Outlaw Daygame – The Legend Continues

March 28, 2016

The smartest, cleverest, most r-selectioniest daygamers have already subscribed to my YouTube channel here in order to get first dibs on the instructional goodness that flows through its narrow portal. The dummies don’t know about it at all and instead watch fake shit like Simple Pickup. Somewhere in the middle are my stubborn blog-readers who will not subscribe.

Pfffffff! *

* It would appear it’s not always clear when I’m being humorous.


  1. enjoying this serialisation Nicholas many thanks old bean!

  2. Scott Adams is that you in NickΒ΄s clothes?

  3. Beginning to sense your frustration Nick. I’ve said for several years this market is a losing one. Here’s why:

    1:/ In internet marketing terms, blog readers especially in the PUA sphere are BAD TRAFFIC. There are simply not enough of them that have much money, are very reluctant to spend it (I’ve had tons of emails off guys seeking a “deal” on my 30 GBP ebook!).Further, there are a lot of freeloaders and tyre kickers who will NEVER spend any money but are perfectly happy to waste your time.

    2:/ Ever noticed the underlying assumption that you will continue to provide free stuff? They are like Pavlovian stimulus responders : eager to consume your free material but the minute you want anything in return (in my case money) , in this instance subscriptions – poof – they are gone.

    3:/ I never came out and said it explicitly but the only reason I got into the industry was to make money. I don’t give a flying fuck about advancing the field forward, or blog comments, or a good standing in the community, or internet fame, or a reputation. I was simply in it for the money without having to go to a job. That comment alone is probably triggering a number of your readers – which is precisely my point. A large proportion have no conception of a value exchange.

    We are both in agreement that the best way to achieve this was to provide excellent, valuable material at a good price. Nobody can say your material is not some of the best out there and at an excellent price too (remember how much The Blueprint was when it as released?). Yet, there is not much money in what you do.

    If you were to calculate how much you earn per hour of time invested, it just isn’t worth your time. That’s why for the last 6 months I’ve spent roughly 10 mins per month on Authentic PUA to bring my time investment over the 3 years I ran it more in line with what I consider to be an equitable value exchange. So roughly 5100 GBP per hour of my time spent. Again, this will trigger your readers, and watch out for the comments that I am “entitled”.

    You bet your fucking life I am! My time is valuable and I am constitutionally averse to being bent over and fucked. That is how I viewed the relationship when I invested more than a 10-15 hours per week of my time on Authentic PUA.

    We’re all Trump fans here. It’s simply a bad deal.

    4:/ Roosh, Cernovitch, Tom Torero, and you are all involved in a business model that where you cannot provide a direct link between your posts / content and ROI. For example, you will know what you consider to be your best posts (there’s loads of them in your case). Can you then point out to me precisely how much those posts have earned?

    What was the most profitable stream of traffic that came to that post? Once you’ve done that, can you then go and get more of it at a calculable ROI?


    It’s a scattergun, non scalable approach. It leaves too much to chance. Sure, Roosh gets a ton of traffic but how much of it is useful? How much does he actually make? Again, he cannot scale reliably either, not with his current approach, and neither can any of you.

    5: As to the internet marketing 101 argument that you build trust over years by giving tons of free content away and eventually the money will come. I don’t believe it applies in this niche, for the reasons I have outlined. Secondly, what if it never materialsies? I was always highly sceptical of this and despite years of providing free stuff, an honest , principled approach (I am an honest man), offering as much value as possible, building an audience, it gradually became clear to me that I was infact being bent over and fucked in the ass. I won’t be gauche and give figures on what I consider to being fucked in the ass but we both know that there is not large amounts of money in what you are doing.

    You are a first class intellect. Your time is worth more than this, pandering to ungrateful people who will never properly recompense you.

    There, I’ve said my piece. It will be amusing to watch the angry, entitled (YES, entitled) morons respond by calling ME negative and entitled.

    PS : If your readers DO feel compelled to respond to this – counteract my arguments on the facts, statistics and critique of my arguments please. No name calling simply because you don’t want the gravy train to stop.

    • Your point #2 doesn’t apply here. Subscriptions to youtube are completely free. A different set of reasons are why they don’t crossover.

      As for your making money motive. That’s fine. People with no game whatsoever are doing the same thing. You do also get pleasure from changing peoples lives.

      Krauser. I don’t really understand why you are splitting the talk into pieces. It loses the flow of the talk. Becomes less coherent. I hope this attention span idea is working, but I’m more bored listening to the talk one slide every few days. Of course I still watch the entire thing :D. As far as presentations/lectures go, there are ways to captivate the audience better. Presentation skills.

      I might write a review of Daygame Mastery. As a contribution. It will help me to form an opinion on it anyway. [Thanks. K.]

    • “We’re all Trump fans here. It’s simply a bad deal.”

      It’s a bad deal from the other side too. Unless you are very highly dedicated to daygame and make the quantity of approaches required to make constant progress, then spending more money on accumulating products that PUAs put out is a bad deal.

      I own Daygame Mastery, which I consider a magisterial treatise of pickup. Any question I have on sticking points will likely be answered there. I don’t particularly see the need to own others of Krauser’s books or to purchase books by other PUAs. I simply don’t have time to juggle multiple authorities when DGM gives me everything I need.

      I read Krauser’s Twitter for the politics and his blog for the Community gossip, especially the takedowns of PUA cons and frauds. I’d never consider paying money for that.

      What I would consider paying money for, however, is a Peter Hitchens-esque book of political polemic by Krauser on the current state of the Britain/Europe. [“Magisterial”. Love it. I think Hitchens probably does it better than me. K.]

    • Steve I was wondering if you’d consider giving me some free coaching? I’m free everyday after work next two weeks. Thanks.

      Ps ask krauser for my email to get in touch re schedule. Ta.

  4. Oh re the above – that’s 5100 GBP per hour of time spent over the last 6 months spending 10 mins per month, not in total. That would obviously be insane!

    • I understand (or at least try to) understand your frustrations Steve. From what you’ve wrote you seem to be a decent man who has tried to make a living out of this industry. I’ve never really used your blog and have generally stuck to Krausers stuff, and to be fair I have bought his products as a result of his writings and insights. So personally. I’ve tried to support him and reciprocate the value he has given accordingly. I’m round about the same age as you pair and I don’t really do the “subscribe” thing. Maybe Nicks (more mature) readers are just not that way inclined? I think if Nick pushes the “subscribe” thing a bit more in a more direct manner and explains why, this would help his cause? He said a while ago that he intended mainly to teach high end game to high end players – a nche market. Perhaps something you can do too? Anyway, all the best in whatever you are doing.

      • Nice bloke. You are one of the decent ones.

        For the record, both Nick and I get a much higher proportion of decent guys like yourself, but I stand by what I said. Its unfortunate, but just the nature of the industry.

    • I have no personal blog sites myself selling products online, ebooks etc, but am a developer and work with an awful lot of clients who do, in a range of different niches from marketing / jobs / cooking and a host of other shit. I think there are a few truthful elements to your post but some of it seems a bit cynical.

      In respect to providing free content, I agree that it can be a folly at times, but this depends on how its done. When all the content is totally free I agree it can create a high bounce rate. The people who i work with who do well often provide excerpts, with ‘put your email address here to view the full article / share with someone / sign up for more like this. That way you can build your mailing list. I know for higher end expensive courses 0.4-1% is a good conversion rate of sales based on your mailing list. Hence to make serious coin, a serious number of signups are required.

      I think Roosh’s model relies very little on selling books at all. I think almost all his cash is coming from advertising, and he is probably making a killing with his 1million a month readership. I think his books probably were what made him cash in his early days. Likewise I think Tommy T has an approach midway with a bit of both here. Both of these guys clearly invest a lot in both marketing, SEO, and generally their site. Roosh is probably paying through the ass for hosting, has a premium cloudflare account (not cheap!!!) etc, and is employing a mob of writers, albeit halfwits half the time, but who do regularly post stuff, hence drives his traffic up. I think his fame also has obviously drawn a lot of one off traffic.

      Ultimately to make a sale people have to judge the marginal cost of the product is equal to or lesser than the marginal utility gained from the product. I think this creates two major issues with the PUA industry. First being the backdrop of free content out there on most subjects, meaning the value of a given book / course is its cost – ‘free shit online’ and the fact that the demographic is probably men between 14-30 realistically. I am aware a lot of it is marketed at people in their 30’s in theory, but I think that few actually have the balls to jump into the lifestyle, hence why its probably more price sensitive than people think.

      I don’t wanna sound patronising and cliched at all so apologies if I do, as i respect your work / standing here, but I think there are an awful lot of people doing the same thing in this market, bar a few, and unlike many other industries the barriers to entry are incredibly low, I mean you need 20 quid to piss away on a domain and hosting to get rolling in theory, then further investment to once you get some interest. I think therefore that there will end up being a couple massive PUA’s making a killing, and the rest will be hobbiest blogs, or people grafting by offering courses etc. [“The smartest, cleverest, most r-selectioniest daygamers” are found commenting on krauserpua.com πŸ™‚ K.]

  5. God this industry/community is genuinely full of gammas!

    What do you hope to achieve with such a post steve? Dissuade krauser from continuing so he can leave and become a millionaire like you 😁

    Honestly I’ll say it how I see it. You are frustrated that your pua business didn’t succeed and venting your gamma rage on this (much more popular blog ). It’s deeply childish.

    I’m sorry to tell you that some guys appear to be doing well. Torero, Valmont, Roosh and I would have thought Krauser all do okay. Correct me if I’m wrong Nick but you were involved in the finance industry for many years so probably earn a very decent amount and know where to put it?Plus you live at home so outgoings are tiny. Add to the fact that you class yourself as a writer so you’re not bothered about arranging bootcamps, one on ones etc

    Torero I would imagine is making Β£50k a year pretty easily. I don’t think you did those numbers Steve.
    I’m not going to carry on but venting like that on your friends blog isn’t respectful. Last week was the Torero issue and now this. Do all name pua’s have such strange friendships?

    Ban me if you want but this is getting silly now.

    • Don’t waste your time replying to Negative Steve the man is clearly bitter. Sad!

    • @ Jona above. One last thing. Adsense is not running on Return Of Kings. I suspect he’s prob tried and been rejected. The kind of content on the site doesn’t lend itself to adsense..

      Also, you’re talking about the difference between contextual (keyword based) and interest based payouts. It’s nigh on impossible to tailor articles to profit from contextual ad clicks. Good luck with trying to game Google if you attempt that.

      CPC on adsense much higher on average for than native ad widgets (which is what ROK is running),

      Also, bear in mind his audience – plenty of them won’t click the widgets because they know it will end up in Roosh’s back pocket. I don’t imagine his CTR is particularly good.

      So no, he is not earning anything like what you suggest..

      Anything else you want me to take down?

      • Roosh gave the impression his income was more than his old scientist job (approx $60K per Year) – I guestimate his income to be around 100K per Year.

      • Wasn’t suggesting he was earning 400k, I mentioned his niche probably pays significantly less than many others, my point was that his business model is potentially skewed heavily towards adds opposed to book sales alone. Especially considering the fact that all his books are readily available for free. But who knows without seeing accounts…..

        I imagine he is doing pretty well considering he is constantly jetting around, and as someone else mentioned, he stated his income around 5 years ago (prior to ROK???) was more than his 60k 9-5 job….

        I also remember how Nomad wrote a blog post a while back about how his cash basically now all comes from his Blog, and his traffic is about a 50th of Roosh’s and he just has the single site I believe.

        But who knows….

        Some people seem to be making a decent-ish living either way. And if for arguments sake Roosh only made 50k American. Being remote and living in Ukraine multiplies that significantly… [For a long time, Roosh’s business model has been to troll mentally unstable fringe elements for clicks. I have no idea how profitable that is. K.]

  6. Have I been banned? [Not by me. I’ve got no problem with your earlier comments. K.]

  7. Hopefully notπŸ˜‰
    Steve you had a lot of potential but looking at your youtube videos you didn’t put out enough infields.
    You could have been Europe’s answer to GLL.
    Look at Ed and Daniel, they have no original content but have way more subscribers than krauser because of their infield quality. Krauser you put out an infield a while back ‘approaching a hot girl in a shop’ or something along those lines. If you were to put out a couple more of these (maybe not showing the whole thing) I think your numbers would go up. [Blake had thousands of subscribers within two days of coming from nowhere and putting up very first video. I wouldn’t take those numbers seriously. Maybe the “fake it till you make it” subscribers are now real, but this time last year they were bought. K.]

    • LOL I don’t put out enough infields, READ WHAT I WROTE! I have no desire to be a well known PUA, cannot think of anything worse and THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT no matter what way you cut it.


  8. Steve, I actually think you’re one of the few legit guys. Honestly though, I think a few here gave copped it. You post something negative under every one of Krauser’s blog posts.
    You talk about how it’s not worth his time, yet shift the goalposts to “if you want to criticize me, criticize me on my terms, limited to the points I presented”
    No way, mate. You’ve mad skills, and a tendency towards a “Sigma” personality. I’m fortunate enough to care more about the women I’ve sleep with [and will] than the men I’ve “learned” it from.
    If you had a more active blog/channel I’d be happy to send you some bob, as I will Krauser very soon. Please get on from pickup blogs until then.

  9. By the way, for those of you who questioned why I wrote this post:

    1:/ I know Krausers post is tongue in cheek, but I also know he is subject to the same frustrations I was – my argument applies to him, Tom and anyone else as much as it did me.

    So, I don’t like to see a good mate of mine waste his time. I’m pissed off on his behalf, by proxy.

    2:/ Yeah, on some level it does piss me off that I spent some of my time on this bis and didn’t get adequately compensated. (By the way, as I posted before, my earnings were roughly in line with Nick / Tom. You’re all wrong to assert I earned far less.)

    Posting this now helps me in some minor way, as does spending 10 mins per month on Authentic PUA an evening up the value exchange. I actually just hate losing.

    3:/ It amuses me to see some of you get pissed off about it, and I get some enjoyment from trolling you.

    In conclusion, I’m doing this for my mate, but truth be told, mostly for myself, and certainly not for the benefit of you guys!


    • How we can verify that you’re real account?

      Anwy, don’t bring negative vibe to this blog. [Think it through. K.]

  10. Ok great!…

    Can we get back to krauser pua now please 😁

  11. Just keep a good vibe Nick, no matter what!


  12. Why is it hard to make money in this niche. Well, let me think. Basically, what your selling is hard medicine. People are lazy and want a quick fix. You would do better being pimps. They have the consumer market for this area of life. You lads are selling hardship with very delayed gratification. Other factors: many of your readers are probably broke . Rising inequality in wealth anyone? They’d rather spend their money in a different way because….No doubt they feel some shame about their issues and thus are worried about purchasing products that confirm to their own psyche they’ve an issue (denial). The manosphere is also an area that many in our culture think is degenerate and with the rise of Big Brother corporatism, men are worried about being profiled by association, and particularly dislike linking this area with their financial trail (Errosion of personal liberty). It is also likely that they come here because they can’t find a person to copy game from who they are personally aquatinted with. So they are going to feel some significant social isolation in this area and don’t want to make commitments (ie purchases) that confirm this to themselves. I can’t agree with Krausers political persuasions in large part but whatever. Before Jabba tries to tell me I’m a cunt, I think you two put out more worthy material than any thing else I’ve seen. And the free stuff is well received by myself. And I buy your material. But I’m broke so free stuff has to do til I can bing you some money. But I’m happy to argue all day with you two about your political leanings. Donald Trump is a cunt. Though I trust him more than the other candidates bar Sanders. I can’t see how Trump will do anything to decease inequality which I think is the most significant issue of our time excluding the ongoing environmental destruction — o wait, Trump thinks antropogenic climate change is a lie. Fuck me boys, have any of you read or talked to the scientists? We’re fucked re the climate. Before you say I don’t understand economics, yeah I do. Free market liberals like Hayek requires, for optimal market functioning, that wealth is fairly evenly distributed. Otherwise the price signalling within the economy is broken. On the two major issues, Trump is a demagogue whilst Sanders is realistic.

    Silly long paragraph aside: thanks for the video and all the posts Krauser. I’m a big fan. [No worries. I avoid the low end of the market because of points you raise. I’d rather sell one Ferrari a year than thousands of Mars bars. Realistic game advice is a small market for the same reason BJJ is – it’s too demanding on the ego for most men. K.]

    • If you;re broke it’s your responsibility to fix it. I have found my business struggle very tough but what keeps me going is knowing I have no other option. It never even crosses my mind that anyone would HELP me. Are you kidding?

      Wealth inequality is simply a recognition that most people are useless fuckers.

      If we had true survival of the fittest and no welfare state we’d have much better humans, no drain on planetary resources, and no [this last bit is deleted by me. K.]

    • Re Sanders. Why don’t you just be honest? You think it is someone else’s responsibility to fix your poverty issue, right? You have no problem stealing money from another man’s pocket (as long as you personally don’t have to do it – I mean, he might hit you or kill you, right?) Better to get the government to do it on your behalf.

      There’s a reason Trump supporters are clear eyed, strong, hopeful and optimistic patriots who just want to make their own way in life, and Sanders supporters are useless, degenerate overweight people who are prepared to go to violence to steal what they want from other people.

      • Jabba: so I think statements like “wealth inequality indicates that most people are useless fuckers” is far too simplistic. For instance, many people in the world die from hunger, malnutrition, avoidable disease. Are you saying that a man born into extreme poverty in a country like Mali is poor because it is a recognition of him being a useless fucker/genetically inferior?. You’ve taken a whole set of variables that affect wealth — remember Krauser says in this very video something like, ‘Human relationships are naturally chaotic/can’t be easily distilled into accurate frameworks’ — and thrown out much of the data to produce the answer that you like.

        OK, so the data — Jabba the DATA, and only one favorable data point I could point to — indicates that wealth doesn’t change much from generation to generation. Those born into wealth typically die wealthy. Wealth is sticky, at least in stable countries. Plenty of my friends are exceedingly rich: because their parents are millionaires and billionaires. Now, I like my friends, and I don’t want to steal from them. But, they don’t need all that wealth. Really, it doesn’t make that much difference to them whether they have Β£300 mill or Β£500 mill. The data today indicates that a very small group of the population (0.1%) control vast quantities of wealth. In America, three families control more wealth than the bottom 50% of the population. That is very sharp inequality.

        And it affects all types of areas of life. From politics (because let’s face it: most politicians have a price), to the legal system (yeah, the legal system is great for you if you’re already wealthy), to academia (the rich sponsor those academics they like) and culture (why do people love the royal family: they aspire to that status?).

        A system of monarchy, where one family has power and wealth beyond the rest, is a deeply unequal system, and frankly, it’s a fucking terrible system. If you are rich, you hate innovation. You don’t want anything to disrupt your advantage. If more people at the bottom have less access to wealth (a.k.a power), then you begin to get a lot of power imbalances in our social system and you risk authoritarianism. The system functions better for everyone whenever we have something close to political equality and economically inclusive institutions. So this isn’t about ‘stealing’. It’s about being coldly rational. And that’s why I say, free market liberals actually end up admitting this kind of stuff whenever you discuss it with them because the evidence is pretty strong.

        Also, Trump supporters are typically white, under-educated (relative to the rest of the US population) and poor. So when you say, “clear eyed, strong, hopeful and optimistic patriots”, I actually think you are describing how Trump supporters view themselves — and it is a delusional self-image. When you say ‘restaurant’ to white, under-educated and poor Americans, they think ‘McDonalds’.

        Frankly, Trump rallies so many of these people — remember, Trump was born into the 0.01%, if he had merely put his wealth into a tracking index of the S&P 500 he would be as wealthy as he is today without lifting a finger — because he plays on their fears. He is a demagogue. What Trump supporters really know is that they are at the bottom of the social ladder. And if they slip down one more rung, they are afraid they’ll fall into the abyss. That is why he can speak in such racist tones about immigration: because his supporters fear that they’ll be pushed off the bottom of the rung by immigrants who can compete ably against them at the bottom rung.

        You can draw political support either through fear or love. Trump does fear very well and he also does love quite a bit too. Many of these poor Americans hope and desire his position, and he tells them they are great. ‘Let’s make America great again’. Yaddy yaddy yaa. ‘Oh, the liberal media hates you’. ‘Oh the liberal media hates me too!’. Please, have you looked at any of the studies about the American media? The american corporate media is not ‘liberal’. The owners understand that corporate media is a special business within a democracy in that it can produce great wealth and political power. So the owners typically choose employees that don’t threaten their own position in society.

        On your point, do I view my situation as my own responsibility? Absolutely, and, given the imbalances in the system, I am not expecting anyone to help me along here. And that is fine for me because I’m a young, clever, intelligent white man, with a good family background, in a field that will dominate the future (computing) where I have a natural talent. But I do not fail to see that my situation has been very much helped by government hand-outs. The basics of my life have been guaranteed by the state since I was born. The welfare system — if it functioned properly — acts to prevent children from dying of hunger in the UK. Imagine the wasted potential if children died because no-one would feed them — and that happens all over the world. It also gives them reasonably good schooling. And it offers them the chance to gain useful skills through apprenticeships or further education.

        Whatever you think of these things, you must see that this is inter-generational wealth transfer enforced by the state for the benefit of the population and the state’s own economic goals. So yes, most of my life, I have been ‘stealing’ money from other men’s pockets. But that’s a boon to the UK, it’s not it’s downfall.

  13. ‘Sanders is a realist’ I guess your talking about the Colonel here then πŸ™‚

    The inconvenient truth is the mainstream PUA movement has a vested interest in the continuation of the Islamic invasion and occupation of western Europe, beyond simply selling courses.

    They along with the culturally marxist establishment want to breed out the vanguard peoples of Northern Europe, to increase their own sexual marketplace value. The EUSSR will probably fund these fuckers soon.

    • The EUSSR wont exist much longer.

      We’re straying into politics though which is not allowed on this blog. I will respect Nick’s wishers as it’s his house.

      Thanks for letting me post on here mate.

      • Oops, that would be my fault! Sorry Krauser. I didn’t know there was a general embargo on political bullshit.

  14. Nobody feels entitled to free stuff Jabba. The internet is filled with interesting stuff to read about that is ALL FREE. There won’t be butthurt people going “where have those bastards got to” if you stop blogging and tweeting. Your butthurt that your dream of making a very tidy earner out of fucking about for a living is not working out.

    By the way there is a lie that seems to do the rounds that people who make money make money because they provide VALUE. This is bullshit in a lot of ways. If I buy a snooker cue for 50 quid and sell it to some thick cunt for 200 Ive not offered any value at all. He’s just a mug. Its like praying on stupid people who like to gamble. They will literally blow their money betting on 50 to 50 shots where they can only ever win 40. Your not offering them value you are a predator and they are the prey.

    You need to target rich cunts who are shit with women, or shit at life. There s loads of em!

    Heres a deal Jabba. You and Baldy meet me for a night out on the pop and I will show you how to make money without getting a boring “real job”.

    The gain for me is that Id get the chance to meet you to which would be great because you seem like great guys and are probably good company. I can’t offer you a great personality but I can offer you a way to make decent money without getting a proper job. I won’t expect your autographs.

    We’d meet wherever you want as long as its the UK. [The biggest money is selling shit to idiots via lies. I might do that sometime, but not in PUA. K.]

    • “The biggest money is selling shit to idiots via lies”.

      Not quite. Certainly there’s a lot to made doing that. No arguments there. But, the real money is in selling to rich people, because they are way more likely to be price inelastic and therefore profit margins can be enormous. Here’s a business idea I’ll throw out for you Krauser (or Steve for that matter) that allows you to make money from the PUA industry (despite Steve’s protestations that there’s none to be made), AND allow you to retain your integrity.

      I remember Tyler from RSD saying once that a large part of their revenue comes from very wealthy guys. Guys who have achieved success in every other area of life except dating. High net worth successful businessmen in amazing physical shape, well dressed, etc. But they suck with women. Pulling in 7 figures a year but dating a post-wall 6. How embarrassing.

      I mean…I’m sure there’s some suckers out there who think it’s a good idea to pay $3,000 or whatever extortionate prices RSD charges for a Hotseat or bootcamp rather than read the endless amounts of free material online, maybe buy 1 or 2 books from reputable authors on the subject and simply hit the streets (or nightclubs if that’s your thing) regularly. Paying $3k makes them feel like they’re doing something and taking action. It doesn’t matter the rationalization they have for it. Maybe they’re rich and that money is chump change for them, maybe they think it’s worth it, maybe they’re just idiots…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is….they do it. There’s a sucker born every minute. And RSD recognized it and reaped the rewards, rightly or wrongly.

      So here’s your business model:

      You basically design a 1 year dating life immersion program for VERY high net worth men who want to sort this area of their life out. Think comfortable 6 figure salary banker types in London. Dudes with all the external appearance of success but ultimately chodes. Probably above average IQ but lacking in any understanding of pickup or what it is to be an attractive man to a woman, and certainly no technical skills in Daygame (or Nightgame for that matter). You take on only a handful, maybe 5 or 6. 30 min Skype check-ins with you daily, perhaps a weekly meet-up for a 2 hour Daygame session. Homework of various types (reading assignments, text game quizzes, anything you like that helps them refine their knowledge). Give them a hidden button cam and start them off saying Hi to 5 girls a day. Then ramp it up slowly from there. But space it out over a year so it’s not overwhelming for them. This isn’t some weekend bootcamp. This is a slowly refined habit formation lifestyle shift that they become accountable to someone for. And that’s the key – selling them on the importance of accountability. People intuitively know they need to be held accountable in order to take action. Why do you think personal trainers are so popular, even in the age of free information online. It’s not a knowledge problem, it’s an accountability one. You can fill that niche. You become their mentor. You are CEO of their sex-life. Keep them accountable. Impart expert advice, tailored exclusively to their personality and strengths. Basically be their full-time personal dating coach. And charge them $10-20k each for the privilege.

      You have a few advantages here. You’re 41 – this is actually a big plus. Target market would be 30-45 year old successful businessmen looking to ultimately find their “dream girl” they can wife up. Most guys don’t want the eternal cad lifestyle but the problem is that if you don’t get good at that you won’t be choosing from abundance. Selling them on getting good with women in general so they can then pick from abundance would be the way to go.

      If you think there’s no guy out there who would give you $20k a year I assure you you’re wrong. There’s really only 3 areas of life that men deeply care about – health, wealth and relationships. Successful guys with money have at least 1 and often 2 of these areas handled but are sorely deficient in the last. Is $20k a year worth it to get such a critically important area of their life handled? I think so. $20k is an absolute steal relatively speaking for a guy who is making $200k a year. All you have to do is find 5 of them and you’re pulling in 6-figures annually.

      You have, at this stage got the experience and evidence to back up your expertise. Multiple books, a 6 year blog cataloging it all. Endless infield footage and evidence. You are an authority. And, you’re pulling YHT at 41. That’s the big juicy hook. You’re not some hipster 25 year old they don’t trust and even if they did they just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge as an authority figure. This isn’t a business anyone can just up and start.

      Honestly, if you have a very professional website made up and hire people who know what they’re doing to market it in a very targeted manner, you can find those 5 guys who will eagerly part with that amount of money for 1 year of total immersion (or whatever amount of immersion they want – you tailor the program to their schedules and goals). 5 customers. That’s all you need. And price it HIGH. These are price inelastic buyers you’re targeting. No $500 nonsense. This is luxury, elite level dating and lifestyle coaching for only the most privileged in society.

      Check out Tim Ferriss latest podcast with Josh Waitzkin if you want some inspiration in this kind of thing. He’s a BJJ black belt (under Marcelo Garcia no less – he doesn’t hand out black belts for nothing) and a high level chess grandmaster too. Wrote an excellent book called “The Art of Learning”. One of the things he does at the minute is work with a very select group of people (think high level investors, professionals in various fields, that sort of thing). But only a handful (less than 10 I think).

      This market exists and there are almost no people tapping into it because almost nobody can – they don’t have the evidence (infields), experience, community respect and actual age and authority.

      Selling to 1,000 people at $100 a pop is great and all, but it’s not very scaleable Selling to 5 people at $20k a pop? THAT’S how you make money in the PUA business. [Thanks boss. I’ve actually thought about this – maybe just coaching 4 residentials a year to high value men. I just really don’t like coaching. If any such guys come to me, I might change my mind. K.]

      • Me too. Can’t stand coaching. You think Nick and I haven’t thought about stuff like this already? Although well intentioned, you guys need to remember we are not dummies.

        I think I’d end up topping myself if I had to spend a year with dude. I’m tempted to just grab them by the shirt, throw them against a wall and scream FUCKING SORT YOURSELF OUT YOU USELESS CUNT

      • Bankers generally wont want to learn PUA, I used to work in the industry and still have a connection to that world … the reason they are bankers is because they play by the rules and excel in conventional roles and systems that society sets up … they have high status and lots of money which they can then use to attract women who are attracted to such men (there are plenty of these women out there!). If they want casual sex there is a big culture of using ‘high class’ escorts even once married. Why would these men want to leave the thing they have dedicated 25+ years to at the door (money and high status) in order to do cold approach which would leave them with the same advantage as a regular dude on the street? It would make no sense.

        In addition they lack one thing which you need to do pickup. Time. They have none as the typical workweek is 60 hour + (usually more). They also are tired from high levels of stress therefore are not going to have any energy to run game on the street let alone have a good vibe.

        Much of this applies to other highly paid (or wealthy men), businessmen, consultants, medical professionals and so on. They are the winners in a blue pill world, they are at the top of the tree, so they have no interest in being red pilled and giving all of that up.

    • I’m already making money thanks, plus I don’t like the sound of you. You sound a bit of a nob. I also don’t want to return to the UK, not for any money!

      I actually made a fair bit from PUA, just not what I consider a decent amount. New business is much better, and no, I have no intention of telling any of you what it is.

      • Lol I do love Steve Jabba. This comment is brilliant. More power to you and your business Jabab.

        P.S. Your focused and determined resolve to parlay every comment, unless your new business is practicing Alchemy on Krauser comments, makes me wonder how you get any time for this business affair you’ve secreted up your mystery-method flared-PUA sleeves?

        BAND!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ [Fucking hell, I spend one day away from the internet and I come back and everyone is catfighting over politics and business. Stop it. I’ll delete any more comments on the issue and you’ll all have wasted your time typing. K.]

  15. Mr. Krauser please don’t stop writing. I really like your stuff and beginner dg and nitro is totally game changer, life changer for me.
    I already read primal seduction. I know this, and the rsd blueprint decoded. Primal is much better,
    So Jabba, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. just for money? there is much more things there, like helping another human or changing his life or.. etc. you don’t want to help another human? then it really wasted

    So Krauser please don’t stop writing, because not many daygamers posting this quality like you. I like this blog. I hope you will posting this blog many years

    And I want to ask you Krauser, what’s the difference advanced inner game bible, and primal seduction?

    Sorry for english. [I’m not stopping writing. I enjoy this industry a lot more than Steve does. I don’t know what “advanced inner game bible” you’re talking about. K.]

    • What’s wrong with me? I don’t mind helping another human but it is incidental. I want money, plain and simple.

      I guess you devote your time to helping homeless people and people with illnesses then don’t you? Right?

      How much of your salary do you donate to this?

      How much of your job do you do for free because you like to help people out?

      Please respond to these points.

      • I’m helping another human, when I can easily.So when this easy for me, I’m helping.
        I’m often donate, when I see a really needy homeless. But not too much, because I’m a student.

        Do you want money? First of all, create a good marketing/PR. When I see your website, (newsletter, free ebooks etc.) this is exactly the same shit what I see every, EVERY pua site or forum or newsletter. So I’m easily scrolling through. So I think customers not really hooking this way.

      • your free stuff isn’t that good, because this is everywhere

  16. I don’t know what words is that, but I’m interested, what is that, and what’s the differences this new product and primal seduction-
    new product, womanizers bible – advanced inner game [I’ll announce it when it’s ready, then explain what it’s about. K.]

  17. Interesting to use the word clever and r selection in the same sentence. Yet it makes sense, the natural order would be for daygame to be k selected and night game to be r selected. Hence the ‘clever’ is in the flip of the script. Which brings up the interesting idea of trying out k selected game in middle of a night club as a way to stand out from all the other people there…

    This life we are living is truly a fascinating game.

  18. Glad I didn’t purchase anything from steve jabba.
    What a twat!

    • What kept me from purchasing anything from Steve Jabba is he’s good looking with a rugby flanker body. I’m not…so, what could I learn from him?

      If Steve or NIck would like to answer this, it would be very much appreciated

      • One of (not the only thing by any stretch) I learned from Steve was the value of being good looking with a rugby flanker body. It took 8 months of 6 days a week gym and solid nutrition but I duplicated it. And my results skyrocketed. That alone was worth the price I paid for Primal. Might sound stupid because of course looks matter but until Steve came along (and the vast number of haters saying it was all because he was good looking and nothing else, which isn’t true as anyone who’s read Primal will know) I had not considered it might be such a big deal. Once I started to get that concept I found myself very motivated to change. Now I’m doing very well.

        Don’t suppose this in any ways answers your question and I don’t consider myself qualified to try. But if you are truly not good looking and you acknowledge someone else is and that such a distinction matters, have you not seen something of value you could potentially work on?

      • JK112 Hard training is not something I have to be remainded about being so important. Actually, I was a rugby flanker (a rather short but crazy one) and then I switched back to boxing and grappling.

        I am also a personal trainer in my free time, it’s my side business.

        What I value the most of your post is that Primal Seduction has a bunch of interesting stuff aside of which part your looks play.

  19. Hi Jabba.
    I want to ask you, how work your bootcamps. How can a group of guys forcing IOI.s, A group of guys waiting for signals?

    • I haven’t run bootcamps in 2 years.

      • Steve can you take me out and train me in Leicester Square after work …? I cant pay you in sterling but am happy to buy you a kebab from this place in soho that I enjoy frequenting after particularly involved PUA sessions (you will have to buy your own drink though). Cheers.

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