Street kiss close video of…… my friend

August 21, 2012

I’ve not put up many infield videos of late. Despite doing plenty of sets in Croatia while I was wearing my watchcam, I kept forgetting to press the record button before stopping the girl. Clearly this isn’t absentmindedness, I’ve just had an aversion to doing so. Recording yourself takes you out of the moment and hurts your authenticity. My plan was to get some girls, not impress my long-suffering readers.

Fortunately my buddy Steve has given me a fallback with one of his own videos.

Approach with sexual intent

Steve’s a bit of a legendary figure in the London community. Back when pickup was new to Europe there weren’t any domestic companies here except regional offshoots from the big US companies like Mystery Method, RSD, and Shit Systems. Then along came a guy called Richard La Ruina who created the behemoth that is now PUATraining, the gorilla in the UK pickup room, a company that most of the big name UK guys passed through at some point (Beckster, Adam Lyons, Yad, Uncle B etc).

I hear conflicting things about Richard’s pick-up prowess and business ethics. I’ve never met him personally so anything I can add is just hearsay. However, Richard often makes reference to a “natural” he met years ago who is amazing with women and taught him everything he knows. That’s Steve. I do know Steve personally and I know the top fashion model he’s dating too. It’s not hearsay when I opine that he’s the real deal.

So here’s some flash game…. a quickie street kiss close… with my commentary. The man himself gives a detailed breakdown here. It’s solid stuff, just bear in mind it’s his commercial site. He’s my buddy but I don’t get a penny from any of this. Maybe I can twist his arm to have him cook me a steak for every 1,000 hits I send his way. That’ll get me in the shadowy PUA SEO cartel!

0:02 – Not every street stop has to be a run-around-jump-in-front. This is still a clear attempt to command her attention but done casually from comfortable distance. It’s still important to show conviction rather than timidly bend over like a chugger.

0:10 – And here’s the clear Stop command. There must always be one, preferably early, to avoid falling into her frame. It’s also a compliance test for initial availability which will save you wasting time.

0:24 – The main value is in the confident body language, early touch, and closing down of distance so it’s slightly invasive but not scary. Her beaming smile is a green light. She already fancies him. You can rely on this when you’ve built up your personal charismatic value so high that you assume good-looking women will fancy you. Old school game is designed for people who don’t believe they have that value. Times have changed.

0:30 – Lots of daygame IOIs are in the legs. Any kind of twitching, nervous energy or movement that is not indicating a motion to leave is an IOI.

0:33 – Bold pull, followed by a push away. This is a combination of intent and the fact the girl is so clearly receptive it’s possible to move quick.

0:36 – Note the constant eye contact from Steve even when she’s looking away. She can feel this and it’ll quickly spazz her out. This is textbook indirect-direct – he hasn’t overtly hit on her but there’s absolutely no question in her mind that he fancies her.

0:46 – Confirmation of hook point. “Where are you from?”

0:52 – Her tongue is almost hanging out at this point. She’s already decided she’ll fuck him so long as he escalates correctly, though maybe her forebrain hasn’t yet received the memo. This is what I mean about projecting a masculine vibe. It’s taken her less than a minute to reach this point because of how Steve projects himself. It’s presence and vibe. The intrigue and mastery will come later.

1:00 – The verbals are boring as shit and limited by language. Although verbal dexterity is a great plus it isn’t necessary when the subcommunication and intent is strong. This conversation is between two hindbrains.

1:05 – This is something I’ve only recently added into my game – unabashed, almost child-like directness about intention and emotion. There’s no coyness. No I-won’t-tell-her-I-like-her-until-she-IOIs-me. Just come out and say it with clarity. It’s not a vulgar “I want to fuck you” it’s an authentic statement of interest.

1:18 – There are no DHVs, no attempt to impress her. The attraction was completed within the first ten seconds


  1. Wow! That’s some serious persistence with the kiss. Token resistance as evidenced by her french kissing right afterwards.

    The only thing I didn’t like is that he forgot her name after giving himself a reasonable excuse (glass of wine) for not knowing if she gave him her name yet or not. If you’re trying to go out with a girl and eventually fuck her, the minimal effort of remembering their name is reasonable.

    • It was more like 3 glasses of wine actually! LOL. I have a pretty bad memory and have to be told their name about 3 times usually. It doesn’t make much difference. Actually in a weird kind of way it does you a favour because it shows you are not too anxious about “impressing” her.

  2. One important thing he does well is that he doesn’t really laugh or smile very much. There were a couple of smirks, but no laughing. Super masculine frame.

  3. Krauser, what do you think think about Steve’s smiling, or rather lack of it? He smiles once or twice and for the rest of the interaction just has the merest hint of upturned corners of the mouth. Yet he is not perceived as threatening? [His eyes are soft. I do the same. K.]

  4. Steve is the real deal – his blog is the bollocks and I was alerted to him when Nick offhand mentioned sarging with him in a previous post.

    Have just emailed him because we both chime on the importance of mindfulness, bodybuilding and wearing tight black polo ralph laurens.

    Don’t care for his ever present “Do you have a girlfriend?” he uses on almost all his videos. I get he’s screening hard for availability but every top shelf girl i’ve banged, I’ve invariably robbed her off some other schmuck who wasn’t taking care of business.

    • Actually I am not screening at all, I just don’t like the idea of messing with another mans happiness. It’s a moral issue.

      • Steve – I totally respect your moral position, but as I said, the few top shelf girls I have been with (model types) invariably had a boyfriend or some sort of guy orbiting. Its inevitable as you enter 8 and 9 territory.

        If they were really in love and the relationship going well, then no amount of my charm can seperate them. Often the girls just coasting along with the dude until something shinier turns up (me).

        Keep up the good work.

  5. Absolutely brilliant Steve, very very smooth. This is so far outside many guys’ realities, that they would have to try and process it by saying it was staged. Having been there myself, it’s awesome to see it being done so effectively. Good fucking work! What ended up happening with her?

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  7. What’s a jab at Love Systems with Shit Systems lol. Their stuff are the most expensive in the community,nevertheless valuable insights.

  8. Nevertheless,too bad I can’t check this out from my crappy mobile on the good,but I can get a sense of the state Steve was in while doing this approach.

  9. I’d be curious to see how it plays out. I’d be concerned that insisting on kissing intimately in 1-2 minutes leaves her with the impression that he is weird, socially inept, or a pussy hound. To me it comes off as a forced agenda because it appears not to come as a result of a “connection”. What will she reflect on as she contemplates a second meetup?

    Not being unnecessarily critical, its just my take.

    • I’ve written pages and pages on this subject. The girls I meet in this question never have this impression of me.

      It is a little forced clearly as I was aware I was being video recorded, though make no mistake this was a “real” interaction. This is what makes all the difference in the world between what I do and what others do, and accounts for my very low “flake rate”- that a lot of guys seem so concerned about. LOL.

      Re second meetup, who said I wanted one?

    • Weird and socially inept people could no more intimately kiss an attractive woman (or any woman) in 1-2 minutes than a walrus could perform Swan Lake. Most men will die before they even attempt 1/10 of what was displayed in this video. This is street magic much like David Blaine does. Instead of making a card appear in your shoe, here Steve’s tongue appears in her mouth. But I’m sure there’s a group of people who will hate on David Blaine as well.

      • Don’t be a tool foo, I wasn’t ‘hating’, just giving my impression. An no it’s not “street magic”, it’s meeting, vibing and escalating. I’ve kissed girls in only a few minutes often (and see it happen regularly), but it’s usually in a bar/club, enabled by alcohol. Steve accelerates it here and while she’s sober which is the reason I’m curious. As far as the “most guys will never… 1/10.. of Steve’s street magic” love song, maybe you just come out with your man-crush already, lmao.

        Nice work Steve.

  10. Has he really been to Colombia? His Spanish is fucking horrible…. leave it to a Brit to butcher another language, as if adding a ‘u’ unnecessarily to words wasn’t enough…. [In 20 years you yanks will all be speaking Spanish. K.]

  11. I am Spanish and can certify that Steve’s spanish in this video is horrendous. Imagine an inebriated somali trying to speak cockney english and you have some idea what it sounds like to me lol. [Spanish is a comedy language anyway. K.]

    • @Alex-And what’s the point of yall focusing on the minor shit like accents and bad Spanish?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel

      • Steve’s level of spanish is irrelevant. His game in this clip is outstanding and a beacon for all masculine daygamers to follow. Also as I contstantly credit Nick for, Steve has uploaded his work for us all to learn from and critique and that in itself deserves enormous respect.

        If he wants a hobby, he should work on his spanish because bang for buck it will give him great returns. Im bilingual in both and now the only pending assignment is russian.

  12. That was clutch. Who cares if he butchered the language.. 3 glasses of wine and not a native speaker. That chick was totally into the kiss after the token resistance… Well done, sir.

  13. That was some serious shit, super-tight game!

  14. Very impressive.Especially during daytime.If I were to even get a conversation (never mind
    a kiss) out of such a situation….I would be on cloud nine for days.I am in awe when I watch
    some of these close-vids.I get a vicarious thrill out of a lot of them….they allow me to dream.

  15. Seems to me it was a big factor that Steve just drank 3 glasses of wine
    before coming on so strong to that girl.
    Haven’t lots of us had similar experiences when we’ve got that much of a buzz on?
    Bravo Steve, but how good is your ability to do this when you are stone cold sober?
    That is much more of a self-mastery achievement
    (to induce pride & optimism about your future prospects).
    I dislike depending on alcohol for ANYTHING.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the video guys.
    All the best to you.

    • The only way in which this was a factor was that it actually gave me a smidgen of motivation to do it.

      I used to fuck girls on a 40 minute train ride between Milton Keynes and London 5 years ago, (on the way to and from work) for “practice”.

      I don’t depend on alcohol for anything.

      Hope this clarifies things.

      • Yup, it clarifies that I’m a loser and I’ve been wasting my life!
        Hmm, now I’m wondering what’s the best way to kill myself, and how soon …
        Steve (presuming those train girls were hotties I’d like to bang), you’re my new hero.
        Can you tell me how to be 25 again? (I’m wayyy past it)
        Thanks dude.

        PS: I take note that the girl in this video was sober.
        That’s encouraging, and makes the feat more impressive…

  16. Good for Steve, but how does this help me, a short ugly man? The exchange at around 3:00 tells us the nature of this guy’s game.

  17. This is great but could he have done this with a white British girl? I am not saying he couldn’t. Just that to me that would be more impressive. And what’s with all the hate on white British girls. Roissey had a post last year that showed that the average British girl’s face was the prettiest face in the world. White British chicks when thin are hot.

    • In my formative years when I was learning the craft I used to do this up to 4 or 5 times a night in a club. Hundreds of times over the years. So yes, I think it is safe to say I could.

      If it turns out to be important I will film a lot more of these.

  18. Was the number real? If it wasn’t it’s a nice try, but a fail.

  19. It is a commercial website. You can leave comments on the dating articles but I have to approve them before they are displayed.

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  21. steve, i am 37, divorced, and have been learning pickup for two years with some success — even got one daygame kiss close after 30 minutes — but it still amazes me and inspires me to see the videos you london guys post. krauser’s videos have been inspiring me for years, and this video you posted is fucking awesome. hadn’t heard of you before, but am definitely gonna check out your stuff.

    of course, for the timid beta guys, this all seems fake. they don’t understand the essence of masculinity, the essence of polarity, and the essence of attraction. yeah, magnets seem magical too, the way they attract stuff into their orbit, just like you attracted this hot colombian girl into your orbit.

    anyway, my question is, where does “comfort” or “emotional connection” play into your style of pickup? do you find yourself ever needing an emotional connection to get the bangs?

    back in the day, mystery warned about “fool’s mate”, and it not being rooted in real pickup. now, obviously the girl in the video was genuinely attracted to you — but that brings up my next question, do you feel that maybe because you are tall and muscular and good looking, that maybe you don’t need an emotional connection to get the bangs?

    i do realize that a huge part of creating masculine attraction is in body language, eye contact, masculine intent, masculine energy, etc etc — stuff which you perfectly displayed in the video — and that most of us men could pull this off by getting in touch with our masculine core, but still, what would be your advice for more “regular” guys?

    thanks man.

    • Steve, I would like to encourage you to answer to rivsdiary’s point. I am also in the league of guys who question themselves whether or not your height and looks play a definitive role in her being attracted in the first 10 seconds.

      Do you really think a skinny, 175 cm tall guy could get such a fast attraction trigger with the same body language?

      I would really like to know your thoughts on that.

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  26. wow .. should say you are too good !!

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