Text Game Clinic – Catwalk Model #2

March 25, 2016

I had my coffee date at the French bakery/cafe Pauls. She was enthusiastic, playful but also constantly hitting me with the banter and challenges. As usually happens on my dates we found ourselves talking about Donald Trump. That’s great for frame crushing and it goes like this:

  1. European girl who knows little about politics or the US repeats standard anti-Trump position, based on ignorance and feelingz.
  2. Rather than agree, I make this my point of contention. Masculine boundary set and enforced.
  3. Commence lecture on why Trump is lied about, why he’s a threat to establishment, and why he is way way more intelligent than made out. It allows me to weave in history, geopolitics, media analysis, memes, and knowledge of sociosexuality.
  4. Girl usually resists a while but she knows her position is based on ignorance, so she submits.
  5. Intellectual mastery beatdown complete. I’ve now fractionated a ton of knowledge, intelligence and frame into the date to offset the dumbass bad boy side. Make Dates Great Again.

This was an intelligent girl and she knew what was going on. She wanted the Rub and she wanted to see what I was made of. Once the lecture was over she got up to pour a glass of water, giving it the catwalk model walk.

“I’m not sure if that walk was for everyone or just me, but thanks” I reply as she sits back down. “You have long legs. I like them.”

She made sure there was no opportunity for physical escalation in that bright cafe as she sat on the other side of the table so I limited myself to a couple of verbal spikes, a hand test, and eye contract. She got the message but wasn’t about to be rushed. Date finishes after ninety minutes.

Now let’s look at the post-coffee texts.

Catwalk model 2 annotated

1. We had a short exchange of pings the evening of the coffee-date and two days later we are still messaging. Now the pings are based on reading. She’s engaging after the bubble burst. That means she had a good look at me on the date and decided to continue forwards. A good sign.
2. Offer rapport and a soft spike. Standard push-pull but not making a meal of it.
3. This would be “Truculent Cad” per Daygame Mastery texting guide.
4. She agreed but I don’t want it to be fizzy all the time so I stack forward with some normality.
5. She’d been to a pet shop. It’s all going very nicely now so I see no reason to do swirly twirly game. I try to keep the conversation interesting without using lots of words.
6. This is rather odd isn’t it. She wants to meet me but doesn’t want to come out and say it normally and directly such as “would you like to meet”. This smacks a little of bravado to hide an uncertainty. It’s a good sign that she is initiating the meet but I have to be a bit careful about the frame. Once you have frame, you don’t give it up.
7. So I decide to agree to meet but set a hoop. Girls like defiant men, not push-overs.
8. She’s bantering again but like the invite, I get the feeling it’s bravado rather than confidence.
9. A playful tease to spike. She shows up five minutes later.

If you want to text like a boss, you really need Daygame Mastery. It has a gigantic 125 pages devoted to text and facebook message game. Also available in budget-priced paperback.


  1. Alright, you sold me. After all these years of resisting buying your PUA products. 😉 Just ordered Daygame Mastery and Balls Deep.

    Question: When you say in 8) you don’t know if it’s bravado or confidence, I’m not sure I understand. Bravado as in she’s putting on a front and is going weak at the knees and confidence as in she still believes she’s still in charge and is playing you? [Basically, yes. Bravado is a false front, confidence is real. Girls can be confident in the beginning but when they decide they want you they can suddenly become insecure – especially if they rarely find a man they like. I call it “the flip”. Thanks for supporting my books. Let me know what you think of them. K.]

  2. I like the idea of weaving sophisticated conversation with the caveman act (keeps the conversation interesting too). I went to a Paul today, partly inspired by Bodi’s blog post (link to the post which inspired me, I couldn’t quite face the quiche so I went for the baguette with something similar to parma ham with tomato and lettuce [toasted]. I also had a frangipane. Its wasn’t bad but neither was it that delicious as the parma ham was a little tasteless in my opinion but they were quite thick slabs I must say. What do you eat in there Krauser?


  3. Lot of big picture lessons in these little lessons too. Especially as the themes repeat themselves in lesson after lesson. It’s an eye opener to understand how important some of these seeming nuances are. Appreciated

  4. The structure here is what to look for. All girls in their 20’s today watch movies on their phones, are obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey and want an older fantasy guy to sweep them off their feet.

    Text game banter is critical to moving things forward. I’ve read a lot of blog posts from guys claiming only use text to make logistics. I don’t believe that for a minute.

    If you can’t banter you’re showing your age. But the irony is most guys in their 20’s haven’t the experience to reach this level.

    Also there are two types of text exchanges: The banter leading up to a meeting and the arrangement of a meeting.

    I had a similar one with a cute girl I met at a Latin dance party. She initially flaked on our first meeting.

    Here’s how I handled that flake:

    Her: Hey! Sorry can we move drinks to another night? I didn’t make it to the club and I’m already in bed after exhausting week.

    This was sent 2 hours before we were to meet up. Sounds legit but a bit last minute

    I waited until 20 minutes after the agreed upon meeting and sent this:

    Me: Oh…just got this

    Her: Ah….sorry!!!!! I’ll make it up to you!

    Me: If we meet up again…you’re buying the first round

    Her: When we meet up…! Of course

    Some time passes, she writes me from the airport telling me she’s going to Latin America for a holiday… some more banter ensues

    Me: Send photos (Compliance test. She complies by sending photos from her at a barbecue in whatever country she’s ag)

    Her: I’ve been dancing too, I promise. Just the meat is more photogenic…They don’t move around

    Me: I’ll move your meet next time we dance

    Her: What a ridiculous thing to say hahaha (obviously has tingles)

    Me; (sending photo of steak I had recently) You can’t beat my meat

    Her: Just you wait. I’m gonna beat your meat so badly your meat gonna with it’d never been born.

    Me: My meat is ready. It’s like 5am there, how much tequila have you had? That you can’t get my meat off your mind?

    and so it continues…she made clear when she’s coming back. We bantered some more and exchanged whatever photos we had of what we were doing.

    The fact girls will throw out these “Straight lines” and look for what type of response you give is part of the reason for having good text game. It’s not exactly a shit test but it’s a test to see how you sexualize things without being so blunt you look uncalibrated.

  5. Pure gold.

    I have notice that when you challenged intellectual girls and keep your position in the subject of discussion they get turned on.

    I defy once a very hot logic professor (she was 30), and I noticed how she was really turned on.

    Didn’t catch the subtleties when she gave me green light/didn’t understand the dynamics at the time/barely have any game except a badboy/r-selected vibe, so I miss the oportunity.

    I already ordered Daygame Mastery, let’s see how it works with expert advice now.

    I wasn’t quite sure that it covered how to use intellectual topics in game. I read a lot a wide array of literature and other intellectual pursues, but I never managed to bring it when talking to girls. I supposed that it had to be delivered with a strong frame and within the game dinamic, because I have seen intellectual chodes trying to lecture girls out of the blue in arcane topics, and they really look like free-value providers, very supplicating like bragging about having a car, but instead bragging about “knowledge”. That prevented me early starting in game to using it, but I was thinking that somehow my strenghts could have game-value.

  6. I like the description of how a conversation should be as described by Anthony Blanche from BR (6:54) 🙂

  7. Point 1 is the reason I now realize that abolition of female suffrage is the best thing for our raxe. Once a candidate reaches a critical mass in un/popularity bitches lose any ability for discernment. The female hive mind is too easy for tptb to control.

  8. nice work Nicholas

  9. Thanks Nick,

    It’s interesting how the majority of people who don’t know about Trump (especially women) are downright against him.

    Just goes to show you the influence of the mainstream media.

    It’ll be interesting to see in a few months the shift, once Trump starts winning over the voters.

    Then we’ll look back on this time as “what the hell happened” – good thing all our conversations are marked forever in internet history.

    Great interaction, thanks for sharing Nick.

    –Mike Patel [Thanks. I’m just waiting for all the “non political” PUA faggots to start backtracking in a year or two as the public mood changes and they realise everyone sees them as traitors. K.]

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