Text Game Clinic – Catwalk Model #1

March 23, 2016

Eddie and I were walking around Prague one afternoon, chasing skirt. I saw a very hot tall blonde glide past with a rather elegant walk. Right, I want that! Off I ran. The first words out of her mouth were:

“Are you one of those creepy guys?”


“You don’t know the half of it” I replied.

The next ten minutes chat were great fun because she was giving me way more banter than I’m used to nowadays. Most girls crumble under the mesmer beam and decide yes/no. This young lady wanted to play the game. Finally as I went for the close she fell silent looked me dead in the eyes for five seconds – waiting to see if I looked away or started babbling some kind of qualification. Then:

“How old are you?”
“So I’m jailbait for you?”
“Not literally”

Another five seconds of the hard stare and she hands me her number. I went back to Eddie and said “I’ve never had that many shit tests in a row in years.” Let’s now pick it up from my very first Krauser Feeler Text.

Catwalk model 1 annotated

1. This is many usual feeler for a girl who showed a willingness to banter in-set.
2. She does call back humour about my opener and also teases me because I’d told her only my grandmother calls me Nicholas, so she has to call me Nick.
3. So I return the banter and roll off. If she’d replied to make conversation I’d have kept going but she didn’t, so I preferred to protect the frame.
4. This is the Krauser Coffee Ping* paired with the Krauser Living The Dream ping, my usual first photo ping the next day. I deliberately do a lot of anti-DHVs now. They aren’t really DLVs, more like ironic humour.
5. This is a strongly encouraging reaction – she writes a lot, continues my thread, and invests. I’m starting to think this is a solid lead.
6. So I vacuum a little behind a tease, to dial down my energy. It’s all about frame.
7. She’s savvy. She wants to talk but wants the banter. Before scanning the next screenshot consider how you’d respond? You could easily be jumping through a hoop.
8. I respond with humour, reframe and another of those childish anti-DHVs. Does anyone know a good term for those? I’m stubbornly childish to fractionate off from my harder edge.
9. She covertly IOIs and stacks forwards. Good sign.
10. If in doubt, talk gleefully about man food. Daygame Mastery readers recognise this gambit.
11. Hmmmmm….. “I approve”. That could mean a few things, so I had to pause for thought. Fortunately there’s a default reply I have any time it looks like a woman is positioning herself as judge over me, which is…..
12. The Krauser Mum Text** and a stack forwards. Think what that accomplishes…. It neutralises her attempt to judge, reframes her as old and judgemental (which she doesn’t want to be), and continues the child/man fractionation. By stacking it then keeps things moving. An added advantage is if you miscalibrated and she wasn’t trying to judge, you’ve lost nothing.
13. She’s telling me she’s busy with friends all evening so rather than compete for her attention I roll off. I slip in another of my standard replies: the Krauser Rock n Roll Faint Praise***. I do this a lot when a girl tells me she’s done/doing something a bit square and boring.
14. It’s a good time to invite her on that first coffee date. Any longer risked stalling out. I would’ve done it earlier but the flow of chat and her circumstances made it a bit of a long shot and I didn’t want an early “no”.
15. This thumbs-up is “frame-controlling” according to Bodi when I do it on him. After that I just send a photo ping of Gaucho soup and meeting location.

That’s how I got her onto the first date without losing the frame and building some attraction and rapport in the messaging. Would you like to see the next round of texting?

* Yes, I’m joking. If Johnny Berba is gonna coin “Berba Stop” for approaching girls from the front, I’m putting Krauser in front of everything, including breathing and farting.
** Still joking
*** I promise not to flog this dead horse any longer.


  1. very nice Nick. Yes to seeing more please.

    I notice that after the first text (the lowest investment one I ever saw 😉 ) you waited a couple of hours and then followed up. Similarly the next day when she didn’t follow up. How long do you wait/how many attempts to do you make before giving up on a girl. (The persistence you showed was non-needy. Lots of subtleties to learn from here.) [No. I always message the girls my name while taking the number. So the “Nick” text is the timestamp on the number close. K.]

  2. Points I found interesting.

    3. ‘Protect the frame’. Many times I have lost due to this. Just generally investing too much. Letting the girl think that my happiness is dependent on her response. That she is important in my life. Giving her the ball of straw.

    8. Optimism DHV. It shows you’re a normal or perhaps boring guy but optimistic. That’s a DHV. Optimism DHV doesn’t sound fancy, maybe someone else can fix that. [How about “Krauser Optimism DHV”? Adding my name to a concept always makes it sound better to my ears. K.]

  3. “Agree and Nostalgify”.
    When asked a direct question of an example when you have done something – explain a childhood moment, apply humor, add close family member and finish with an expression of triumph.

    Coined. [Damn! K.]

  4. Love your textgame analyses, with annotations far more verbose that the tiny WhatsApp messages annotated (actually one might even annotate the silences, i.e. what you did NOT do). More of that please!

    How do you manage to text during the numberclose so fast, even if she’s in a hurry? Or do you sometimes send the first text right after she leaves, too?

  5. textbook. Nicely done.

    keep ’em coming

  6. I’ve finally got this text structure down. It works every time. When there’s more banter I use my judgment and play along or snip it and go for the “if you promise to behave, let’s grab drinks”.

    It’s a very tight, effective way of having fun, demonstrating high value, battling shit-tests and getting to the point of a text–a meet up.

    if they don’t want to meet, then I simply go silent or write “k”

    Excellent explanation of all this in detail in Daygame Mastery

  7. For the “anti DHVing” – The Krauser Panda Reframe.

  8. Good little gambits here. Im always wary after being messed about by attention seekers of getting sucked into protracted text banter. I try and get them out quickly as possible now.

    Also main issue I have is the ones who just give you complete radio silence ajd not even reply to the feeler text. I usually send 3 messages spaced a few days apart. I have to say only v occasionally do I get a response from this if the first feeler text wasnt replied to.

  9. Great as usual and thanks for reminding me about the importance of (well placed) smileys. I’ve lately been hearing too much bullshit about ‘alpha men don’t use emoticons’. I certainly use them too much (not within single message but in a conversation/text exchange) that it was nice to see how it’s done.

  10. Invaluable lessons. I still think you use too much emoticons. Please please please try a set with no emoticons. …I think it’s more shitlordy and more demanding . I’ve never seen any emoticons on day Trumps tweets. I love these posts though. [I fucked this girl. Ignore anyone telling you “no emoticons” unless they are in the US and chasing US women. K.]

  11. The no emoticons thing is bullshit, I’ve been using them for a couple of years. Sometimes one of those things can convey a lot more than wall of text.

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