – You’d kill to experience the sexual abundance I do, as everybody who reads your comment knows full well. The fact I bang hot girls and you don’t burns you up inside because it shakes your whole reality. Let me tell you why. You think you’re special and nicer than every other guy and you double-down on identifying with the feminine to try to get laid. Yet it doesn’t work. So you fall back onto the pretty lie that success in dating is just luck, outside your control. That allows you to avoid taking responsibility for your failures, and you are a failure. Then people like me come along who not only bang girls that you think I shouldn’t be able to, but I even lay out a clear path for how you too can achieve the same success….. if only you put in the same hard work I did. But you’re not willing to do that because you’d prefer to be a loser with pretty lies than go through this tough transition period. Hence you have cognitive dissonance. Rather than resolve it with a winner’s attitude of “lets learn from this” you resolve it with a losers attitude of “lets try to deny and belittle the achievement”. Pure sour grapes. I have no respect for losers like you at all.

Eselle28 – Totally agreed with paragraph one. Paragraph two is usually true but I’m the wrong example. I’ve hyper-documented my blog over 480 posts with infield videos, text message exchanges, facebook chat screenshots, post-lay interviews. I’ve also talked plenty about the harsh rejections. No probs if you didn’t know this, can’t expect everyone to be interested enough in my blog to read every post!

I’ve written 480 posts on how to get good with women and my own personal journey from when I initially couldn’t get laid. My technical mindset ought to appeal to nerds. My journey ought to inspire readers here that they too can succeed. Anthony is quite ironically wrong in saying my attitude is unhelpful – I’ve donated hundred of hours of my time to providing a free online resource that any guy can use to improve his success with women. I’m really fucking helpful to those among you who are willing to put in the hard work. I’m really fucking unhelpful to the spiteful pussies among you who just wanna hate and play victim

I don’t know how long this thread will run, but here it is to follow yourselves:

And to dispense with the red flag about not being good in bed. Damn, you caught me bang to rights, as this girl proves from tonight’s Facebook chat

Girls reading this who wish to be well-serviced: email and photo to krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk. You must be pretty, agreeable and under 27 years old.


  1. “What one man can do, another man can do.”

  2. Son you’re a beast….

  3. I’ve learned so much from your posts and blog. There are other blogs that deal more with this idea from betas and AFC’s that you somehow have to be a nice guy and someone who bangs a lot of girls is a cad. But what they miss is the other side of this, how women themselves are ruthless and prone towards hypergamy. As for those posts by guys, misery loves company and when you’re not getting laid, rather than improving your own lot in life, there’s a tendancy to pick apart someone who is successful.

  4. Alcohol Question. Ive quit drinking for over a few months, as ive been recording an album, which i intend to use my music as a solid, ongoing dhv on my facebook. Im 25 and when id go out and drink it just wasnt helpin me out with chicks. and the quality of my life was kinda getting shittier from hangovers/lack of rest. I know you drink, and im sure youre share the opinion that it shouldn’t be a crutch. But honestly, i never get laid when i stop drinking. Doesnt mean i fuck lousy drunk girls, a few drinks just really loosens the tounge and boldness up. Fitness wise, i feel great without it though. Wondering how you approach alcohol and if you had any thoughts

    • I spent a lot of time this summer intentionally trying to work WITHOUT alcohol.

      My thought process was that I like my personality, courage, relaxation level when I’m on alcohol.. generally, I enjoy myself.. however, why should I *need* the alcohol to do this? I set out to conquer familiar territory without the alcohol.. challenging myself to resist.

      Learning to be non-needy can be applied to many aspects of life.. never technically *needing* anything but life essential basics, anything else could be “addictive personality”. Just like I smoke a pack a day, some people can have 1 cig on occasion and never become “addicted”. Similarly, I’m capable of going to a bar and having 1-2 beers and being done or switching to water or whatever, whereas for many, once the alcohol hits their lips.. it’s on ’til they black out somewhere..

      OK, so, my experience.. and part of this is from years of bartending, (although I’d say the first 2/3’s of that time, we were drinking while we worked) it was the nights where I was completely sober, and watching all the drunk people, but being the sober bartender, they were forced to come to me and it was automatic built-in social value.

      So, over this last summer, and a lot came from studying “day game”, but I spent nights at some of my regular bars, drinking just soda and/or water, ensuring I still tipped the bartenders..

      I noticed it was ALOT easier to maintain my composure compared to the drunken idiots drooling all over the was almost too easy, and there were many times where I approached a girl at the end of the night that I’m sure some dipsh!t had invested his whole evening in buying drinks and things and I know I could’ve taken her home immediately or to my car or out in the alley and decided it was TOO easy.. I just didn’t need vag that bad..

      Some of the “social experiments” I’ve tried have really opened my eyes and caused me to really become sort of saddened by the world at large.. at the same time, it helped bring me to the realization that, self enjoyment is key in life..

      it actually turned me off of alcohol for a bit and I started finding more success in day game..

      I found multiple girls in the day time who wanted to do regular normal things for fun and/or then bang.. one of the best girls I’ve ever been with, a hot 21 year old foreign exchange student.. picked up in a McDonald’s drive through, next thing I’m just picking her up and things were on point..

      Seriously, alcohol is a “good start” for many.. some never learn to *not NEED* the external substance to have a good time though.. without the alcohol, they’re boring and normal and they don’t even like themselves without it.. they “NEED” it..

      • Hey… I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I had a question that relates to this that I’ve struggled to answer and was hoping one of you gents could help me out.

        It seems one of the cornerstones of learning to be good with women is to learn how to not be needy. This has been a real problem for me since I struggle with what I believe is physiologically-rooted (as opposed to psychologically-rooted) depression.

        What are your recommendations as far as learning to combat the neediness that a depressed mood fosters?

  5. I’m glad I began to read your blog since a year ago. Quality trumps delusion.

    About the sex-prowess part: It’s fairly simple (without all that tantric and kamasutra-esque stuff): Know how to touch a woman (use your FINGERS), learn how to warm them up (long foreplay, until they madly rip you off your clothes), put them on top of you and hold her hips until you thrust fast and strong(making some slapping noise) until she shouts. Repeat, change position, do something similar.

    One of the girls I used to have sex, after her 4th orgasm looked at me and said: “YOU ARE CRAZY!”. Then I fucked her harder.

    I always made fun of her as a woman, saying: “So, you said women are multiorgasmic…”

    Good times.

  6. “Hot beautiful women aren’t rationed out based on the recipient’s moral worth.” So damn true. No point getting hurt and indignant. It’s only worth learning game and doing something about it!!

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  8. Good stuff.

    You’re actually doing them a favour when they wake up they will hopefully see that.

    Tough love is what they need and you put a lot of effort to educate and teach FOR FREE.

    Timing with the facebook girl was impeccable! 🙂

  9. Teach me your ways, master! Seriously, how do you fuck a girl so that she writes you stuff like that? Is there an e-/book that describes more or less what you do? [Focus on dominance. K.]

  10. I wouldn’t waste my time engaging manginas and white knights on some bollocks blog for incel nerds. Haters gonna hate.

  11. I think people need to realise sooner than later that everything that happens in their lives is a result of the level of actions they’ve all taken.

    Every guy who experiences consistent success with women (Natural or PUA) has come from a result of going out and talking to loads of girls, getting blown out, failing and ultimately building their skill set.

    Whether you do this consciously or not is besides the point. The point is, you make an effort to improve this area of your life by doing what you have to do to make it happen.

    No one has ever become competent at anything by sitting on their ass and talking or reading about the activity.

    Having understood this, i’ve realised that there’s really no such thing as a natural or someone who learned using techniques. Both people have ultimately learned by doing what was necessary to gain the experience needed to develop their skill sets.

    The real question you have to ask yourselves is “Do you really want it”.

    Is your desire for women stronger than your fear of approaching and making it happen?

    If the answer is no, or you honestly can’t answer the question, then you really have no reason to bitch, moan and hate on others.

    If you want something badly enough, you’ll make it happen.

    Don’t blame the world for not giving you what you want. The world simply doesn’t care.

    • The real question you have to ask yourselves is “Do you really want it”.

      -I think that’s the most important question in life..
      You see a girl, do you *really* want her? How bad?

      Bad enough to do whatever it takes?

      Bad enough to hit on her and get blown out regardless of the outcome?

      Bad enough that some dude is going to maybe get jealous and start some beef?

      Same could be said for any outcome in life.

      Too many people don’t have a job and say, “There’s no jobs to be had”. False.

      People here in the U.S. want to be a famous movie star, but aren’t willing to move to California, aren’t willing to take improv classes, aren’t willing to take acting lessons, whatever, because they are too lazy to put in the work and therefore, use excuses to justify.. KrauserPUA did what he wanted to do.. become better with women and do it shamelessly and without losing focus of the end goal. Was willing to lose short term approaches to ultimately get to his long term end goal reality.. then, he shares FOR FREE, and guys without open minds want to rip him.. that’s their ego THINKING they know more than Krauser.. whack

      One of the biggest mistakes in underestimating others is to assume anything.. never assume you know more nor that you’re not capable of learning from others until you are an expert… then, once you’re an expert, you will be able to distinguish the difference between amateurs and professionals based on the experiences they share.. the ones who truly impress you will be the ones you will be able to tell by their actions have more experience than yourself.. that’s when you can learn something new from them

  12. Good man. Just bought your book, looking forward to getting my game up to the next level.

    My wing and me are thinking about hitting up Regent St on a Saturday afternoon, have you ever had much luck there? There’s no shortage of hotties.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how old you are, it’s probably in one of your posts if I go back far enough… [Regent St is part of the daygame golden mile. I’m 37. K.]

  13. You are like Tom Leykis on steroids.

  14. I have always found funny when divorced, unemployed guy is ‘entitled’ to anything. it must be English thing and their social benefits 🙂

    to be honest, mind tricks are the best to have sex fast – no argue here.

    however, get real – using mind-tricks so you can bang in 3rd world is not having high-value. it’s just simulating it.

    having high-value requires tons of work (having company, being high paid pro, etc) – you don’t get it be being a player for few years.

    Anyway, good luck!

    • Maverick, I agree with the gist of what you are saying but.. but.. so what?

      There are plenty of guys with alpha status who don’t take advantage of it by tacitly exhibiting beta behaviour. That’s fine for them if they want it but ‘game’ will help them fully utilise their potential.

      As for the beta world (I tend to share your definition) what is so wrong in a guy going out there and getting laid by playing ‘false alpha’ or using game to get laid?

      The one issue I have with in your comment is the familiar refrain that ‘high-value requires tons of work’. It does not. It certainly doesn’t in the UK and I argue that this is part of the problem with hypergamy.

      Firstly, there is more outcome variance with luck than with skill so there are more very wealthy lucky people than there are hardworking skillful people.

      Secondly, the UK has a high proportion of people on high incomes/assets who work in an industry (banking) whose ongoing existence was subsidised by the taxpayer and whose senior people are demonstrably incompetent of running a solvent firm. They earn huge amounts.The other ‘industry’ is owning London housing. Much of which is inherited. So not much skill there.

      Lastly, the education system in the UK actively promotes elitism as a value in itself by pre-selecting the wealthy and privileged to study together and symbiotically help each other and advance into the best jobs whilst the rest are left to gaze up at them while they struggle to keep up. It’s not about what you learnt at school but who you learnt it with. Incidentally, I don’t blame them. If I had an average kid whose life prospects I could enhance by buying them social status then I would pay for it too. What the system doesn’t promote is a healthy respet for intelligence and hard work.

      So no. The hypergamy issue of ‘desperately seeking alpha’ isn’t the (morally comfortable one provided you believe in moral justice) one of women chasing the hard working and skillful alpha male. This would be a good thing because women might value these personality traits more. Hey the guy working in Tesco’s as he’s going to night school to get a further qualification might get a bit more sexual respect.

      But no. What they really value is who has money and social status NOW and in the UK/US that is increasingly skewed towards a smaller percentage of the population and -particularly in the UK- to who was lucky or who went to the right school, or whose parents owned what property, or if they are from the Jeremy Kyle constituency, it’s who deals the most profitable drugs. [Your socialist leanings are hurting your game. Blaming the world for your station in life is an ego trap, just like nerds decrying “jerks” for getting the hot girls. Take more responsibility and don’t really on the self-serving lefty shibboleths. K.]

      • You are way off. I’m no socialist and neither do you know anything about my game.

        In fact the only outright political comment I made was over the collectivist decision to redistribute taxpayer’s money towards the banking sector. It doesn’t matter that this industry showcases itself as a bastion of free markets. They are the new trade unions, gaming the taxpayer for their own interest. FYI, I am self employed so need no lectures on responsibility but I do recognise that most men- despite their best efforts- will never be lucky or skillful enough to acquire my abilities. I look down on no one because of this. Neither do most men have your abilities. The bell curve is real.

        The myth of meritocracy is also very damaging for the average beta guy. Quotas and other socialist engineering projects are giving his job to a woman that would then look down on him because he is lower value. The essence of the problem is that the real alpha male could do something about this but he is not motivated because much of this is in his favour. He doesn’t mind that other men’s value is lowered, and he quite fancies an office full of women looking up to him. In the same way as propertied people in London dont give a toss about about how many men in London are forced to llive with their parents into their 30s because he just wants property prices higher. They will fight any new property development.

        The results of this madness are all around us. Falling marriage rates, increased single parenthood, young people unable to buy property, and the average beta is left with a sense of frustration and bewilderment because his misguided sense of social justice is punctured by the reality that his value is shifting. And it aint moving upwards.

        The astonishing thing is that it is only on sites and forums like this that these things are being discussed. [This clarification helps. Banks use James Taggart style cronyism, it’s not capitalism. I thought you were one of the idiot Occupy types who think it represents the free market. Evidently not. Also, where you used the word “elitism” in the education reference, I’d call that “cronyism”. Nothing wrong with schools promoting excellence and rewarding talent. That’s what grammar schools were for before the socialists destroyed them. K.]

  15. more on high-value from my example:

    i have been several years in London (working) and i joined Pua community (trained by Yad)

    i have got few notches in UK, but i had to spend lot of effort tp do that.

    few years back i have got few contracts from UK, started my own company and returned to my home country.

    i have quite high value here and i don’t even have to use mind-tricks anymore. girls are coming themselves.

    probably pua training helped, but right now i can see the difference – having high value is much different than simulating it.

  16. It also comes from spelling correctly. LOL.

    “High” value.

    • hey, value comes from what you do. not from mindset.
      having mindset of ceo does not make you one. [Value to women is different to men. Women mostly value mindset. K.]

      i have been there, got few notches. it’s always try-hard in comparison to real thing.

      people in UK are very status aware.

      • As Krauser said, women value different things than men.

        Secondly, a man can be high value by your definition – CEO etc, and a complete faggot with women (i’ve seen it over and over again). Infact, they usually are.

        Thirdly by your definition – do you think a guy would become a CEO without the right mindset in the first place?

        High value begins, and ends, with mindset.

        I have the right mindset and am about as far removed from “try hard” as is humanly possible.

        You’re looking at it the wrong way. Your use of words like “mind tricks” says it all.

      • Steve’s right,

        This directly relates the differences between Western and Eastern Philosophy in that we are made to believe in our society that in order to become something, we have to first acquire it in order to become it, which is very backwards thinking and doesn’t make any sense.

        The Chinese and many eastern doctrines have always said that the only way to acquire anything, you have to ‘Be what it is you want to become’.

        Now a lot of you would think this is a crazy statement to make since all of you are on here looking for solutions to become better with women.

        But the reason you are the way you are is due to beliefs that have been played on you by western society.

        Taking note of the statement i mentioned above about becoming what it is you want. We it’s pretty simple.

        Have a core belief and conviction in yourself that you are a worthy and high value person, that you deserve high quality women in your life and expect nothing short of the best.

        This relates to everything in life, from starting a business, getting a promotion at work to being recognized as an authority…

        You have to first believe that you are first before your physiology and actions follows suit. And also because no one else really knows what your place is in society besides you. So in order to show them, you have to demonstrate it.

  17. Hello Krauser,

    i always read your blog and bought your product book. I have a question.

    I do get number in daygame, but the girls do not answer my text messages or do not open the call. What could be the reasons? Do you have some advice? [Answer is in the book. K.]

    • Krauser, in which section do you mean? [Note to readers: This blog is free, don’t expect me to answer questions that you can easily find answers to by simply reading my material. I’m not your skivvy. Don’t push your luck. The world doesn’t owe you a living and I don’t owe you a response. Do your own work. K.]

      • Thought I’d drop this in. I just got my first number with an HB9 yesterday using daygame for betas. I screwed up the phone convo, she mentioned boyfriend and then asked if we would just go to hang out as friends, I overdid the macho shit, and lost the girl. BUT, here is what’s important

        1. Girl was easily in HB8-9 category, no makeup
        2. She was with a friend at the time
        3. Had someone else on standby
        4. Post convo analysis: she was clearly looking for a man, and that man could have been me
        5. The pickup took all of 2 minutes. Standard K Opener, some chat, gotta go give number, seeya

        Final Analysis: This shit clearly works. As insane as it may seem IT. ACTUALLY. WORKS.

        39 more daygame beta convo pickup attempts to go before I will start my reign of terror!


  18. Reading the ‘whiny little bitch’ noise from your male critics reminds me of something I heard recently in a success seminar — something like “You can’t criticize your way to success.”

    Maybe what holds back some guys from making the conversion from blue pill to red pill is simply the pain of realizing how much they were betrayed by the social brainwashing that taught them to follow a self-defeating way of pursuing women, living happily, etc.
    (and perhaps believing the lies about how women really are).
    Wasting years of great opportunities for lots of hot sex and general happiness is a profound loss.
    Some people go to extremes to avoid facing a painful truth.

    Compared to facing that betrayal (‘I was a dupe’) and loss,
    doing the “hard work” of approaching lots of women and studying what works for you
    looks like a fun hobby to me.
    I guess it’s “hard work” if you care too much how a woman responds.
    But forgive me if I just too hung up on particular words.

    My weakness is having the patience to put in precious TIME to be out looking for women.
    If I can’t stay actively engaged almost relentlessly, I get bored & restless fast and want to bail out.
    Most of my luck with women was when we met when I was there for some other reason
    (such as my job, or out to buy stuff I need, or in a public library, etc.).
    I know I need to meet more new women per week, dammit …

  19. Oh and I forgot to say Krauser thanks again for giving so much good free info to us readers.

    Apparently you’ve got the right mind-set to shrug off the muddle-minded squawking criticisms,
    but for what it’s worth, I’d like to say “Let the chips fall where they may.” and “Rock on.”

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  21. Hi Nick,

    I read your book and I’m working on putting it into action. I’m still mostly going through “daygame for betas” I’m about 40 sets in, and while I haven’t got any numbers from the daygame for betas exercise, the reactions I get steadily improve, which I suppose was the whole point. It’s clear to me that the more I do this, the better I will get. It’s also changing my entire perspective and attitude in general. I’m becoming more and more calm, more easygoing, friendly, etc. Whereas before I was frustrated neurotic and half-insane 42 year old virgin, I’m now a hopeful, cheerful and upbeat 42 year old virgin (by this time next week that might actually change). [Yes, you are seeing the kind of incremental positive changes I’d expect. Keep it up. K.]

    Anyway, I have a question, I’ve gotten a number doing night game, and since I didn’t stop with that number but kept working on getting more, I realized there’s one thing I don’t know. If I am dating multiple women at the same time, how do I let them know? I see that your girls are aware, at some point at least, that they are not the only one. So that’s something I don’t understand how to do. One of the things I like most about your approach is the honesty involved in it. It’s direct in a way that isn’t vulgar or filled with hypnotic tricks and as a man with a conscience that very much appeals to me. [Don’t advertise it and when they ask say “there’s a few girls who like me, nothing serious”. Your worries stems from your lingering blue-pill ideas. Girls don’t mind sharing a man if his value is high enough. K.]

    • Hi Krauser, I’ve been following your blog for about two years now. I believethis is a subject you should expand. How to do you manage several girls in such a way to keep (most of) them happy and “sticking”. I would appreciate a dedicated entry in your blog.



  22. socialism creates whiny bitches like these who think they deserve handouts without any responsibility.

  23. Hi Nick,

    great website, great book Thanks for all the info. Very much admire your general attitude to life -not just Game.

    I’m a 50 year old guy (fit, dress well, a good talker, have a bit of money and can probably pass for 45-46) just getting into Game and I’m already seeing results.. How do you think guys in my age group need to adapt our Game compared with those who are younger? In particular I want to try out the cold, pretty direct approaches you demonstrate in your vids.I find the idea of doing so exhilarating. Do you think us older guys can pull it off as well as others or do you think we should go more indirect? I’m going to do it whatever.

    Cheers [Don’t try to copy the boys (most PUAs), present yourself as a man. Accept your biggest DHV is you’ve already achieved what the boys merely promise. K.]

  24. “Girls reading this who wish to be well-serviced: email and photo to krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk. You must be pretty, agreeable and under 27 years old.”

    Why the arbitrary cut-off age of 27? :-s [I like younger women. K.]

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