Product Update – My Player’s Journey

March 20, 2016

I wasn’t just dicking around on Batman Arkham Knight this winter. Most days I went off to a nearby cafe and plowed on with my next books. Here’s a short video updating you all on the current progress and giving a sneak peak at how they’ve turned out.

* Eagle-eyed readers will see I’ve removed my previous post “Tom Torero Street Hustle – Review”. We had a chat and came to a mutually agreed conclusion. Thank you for your spirited debate but that’s now closed.


  1. Strange couple of days. That Tom T post has been removed, same situation on his site???

    Was genuine and not a wind up?
    April fools is just round the cornerđŸ˜€ [Was genuine. Over now. K.]

  2. Which cream do you use to have such a smooth face skin? (no homo) [I never use any soap, shower gel or cream. I just exercise to work up a sweat and then shower in warm water. K.]

  3. What on earth possessed you to write them concurrently????? [One book at a time is too easy now. K.]

    • That looks like a lovely conservatory Krauser. I’m curious about something though, in your ‘off season’ what do you do in terms of inviting girls round to your place? Do you have to ask your mum and dad to go out … or do you just do your thing regardless. I have to say I would be awfully embarrassed if my mummy walked in with my regular cookies and warm milk while I had my winkle out in the company of a young lady. [I ignore women completely when I’m home. I like the off time. K.]

      • Is this the point where Zatara and sanity part company?

      • Hmm … so the sex drive must go into a sort of hibernation phase. Curious. I guess though you are so focused on women during your ‘on phase’ that the brain needs a long recovery period.

        Its probably healthy though to reset the brain as talking to young women for long periods causes certain parts of the mind not to be used very much. I know from experience doing complicated analytical work then daygaming straight after or vice versa is a recipe for disaster.


    hey krauser can you give your analysis on this guys assmenett thanks…along witht he snowflakes commenting

  5. Nick, any plans for a book relating to inner game? You have a lot of really good blog posts regarding introspection but they aren’t arranged in a way that facilitates a path or process to follow. If not, what resources would you recommend? Cheers [I’ve got a video product lined up that deals with inner game from an unusual angle. You’ll hear about it more pretty soon. K.]

  6. Are you planning on any more speaking events like the one with street attraction a couple of months back? If so can you confirm when and where? [No plans. K.]

  7. How do you reconcile being Sigma or Alpha or just an independent adult man, and living with your parents? And I’m not being a smart ass. I have better things to do with my time than hate. I generally suspect you have self-justified a reason to do so that I’ll probably disagree with, and that’s fine. [I lived away from home from age 18 to 40. I found that it’s nice to drop in between my euro trips. It saves money and lets me ground myself with the other things in life. Constantly traveling is a rootless existence and I don’t like it for long periods. K.]

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