April 2, 2016

German sociologist Max Weber made a case in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism that pecularities in that religion – specifically it’s lack of fatalism, and it’s aescetism – were instrumental in capitalism developing in the West before elsewhere. Capitalism sees the pursuit of profit as an end goal in and of itself, and that it is virtuous. One branch of Protestantism – Calvinists – believe in predestination. They believe God has already determined who is saved and damned, which leads to a natural question any Calvinist will ask himself:

Am I one of the saved?

Naval-gazing aside, the natural place to look for evidence of having been chosen is in the world. Perhaps success in worldly activity is evidence that you have been saved. Calvinists came to value profit and material success as signs of God’s favor. Sprinkle in a few psychological quirks (e.g. confirmation bias) and this is a powerful engine for the Calvinists of the 19th Century to work hard, accumulate capital, and propel Europe into a new age.

For some reason I hear the word “chosen” and think: modern daygamers consider receiving IOIs as signs of God’s favour that they shall be sexually saved. Commiting oneself to the daygame grind is an aescetic Calvinist treadmill of sexual-capital accumulation to convince oneself he is still sexually relevant. The problem is that most of your success is outside your control. Lets talk about that.

A statistic that I just pulled out of my arse is that 80% of your success with women is completely outside of your control.

  • Does she like you?
  • Is she available?
  • Is she amendable to seduction?
  • Does she need to board a flight in the next three hours, or is she wandering around with nothing to do?

Perhaps 20% of the seduction dance is within your sphere of potential control. The problem for the average chode is he doesn’t have any control over that 20% either. So you can give him some advice: stand straighter, lose weight, dress better. He’ll expand his sphere of influence from 1% up to 5% and his results will likely quintuple. “Oooooh, I like this” he thinks, revelling in the joy of having some control over life’s vaguaries. So he hits the gym harder and selects his fashion carefully.

Well done. I fully approve.

Now you teach him some game: Start cold approaching, use this opener, qualify her. That 5% has gone up to 10% and he’s getting laid pretty well. That Calvinist work ethic is giving him the spirit of daygame. Maybe he buys Daygame Overkill and adds another 5%. Maybe he reads Daygame Mastery cover-to-cover many times and writes a positive review on someone else’s website. His success jumps up again*

Eventually his head bangs against the ceiling. He now controls all 20% that is possible to control. He’s optimized his look, chosen the right locations, straightened his inner game, and learned the Krauser London Daygame Model. He’s 3,000 sets in and keenly calibrated. He couldn’t fuck up a set if he tried.

And now the fatalism sets in. There’s nothing left to do. He no longer feels in control of his sex life because there’s nowhere left to go. Now the variation in his results is entirely dependent on that 80% outside of his control.

All he can do is hit the streets, get his vibe right, and then open. After that, it’s out of his hands. It’s just a given that he’ll do everything about right. Like a football player whacking a penalty into the top corner, the difference between lifting the World Cup and going home disappointed is all about which way the goalkeeper dives.

Christians will say “God willing” when planning a future endeavour, whereas Muslims would more often say “insha’Allah”. The Christian version is less fatalisitic because it assumes both God and man play their part, because there are two sides to the bargain. The Christian must do the spade work and then hope God grants him favour.

If you squint really hard that looks a bit like daygame. Control the 20% and then, God willing, the other 80% falls into line this set. God smiles and you get laid. But sometimes the Muslim version is better for your inner game.

There will be Prophethood for as long as Allah wills it to be, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be Khilafah on the Prophetic method and it will be for as long as Allah wills, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be biting Kingship for as long as Allah Wills, then He will remove it when He wills, then there will be oppressive kingship for as long as Allah wills, then he will remove it when He wills, and then there will be Khilafah upon the Prophetic method and then he remained silent. (Ahmed)

Inshallah has a different nuance from “God willing”. The latter means we have done our best, and trust God to do what is best. Inshallah means that Allah may do his worst, and we must accept it. Sometimes you just hit the streets, put yourself in the mix, and let the world wash over you.

Last night I had a four-hour idate with a very hot Russian girl who looked like a peak Bridget Fonda. Lovely girl. Smart, savvy, young, hot, tight. My wing bumped into us twice during the idate and commented later “she looked completely into you. I thought you’d be banging her all night.”

So did I.

Almost SDL'd this my first day in town

Almost SDL’d this my first day in town

However she excused herself at the end – prior to the bounceback – and actually refused to give her number. The conversation went like this:

“I don’t want to give you my number”
“Why not. I like you. You obviously like me”
“I really like you, you have beautiful eyes” (as she strokes my beard and her eyes sparkle with desire)
“So give me your number”
“No. It wouldn’t be a good idea.”

And then she walked off, her hips swaying, no doubt boiling in her own love juice. A girl who’s hindbrain desperately wanted to fuck but her forebrain overruled it as a bad decision. I’ll never see her again. As she walked off and I turned tail to go home alone, one thought came to mind:


* Not a cheap solicitation for sales and good reviews at all, so don’t say so.


  1. you win some you lose some me ole mukka!. At least you are putting your ageing balls on the line and going for it!

  2. Thas was really nice, Krauser

  3. Interesting. I’m currently in the throes of divorcing myself from Societal Programming. I want to quit my job, work a minimal amount of hours, go full Sociopath in the Ribbonfarm sense, all that jazz.

    But something inside of me is just blocking me. I live in Sweden, which retains some heavy religious programming (although it takes different shapes today, I suppose). It feels like an inner conflict along those lines. What I want vs what is right. Scandi-specififc Societal Programming masquerading as moral univeralism, creating cognitive dissonance and guilt. Must be my high forehead (if you’re into phrenology).

    The idea of not working 40 hours a week is suspicious. People are asking “what will you do with your free time? do you have a second job lined up?” Answering “I plan to read the classics and take it easy” feels like utter heresy.

    The fact that I’ll be pulling my weight in society even with a part-time gig, seems irrelevant. Somehow turning up at a hierarchical place 5 days a week, enjoying 1 day of play and another day of looming dread, is the only script. It’s not OK to take it easy unless it’s framed by lots of days of doing stuff you don’t want to do.

    The funny thing is I can kind of see what is happening in my brain, yet it’s extremely hard to just pull away from it. Previous times I’ve quit and tried doing the minimal work thing, I’ve felt like a dirty sinner. 2-3 months later I’m back to the 9-to-5.

    Didn’t Bodi write something about that? It takes a full year to stop wigging out.

    Anyway, sorry for this neurotic gamma-smelling ranting, just needed to vent I suppose. Any tips on going Sociopath and minimizing guilt would be much appreciated. I’ve come up with all kinds of rational reasons why it’s better to just go rogue, but nothing yet has fundamentally shifted my inner SP.

    • I’ve had the same thing, somehow a ‘real job’ i.e. underpaid full week of dealing with people I can’t stand was the only legitimate way in life. Then I just said to myself ‘Fuck it, who am I trying to please?’and went freelance. Best thing I’ve ever done, i keep more of my income, work whenever I want, I typically do two days dawn to dusk and then do whatever I want with the rest of my time. I’m thinking of reviving my teenage ambition of recording a rock album. Fuck the 9 to 5, you only get one life to live, besides, you can always go back to the ‘real job’ routine slave owners are always looking for willing servants.

      • Aye, it’s what I’m aiming for too.

        I run my own business, which is great for income. But doing 40-hour weeks is total overkill.

        Whenever I try to do 3-months on, 3 months off, I start wigging out.

        So plan now is to gradually get down to 50-60% or so at work.

        I’ve noticed that whenever I get 3-4 days off, creativity explodes and I start to have all kind of breakthroughs. My theory is that the hippocampus gets oversaturated by modern office work, and we need give it a break and do fuck all in order to reap the benefits of maximum working memory. At the same time, 100% free time is not good because it becomes too unstructured and leads to wig-outs. So the optimum, I think, is to work about 3 days per week. 2 days would be great, but then I’d be stretching my budget too much.

        Keep up the good work being a free man!

    • Never worked here just ducked and dived (in between bobbing and weaving) and at mid 40’s now couldn’t be happier. No stress, look extremely fresh for my age. Don’t feel guilty, couldn’t give a monkey’s uncle what anyone thinks, do what I want when I want. Don’t claim to be loaded but far from fuckin sleeping in a cardboard box wth Roma gypsies at Marble Arch. And to top it off gaming and getting some ripe young snatch to boot. Quit yer job son and start living yer life.

    • How much does your work actually contribute to humanity? Is it typical office work, mostly bureaucratic motion that creates nothing of real value?

      If so, focus on that. By which I mean, hold your attention on that. For as many weeks or months as it takes. Meditate if necessary. Really drill down on what you’re actually contributing until your soul fully absorbs it.

      The brain is pretty good at resolving cognitive dissonance, but only if you hold sustained attention on the contradictions. It’s a slow process, and it might seem as if nothing is happening at first.

  4. As an ex-muslim I must say, ’maybe Allah just bless you a Hidayat.. Insha’Allah. =]

  5. I’ve had similar situations where the girl is clearly into you but she just won’t budge. The overtly stated reasons (if any) will probably be different but what they will probably all have in common is being able to control (or sabotage, depending on your perspective) their basic female instincts and emotions which you have succeeded in whipping up, whilst at the same time indulging in them. In your particular case maybe she’s sparing you from a run in with a bad-tempered oligarch boyfriend and his goons 😉

    On a separate note, the books have arrived and the content looks very impressive from a quick look through. I’m happy to write a review for you Nick. Let me know where to leave it – but may take some time to read though.

  6. Lots of memories coming back of similar experiences where you know the girl likes you but has some mental block against actually taking it further … frustrating but its par for the course in cold approach.

    You are totally right that most of the variables are outside your control … its a multiple regression model where only some variables are dynamic (you can change) and these have a small weight. I think 20% is quite generous, but perhaps you’re right.

  7. And 3000 approaches later all he had left to do in life was stone flipping birds and selling books. What a sad, sad world 😉

  8. Ha Nicky Boy! This sounds exactly like what happened to me. Yesterday I decided, Steve, you’ve got it all sorted, money is good, biz is sorted…So I decided I would approach.

    Whilst waiting for a date, I inadvertantly approached for the first time in ages..Mistakenly approaching a girl who I thought was my date! She was clearly impressed as she quickly coughed up her number before my date turned up.

    After my date (which went very well), I met girl 2, who decided we would go to a cool lounge bar by taxi..She was all over me in the bar and just as we were about to leave, excused hersellf to go to the toilet..then fucked off!

    That’s a first for me…

    Weird, weird women.

    So you aint the only one me old mucker!

    • Jabba stop showing off as usual … we get you are REALLY ‘SORTED’ and everything … good looking, rich and charming … it sounds like the world is now your oyster (many wouldn’t believe it but who I am to question your claims?), please stop going on about it! It would be more useful if you actually said or did something of value … oh and didn’t try and charge for it every time hehehehe … I guess your new business must allow you to be a mean spirited scrooge and still prosper (unlike your previous venture where all you gave away was a gratuitous butt shot of you in bed which I will probably need therapy to erase from my memory hahahaha).

  9. I think after the Daygame gauntlet has been run for many years and the nomad lifestyle has run it’s course the best option is just to create an awesome lifestyle like my boy Tai Lopez and have hot bitches around constantly, lets be honest it’s much easier. [Everything about him screams “fraud” but I haven’t watched any of his vids because they come up as YouTube ads so I skip at earliest opportunity. K.]

    • Trust me he’s legit puts out a lot of good stuff. I’ve got his 67 steps program highly recommended. He does free seminars pretty much everyday that last around 4-6 hours on entrepreneurship,marketing,investing,sales etc.. his team usually do the first couple of hours then Tai teaches the last couple. You can find them all on this Youtube channel.

      • Why do these 2 posts feel like a pitch, hmmmmm

      • Tai Lopez no doubt offers some value in what he teaches (I can only suspect), but anybody who rents models, cars, and houses in a bid to make himself look high status so you’ll be more likely to hand over your money is best ignored. Avoid at all costs.

  10. Interesting outlook Nick. All you can do is ensure you do a reasonable about of approaches and let the chips fall where they may. Young Hot women aren’t in a hurry to get laid.

  11. I had an 18 year old Singaporean virgin down to her panties within 2 hours of meeting her yesterday but couldn’t close and then she deleted me from facebook the same night…..

    ….However in reality in my case it was never on, she’d never even kissed a boy let alone had sex. She was also a 6 flat and the kissing was painful, both literally and metaphorically, it was like kissing a mincer. Same day laying 18 year old virgins, or attempting to at least, not always as sexy as the headline makes it sound.

    • Relax kid I’ve been reading this blog a lot longer than you. My point is whether you like it or not there is a ceiling with Daygame I don’t agree with Krauser that you only control 20% that’s just the ego protecting itself. If he looked like Brad Pitt and had a Ferrari then Bridget Fonda would of fucked.

  12. Tai Lopez is a slimy scammer. Can you honestly not see that. My God!

    • Billionaire Mark Cuban hanging out at Tai’s Mansion in Beverly Hills I suppose he scammed him too? With that attitude you are going nowhere! [Your calibration is seriously broken, so I can only assume you’re American. It’s blindingly obvious that (i) he’s fronting (ii) he’s buying it. I could fuck 5 girls like that every day and it would only cost me £200 a time. K.]

      • I’m not American. I learn from people who are getting the results I want in this case business. If he uses money/lifestyle to fucks girls then fair play to him. Just to be clear I don’t have any affiliation with this guy just thought you might like his stuff since you do online business. [I’m all in favour of actual businessmen, but not scammers. He’s a scammer. K.]

      • Krauser you say you could fuck 5 girls like that for 200£ a time .. just to be clear did you mean £200 for each one? or the whole lot?… seems like a great deal @ £40 a piece.

        Tai Lopez is clearly a scammer, who is ‘renting props’ to sucker in the desperate and gullible … Mark Cuban is there to sell his bullshit business book, he comes across as a chump (with strange facial movements ..whats going on there!), I looked into his history and it all make sense as he sold his duff IT company for a ridiculous amount in the dot com boom to a greater fool… the free market doesn’t let chumps make big bucks in normal scheme of things (rather like the sexual market place the real market place is brutally competitive place).

  13. And that’s another reason why drunken american night game is more sustainable for most in the long run – the sting of randomness from the roll of the die can more easily be excused and brushed off by one’s ego. You don’t ponder about the universe when you’re riding the energy waves in da club; you don’t look deep into your soul after a sting of hard rejections; fake it until you make it works.

    • Horses for courses, I personally can’t stand the bar scene, I need to get stinking drunk just to tolerate it and that isn’t sustainable in the long term.

  14. Very good post. Guys need to learn a large chunk is out of their hands. It helps keep you in the grind.

  15. Krauser you are basically saying there is a random component to running game … is the ‘Error’ in the regression model.

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