Tom Torero Street Hustle – review

March 18, 2016

Grab life by the horns my fellow flowmads and add your badass to the buddha!

I’d be amazed if my regular readers were unaware that Tom has a new book out. Allow me to give my thoughts on it.

On January 12th this year Tom asked me to have a look through a late draft of his Street Hustle book and give feedback. Seeing as I was still in Newcastle I had free time so I spent about twenty hours over four days wading through the Word document and putting in various notes. It was mostly theoretical or phrasing feedback, rather than a line edit. We also had a debate over how to apportion credit for various terms in the glossary.

That’s the thing about the London Daygame Model – there’s really nothing new under the sun. My readers will be aware that in Daygame Mastery I spend several pages giving credit to mainstream PUAs (Mystery, Tyler, 60YearsOfChallenge), manosphere (Rollo, Roissy) and fellow players (Jimmy, Bodi, Antony, Matrix, Tom). While that book is all my own work I wasn’t plucking ideas from the air. What were some of the new concepts I introduced into the LDM with Mastery?

  • R-selection
  • Respect the hustle
  • Universal fractionation (I called it “matched pairs” then)
  • Approach anxiety is really assessment anxiety
  • The text model
  • Long game (I’d blogged about it before but this was first theoretical treatment step by step)

Of course I’m not saying I invented those concepts, and I could give you a blogpost on each to identify how the ideas percolated into the LDM. But I was the first to introduce them into daygame generally and the LDM specifically. I’m sure you don’t give a shit, but I’ll get to why it matters. That’s why Tom and I spent a while discussing (and briefly arguing) about credits in the glossary. For example it’s uncontrovertible that the term “avoidance weasel” was invented by Bodi.

I had a watch of Tom’s Street Hustle launch video and noticed at 5:00 he briefly mentions “my friend Nick in the north of England” did a “copy edit”. Not “Nick Krauser, a daygamer” and not “gave extremely detailed theoretical feedback of which I implemented many in the final version”.

Krauser Street Hustle edit

My suggestions in red


Suggestions as implemented in Green

Suggestions as implemented in Green

So that’s red flag #1. I had a look through his website and YouTube channel and failed to find any mention of Nick Krauser. It seemed like the entire LDM was invented by Tom and a couple of unnamed daygmers that are occasionally alluded to. When he did mention my name on our Beginners Daygame video he seemed to choke on it. Have you seen the end of Back To The Future where Marty McFly is gradually fading out of the family photo? That’s how I felt. Red flag #2.

He didn’t send me a copy of the finished book. Red flag #3.

So finally I’m in Prague in March and a fellow daygamer shows me his copy of Street Hustle. I flip to the introduction and don’t find any line of acknowledgement for all my work. I flip to the glossary and see every concept in game is attributed to either Tom or nobody, including a few which clearly aren’t his concepts. That discussion on Facebook was ignored. Not a single mention of me in the book. Not a single recognition of the ideas taken from me, the aphorisms I gave him for the book, or the editing work I did. Not once. Red flag #4.

So it’s for this reason that I am announcing I am no longer associated with Tom Torero. It’s not the only reason, but it’s the final straw. We will not collaborate again. Blog readers can feel free to comment about him here as if he’s Daniel Blake, Ed Lopez, Johnny Berba, Michael Valmont, Alex Coulson, Todd RSD or any other public-facing daygamer with whom I have no connection. That doesn’t mean I’ll accept slander or hating, BTW. Just normal comments like you do other guys.

Note also I am not casting suspicion over his daygame abilities or the quality of his material. My opinion on those hasn’t changed.

As for the Street Hustle book, you are no doubt curious what it’s like. I’m going to withhold my public opinion on it. Feel free to check it out yourself or to save money by just re-reading Daygame Mastery.

You can buy the budget-priced Daygame Mastery here in paperback.


  1. [Redacted. No slander here. If you have a point, use logic and/or evidence. K.]

  2. For a scene that calls out Women on their bad behaviour and negative traits, it is incredibly ironic the amount of sneaky backstabbing bitches in the Manosphere. Torero’s fake infield was the original red flag imo. Honesty and loyalty def aren’t his strong points.

  3. Sounds a bit drastic, and it’s kind of sad. It would be interesting to know Tom’s point if view on the matter too. Did you discuss it with him before taking your decision?
    Anyway my opinion on the thing is that you’ve always been ahead of him, but in the last year Tom did a great job and currently he could be regarded as the most noticeable figure of the PUAsphere. We all know how glory is temporary in this world, so maybe he doesn’t want to share it with others in this very moment, after the huge amount of work he did lately.

    • For god sake Garzero … this sort of sycophancy drives me mad. Wake up man! Tom Torero has set himself up as a cult guru and loads of young venerable guys in the ‘community’ including you apparently are all to ready to accept him as their ‘Dear Leader’. Cant you see all the weird frame control stuff he does … for instance calling himself ‘Uncle Tom’ (strangely similar to the style of a paternal Korean despot). The reason he does this is because he isn’t actually after girls or a lifestyle but craves a feeling of superiority over other guys (I suspect partly due to the bullying he suffered in his school days). This is all his patented gamma method of showing ‘guys’ (more accurately lost men) that he is a great man. A really strange guy who I cant believe has conned everyone in the community for so long.

      Also, Torero hasn’t done any real work! If you look through his resources and I have read and watched most of it, you will see he just synthesises material and claims it as his own, as Krauser has finally realised. Most of the material in his products was directly lifted from Krauser. He also shamelessly steals from CBT / Flow (Mihaly C) and a host of other places. He hasn’t created or introduced anything new at all that I can think of.

      • Believe me, I dont regard Torero (nor any other popular pua) as my “guru”. And I don’t even disagree on some things you say about him. But as a guy who discovered game at 37 while having been always obsessed with girls, I owe to guys like him, Krauser and a fistful more to have me helped at least to put some order in my inner life. Then, if Torero stole things from Krauser, I’m not able to notice it as I’ve followed them just for one year (I was mostly into Roosh stuff before he fell in disgrace)

    • Yeah I think an edit to this post would be well served regarding whether or not you spoke to Tom about all of this first. If you brought up his not mentioning you in the acknowledgements, etc and he brushed it off or didn’t apologise and immediately offer to correct it (maybe it was an oversight on his part?) or something, then I think you would be well justified in “disavowing” him so to speak.

      Perhaps you have done this already? If you haven’t though, this does come off as a little bit of an over-reaction. Ending a friendship is a very serious thing and shouldn’t be done as a knee-jerk reaction. Some things cannot be unsaid. Giving Tom a chance to rectify his mistake and prove his worth seems sensible. Obviously nobody knows the details of your friendship but I think clarifying whether or not you at least quizzed Tom about this first and gave him a chance to prove his integrity is something that should be clarified in the post, no? [This is a trigger, not an isolated event. Look more closely and spot patterns. I decided not to discuss it with him first. Perhaps I’ll explain why but there’s only so much dirty laundry I’m willing to wash in public. K.]

      • ‘Uncle Tom’ has proved how untrustworthy he has several times as mentioned above so why would Krauser want to keep extending ‘chances’ to this weasel? Most of Torero’s material is lifted from Krauser anyway so if I were him I’d ask for a profit share … poor guy didn’t ask for this and just wanted a thank you but didn’t even get this! At the end of the day its classic ‘content theft’ … stealing something from someone, in this case a supposed friend. Makes more sense now as Im sure Torero the aspiring conman would get a sick thrill out of hustling someone like this. Torero = Scumbag.

      • I understand. While I respect Tom’s game and have definitely gotten value from him over the years, the fake in-field kiss close fiasco last year was a big red flag. I know people make mistakes but that’s the type of mistake that really speaks to a man’s character. It’s not just an innocent “I fucked up, I apologise” mistake – it’s a lot more sinister I feel. There’s an underlying core mentality that needed to be present for that type of “mistake” to happen. I’ve been wary of him ever since. Sometimes I get an instinctual distrust of him and his vibe that it’s hard to put my finger on. That said, it does sadden me to see all of this. Tom is a good daygamer at the end of the day.

        Will be interesting to see if he acknowledges this or responds to you in any way. I have a feeling he won’t. He’ll likely brush it off with some “taking the high road” approach, kind of like what he did with where he refuses to acknowledge them or even mention them by name. I think that would only make me distrust him more though. A scammer or shady person knows they can’t defend themselves when exposed so they move on to fresh pasture and don’t bother qualifying their position as they know it is futile. At least if they’re smart they’ll quickly move on. However, if he truly feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong he should defend himself.

        Reminds me of Greene’s 48 laws: Law 5 – So much depends on reputation. Guard it with your life.

        Time will tell. Let’s see what Uncle Tom has to say. If it’s nothing, he will lose a ton of respect from me. Balls in his court now.

  4. For all the talk about abundance, win-win, being a 10, love 2.0 etc. many players don’t live by those principles.
    Their paradigm is one of “taking” and all the “giving” elements serve as sub-tactics for the bigger goal of taking. It is not unlike people who study politically correct universities who defend influx of refugees forever, ignoring real world evidence, because of heavy time/money investment they made in the past and are dependent on.
    Nick, you may remember that you sent me an email in the past where you ask me to change a review of your book Daygame Mastery to be more positive and not mention products of other people in it. I’ll let others judge whether these behaviours are comparable. [Why don’t you post the email here instead of just alluding to it as if it was some kind of shady deal? C’mon, don’t be such a weasel. K.]

    • Ok, you lying weasel. I gave you 24 hours to walk back from your lie and you didn’t. So, here is the email you refer to. As every reader can see you are deliberately lying and misrepresenting in order to attack my integrity. Last month you falsely accused me of faking in-field videos. This month you falsely accused me of asking for more positive reviews. You are a lying piece of shit and I’m banning you again – this time for two months. I recommend you do lots of inner game work over that time to remove that cowardly gamma streak of dishonesty from your character. You lying cunt.

      Ondrej lying again

  5. A few months ago I randomly bumped in him *somewhere* in europe and 5 minutes of talk were enough to understand that the only thing I like from Tom are youtube videos.

    • Care to explain? I really dig his videos and like his brand so I’m curious (because frankly, I might consider doing a bootcamp with him in the future)

      • My feeling about Tom is that he doesn’t genuinely want to help anybody. Whenever it is time to make a video, he will put on the “we are all brothers, I love you all and I’m so happy to share this with you” mask. But it is just a mask and actually quite easy to spot. I guess (didn’t have any bootcamp) it is the same mask that he will put if you pay him for a bootcamp… … Once done he will take out the mask, grab a beer and cheer to yet another loser he took some money from.
        Note that this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a good teacher, I’m quite sure he is a great one. It is just about the moral side.

  6. Glad you woke up and finally smelt the coffee Krauser. I’ve been there myself, trusted other people and given them a chance only to see them reveal their true colours later on down the line. Its easy to put the blinkers on as you hope to build friendships for mutual benefit … unfortunately there are scumbags out there who you have to watch out for.

    Torero is a textbook weasel as you’ve realised. He is a parasite who seems to enjoy shamelessly leaching off others whilst giving nothing back. He is sneaky too, so as you realised when he credited you for that product, he did his best to hide your identity through use of an odd reference which made it sound like he was just being witty and fun. Reason is he didn’t want to send any business your way. He saw you as a rival but still wanted to leech off you as he realised that you are producing good quality ideas and material. You could I guess take it as somewhat of a backhanded compliment as he saw you as a threat … he occasionally does credit a few others who are no threat, ones which come to mind are Yad (who is a charlatan who doesn’t get laid himself / is so lazy he is never going to do much / seems to be in the US a lot of the time where he can extort money from gullible rich fan boys), some wing of his who is out of game called Anthony (not producing anything) and Rami (who is unknown with little visibility / runs a tiny venture himself). Sneaky but effective.

    More generally Torero is playing out his weird delusional gamma fantasy of being a James Bond style international playboy. The strange videos which he posts seem like something taken out of a cheap adventure holiday advert showing him jet skiing / ski diving or similar usually accompanied by some girl. If you look closely though you see the girls are never over a 6/10 … and you’d imagine if he was showing the girls off that he would ‘cast’ the hottest girls he pulled so you can only guess what he gets the rest of the time. As an aside his long term girlfriend is also a 6/10 at best. So the guy is essentially on a protracted Gaaap Yaaar fooling around with 6s and below whilst making out that he is living the dream. Pathetic really. Why does he do this? Well my opinion is its to be hero worshipped by the lowest common denominator in the PUA community … he wants to feel superior to other men. If you listen to him talking about his lifestyle or women or whatever he does It with a gamma self satisfied smugness which keeps pushing the idea that he is better than ‘regular’ people. This is what its all about … proving to his schoolmates, uni peers and the world at large that he is better than them. Everyone else … that includes his students, business colleagues, ‘friends’ (if he actually has any proper friends) are there to be exploited to this end. He is also an inveterate liar from what I’ve heard who gets a thrill from deceiving others, he idealises conmen so he has some sick fascination with tricking people. I assume this would carry over into his game too. His faking an infield and then lying to his supposed friends and colleagues at showed this in effect. He should be questioned on everything which isn’t backed by proof as isn’t to be trusted as far as you can throw him. Unfortunately, when his fake infield scam broke many gave him the benefit of the doubt … he still had a hold over others including yourself who I recall gave him a bit of a pass by saying in essence it was a silly mistake by someone who didn’t need to do that. He deserves no accommodation as he hasn’t actually proved anything, most of his credibility is based on smoke and mirrors. How successful is he really with women? My observations above on quality should shed some light on this. What does his daygame actually look like … where are recent high quality infields showing what he can do?


    • This is a frustrated man’s rant.

      Do you know Tom personally? How can you care to hate someone like that? Including Yad and co.

      I guess you’re better at making up assumptions about people you don’t know and spitting blind hate than chatting up girls in the street and “making their day” because they met a cool and awesome guy. Relax boy, no one’s perfect.

      Do you think it’s possible to take Krauser’s game advice without agreeing to his views on politics? Do you think it’s possible to watch a 2 min video of Tom without becoming brainwashed into calling him Uncle Tom? Lol, you lunatic. Why does everything have to be so black and white?

      Maybe you doubt the strenght of your character so much that you can only learn from the people you love. But it seems that in your case loving to hate can be enough.

      • Don’t be a sycophant ‘Ted’! You seem a tad upset that I unravelled the truth about your glorious leader, uncle tom.

        Your comment about chatting to girls and “making their day” is hilarious, sounds like some of the bullshit Yad use to come up with (probably as he cant get laid from daygame himself) … personally I don’t approach girls to “make their day” … I’m not a gay hairdresser walking around trying to make girls feel fabulous .. some of us are doing it to actually get laid. You should try it some time (after you pull your head out of Torero’s ass) 😉

      • Zatara, that sounds like a great shot and is totally possible, if not probable, but I wouldn’t bet on it without knowing the guy. I doubt Nick would comment on that but if he at least privately affirms your take, it’s most likely true.

        The way I see it is that a bunch of guys (friends for the time being out of mutual benefit and advancement) developed a system they called the “London Daygame Model”, but because they maintained their independence (unlike or RSD) they each sought out to monetize the system on their own. Since it was originally a new thing, (as far as the PUA world goes) each person could publish a work exploring an aspect (or iteration of whatever kind) and charge for it without much drama. But as time went on, everything has effectively already been said. The content is out there, so the next item on mind would be an effective way to sell to the widest possible audience.

        That’s what Tom was doing the past year with his Video-logs and podcasts. It may be true that 90% of his content is not strictly his own, but the idea is to create a large base to sell to later. That’s why his content is so consistent, free, and kick-ass. My opinion is that Nick has a stronger skill in analysis and is probably responsible for more of the insights and developments in the LDM, but Tom is more effective at communicating these truths at a level the common aspiring daygamer can understand and enjoy. He used to teach little kids for a living, after all.

        Torero essentially believes that he has soaked up enough cutting edge knowledge and insights from people like Krauser that he no longer needs them and can make more money selling on his own platform, which at this point is strong enough that (he thinks) he can make a killing while still being able to release another product the next year. He’s already asking for suggestions, and is moving towards a video structure to be based on in-fields (Basically, DG Overkill) He’s on an upswing, likely for another year or 2, but by refusing to give credit where it’s due he risks being discredited himself.

        I would have liked to see the great minds behind the LDM get together and somehow combine their strengths to sell even better products, but it appears that individual competition is the way it will play out and Tom is already confident enough to strike out with his “friends” and claim his own share. Real shame he chose that path though.

  7. Tom’s dark triad traits strike again! 😉

    Seriously Nick, I think the reason Tom (and probably other public daygamers) try to downplay their association with you has less to do with giving credit where credit is due than having their commercial brand linked to you…. Well, you as in YOU that guy who posts all this extreme shit on twitter.

    Using some common sense: does it stand to reason that someone wouldn’t necessarily want to have his business associated with a dude who zieg heil’s in a pub?

    You’re a daygame maestro, an intellectual, a brutally honest badass motherfucker and I have tons of respect with you in many aspects (although not all)… But objectively speakng, would it make sense to you that your antisocial behavior might make some people uncomfortable about dropping your name in their products, especially when they are trying to reach a wide audience?

    Like I said, I do respect you and would follow your advice about game any time but while you pride yourself on being this brutally honest guy, I think that in this instance you lack to take complete responsability for it.

    As a reader of your blog and a daygamer myself, I couldn’t give LESS OF A FUCK who invented what. What any dayagamer wants when he reads something on game is practical and actionable advice. We’re all about GAMING; and not about who invented the word game, or the history of game. I think Tom specifies in his book that he hasn’t invented any of the concepts he talks about and that they’ve been around for as long as mankind has been around. Oh and why doesn’t he give credit to god, jesus, bouddha (as in badaaaaaas bouddha) and his parents along the way?

    Agreed, I’ve often wondered about Tom as a person and while he seems to be a nice guy in his videos, very caring etc, I find it strange that he’s had so many falling outs. But while I do find it strange, I DON’T CARE. Because all I care about is practical advice that I can use. I have no use for who invented what, or what subsitute new word was invented by xyz.

    Is it that important that Mystery invented the term AFC which was then replaced by the word CHODE by RSD? I heard once simple pickup saying the word chode without acknolwedging RSD. Wow. Shouldn’t they have interrupted the vid to mention that the originator of the word was the epic tyler durden?!? Lol give me a break. WHO GIVES A FUCK.

    It’s just sad that you’re cutting out someone with whom you obviously had much creative chemistry and possibly could synergize very well… only because he didn’t care to do feed your sense of entitlement (which is something only you care about).

    So instead of retreating in your little world (which seems to get smaller by the day as you isolate yourself more and more with your extreme comments), reach out to him like a man, talk to his face, sort out this silly misunderstanding and become friends again. The daygame world would be a better place if you did. We don’t need the two best daygamers hating each other; because that would make the entire community lose out. And altough you may not care about any of that right now, in the end it will be your loss. [It’s got nothing to do with my Twitter. K.]

    • Maybe you don’t know that it does.

    • You should post more often Ted as you crack me up with the caring sharing bullshit. Would you try hug it out and have a good talk with Ted Bundy as well?

      It might not affect you if Torero thieves … and I’m sure you “don’t give a fuck” … but its not your material being stolen is it? Also, what would be the point of creating material as krauser does if it gets stolen … there would be no point … and therefore the whole community suffers. Try using your coconut.

  8. When Tom was caught faking his infield I felt it spoke to the general level of honesty (or lack thereof) with which he operated his life. The fact it was such a piss-poor infield and a genuine one of similar or superior quality could have easily been replicated for real, made the whole dishonesty totally mind-boggingly in its redundancy. This was his business – and with so many charlatans in the community it was crazy for Tom to take such a huge risk.

    Unless he is just an inherently dishonest person, and the treachery didn’t cost him a thought.

    Krauser stood by his friend when it was uncovered, as all good friends would have done.

    Regardless, Krauser and Torero still remain the most intelligent guys in the community in my estimation. Though I never bought any of Torero’s material simply because he proved himself untrustworthy. I think Krauser has done the right thing here.

    • I felt his apology for the fake infield wasn’t very contrite – and he removed the apology from his webpage a few days after.
      It baffles me as how he thought he could get away with pulling this stroke on Nick.

    • I’m guessing he did it because a daygame street kiss close is in my estimation and perhaps counter-intuitively harder to get than a same day lay, capturing it on camera is even harder, you’re going to need to catch a super on girl just right and have the camera right there. Yad had one, Tom didn’t and he coveted one badly enough to risk faking it because he want’s to be known as the best daygamer in the world above all else. In essence, it’s purely an ego thing.

  9. Sorry to hear that.
    I respect you as you stand by your values Nick (I don’t agree with everything you say) you strike me as a straight forward kind of guy. In this industry that is EXTREMELY rare. Although undoubtedly talented, Tom strikes me as a bit of a user (if he feels he can get away with it), you don’t try and play a friend like that. Not a decent character trait.
    Not sure why he’d do that tbh

  10. Why do you feel compelled to publicly disavow a colleague that’s fallen out of favour? Surely this is a private matter. Not unlike the discarding of a girlfriend that’s grown tiresome, not all things demand dissemination across the internet.

    The subtext of your post is that you’re pretty upset, which is fair enough. I first heard about Tom on this blog: a guest post about a Ukrainian stewardess that broke his nose in the bedroom.

    But since then you’ve both gone on to create excellent theories, metaphors, content, to collaborate, and to monetise your daygame shenanigans. You’re both professionals. Why not to start acting like it?

    As an owner of Daygame Mastery since day zero, I have questioned the added value of Tom’s new book. While Tom is an excellent youtube vlog artist, you’ve spent years working on your written storytelling skills through this blog and that shines through in your books.

    Feel confident that your discerning followers know where to go for the good product.

  11. Lotta ass-kissing on here. Both Tom and Krauser are excellent daygamers. Differences happen. As long as they both keep sharing material in some way or an another, then all the better for us.

  12. Sad to hear this Nick although I get completely where you are coming from. I have bought books by yourself (mastery) and Tom (street hustle) and have respect for you both as daygamers. Have to say i noticed the” my friend nick in the north” comment in the youtube video you mention and thought it was a bit odd especially as it was common knowledge that you and he were both mates and helped each other out in the past. I also remember you had his back when the whole fake video scandal blew up for him a year or so ago (you were not condoning it but just reiterating it was a stupid thing to do seeing as you knew him well enough to know that he was a decent daygamer). And thats what mates do….they have each others backs. He should of gave you credit where credit is due regarding his book that should go without saying, I don’t understand why he didn’t….its not like it should be a huge deal for him?? really don’t understand it. Even if it was, as someone has suggested here, to do with your political views on twitter etc (and i know you have said it wasn’t I’m just making a point) that shouldn’t make a difference as you have helped him out and thats that. In the armpit of north London where I’m from you don’t shit on your mates. I’m just very disappointed in that sort of behaviour as i have got some good value from some of his stuff as well as yours. The only reason i stood by him after the video scandal last year was because of your comments on that situation as i respect your opinion. After all this I doubt his integrity now…not as a day gamer but as a person. If he can do this to a mate then what does that say about him as a person?. No doubt he is a decent daygamer as are you Nick but at the end of the day the way he has gone about things is all wrong. If a friend did that to me i would be pissed as well.

  13. Damn, Nick, that must have been hard thing to do. It was also the right thing. I remember your anger with that value taker at the metro station. Being disrespected is something you just will not tolerate. And based on your relation to another difficult PUA I know you have a lot of patience. Maybe you’re taurus in zodiac.

  14. Read most of the comments now.

    I think the way to end this before it gets messy is to arrange a pickup contest between Nick and Tom.

    20 approaches each.

    We’ll then see who the King is..

    ps zatara you’re a massive gamma lol😂😂

  15. I wouldn’t have made a post and would’ve contacted Tom first to get a response or explanation why there’s no credit to theory or even editing as it’s advertising his book.

    Controversy draws more attention unless this is simply subterfuge to sell more copies.

    A friend sent this post to me and has decided to order the book to see what the fuss is about.

    He already has the small version of Mastery but now wants to compare the differences between each as he was on the fence before and see if there’s anything new.

    • The screenshot that K posted shows Tom has bad writing style and substandard ideas. Why would someone buy (and spend time reading!) the book of a second-rate author?

      On top of that, the comments here, and K’s blog post, show Tom is disloyal and untrustworthy (can’t be trusted as a friend), and has a streak of dishonesty. Why would someone take the risk to do business with a person like that?

      So I’m not sure if you’re just a Tom sock-puppet, but, if not, you have a stupid friend.

      By the way, it boggles my mind why Tom would act in this apparently foolish way. It certainly feels like some character flaw, since I think he gains nothing from his actions. My first guess is it’s some kind of blind narcissism; an inability to judge yourself harshly and act rightly. I don’t know. Maybe it’s also that he thinks K is a loser (perhaps due to hate)–but nothing could be farther from the truth. I can’t make heads or tails of it. I don’t see why any decent, intelligent person would associate with Tom any longer, especially after seeing how honest and upstanding K has been on this blog.

  16. One thing I remember specifically from the Outlaw Daygame seminar was he very subtly dropped in his lay count, allegedly by that point over 250 women. He also stated in a separate podcast that the most women he’d slept with in a year was 42 and 2 a month was more common (2 a month is still very impressive in my opinion). Now my understanding is he started daygaming in 2009 but like most daygamers it took him a while to get going so let’s say by that point in 2015 he’d been daygaming for 6 years. 6×42=252, his numbers simply didn’t stack up. So why did he feel the need to lie about his notch count?

    I don’t necessarily buy the “once a liar always a liar” mantra, but certainly another red flag. [Don’t get me started on this topic. K.]

  17. This reminds me of the scene in “Goodfellas” where Paulie and Jimmy pay a visit to Henry in his lover’s appartment to make him be reasonable and reconcile with his wife.

    Paulie: -“I’m not saying you gotta go back right this minute, but you gotta go back. That is the only way. We have to keep up appearances.”
    Jimmy: -“I can’t have it, can’t have it. I can’t do it.”
    Paulie: -“Nobody is saying you can’t do what you wanna do.”
    Jimmy: -“Yeah, do what you wanna do. We know that… This is what it is. Okay? We know what it is. You have to do the right thing. You have to go home with your family. You understand? You gotta go home. Okay? Look at me… you gotta go home. Smarten up. Alright?”

    Seriously now, the man must have his reasons. BTW, Mastery rocks. Worth every pound (or peso, in my case).

  18. There is only a limit to which you can be a dick either professionally or personally. Sure – Game income is limited & tight, but shouldn’t be that cut-throat to not at least credit friends or try to fake infields and then risk lowering credibility of partners and friends by association. I expect most Alpha-leaning guys to be dicks at times. But I also expect the best of them to make amends at times (as Krauser has done with Goldmund) and especially not to throw their closest friends & associates under the bus. It’s sad really for Tom.

    • doubt he will approve this comment I left:
      “krauser was blogging, putting out real infields on youtube, and teaching bootcamps way before you. just because you wrote books before him does not mean he copeid you and borrowed your ideas. elephant in the room: you faked infields!… and krauser stood by you on that so you ‘distancing’ yourself over his twitter is a weasel thing to do.” [Actually, I published Nitro in May 2011 before all his books. K.]

    • You cite the “elephant in the room” of Nick’s political opinions as an excuse to distance yourself from him. But they were well known by January 12th this year. [It’s a smokescreen. I’ll admit he does need the ethnic market, though. Outlaw Daygame was December 6th 2015 and he was onstage with me. It’s not about twitter, it’s about getting his face in front of our audiences but hiding our existence from his audience. It’s all about reciprocation, or the lack of it. One-way street. K.]

    • Torero’s response is ridiculous. Its also so poorly thought out that it only clarifies my belief that the higher educational system is flawed as Torero is supposedly an Oxbridge grad (although knowing him he could have made that up too)?

      1) His claim that he produced products before ‘ Daygame Mastery’ is classic subterfuge as this is obviously just one of the latest in a line of books and other material that Krauser produced. He is relying on the fact that nobody is actually going to go through and cross reference any of the material from various sources.

      2) Torero expects us to believe he distanced himself from Krauser due to his political views and twitter antics. Krauser has been doing this for a long time and it didn’t seem to concern Torero before! Torero seems to have taken the excuse directly from Ted (the torero fan) who posted excuses on behalf of Torero yesterday .. he said “Seriously Nick, I think the reason Tom (and probably other public daygamers) try to downplay their association with you has less to do with giving credit where credit is due than having their commercial brand linked to you…. Well, you as in YOU that guy who posts all this extreme shit on twitter”. It would seem that Torero cant even make up excuses on his own … he has to steal this content too! 🙂

      3) Unfortunately, it sounds like Torero has sucked you dry which is why he made no attempt to engage in any subterfuge this time. He sucked the final few drops of blood in order to move on. Probably didn’t bank on you publically calling him out though. Sadly reading some of these posts I think Torero’s fake ‘Uncle Tom’ routine seems to have a lasting hold on the naïve gullible lost young men who seem to make up a large contingent of day gamers. They are like members of a cult who are looking for a leader to worship. Therefore when it comes down to it most day gamers will just blindly carry on following the guy due to the image he’s created for himself as a caring sharing paternal figure who just wants to help over your big bad wolf routine. At some point even they have to ask why Torero seems to have left a trail of destruction in his wake wherever he goes.

  19. never understood why torero is so popular, he was exposed as faking infields ffs! his stuff is very wishy washy and wooly, never seen any decent evidence he f-closes hotties. spam approach and number close? yes, but anyone can do that. there is one video where he picks up this fat ugly girl and at the end of the vid it jump cuts to her going through a door and tom is making it out like it’s a SDL, it could have been any door! also i remember one audio where he is chatting to a girl and then at the end it jump cuts to tom’s heavy breathing and he makes out he took her to the toilet to fuck, think he took that down around the time of his kissclosegate scandal, very shady stuff. to be fair and balanced though I do think his video where he talked about his transformation from a loser to normal guy was decent. but mostly his youtube is juat vain self serving bs, him trying to come across as some uber cool player dude but really it’s pathetic humblebragging from a gamma who has watched too many ski holiday commercials. any girl that does briefly appear in his vids seems very contrived like he just asked to take a selfie with them and is thinking “this will look great on youtube”. did I mention it was 100% proven that he payed girls for kisses? and that is only the stuff we have proof of. I actually lost a bit of respect for krauser standing by him after that tbh. he learnt game theory from you, parasited credibity off you, got you to co-create/improve products for you, and this is how he rewards you. good riddence to tom scamarero.

  20. Where I come from people call ya a dog ,torero ur a dog 😉

  21. Hilarious how Tom justifies his actions by protecting his brand from Nick’s Twitter rants.

    But when Tom got caught hiring an actress for his infield kiss close, which is truly radioactive from a brand perspective, Krauser stood by his side and took some of the fallout.

    Gratefulness towards your friends is one of the most masculine traits. But Tom… I mean… Just LOOK at this face… this body… he is a Tomboy

  22. Get yourself out of this silly, incestuous industry Nick. You don’t need this kind of nonsense.

  23. Nick ,

    Please stay in this industry

    Steve Jabba reappears — another white man like Torero who will “distance himself” from white men who defend their own race [Steve doesn’t distance himself. K.]

    Which leads me to question Nick

    How is it possible that Torero – an obviously bright guy, and an ENTP Rational, who studied with Richard Dawkins at Oxford, NOT be able to see the validity of your social views?

    How do people like Torero take the side of Jews against Whites?

    The proof is everywhere that elite Jews are orchestrating a genocide of White Gentiles

    Is it because liberals like Torero “committed to their liberal beliefs” early in life and are not able to change beliefs?

    Yet – you were able to do it, Krauser. If I recall right, you were a liberal in your teens

    • I wouldn’t distance myself from Nick even if I did disagree with his views because (i) he’s a mate and (ii) I am not actively involved in the industry anymore.

      I also agree with his views, by and large.

      • That’s sad, Steve, I really loved your “Steve Jabba show” (but just the initial theme song to be sincere lol)

  24. Nick, he tried to sleep with your girlfriend at one point. To the point you & Jimmy had to confront him.

    That should of been the only red flag for you mate.

    I’ve heard too many stories of Tom’s behaviour now and strikes me as a bit of a meglomaniac

  25. Torero – Krauser stood by you when you were caught with your trousers down over the infield fake. To say you are distancing yourself becuase of his Twitter comments is nonsense. If this is true (it’s not – you’ve hooked on to a comment earlier on this thread from “Ted” and you are using it as frame changing ammunition) then you’ve shot yopurself in the foot by coming across as an ungrateful litte bunny. Why on Earth would another mans political opinion bother you anyway, unless it’s just a business decision being hidden with some sort of bullshit moral stance. You’ve lost either way.

    “Myself, like many other guys in the community, have distanced themselves from Krauser professionally because of his Twitter rants and online flame wars. ” Nice try at social prooof to get your point across. The problem you have here is that you’ve been pushing your so called “persuasion ” techniques now for so long and shoving them down your punters throats that you are now coming across as slimey and manipulative.

    Krauser – it’s difficult when you live your life to high standards and friends don’t. I agree with Steve Jabba. Get out of this toxic industry and awauy from the maladjusted weirdos who are part of it.

  26. Some bell-end thinks he’s “exposing” me by saying Bodi told him I had a ghostwriter do Balls Deep. Let’s put that to bed now.

    Those of you who met me have heard me say I had ghostwriters help out on my memoirs. This is true. Never tried to hide it. I’ll explain the actual process here, for Balls Deep.

    1. I wrote all those blogposts in real time. I selected all the ones relevant to the book and made a document full of links. I sent them to a ghostwriter in California, a middle-aged lady who specialised in Twilight-style romance fiction.
    2. I wrote a document of several thousand words explaining the themes, narrative arc etc for how I wanted the book to go.
    3. I then dictated every chapter into my audio recorder and sent these over one at a time.

    Her job was to organise all that into a servicable first draft, which she did. Draft was 70k words. That was her role.

    4. I started at the beginning and re-wrote every single sentence, to make it my voice and improve quality.
    5. I added 50k completely new words during this re-write, bringing book total up to 120k.

    I then hired a copy editor to try to clean up the text. She did a poor job, mostly just correcting typos and grammar but adding nothing to the quality.

    6. I then sent the text to my graphic designer who laid it all out in the format you see it now, and went through several iterations to get it right.

    So when this little back-stabbing weasel says “Nick used a ghostwriter for Balls Deep”, you see how he wants to misrepresent reality. Sure I used a ghost-writer…. as a labour saving device to remove some of the grunt work of filling those blank pages. That’s the thing with weasels, they don’t understand that I’m an honest man so if you challenge me on facts I’m going to crush you.

  27. I had a quick look at Tom’s YT. Just newer stuff – the guy sure is prolific ;). For me a major red flag is his childhood. People who were bullied often never experienced true friendship at a young age – something absolutely crucial for developing a well-balanced personality. So being “mates” with him may not even be possible – he got wired up as a loner.

  28. It seems like Torero is out to burn other people through stealing their work.

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