Outlaw Daygame – The Next Frontier Of Pick-Up

March 24, 2016

I’m sure you’re all aware my YouTube channel is kinda half-arsed. I just don’t much like editing videos or talking to a camera. I’m a writer, that’s my thing. Nonetheless, every once in a while I have something to show whether it’s an infield, a public talk, or some theoretical point that is faster to say than to write. In the spirit of Bernie Sanders, allow me to give away some free stuff.

I am posting the entirety of my talk that I gave in London on December 6th, 2015 for the Outlaw Daygame seminar I did with Eddie, Richard and Tom.

The YouTube crowd is rather intellectually-challenged and lacking an attention span so I’ve chopped the talk into pieces. Each video will cover one slide of the talk, representing one big idea at a time. The overarching theme of the talk was to show how to add masculine polarity to daygame at every stage of the interaction. An innovation I brought in is to differentiate between belligerence and smoothness as two gears to shift between in your game.

As you’ll see belligerence and masculinity is not acting like an ADHD drunken moron and trying to pull the fattest, drunkest, sluttiest girls who walk home from the bar. I’ll leave that to the US PUA community as it probably works better over there. I think my readers are more interested in how to get the hot sober girls and Y-H-T game requires more finesse.

On an unrelated note – I’m so fucking tired of seeing fake infields and bullshit seminar up-sell talks that I’m loosening my prohibition on accusing other daygamers / nightgamers of being fakes. I will thus trial a new comment policy as follows:

  • You can accuse anyone at all of faking videos or telling lies about their results. You can also call out bullshit advice. This applies to the London daygamers as much as it does every other style of game, and includes manosphere writers. Just make sure you offer a considered argument to support your case and there is no risk of you being banned.
  • The only exceptions to this rule are (i) me (ii) Tom Torero  (iii) Street Attraction (iv) Steve Jabba. If you really want to accuse us of stuff, do it on another platform. I’m sure plenty of people will be willing to host that debate.
  • I probably won’t offer my own opinion on any accusations against other guys, as it seems my opinion carries a little weight in these parts. If I don’t like your comment I’ll just delete it rather than ban you. The only exception to this rule is if you’re obviously just a PUAhate type looking for a platform to rant.
  • If you’re the one being accused, you are welcome to respond.

I’m sick of charlatans tarring the PUA community with bullshit and fakes. Some of us have worked very hard for years to show you what real game looks like and I see no reason why the cheaters should be protected by an omerta. If this policy turns out to be a mistake I’ll rescind it – and I’ll announce it as such so you know the free-for-all is over.


  1. Well the obvious elephant in the room is Roosh. No infields I’m aware of. He comes across as quite stilted and uncharismatic in his speech patterns and interviews and even his own youtube videos. He runs a forum full of sycophants too and his mod-policy I disagree with overall (but have no problems in the general free-market sense – it’s his place he can do as he pleases – doesn’t mean I approve though). I do still browse it every day as its quite high trafficked and as such a good place to keep up with worldly events (the Trump thread is fantastic for example). I did see his banning of you recently. He didn’t address any of your points. There’s definitely an envy and inferiority complex there toward you that I’ve noticed over the last few years. Probably because he was the one time daygame authority back in maybe 2008-2010ish or wheneer Bang/Day Bang came out but that is long since over.

    Youtube is awash these days with charlatans it’s hard to know where to begin with analysing such cringe. Autistic, low-SMV losers comprise 90% of them. But I’ll leave others to critique and single them out. Roosh is my submission in terms of game charlatanism. I think it’s likely that even when he gets laid the quality is almost certainly in the 5-6 range max. No way that dude is fucking girls who are objectively 7+. No chance. [Feel free to blast the autists. That’ll be fun. I’m neither attacking nor defending Roosh. K.]

    • Well I have sympathy for the true autists, even a certain level of respect for trying to overcome their disability. But I don’t think there’s that many true autistic daygamers on youtube, maybe just a couple on the spectrum but the vast majority are…well, just annoying and un-self aware at best and downright scammy liars and thieves at worst.

      I’ll give 2 more from the London scene.

      Yad – Gaygame.com – not an ounce of masculine polarity in his body. Girls laughing at his effeminate mannerisms and being seemingly receptive in no way indicates he is getting laid. Which he most definitely is not. Massively low SMV. He’s still charging clueless chodes for bootcamps as far as I’m aware.

      Yosha – or Aslen Claymore as he’s going by these days. His game isn’t that bad actually from the few infields I’ve seen but he’s shady as fuck. Go to his Instagram and there’s 4-5 links to other Instagram accounts for internet marketing bullshit scammy businesses. All have 10k+ followers. He’s buying fake followers 100% – low comment count on posts is the giveaway tell. He’s always come across as slimey to me on an instinctual level.

      Integrity matters. I have no problem with marketing products or up-selling or anything like that – guys in the business are just trying to make a living – but when it’s based on deceptive practices that’s when it crosses the line.

      • glad guys have worked out Yad is a fraud. from what I’ve heard that slob is actually doing quite well out in the USA conning desperate yanks out of their $$$. apparently he doesn’t teach much either, he gets them to take him places where he can freeload coffees and so on to get them to understand the ‘vibe’). absolute charlatan.

        saw yosha has created a new business which is yet to get off the ground … end of the day he was always an internet marketer at heart and old habits die hard, retrospectively he was good at pulling guys into daygame.com and a lot of the messages he spewed out remain in the PUA echo chamber. if you check his instagram you can see where his interest lies, he’s more focused on owning some exotic sportscar than pciking up women (the only girl I see him with on there is Hayley Quinn 🙂 ).

    • Might as well throw the big daddy in the pickup business in the mix … RSD. Operation is closer to being a cult than a pickup coaching business. They seem to exist solely to transform slightly odd social misfits into completely deranged lunatics who chase down and harass women usually but not exclusively after the sun goes down. These lunatics feast a steady diet of pickup lectures and seminars which only serves to make them ever more resolute in their beliefs. Despite watching the blueprint and a host of videos from them I still cant get my head around what they are actually trying to say. They produce the most content of any pickup company out there pumping out their material like a sausage factory. In spite of this they never tell you what to do to actually pickup a women, their advice if you can call it that is so vague and woolly as to be next to useless. Instead the talks are essentially repackaged new age spirituality material under a RSD banner (Eckhart Tolle really should ask for a profit share from these guys).

      Where they do give advise its often ridiculous which does more harm than good …

      1) Looks don’t matter – Really? So they reckon that a 3/10 guy in looks is going to pull a 10/10 girl with her friends in a Vegas nightclub for instance? Utter BS. Success with women depends on many variables one of which is looks. In other words its a multivariable model where looks is one of the major factors. Yes there is something called Game but it can only help you to a certain extent so the above 3/10 guy with excellent game ceteris paribus will be able to pull a 5/10. Anyone wanting evidence that this is true need only look at Tylers ‘Baby Mama’ and Papa’s wife (yes this PUA Guru chose to live the bluepill dream while supposedly selling the redpill to everyone else. Go figure!) I have attached links below. Now if looks didn’t matter and we assume they have the PUA skills they claim … why would these two pickup rock stars hook up women like this? Hmmm what a mystery … maybe all the supermodels are just never around when these two go out!


      http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2839028/Boss-vile-American-Pick-Artist-Julien-Blanc-facing-UK-ban-bragged-raping-stripper-totally-not-mood.html (scroll down lower in article to see pics.)

      2) Whatever happens never give up – Packaged up as “burn the set to the ground” or some play on this. This translates to wholescale harassment of women, with shameless aggressive and pushy behaviour which is cringeworthy for all. These idiots need to learn that seduction is a two way process … its a dance … you cant just keep running game ON someone. I believe this type of paradigm also leads to them giving advice which comes across as a bit rapey leading to their most recent (negative) mainstream exposure.

      Evidence – Or Lack Thereof

      There is NO proper infield of anyone from RSD actually pickup a girl infield freely available. I concede there are tiny snippets of interaction occasionally interspersed into youtube videos but nothing more than this. Why not put in some infields of these pickup masters actually pulling girls if it is so easy for them? Tyler often claims to be able to pull 2 girls from a club together so for a man with such powers wouldn’t it be simple to take a little infield footage to show the punters what their Guru can actually do? Odd that isn’t it! Instead Tyler RSD and the rest of his franchisees would rather pump out thousands of hours of rambling talks which go nowhere.

      • I’ll actually disagree with you here. Well, partially disagree. Cultish? Absolutely. That aspect has gotten especially pronounced in the last few years for sure. No arguments here.

        Looks don’t matter? Every one of their coaches has clarified their position on this. None of them claim looks don’t matter anymore, if they ever did. That’s an unfair strawman. They may have downplayed looks in the past, but in last 3-5 years I have seen Tyler say numerous times that of course things like looks, physique, fashion, etc matter. Perhaps in the earlier RSD days they may have de-emphasized the importance of looks but even then I think that wasn’t necessarily disingenuous. You have to remember that RSD has existed since 2003/04 – back in the PUA heyday. A lot of the understanding, field-testing, evo-psych, collective data that emerged in the last decade giving more weight to things like looks (especially in the last couple of years) wasn’t around then. Call it delusion but it helps when infield if you believe that looks aren’t that important. Believing it’s all about the lines you are spitting or your vibe or whatever – it helps.

        I’d challenge you to find a video from Tyler (or any of the others) in the last 3 or 4 years that genuinely claims that looks don’t matter at all.

        As to infields..come on, don’t be ridiculous. At this stage there’s literally hours and hours of them infield showing solid game (mostly high energy club game), them making out with girls, breaking it all down. What more do you want? Some voyeuristic amateur porn showing Tyler shoving his dick in while turning to the camera and monologuing. Don’t be silly.

        I think RSD’s quality has gone downhill in the last 2-3 years and they peaked around 2010-2012. Tyler is also bounces between annoying spastic and cutting edge intellectual insight that only an autistic ADD obsessive can produce.

        His contribution in particular to the Game knowledge cannon is right up there with Mystery, Krauser, OG Roissy, Rollo, etc.

        There’s just no way you can ever lump RSD in with the likes of charlatans like Yad, Berba, etc. [I think there’s real talent in RSD and agree on Tyler’s intellectual contribution over the years. I also strongly dislike their marketing and the way they conduct business. The big thing people need to understand about RSD is their niche – It’s game for early twenties extroverted guys, of decent looks, on early twenties women of equal or lesser looks, who are drunk, and in the US or the part of a country/culture that is closest to the US. Understand that and all the technical advice makes sense. The problem in PUA-sphere is noobs think that’s the way every man should act with every girl in every country. Can you imagine a 41-year old introvert doing that in Zagreb to pick up a hot 20-year old who barely drinks? K.]

    • The counter-argument would be that Roosh is about 5 years younger than K and so he doesn’t have to use any pills.

      • JT … I have to confess I haven’t followed all of RSD’s output, its just too much waffle and mumbo jumbo to wade through. Are you able to link the videos you are referring to with proper infield? I’ve seen bits and pieces of spliced footage, some openers showing their ‘claw’ (imagine a 45 year old dude doing that … creepy!) and many ‘happy endings’ of dragging hysterical chicks into a cab at the end of a club night. Cheers.

    • Roosh actually banned a guy for posting legit infields on his forum LOL. He seems to be jealous of guys doing better than him – in this case an asian dude pulling solid quality in Europe using indirect day game. It’s a pity as the dude’s infields were gold and he posted pics of his chats and girls. Of course as a result insecure RVF keyboard jockeys hated on and doxxed him.


  2. Daygame is so pure.

    I used to think game is game, if a guy gets laid from night, club etc who cares it makes no difference. It absolutely makes a difference.

    I recently approached a hot (slutty) English girl and started kissing her within a few minutes. She had to catch her train but if she’d been available I’m pretty sure we’d have fucked. Next day I text and she responds ‘what happened last night I can’t remember a thing’ she didn’t remember how we met, that we kissed etc. I was genuinely shocked as she seemed fine (hand on heart). I digress, the point I’m making is that these rsd guys are not doing anything special on any level. Banging drunk LA/Vegas/Miami chicks is nothing to boast about, it happens everywhere no game needed in the slightest.

    Daygamers are the most pure, honest souls out there. There’s nothing to hide behind it’s you and your charisma/personality on show. Nothing more nothing less.

  3. Well Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez were confirmed as fakers several weeks ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zynGrbqM2agt

    I was convinced that a 5″ 3 inch Pakistani could get regular SDLs with Polish HB9s with a bit of tight game taught by Johnny Berba, so I was really surprised when I came across this video. (Not accusing Berba himself of being a fake in any way, as his infields, whatever their merits, are clearly not faked).

    • Where is Ed from, I thought he was pakistani, but he just released a new infield in Spanish, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-2M0HiYgZY

      • He used to market himself as ‘Ed Khan’, but then changed his identity to ‘Peruvian’ when the SlutHaters started leaving comments under his videos pointing out how absurd it was to believe a short Pakistani guy could be slaying all these Polish babes so effortlessly. Either he was lying then (in order to chase the Pakicel demographic) or he’s lying now. That Spanish video suggests somebody who has been learning the language intensively for about a year (the time Ed changed his racial background).

        There was a PUA who used to spam approach in Leicester Square and get absolutely nowhere, who looked identical to Ed, and sounded identical to him as well. I overheard him once talking there with a wing that ‘Johnny told us…blah blah’. I haven’t seen him in Leicester Square since the Ed Khan/Lopez videos started appearing a couple of years ago. He is featured in one of Johnny Berba’s videos as a former student talking about his ‘transformation’. Yea, from being repeatedly knocked back by English HB5s to suddenly scoring SDLs with long legged East European HB9s on a regular basis – so regular and smooth that your cameraman buddy is always there ready to film it in flawless HD from approach to lay.

        I’m surprised that Krauser commented a while back that he thought the Lopez/Blake videos might be genuine. I’m not here to lick Krauser’s arse, but as far as I know, he’s probably only one of a handful of Daygamers who have uploaded genuine lay videos. I don’t know if any of his infield proof videos are still up, but if you think back to the videos such as the Dutch language exchange student – that’s what a real SDL video looks like, the whole process filmed with a shitty Chinese made pocket cam (some of it only capturing audio), from street approach (she actually asked him for directions) to the noisy pub and barely audible conversation, to Krauser having to contend with the annoying old English granny that the student was staying with, to the frantic attempt at sex in the garden before her friend spots them and he quickly has to pull his zip up again. Compare that to most of the current SDL ‘proof’ videos out there and spot the difference. Most likely, it’s the difference between real and fake.

        As far as the ethics is concerned, it’s not just about taking business from genuine PUA gurus like Krauser, it’s about selling false hope, particularly to zero sexual market value ethniccels, something that will inevitably backfire on the genuine coaching scene when one of these sad dupes get so bitter and enraged they either become the next Elliot Rodgers or perhaps a recruit for ISIS.

      • Peruvian (not a Pak)

    • That Daniel Blake guy sounds retarded he can barely string a sentence together.

    • Nobody in the pickup community or online community uses’s the real surname. If you go back to my first few videos, when I was using the name Khan, I never said I was from Pakistan or Indian or Asian, I always said I was from Peru. The reason why I changed my name is cos since I started making youtube videos, people from the spanish speaking world started asking me to make videos in spanish, so I changed my name so people from the spanish speaking world could find me quicker (youtube search) . The reason why my spanish sounds bad, like I just learned it, is cos I moved to the UK when I was four and I did not use spanish growing-up, I preferred to speak in english. But now I am making a bigger effort to improve on my spanish.

      Can you please send me the link of the transformational feature I supposedly did with johnny??? I would love to watch that video.

      With regards to the call-out video of bra-no-bra, I am quite limited on what I can say as even though it does involve me, it also involves Dani. The only way I can clarify that matter, would be by detailing the bra-no-bra but until Dani makes a public statement then I am not going to talk about the matter.

      The only thing I will say about the matter is that it depends how you define a fake infield, what I mean by this,

      is an infield fake if you title your video differently to the actual content of the video

      Not you but others are asking how we film in HD,

      most touristic cameras film in HD, so it is easy to blend in. It makes me laugh when people compare our infields with the quality of Berba’s, I know berba’s cameraman and he has strong AA so he does not like to go in close. A quick tip for anyone looking to film infields, do not get a professional cameraman, get an intermediate daygamer to film your infields instead.

      Anyway, do not bother replying back asking me to go into more detail about the bra-no-bra. [Thanks. As noted, anyone discussed on this blog is welcome to reply. I’m interested to hear Daniel’s explanation of the bra thing. I agree with Ed that the last name thing doesn’t mean anything. Public-facing PUAs are always subject to haters who sink to any low to fuck with us so using a different surname is completely normal. K.]

      • I don’t think the surname is the issue. But I guess most chicks carry bra’s in their handbags (did she have one) so it must be legit. Word on the street suggests Ukrainian girl wasn’t all it seems, I will not divulge until known 100% but come on…….

        The other guy winging sounds like his mum shit him out her ass after growing up in chernobyl, i mean this guy even went to fucking primary school? Dull bastard.

        From a commercial perspective this wet dream fuck fantasy trash is ace on the roosh forums so i reccomend the hard sell there.

      • The only thing I will say about the matter is that it depends how you define a fake infield, what I mean by this,

        is an infield fake if you title your video differently to the actual content of the video

        The only possible interpretation of this I can make is that the content is real in as much as DB slept with her but it wasn’t same day. Leaving aside the fact that a girl is unlikely to wear the same clothes when meeting a guy on seperate days, unless she’s young and clueless (entirely possible), the fact is it smacks of lack of integrity. Once your integrity is gone you are in a very deep hole.

        For example, I’ve met Tom Torero when out and about gaming in London and he’s always struck me as the real deal. The subsequent fake infield kiss fiasco doesn’t mean to me he’s no good at daygaming – but it shows a deep character weakness. I still think he’s a good guy but I feel pity for him now – I wouldn’t buy any more of his products. (I bought his Daygame book years ago.) A big part of game, in my opinion, is being a man. What does it say about yourself to follow the advice of someone who is failing in a major aspect of being one?

        Contrast Krauser. As arrogant and as obnoxious as he can be at times, he has always been consistent, rational and real. That – I respect.

        Going back to Daniel Blake. When I first saw these videos I laughed, but did think they were real. It’s like an autistic Ali G doing pickup. So stilted so fake (as a person). Watching them actually filled me with dismay that such a twat could get laid with such seemingly nice (but stupid) girls but I figured youth, muscularity and height had something to with it. Same with Ed Lopez although he doesn’t have any redeeming physical attributes. To be fair to the latter, it shows you how far persistence and a blissful ignorance of how much you suck can take you in life. (I’ve also seen this approach work in business.)

        When I first started gaming, I had a wing who was borderline sociopathic. My friend and I would cringe as he made yet another approach with a manic stare in his eyes and come back rejected saying how she was mad for it but her friend had cockblocked. What he had missed but we had clearly seen from a distance was that his victim was being creeped out and girl coding her friend to get the her out of there quickly. The guy went on to have amazing success with women including what’s probably a record number of kiss closes on first approach simply because of his complete inability to comprehend he was being socially awkward, relentless persistence and rapid escalation.

        I think being a sociopath is probably the number one desirable trait in a daygamer. Number two is probably being autistic. [Tell me more about your friend’s “amazing success” – can you be precise and quantify it? That’s not a challenge, I’m just curious because vague terms mean different things to different people. As for Blake, my initial reaction to those videos was “He’s good at being 24, tall, and good-looking” but then I started to think that actually he’s doing a good job of running the model. Beyond that, I won’t say more here. Ed isn’t without “redeeming physical attributes”, he’s very muscular and has a high-t facial structure. His problem is height. When Bodi and I were giving all the London daygamers nicknames a few years ago we used to call him “El Roido”, like the Mexican wrestler El Santo. Yes, a bit rude, but at that point we didn’t know his real name. K.]

      • Sorry, should have been more explicit – I meant amazing success relevant to the person he is and where we both started.

        He still did pretty well though. Some quantification examples for you after going through my journals, texts, memory;

        one day: 7 out of 8 number closes in 30 minutes (yes I know from personal experience numbers mean shit, but bloody good only a few months into daygame)

        one day: 3 French kiss closes in about an hour (didn’t flake afterwards)

        Within a couple of months of his first lay from daygame he was maintaining a harem of 3 girls who knew about each other. Lost them all soon after then he got into an LTR and I lost touch with him.

        My point was that he was nuts (though entertainingly so) yet still managed to do well through persistence and hard core escalation without any regard to social boundaries. [Good on him! So he kissed 3 French girls, or french-kissed 3 normal girls? Also were those street kisses or date kisses? K.]

      • French kiss, as in tongue, all in the street, within minutes of meeting them for the first time.

        He bombed out hilariously at times as well because of his aggressive approach. But most guys suffer from not being aggressive enough. He would push beyond the limits and then learned to dial it back. Don’t want to say more here as he’s read your blog in the past and I actually like the guy. [Ok. Maybe he should video that stuff for lols. K.]

  4. I have watched this infield several times, what makes me think that it is fake is that the cameraman is inside the flat, you can actually see the hands on the camera at 9:05, they acknowledge it. I can understand maybe you can film inside with a small camera, but if the cameraman’s hands are over the camera then it must not be a small camera.

    • In 2014 we filmed so many infields with door shots, Michi decided to film this video inside the apartment to give viewers a change. If you see, we don’t have any door shot in this video as Michi was waiting inside the apartment.

      Second he was holding a “galaxy 2 phone camera with a leather cover” and pretended that he was tiding up his shoe laces on the floor and hold the phone camera in such a way that he film me and the girl as i come inside the apartment.

      Girl saw him, I introduced him to her and you can see with the same smartphone he filmed few seconds of me and the girl in my room.

      We have already explained it in last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEMMnwYUwwY you can even see at 8:36 Michi is clearly explaining how he filmed with smartphone without getting detected

      hope it helps. [Thanks. As I stated in the post, anyone who is discussed here has the right to reply here too. K.]

  5. Is anyone gonna thank Nick / comment on his free Outlaw Daygame presentation?

    • Yes! … Nick its very generous of you to put that talk out there for free. Never heard that idea of soft vs. hard dominance, look fwd to seeing the rest of it!

    • What like you did? Every comment from you is negative mate give it a rest you’d give an aspirin a headache. [No problem with this comment, but let’s not escalate too far. K.]

      • I’m not a follower, dummy.

        If you ran your own blog / biz for 3-4 years and 90% of your exposure to the customers is trying to scam free stuff / talk shit you would realise where it comes from.

        It’s unfortunate, there’s a big groundswell of decent guys who buy products and never comment, but the vast majority of those you come into contact with via comments etc are freeloading ungrateful little twats.

      • In respect to comments regarding other people posting videos. I can’t see any rational reason someone who isn’t involved commercially would ever do this. I mean either filming yourself or getting a mate to is both hassle and has risks to a degree, and the tiny risk of it getting pinned on you and becoming a pariah in whatever town you decide to be a deviant in is also pretty dickless ceteris paribus! But if you do it fair play, its always entertaining.

        Clearly a lot of likeminded people are gonna be ‘euro jaunting’ or as I prefer to call it, ‘undertaking offensive operations in the east’ so I thought I would contribute something, in respect to places I have personally checked out.

        Ignore the Roosh hype re prague and main cities being wank, total crap, these cities attract ex students so 22+ from the regions who live alone, also this is the case for Brno in Czech which I prefer on balance to praha, especially in student season (not too much time left, end of June is finals), but prague is also the bollocks. The towns west of prague, ie karlovy cary (karlsbad, one day it will be returned to the reich) are good for russians, everyone speaks ivan in karlovy and girls are hotter as a result, also fuck tonnes of kraut cunt for those inclined. Liberec seems especially liberal and slutty also and lots of Sudates (found these to be easier).

        Slovakia, avoid Bratislava like the plague, total soviet zoo, ugly buildings and stuck up broads. I really abhor the people there. They have a micro climate of higher prices and arrogance as a result of close proximity to Vienna but totally lack the culture. Basically slavic rubbish however un PC that sounds. Nitra about an hours train awat can however be top end, also Gyor in Hungary excellent, within striking distance of Bratislava.

        Poland wise, Krakow has amazing fanny but is a bit brit abroad, rzeszow close to the ukraine has easy access, as does Przymsyl.Warsaw is underated in my opinion also, if you don’t mind dicking chicks in their mid to late 20’s opposed to just students, lots of Polak semi ‘career’ people.

        Ukraine wise, easy sex comes in Kiev and to the East, Kiev is a piece of piss to access, 20 quid flights from Katowice, which is a 3 hour train plus an hours bus from Pragye so worth considering. Dnipropetrovsk is also good but learn some Russian. For those with an interest in the third reich, purely from a historical perspective of course one of the Fuhrer’s bunkers can be found near Vinitsya, worth a visit.

        Ps message to Krauser for when he gets off ramp duty, why not install BBPress on here and have a forum, Roosh is DDOS attacked daily and it would be a cool way for people to exchange ideas. [I don’t like forums. Posturing know-nothings will quickly outpost and out-internet the real players, creating a bizarre environment where the chimps run the zoo. Comment sections also fall prey to that but it’s easier for me to slap down the fools. K.]

      • Ye point taken, it does get a bit like that, and didn’t intend to post a fucking roosh v esque datasheet here! More pointed at the comments re ‘free content’ ‘be thankful’ plenty of ways to monetise shit, and often free content is a great way to go!

        I missed Auschwitz daygame in my tips, excellent place for picking up emotional wenches! The place feels less real than MGM studios 😉

    • I will. The best thing that i like about this series so far is how he talks about game as a class of behavior which needs to tailored and personalized for each individual (Primal seduction already talks about it, but he’s sort of more concrete in this one). Contrast that to routines and stuff that game used to be thought of years ago. When i go out in the real world and hit on women (or try to), there has been no case of textbook pickup for me, even though the fundamentals and core tenets of game have always been correct. Visualizing game as a class of behaviors is much closer to the reality and is helpful to someone who’s still in the process of internalizing this stuff.

      The only thing which i would have liked more would be for K to have released the whole thing in a single video – Call me a greedy cunt :D. The thing is, for me game works better only when i do analysis after the fact and on a need to know basis. So if it is a single video, i can skip to the relevant portions of the video and focus on things which i experienced in the day’s set. So a full video would have been better.

  6. Fantastic no fucking shite video by Nick as always. Pretty interesting thread, I think its pretty simplistic to see through the obvious fakes on the basis of spending an awful lot of time in the Eastern Bloc, living, working and womanising when possible. I think anyone who has also had any kind of experience can see through the fraudulent Mexican’t Edd Lopez, and various other Twats.

    To break it down.
    Edd Lopez

    Picking up Ukrainians in Poland. One the Polish aren’t exactly known for tolerance of these sorts, two all English speaking Ukrainians study in Germany, UK, Netherlands etc, only the polak speaking Lvov chicks go to Poland, period. I have never met a single Ukrainian in Poland (and have met fucking loads) who speak English well, this would not be a major obstacle but come on for Edd Lopez….
    Also looking at his videos, they are like fucking badly shot movies, fully scripted albeit with plots less sophisticated than fucking porn movies, there seem to be no shit tests whatsoever, no resistance of any kind and no awkwardness. I guess more often than not any shit tests would scare off the minority audiences who spend their time sexually harrassing broads in Leicester Square opposed to getting laid.


    Basically an internet marketer, selling shit to virgins. The guy comes across as some wondering 4by2 searching for some nostalgic time that never existed. 0 infield footage…why? Its not like he wants to hide his identity or anything… He probably is the only PUA who would be identified by normal people.

    His time in Kharkov, two lays? When I first saw this i assumed he had found ‘pussy paradise’ and wanted to hide it. Kharkov and Eastern Ukrainian chicks are fucking easy. Kharkov is excellent as its a city loads of people from the villages go to, hence are not ‘known’ shamed, is massive, and has few foreigners relative to Kiev. I think he wrote bang Ukraine prior to visiting as there is no accuracy whatsoever in that book. Literally following its guidance will probably impair your game at best and get you fucking lyched at worse.

    For the money he spent he honestly should have flown in for a month, and done 2 whores a day at 20 quid a pop, would have been more fruitful.

    His forum policy is more PC than the fucking EU, with its endless policing and blocking of anyone with real advice / stories. Note recent bans of Krauser, previous ban of the one Roosh forum chap smashing it DEB, who you could tell by reading his stuff was totally legit are clear examples. He was clearly the kid who grew up being bullied about a host of things and as a result salviates over fucking poosey paradise, whilst tugging off in soviet hotel rooms.


    What a fucking moron. I mean Yad is popular as people think ‘if yad can do it anyone can’ unfortunately all yad’s game will achieve is creating a haram of bitches to go shopping with and talk about the preferred size of cocks, and how all men are assholes. i imagine some Krauser throw off has used yad as a shoulder to cry on, on numerous occasions. I would also strongly suggest having yads material on your laptop in russia as the new ‘promotion of puffter laws’ might result in detention.

    The above should shit can their feeble attempts at game and loiter around Cologne train station (if they get bored of hampsted heath), bunch of fucking clowns.

    In respect to the good out there.

    I think Eddie Hitchens kills it, very frank and honest and his sets and style sync well with my own, hence I can identify with some of his infield stuff. His Ukraine analysis was also pretty sound, especially for someone that only stormed through.

    Krauser obviously hence the post seems to be the only one giving decent advice around daygame as well as the fucking daygame act itself. I mean I found the ‘go to another town for your first 100 opens’ very useful as it allows you to not give a fuck and experiment a bit, and not become the towns budding sex offender. The fuck ups posted also add a real edge to it, as well as the shit tests overcome, clearly not scripted. [Haha, come on, tell us how you really feel! K.]

    • Well forgot to mention Johnny Berba fucking hell. His daygame has the energy level of a fucking jew labour councillor knocking on doors in some council estate. Shocking stuff. He also clearly doesn’t fake infields, but their only use will be for the prosecution one day, when hes set to share a cell with a famous singer turned animal lover 😉 Dull bastard, proper shite.

      Though your filming was a bit dodgy in the earlier infields, i mean the camera shaking reminded me of a pre isis snuff video haha!

  7. When i first learned of daygame a few years back i fell for the whole Yad/Yosha crap for a few months but not to the extent of any bootcamps with them thank fuck! Soon wised up to who were the real deal (krauser/torero/street attraction/jabba) Its pathetic to see how the once self proclaimed “mightys” have fallen, Yosha renaming himself and writing another sappy (crappy) book for months and looks like something the cats dragged in backwards through a hedge and Yad….well grasping at the sinking ship that once was daygame.com. Oh dear… not going to well is it!But alas some poor buggers will still fall for their shit. Berba, although i think he is genuine he is total car crash viewing and seriously needs to lose the comb over. His primary market seems to asian/pakistani. Thanks for the vids Nick much appreciated son.

  8. And here’s to Aaron Sleazy, the man who claims to debunk the Seduction Community while being an integral part of it: where are your infields? This guy has based his reputation as a seducer almost entirely by dissing other guys’s ability to seduce while putting zero evidence of his own. [Sleazy is a total prick and a faker/scammer. K.]

  9. And what about another really good daygamers?
    I know Matrix videos, I think he is really good.
    Do you know another pro’s, who upload professional daygame? [Matrix is good. I don’t follow any new guys. Haven’t seen any that impressed me, though that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there somewhere. I thought Blake might be one, but until he addresses that bra-strap thing I’m suspicious. K.]

  10. @SteveJabba

    You just proved my point negative, negative, negative. You have an unhealthy sense of entitlement that’s why your pickup business is doing shit compared to Krauser & Tom they understand you give 100x times the value not expecting anything in return and with the law of reciprocity readers will end up buying your products because they like and trust you. Let me take a wild guess here your original e-book version of Primal Seduction tanked then Krauser got involved, put a lot of effort into redesigning it, then marketed it to his loyal readership and sales went way up. Am I wrong?
    Bottom line is you’re a twat and people don’t like twats. [This is too aggressively rude. Tone it down in future. You can make the same point without all the twat talk. K.]

    • I agree. Maybe he feels the need to fuel his sense of superiority. I mean this is not even his blog, why get so angry anyway?

    • Fair enough.

    • I don’t have a ‘pickup business”, infact, I don’t even view it as a “business” at all, no disrespect to Nick or Tom, but they don’t have a “business” either. It’s a Youtube channel and a blog. That’s why I started something new a year ago, I see the writing on the wall.

      When I was blogging and my products were newer, prob 2 years ago, my income was roughly comparable with Nicks at that time, and now. It’s not scalable, that’s the problem – plus the market is pretty small.

      You’re completely wrong about the sales history of Primal.

      I would agree I am negative on this subject now – infact I explained why on my previous comment, which I notice you didn’t address. However, previously and even now, I do have a lot of supporters, the silent majority are good people. Its the commenters who get my back up.

      You still havent oommented on Nicks free video either. Thanks for proving my point!

      Bored of this now, so won’t be commenting again. Feel free to repeat yourself and parrot internet marketing 101, which you clearly don’t have any experience in.

  11. Perhaps we should rechristen Daniel Blake….. Daniel Fake….!! …. (I’ll be here for Matinees and evening shows all week!)

    And even if he were to say ”oh’ it was a bounce back on a different day, so I just called it ‘same day’ for a bit of P..R. hype…. like she’d be wearing the same dress on their date…!

    And it hardly reflects well on the credibility of Ed Khan…..

  12. What on earth is going on here?

    Its like a walking talking counselling session where the Spanish girl whinges about her miserable life in London. I don’t care if listening to this drivel got me laid .. nothing is worth this.

    ps Frankly I think this is some sort of generational international karma playing out, after what the Spanish did to poor Ed Lopez (nee Khan)’s Peruvian forefathers down the Silver mines its only fair that their progeny spend all their waking hours making up for it in some basement preparing grotty meals and pouring coffees for the rest of humanity.

    Z [Holy shit, that was an awful video. It’s totally fraudulent to describe that as “attracting women.” K.]

    • Sadly no excuse works a treat with the UK asylum agency.

      But all joking apart if you watch this video 250,00 times you can make $100 a day from home…

      Fucking twat

    • He’s got the weird upside-down low IQ mouth of a Pakistani cab driver or market stall trader. Has anyone been on his £900 6-week “transformation Programme”? [I just read his sales page for the six month transformation programme. £60 an hour!!!!! To be taught by a fat estrogen slug who i wouldn’t even trust to make me a curry. I think we’ve found daygame’s worst charlatan. The text of the sales page is hilarious – I do urge readers to check it out. Don’t link it though, I’m not boosting that fat fraud’s google rank. K.]

      • £60 an hour to be taught “How to project ideal voice when you will talk to beautiful women” by a guy who sounds like “internet service providings” from Fonejacker. Bargain.

    • there’s more … must say this lovely sounding English girl really is a talented actress from the sound of it palming chubby ‘Bangladeshi waiter’ Naz off with a charitable “ill take your no” line. Just shows that we really do produce some of the best actors in the world due to our rich tradition of drama and theatre … we really should make more of this and develop our entertainment industry. I’ve approached 2 English actresses before, one which does US movies now, the other was on east enders for a while, made a go of it but didn’t transpire into much as I found that actress types have a massive personality and exceptionally high social skills, therefore unless you can match this off you cant DHV your social skills. In addition they have high social value in a society which values fame and celebrity higher than say an engineer for instance. Shame as I bet my PUA friends would have been impressed with those notches.

  13. As a professional videographer of live events, I’m acutely aware of the logistical and technical challenges involved. This was why I was instantly suspicious of the GLL infield where he talks with a bevy of idle beauties hanging out in the park – not only was the camera on a tripod, but he was NOT using a long lens on the DSLR, meaning the camera and operator were just too damn close to the action. There was no obstruction. They would have been spotted easily. The video has subsequently been removed. I wonder why…

    My spidey senses started tingling when I saw the Khan/Blake videos. Early infields showed them using the same cafe, with the camera so close to the pair that it begged the question: who was operating it, and why was it not spotted? Also, the tall blonde girl Ed pulls in one of those early in fields has body language that is just far too affected. She’s upright, stiff, turned toward him, performing. I’d bet my bottom dollar that at least some of their infields are faked.

    This is just an opinion. I’m willing to be proved wrong. [I welcome the discussion and the defence. K.]

  14. Hey Nick, it’s Paul we met in Prague once. I also bumped into Tom in Warsaw, he told me to ask you if you can possibly give me a shoutout for Streetseduction game. If you are happy with my content, and believe it’s worthy I’d truley appreciate it. And ofcourse if I ever become big in the community I’ll do the same back for you. If necessary I can upload more in fields for evidence too.

    For anyone who is interested here is draft of my into video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LscBu00F9_Y

    Quality is horrendous but I’m still working on it.

    Cheers! [You’ve got the right idea. My feedback…. 1. Clips are too long, nothing should be over 15 seconds and better to have even shorter. 2. Crop and zoom clips that aren’t fullscreen landscape 3. There’s a minute of dead time at the end, remove it 4. Put up a little text or caption at beginning with channel name and you. K.]

    • Holy shit! I don’t really trust this unconfident kid like this. Nowadays teaching kids how to be a man? C’mon.
      And this music is ridiculous

    • You showing retard things, like music, and creepy cutted videos

      Show us real infields with real voice.

    • You making me laugh.

      Actually I don’t want to teach anybody, so I didn’t do any public video.

      Feel free to post your good quality, good skilled, social intelligent videos.

    • I watched the material on your channel. The promo video isn’t much good for gaining any credibility, but fair enough to start your channel up. As others have said post a proper infield without any splicing or smoke and mirrors … if its good you will quickly be respected, as we have learnt the PUA community is only to ready to find the next messiah to lead them to glory.

      The video on how to walk down the street is silly though, bumping people out of the way is just obnoxious, if you were mentally handicapped it would be understandable otherwise no. On your look I’d suggest getting rid of all that facial fluff as it looks like you have taken grooming tips from an orthodox jew from ‘fiddler on the roof’, the hairstyle is ‘interesting’ but nobody wants to look at postmodern art on somebody’s head … and what’s going on with the figure hugging T shirts? looks very old Compton street on a Friday night to me (actually ended up there last night after chasing a tall blonde set down that road … not my scene at all). GL.

      • I’m all for taking advice on how to improve my channel, e.g. Content, quality, music etc. but advice on fashion, looks and game I’ll only take from someone I know has evidence of a good track record, and a YouTube channel at least. As I know what I do and the way I present myself works for me, I get laid once or sometimes twice a fortnight. And if you’re saying I’m bad looking, it means I’m running even tighter game then your typical pretty boy.

        But cheers for checking it out anyway

      • Really Paul? Just shows there’s no accounting for good taste! Seriously though I think if you got rid of the orthodox Jewish style facial fluff and got a regular hair do it would do wonders for your success. It would raise your SMV 2 points at least.

      • P.s if you scroll down my channel you will find some ‘proper’ Infields i.e the Mexican and a set in Prague. Not only this but I have recorded entire date to lay audios.

  15. You making me laugh.

    Actually I don’t want to teach anybody, so I didn’t do any public video.

    Feel free to post your good quality, good skilled, social intelligent videos.

  16. Good Lord, that theme music!I almost lost it. Marc Bolan would be proud of you, Krauser. [Thanks. Was inspired by Hot Love. K.]

  17. Hi Mr Krauser
    What do you thin of that?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VganMdBfTM4 [I haven’t seen the product nor followed the MM channel, but what I will say is both Jon and Dave are very good daygamers and experienced coaches. K.]

  18. Thank you for this freebie, Krauser. Hope more will come in the near future.

    I specially liked your succinct “masculinity lies in strength” definition. It reminds me that I should take advantage of my own personal strengths and develop them on this route, instead of struggling unnecessarily to be someone I cannot and don’t want to be (like a body-builder with a huge physical frame).

    I liked the infield bit in the beginning as well. A question: you seem to pivot and move around when talking with some of the girls, specially between 00:20 and 00:40. Was this intentional, or because it was a particularly cold day?

    Also, I liked your dressing style. I found it was a nice juxtaposition of “looking good” / “I don’t give a shit”. I might try this. [The “pivot” is fractionation. I explain it all in Daygame Overkill. And intermediate trap is to stand completely still which is unnatural and fails to convey sexual energy. K.]

  19. I thought those of you who may be wondering why the charismatic and handsome Naz TNG has made all his videos private would be interested to hear it may be as a result of some good natured joshing from myself….

    I simply commented on one of his videos that the girl may have thought he was retarded and that she was doing her bit for ‘care in the community’ and within an hour the videos were all private…

    which is a shame as I was loving his videos… it’s hard to find good comedy these days…. [Good grief, they are private too! Has that fat little charlatan had a nervous breakdown? K.]

  20. You know Nick…. I felt guilty for about one nanosecond… and then common sense prevailed…. and I was kind of pleased with myself cos I am a bit of an evil bastard when the mood takes…. although now I don’t get to enjoy those awful videos anymore….

    I was amazed at how easy it was to make him crumble…. I think you’re right though… he probably is having a nervous breakdown…. [If he was a normal chode just trying to get laid I wouldn’t say a word against him. But he’s not. He’s selling pick up advice despite being the world’s worst daygamer. He’s a fraud. A con. A charlatan. He deserves every bit of shitlording thrown his way. If I saw him in the street I’d give him a wedgie and hang him from his underpants on a lampost. K.]

  21. Thanks Nick. That 9 minutes flew by. With polarity I always think that the most feminine women would be the most weakest in a primal society so would look to the most masculine male she could find for protection and survival.

  22. Someone has been working out lately

    How does it affect your vibe/intent/sexualization/success?

  23. What exactly constitutes a faker? Some cases are more clear cut than others but I’d be surprised if Yad wasn’t getting laid at all through daygame, he’s been doing it longer than pretty much anybody and surely the law of averages means that he’s been getting laid to some extent. The question is to what extent? If he’s been doing daygame for 10 years though and hasn’t gotten laid from it the guy’s got to be the most stubborn and persistent man in London!

    • Yad’s mention of him being a fraud/scammer/fake/lame is something very funny because Nick gives him credit both in this blog and in Balls Deep as a good daygamer and a very good game coach.

      Actually he said about him that he was a top guy who deserved the deal of cash that cost his one on one training [I was wrong to give him such high praise on my blog – I fell for the smoke n mirrors back then. Nonetheless Yad deserves the credit I gave him in Balls Deep because he did help me out with numerous things in 2010/11 in paid coaching sessions. He’s not a terrible daygamer, just a wildly overrated one. K.]

      • That’s why Yad is the best scammer in the day game community by a mile. You see he managed not only to scam gullible and desperate guys who would probably believe anything, but also managed to scam other daygame coaches and take their money too! They then actually promoted him! How good is that!

        In fact Torero also mentions taking coaching with Yad in which he dispensed his zen like koan of “its all about the vibe, BABY!”. Like much voodoo advice this could mean anything and nothing which is its strength. Krauser should probably rescind these testimonials in his resources as its probably sending more victims ooops meants students Yad’s way.

  24. If you ever meet Yad he is a fat disgusting mass who likes to bloviate on what an accomplished master he has become through terrible self inflicted hardship. Its reminiscent of a clichéd kung fu film where the student has to undergo tortuous training to become a great warrior. Very Gamma indeed. Ah now I realise what Yad reminds me of …. KUNG FU PANDA! Except Yad didn’t need a master like Shifu … he’s so amazing he just hit the streets with no direction whatsoever and became PUA PANDA!

    I know I’ve posted this video previously but it really is worth its worth in PUA gold …. its full of hilarious moments … I took errr 20 girls back (questioning himself) to my house (13:30) / I used to watch a movie and then read 10 different reviews on the SAME movie and that’s how I became REALLY CRITICAL (17:70) [yes Yad watching Hollywood films, stuffing yourself with Doritos and then reading rotten tomatoes is the fastest route to becoming an intellectual giant .. sure Rousseau would have approved of this as an educational device] … and on and on with unaware gamma fantasy … utterly bottomworld and sheer comedy genius.

    The Q&A with perma chode Urbanist who co ran Saturday Sarge is also quite entertaining (I’d forgotten about this whacko … what happened to him, anyone?) [Steady on with the insults. It’s fine to present a case why you don’t believe his bona fides, but “fat disgusting mess” is too insulting for my taste. K.]

    • Sorry Krauser! I’m lowered the tone again .. apologies.

      On the point above though that he’s not a terrible day gamer … does anyone know if he’s EVER got laid from day game? I mean what he does in sets he’s posted online aren’t going to get you laid unless you have way higher SMV than the girl …. my camp polish hairdresser is more alpha than this … seriously.

      • But this kiss close from a street cold approach is legit, isn’t it? If yes, it is kind of an accomplishment. It might be a misguiding one, because a kiss is actually just a kiss. I got one from a 18 old girl inside a make up store and afterwards the thing totally derailed and went nowhere.

        Nevertheless, I still think it is an accomplishment, a game requiring one

      • I can’t say for certain as I wasn’t there but to me it looks extremely suspect …

        1) How many Russian girls walk down the street even in Russia in traditional Russian clothing? … I reckon they told her to wear this to give easy fodder to do some easy stacking
        2) Look at the credit on the video ‘PUA Training’ which is Richard Ruina’s biz who also owned Daygame.com and backed Yosha, he’s the original london pickup business kingpin, huckster extraordinaire, done at a time he wanted to promote daygame and needed a ‘star’
        3) look at how effeminate yad is, there is no male to female polarity … in fact its worse than just being typical ‘nice guy’ chat and goes into outright camp banter
        4) No tests whatsoever from the girl? Russian girls test hard, the customary russian minute or two followed by stern questions designed to throw you completely off.
        5)No derailment by her despite Yad being about 4 points in SMV below her (assuming she is a 7/10 and he is a 3/10). IMO game cannot bridge such a gap whatever you do … 2 or perhaps 3 points at best can be bridged with excellent game.
        5) Getting a kiss out of a Russian girl is a big deal. Russian girls don’t kiss quickly esp. on the lips .. it takes time and good game … they are traditional and conservative generally so they especially are conscious of PDAs. Yet here no such qualms.

        it could be argued that this was just a funny girl who behaves out of the norm … they do exist … but I think the explanation which is more probable is that it was faked by Yad and an assortment of other PUA hucksters who went onto create daygame.com. So in a way Yad was a pioneer … in faking videos and then ‘teaching’ students he could make a good living from.

      • Zatara, how could you accurately rate the SMV of any guy? For me it’s just a matter of thinking…I wouldn’t fuck this guy if I were a girl, but you know, I thought that many times about many guys who actually were getting laid, so projecting my ideal male traits as the desirable ones doesn’t work

      • Krauser probably has a better take on it but happy to throw my 2 cents in …. Male SMV made up of he following factors, some have more weight than others and girls will weigh them up slightly differently according to their makeup and learnt behaviour (for instance a Wag wannabe from a Liverpool sink estate may value humour over intelligence, but a female doctor may be the opposite).

        1) Good looking
        2) Height and Build
        3) Physical Strength
        4) Social Skills made up of the following
        a) Humour
        b) Intelligence
        c) Knowledge
        d) Ability to deal with social scenarios / strength of character
        e) Confidence [not something in itself but acts a signal that you have many of the above otherwise why would you be confident … link to peacock theory].
        f) Status
        g) Wealth

        Krauser talks a lot about R vs. K selection, this all fits to the above as you are just highlighting certain of these attributes over others to push yourself as a lover rather than a provider. If you want to be a boyfriend and I don’t think this is necessarily bad, you want to present some of both sides of the coin (steer clear from being pure provider as otherwise you will get little sex and run down your bank balance).

        I have marked an X next to things you can influence perception of through game (IMO this is all game really is). Note, some of the listed items look like they cannot be changed but that’s not strictly true, for instance, physical strength or the perception of it anyway can be shown through good posture, body language, louder voice. So you can change these to a limited degree. Status is another good example, through DHVing which has been forgotten or misinterpreted by most in the community you can show you have slightly higher status than may be assumed (for instance if you are a short Bangladeshi dude day gaming in London an stuck up English girl may assume you are a waiter in a curry house, but if you start talking about how your planning to spend some time at a friends country estate she may change her mind (now she will probably think your uncle is a successful supplier of packeted curries to a large british supermarket chain! Winning 🙂 )

      • Zatara

        Let’s rate our two favourite PUAs that happen to be present in this post comments section. I’m very bold this evening so I’m gonna throw a stone to the waters just to see the waves 😀

        1) Good looking; Krauser 6, Jabba 8
        2) Height and Build; Krauser 6, Jabba 9
        3) Physical Strength; Krauser 7, Jabba 19
        4) Social Skills; Krauser 10, Jabba 9

        1) Krauser is not good looking, but he’s not ugly either. Jabba is good looking
        2) Krauser is bellow the ideal 6′, Jabba is above. Krauser has a rather average male body, Jabba looks like an openside flanker
        3) Krauser doesn’t look jacked but he has an aura of having some strength, above average, no doubt. Jabba is going to have tons of strength due to height, mass and of course, muscle.
        4) Krauser is the Master of the Universe, proven, shown and publicly tested. Jabba too, but he’s always carrying his looks, his muscles and his height with himself so we’ll never know what could he do without them…I bet he could be close to Krauser in success but he didn’t need it yet

  25. If anyone is the original daygamer, it’s Yad. He deserves more respect than he’s getting here.

    • He really has more respect than he deserves. He doesn’t get laid from what I’ve heard. How good a daygamer can you be if this is the case? The infields he posts are either fake (early ones) or cringe head in hands terrible (latest). I don’t hate on guys who are learning game and not good at it but this guy is supposed to be a coach for gods sake.

    • do I think yad stop was an innovation? NO! Reason being from what I understand he wasn’t the pioneer of stopping girls like this … there were guys long before who did some variant of the ‘front stop’. Yosha the puppeteer Ruina behind the scenes just branded it as the ‘YAD STOP’ and people like Torero just parroted this to give the company credibility. Just a marketing exercise.

      A broader point though is that you don’t need to front stop a girl anyway …. its a myth IMO that you have to stop a girl (in a place like London) from the front otherwise she just wont stop … Krauser talks about shouting and gesturing to a girl to come over to him in his ‘outlaw’ talk which is an extreme example, but the point remains, you can stop the girl anyway you want … I usually just get up along side and tap them on the shoulder and I’d say 95% of the girls stop at least to listen to the opener. I sometimes do a variant of the front stop, but a toned down version, as I think it can look OTT and weird unless you have a lot of energy to go along with it and the environment suits it.

      Caveat is I’m tall, older and usually smartly dressed so perhaps if I was a short, PUA dweeb I would have to get right in front and block their path in order to get them to listen to the opener.

      • That’s a good point the “yad” stop was probably invented because chodes with no inner masculinity wouldn’t be able to stop a girl any other way, so it’s easy to teach and stops the students ego being hurt when they don’t stop. However for a guy like jabba I think it would look rediculous and silly for a built guy to run in a 30 degree ark to have to stop a girl. Yad stop can be thought of as training wheels I guess. [I open from the side usually, and I try to look a bit softer. I present too much strength nowadays, so I need to soften it. K.]

      • Hmm .. I’m not jacked but I’m tall and have a masculine look so I realised that stopping from the front, especially with a that silly jump actually scares the girl … you literally see them get startled, that’s a terrible way to start the interaction as they aren’t going to listen to a word you say so all the philosophy about opening and so on is redundant. Also, sometimes if they feel threatened they will give you a hard blowout as a defensive move .. they aren’t even thinking about you being attractive or not.

        I do think that the front stop can work with a high energy fun frame which some guys have. This just doesn’t suit my personality though. It also is probably necessary for the pickup dweebs to actually get their opener out there … although tbh if the girl doesn’t want to stop for you on request and you have to physically block her way why would she want to hang around long? pickup dweebs should stick to the diddy girls walking around and understand ping range … as they are burning the hell out of the west end … was out earlier today and it was infested with PUA oddballs.

      • I’ve started to doubt the front stop a fair bit as well. I’m not overly tall (just shy of 6’0″) but am fairly well-built with masculine features.

        Stopping girls by jumping in front of them seems to very noticeably startle them – I can salvage the interaction to some extent, but often I sense they are being polite because they are actually feeling a little threatened. I’m not sure if this is all in my mind, or I might need to offset my appearance with a more fun, friendly vibe.

        Often I feel like I do better calmly approaching a girl from the side. Without jumping.

  26. The only known Roosh infield ever captured on video: https://youtu.be/hhy0UrO28sw

    • If you read his resources its all about avoidance …. he is scared of rejection, so he has to just run indirect chat on a girl until she shows interest … then he’ll try and pull the trigger. His daygame book is a joke … he’s scared to actually approach and has to make up strange gambits to accidentally walk into a girl and make casual conversation … lie stopping by a traffic lights and opening .. if you have ever done daygame and you know how women move on the street you know most of the time these scenarios are never going to happen. You cant open a girl indirect on the street (you could run a quick pre open but you need to chase it with a fast direct open) as she will eject and leave ASAP. He’s basically a chode who has created an elaborate gamma world of being a pickup guru. He is not bad looking so I think he does pickup bits and bobs here and there but someone like this is not a great womaniser.

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  28. I tend to know a lot of cute hipster girls, one thing that always puzzles me a bit is that they tend to date guys who aren’t very masculine (i.e. hipster guys). One sticking point that I used to have was that I’d often try to downplay my masculinity around these sort of girls, in the belief that this was a disadvantage – so I used to worry about working out and getting too muscular, or appearing overly masculine.

    A lot of these girls are pretty and feminine enough to attract a more muscular, dominant man. I can understand why some girls are attracted to the musicians and artists, but a lot of these guys are just hopeless as far as I can tell.

    So from where might this preference for androgynous guys stem? I’ve heard that girls generally like a man with muscles (to some extent), but also anecdotally heard that this is not the case with hipster girls.

    1. Something particular to the hipster scene? You’ve mentioned that this is a notably promiscuous scene.
    2. Do these guys manage to leverage the ‘dandy’ archetype?
    3. Do hipster girls see themselves as unable to compete for masculine, dominant men, and instead opt to be the ‘princesses’ of a lesser kingdom?
    4. Simple preference on the part of the girls?

    Or all of the above? Would be keen to hear your thoughts, as prima facie I can’t see how it fits into your masculine polarity model.

    • The only thing that really counts for masculinity is the strength of the erection, not how much muscle he has or whether the guy games well. May be the Hipster guys could rock the the girls’ world in bed, and the body builder types include middle aged steroid using guys who have trouble getting it up.

      • Maybe I shouldn’t conflate muscularity and masculinity, although I don’t think that obscures the point I’m trying to make. Obviously there’s a point where more muscularity reaches diminishing or negative marginal returns.

        This is an example of an article discussing how different types of girl respond to muscularity:


        Obviously some hipster guys will be the tortured artist types or have some sort of situational dominance, but I’m curious why some girls opt for guys who seem to have very few masculine traits.

    • Hypergamy

      Those guys you don’t regard as masculine are

      b)at the top of the food chain within this ecosystem

    • from the girlschase link:

      “Now there is a sub-group of girls that I am into that really don’t like muscular guys, and those are hipster girls. These girls like a guy with more of a feminine look.”

      interesting question, why do some hipster girls like skinny guys?

  29. A friend of mine is Mr. Hipster, he’s got a giant beard, is vegetarian, works in music management and manages some pretty large indie bands, he’s top of his social tree but the girls he’s fucking are 6s at best.

    • if he’s fucking multiple girls then he’s still doing well relative to other guys … & as a point of comparison have you seen the quality of girls that most PUAs actually get into bed? Even some of the PUA glitterati pull 6s most of the time (obviously when doing the customary lay report they’ll give it the old “she was a straight 9 bro! … if she’s an utter minger they probably stick with “she was a solid 7 bro .. maybe an 8!”). When guys have invested their identity in the women they go to bed with … there’s a hell of a lot of bullshit-ing that goes on.

  30. Arash Dibazar looks like a total charlatan in my eyes.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t upload the video. The title reads: Arash’s Infield Video (of which there are none to be found), and the video itself consists basically of a 10 minute diatribe about blue pill notions of why going about “secretly filming interaction with women” is immoral.

    Question is: why would you use a misleading title (when obviously there is no infield to be seen) and then try to shame instructors who are actually providing evidence of their skill (results not withstanding, since these may vary)? [He’s full of shit. K.]

  31. I think that Bojangles guy is a fraud. Weaselling sets and shit.

    Anyway great vid this, looking forward to watching this series at work mate. Catch up soon.

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