Spot The Same-Day-Lay

February 28, 2016

I’m not sure how many of my readership is old enough to remember the Sunday morning newspaper convention of “spot the ball”. At the back of the sports pages there’d be a photo taken from the previous day’s game but the ball was airbrushed out. Readers were encouraged to mark the correct ball location with an “x”, clip the photo, and send it back to the paper to enter a prize draw. Apparently there’s still internet pages doing it now.

A match, yesterday

A match, yesterday

Young or old, all regular readers are well acquainted with my predilection for reading between the lines and divining underlying patterns from a small number of nebulous signals mixed in with all the noise. It’s an important skill to develop on the streets – what signals tell you to open that particular girl? what signals is she giving you on the date to calibrate her. With that in mind here’s an easy one.

I recommend all daygamers run a pedometer app on their phones to track how far they’ve walked. It doesn’t help your daygame but it does hammer home just how healthy the lifestyle is. Yesterday I walked 21km (admittedly mostly in a circle around the ground floor of Palladium mall). Walking is the bedrock of all health and fitness. Daygame lets you eat up the miles without ever really thinking about it. Here are two consecutive screencaps from my pedometer*

Spot the SDL

Your task, dear reader, is to mark where I opened the dream set, the idate, the extraction, and the close

* Love that name. Reminds me of this


  1. What do the x-axis and the Y-axis represent ? [It’s a grid to mark your “x” with a ref, like chess. K.]

  2. Opened at 23:XX, idate starting from 00:XX, several venues follow, extraction at 03:XX, lotsa LMR, and finally the close at 06:XX. All of it expressed in GMT while operating under CET (ie. substract 1 hour to get the local time). Are sure this was DAYgame?

  3. Krauser on Twitter at 18:32 – 27. Feb. 2016: “+1, 19yr old Czech student, 3-hour SDL. Not bad. My 2nd day of daygame for 2016. Nice start, but just got a bit lucky with the right girl.”

    So, I correct my guess: opened shortly after midnight, idate from 00:XX, some venue bouncing until extraction and close at 03:XX, no LMR. [A very close guess. K.]

  4. what’s the prize man ..? say an all expenses paid trip to next eurojaunt location with some coaching by yourself thrown in … ?

  5. In the Yorkshire Evening Post Spot The Ball was called Pick The Spot.

  6. Krauser, why are you against the Arabs when their societies are the only ones on Earth that embrace true conservative values? Their societies are the only ones where female sexuality is controlled, divorce rates are practically zero, women are virgins until marriage, and the chance of a successful marriage and raising a healthy family is almost 100%.

    We live in a culture where girls will have fucked at least 30 men by the time they get married, that being on the conservative side. They will have cheated on every single beta boyfriend they ever had. They will have been in sexual situations that would revolt the stomachs of most beta males. Marriage here means almost certain infidelity, likely cuckoldry, and a 2 in 3 chance of a female-initiated divorce rape, not to mention raising children in a toxic amoral battlefield. It may be a player’s paradise, but you must give the Arabs credit, in that they have the only true K-selected society in the world. They may be raping drunk Swedish skanks who are leaving the club in whore outfits at 3 in the morning, but go to their home turf and see how they act. They respect their women, and coming onto a married woman is punished by law in their societies.

    FSU isn’t really K-selected in this regard, it is more a serial-monogamy based society. With respect to marriage, that is still a form of degeneracy, and the divorce rates are sky-high, often higher than in European countries. You may argue that Arab girls are biologically the same in wanting to get fucked, and you would be right, but the punishment for infidelity or for being a slut in their culture is death. Like it or not, along with hardcore religion (one that is serious, compared to joke Christianity), that keeps women in check. In today’s world, a girl of Muslim faith, acquired through the Mosque, in her home country, is the only reasonable option for a secure and stable lifelong marriage. Marrying a girl from any other culture would be suicide in terms of the risks involved.

    You could say that they should have no right to come here, and again you would be right. Their culture and mentality is incompatible with European values (or lack thereof). But you must admit that they’ve done a fantastic job preserving the only moral family-based culture left. [No politics on blog. K.]

    • Agree with your “No politics on blog” policy for this site .. but could you perhaps create political threads on your Cervantes blog? The readership of this blog has above average IQs so the results could be interesting.

      Separately, your explanation of life as having a prinipal-agent problem with humans hacking their own reward system has put into words something I’ve wanted to express for ages but couldn’t find the words. Thanks so much for that! Great analogy.

  7. Nick, this exposes ed khan and daniel blake [I’m allowing this once – purely because the bra/no-bra question is interesting and I haven’t heard a good counter-explanation of it. That does not mean carte blanche to throw accusations around. If anyone wants to discuss this, choose your comments wisely and don’t make any obviously hater comments or you’re banned. K.]

    • Busted. Not surprising. These guys came out of nowhere, with a straight copy of other peoples material.

      High quality fakes though… Not nearly as bad as Good Looking Loser’s clumsy fakes were. These guys are smart.

      It shows that its relatively easy to fake this stuff if you’re only putting out a few three minute videos. Anyone can hire ONE actress for a short scene or two. The best infields to me are still the long open-to-near-close audios/videos shot on grainy cams, or the dozens and dozens of infields that Nick and Tom put out. Hiring 40 actresses, or trying to fake long interactions realistically, is a whole different thing.

      At least TomT had the balls to come clean, and the library of other infields and community reputation to give him some backstop for his credibility. I don’t think these guys have that.

  8. That is suprising.
    Possibly it wasn’t a sdl and the next day they met up she was wearing a bra. Or they met later on in the day but the video was edited to make it appear like an instant date leading to a lay.

    I might be being stupid but I can’t think of any other scenario apart from a murky one.😐

  9. Just watched the video again. Genuinely not sure about these guys now even though they appear to be more than capable of getting laid.
    Not sure why these guys do it?

    Same with Tom tbh, it’s such weak behaviour/decision making. Mini rant over.

    • The credulity of PUA fan boys never fails to amaze. Even when they are caught the pua disciples try and attempt an intellectual mind warp to try and justify it all in order to avoid their world view collapsing around them.

      Frankly it was obvious that Lopez/Blake were faking the videos. Look at how close the cameraman would have to be to take this sort of footage. ALso, anyone who does streetgame knows that this is not how interactions flow (so many differences between a real girls reactions and what is presented here).

      To answer that question of why they do it (I include Torero) … interesting isn’t it, if it was so easy for these guys to pull girls on the street why bother paying an actress … hmmm. What’s the answer .. even though you may not want to face it … that these guys aren’t as good at this as they claim, their results are sporadic and their game in a real live environment isn’t worthy of putting out there.

  10. Nick, can you write a post containing advices you’d give to younger people, or a younger self of yours in his 20ies?
    Other than approach more, what would you recommend e.g. in terms of education, career, lifestyle and the likes. If you were that young again, and without any passive income from PU, would you still try to get an as good as possible education and spend some years as a cubicle drone, earning good money? Or would you try to gamble your way through life as a barkeeper, english teacher or whatever, trying to shag a hot girl here and there?
    I assume you were quite an intellectual gamma, and a lot of your readers fit into that box too, me included. Probably you drew a lot of your self confidence from beeing good at whatever you did. At least I used to be like that, but now I lost the drive a little. I don’t see any goal any more in working my ass of surrounded by often assholes. But I also don’t see a way of getting out of that hamster wheel currently.

  11. Zatara watch your mouth please. I’m definitely no fan boy.
    My point was they have decent-ish game, good style and the right attitude.
    If you don’t think anyone gets laid from daygame that says more about you and where you are on your journey dear chap.

    • Haha I will watch my mouth as always … πŸ™‚ I was merely responding to your question stemming from your apparent confusion about why these scammers produce fake infield footage. The answer is of course obvious … unless you don’t want to confront the truth.

      You choose to believe these guys have “decent-ish game” (sic)? What evidence do you base it on if they have fraudulently staged infield footage? Not to mention the question of why they go to the trouble of staging infields in the first place? i.e. they cant do what they wish to represent in the real world.

      Lastly, your attack on my beliefs on the efficacy of daygame (along with your patronising use of the rather outdated “chap” πŸ™‚ ) is misplaced as I never made any claims against day game at all. I was merely criticising the fake snake oil salesman above. The fact you think there is a link between these PUA coaches success and daygame actually suggests you’re questioning your faith in game. I assume you are one of these PUAs who has to enter into a mind warp to justify all PUA coaches success (scammers or others) as the videos are act as a modern day talisman to give you confidence that you too can get girls. I don’t need videos to tell me if game works as I know from my own experience infield what is possible and what isn’t possible (this is also how I knew the videos were fake right from the start).

      Ps When you actually get round to approaching a women and grow out of your short trousers … feel free to come back and argue this point with me. Z

  12. Don’t want to get banned for silliness, but you thinking I don’t approach or haven’t much experience is so far off the mark there’s no point even getting into it. I do okay πŸ˜‰

    Your last point is interesting. From those videos you think that interaction isn’t possible?
    It’s pretty standard stuff man. There are guys Waaaaaaaaay better than those two, which is why I pointed out they have pretty decent -ish game. Certainly enough to get laid now and again. It’s not rocket science ☺ [This whole argument is a bit womanish. K.]

    • Krauser … this is real man talk … stay out of it πŸ™‚

      Ok, since you asked nicely my friend, some difference between what you see on their (fake) videos and a real set are …

      1) The approach … there is no surprise at all on the approach. A girl is always slightly surprised when you approach, often a little startled. Imagine someone you didn’t know jumped in front of you .. would you not at least think “huh who is this”? As a side note, look at the ridiculous clown run up that Blake does in video below .. this would lower a man’s SMV by at least 2 points I estimate & almost guarantee an instant blowout from a high SMV woman.

      2) Girl allows each segment of the set to be delivered with no interruption whatsoever with nice long pauses left at the end of each bit of script. In reality girl’s have a habit of blurting things out while you are mid sentence and butt in straight after you finish saying a certain thing.

      3) The girl stays on topic, just mirroring the last bit of script. Usually agreeing or disagreeing. In real life women’s minds jump from one topic to another, they will even jump mid topic to another topic. For instance in the real world you might say for instance as Blake does “are you a student” … she will blurt out for instance “yes, err & what do you do?”. In old school MM each stream of conversational topic was called a thread, in this PUA Kabuki there are only slow single strand threads, nowhere is a thread ever cut, or do threads interweave with one another as they do in real life conversation.

      3) The girl is too compliant, despite some non convincing attempts at non compliance. In real life even when you meet a “yes girl” she will throw out lots of objections (often nonsensical in nature) and try her best to throw at least a few spanners in the works to actually test you. In the Blake video below for eg. she says “I have to go I am busy” but stays totally planted and makes no attempt to actually go. I suspect this was a clever ruse pre-planned with the girl in order for Blake to deliver the classic “one more sec …” line. Still it wasnt clever enough to fool old zatara πŸ˜‰

      4) There is no rapport based conversation where Blake actually says anything about himself. Girls almost always want to know something about you in order to be able to establish trust. The whole set is just attraction material. On a tangential point, you don’t need or want to do this much attraction material in a set as the girl will think you are a weirdo albeit a temporarily amusing one (doing the dreaded PUA performing monkey routine).

      5) Linked to above point the girl agrees to go for an instant date ~4 mins after being stopped. With no information about who this guy is … no names are even exchanged, let alone any personal information. This doesn’t happen in my experience, you need to stay in longer and build some solid rapport.

      Also, I know ppl in London daygame who are very familiar with both Blake and Lopez. I have it on good authority from several ppl that they hardly got laid, started their PUA coaching business as a money spinning exercise. Couple of F-ing losers who I wont waste any more breath on.

      Here is the video I was referencing … Lopez is even worse than Blake BTW and has a lower SMV to boot but I just picked one of Blakes Kabuki jobs randomly … [I’m okay hosting this kind of analysis on legitimacy of a guy’s infields because it makes a logical case. I won’t tolerate general “they are fake” accusations that lack an argument to support them. I’m also happy to host anyone who has a counter-argument to say the videos are legit. Everyone is within their rights to demand authenticity from coaches. K.]

      • there is an great analogy between pickup and fighting (which Krauser has talked about previously). Ultimately, real fights are messy, a lot of the skill comes down to responding quickly to something the opponent throws out there in the heat of the moment. These fake videos have none of this messy action. Anyone can look good going through pre-rehearsed scripted moves … meaning you could do a Karate Kata which looks awesome but be pretty useless in a real fight.

        Perfect analogy between fake PUA videos and fake martial arts expositions / Demos which Joe Rogan talks about here … same thing going on, pre-rehearsed moves which make you look good but in reality are worthless. Kabuki.

      • But where’s the proof of Ed Lopez faking it? I watched the entire video. All it shows that it that Blake clearly lied about it being a SDL. Either that or he hired an actress. But for Lopez, all the video shows is that they’ve taken girls to the same location. Then it’s claimed that since both Blake and Lopez are taking the girls to the same locations, they’re working together. And since they’re working together (or are friends), Lopez is automatically a fraud because of Blake??

        By that logic every PUA who associates with Torero is a fraud as well.

        Zatara you keep maligning Ed Lopez and yet I still have to see definite proof of him posting fake infields.

  13. At the end of the day mate it doesn’t really affect me as I got good by going out by myself regularly and am a fairly sharp/intuitive guy if I may say so myself πŸ˜ƒ

    I do think you are a bit too caught up in pua terminology and thinking. As an example I have met girls who I’ve spoke to and after a minute (I kid you not) have casually said ” Were you going this way? Can I join you for a bit etc It does work man. If she’s interested, and you get quicker at picking it up the more you interact it’s a very effective way of moving things along.

    Yes girls throw out lots of objections?
    Again, that’s not been my experience. If she’s a pure yes girl it’s just about leading with maybe a bit of silliness on her part eg “we’re not going to have sex tonight” whilst smiling /smirking etc. That’s not difficult to deal with imo.

    Listen we’ve all got different view points and experiences regarding game and I respect yours to a degree but the way you write you’d think you were an expert. Just because you’ve studied every piece of pua jargon doesn’t mean it transpires to real life. Women want to be fucked. Sometimes they make it easy-ish for guys.

    Watch Richards latest video where he kisses a girl real quick. Lots of objections as you’ll see.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†

    • Yep, it really curious how Zatara always loves to badmouth Blake, Ed Lopez, Justin/Deepak Wayne, and a few others yet he’s never uttered a peep about Street Attraction being fake even though their videos are all in HD, very clearly shot, and feature plenty of easy pickups. It’s obvious what his agenda is. [The bra question + re-edit/re-upload looks like a serious allegation and Daniel really ought to issue some statement about it. Every other accusation made in the video is circumstantial, including the ones you point out. Those are more arguable depending on if your glass is half-full or half-empty on the issue. K.]

      • To correct you, I criticised Blake, Lopez and Torero. I have never mentioned J or D Wayne.

        I have actually said previously that I respect SA stuff and for disclosure Eddie (Hitchens) actually trained me some time ago. I don’t have any agenda apart from wanting to share information about daygame. My issue with the snake oil salesman in this area is that poison the well for anyone learning pickup as they send you down a wrong path (I for instance followed Roosh’s terrible daygame advise for a couple of weeks a while back which wasted my time as well as the cost of his book which is about as useful as toilet roll .. in fact I would suggest using that book in the same way). Also I disagree with you saying that SA videos are clearly shot and feature easy pickups … the ones I have seen are taken from quite a distance, camera is shaking around and the pickups are very messy as I suggested is normal (look at the repetition, off tangential conversation, talking over one another etc etc).

  14. Are you a gamma btw zatara? πŸ˜€
    I sense some gamma rageπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  15. Gonna stop this now. Sorry Krauser. No offence intended [It was fine, just a little bitchy. K.]

  16. Last post Soz. Street attraction are 100% legit. I saw their videos a couple of years ago and knew straight away Richard had talent. He’s probably the best tbh

    • Oh I’m not saying that Street Attraction isn’t legit. I’m just pointing out the inconsistency of Zatara. It’s hilarious he seems to think that yes girls put up objections and that every pickup attempt is “messy”. [Correct, but he’s right that they usually are messy and if you’re calibrated you can spot the tells better than if you aren’t. Thus it’s a legitimate area for analysis and argument. K.]

  17. You’re right Anon.
    We should train zatara together. πŸ˜€

    • Meet me outside liberty dept. store at 6.30 tonight and you can show me your skills. I’ll be wearing a green barbour jacket and purple cord trousers. lll wait for 10 minutes then leave.

  18. What’s your gut feeling Mr Krauser?

    I’ve spoken to Ed a little (literally three or four times) in the past but haven’t seen him in ages. He didn’t strike me as a scammer tbh (but you never know). Him and Daniel were living together in Poland hence why the dates and lays were filmed in the same place. [My opinion has changed several times on the videos, so I’ll keep it to myself. Only met Ed once, maybe twice, a few years ago. The living together thing means nothing at all if you think the videos are legit – fellow jaunters usually stay together to reduce costs and enjoy the trip more. If you think Daniel faked the video, it that means Ed was in on it. So, it means either nothing or everything depending upon your opinion of the accusations. K.]

    • The brastrap is still visible at 15:11 even in the new “redacted” version of the video. The fact that they pulled and re-edited the video shows intent to deceive IMO.

  19. Actually Krauser, my question will be different than other comments. It is about your life.
    I can see that you are having fun, doing Euro Trips and run after girls which is cool. But how can you make money? I mean it is hard to believe that you can survive only with money from book or DG products. Are you coming from a rich family and using their money or won the lottery or what? Cause when I think the eonomical side of this , I can not really see a very good return so what is the economics behind this lifestyle?
    Thanks. [It’s not an expensive lifestyle. K.]

    • Well it is not expensive eastern Europe but live in England is . But ofc if you don’t need to pay a rent and have your own house than it can be understandfull

    • I heard on the grapevine that he is very well regarded amongst wealthy but lonely potentates especially in the ME. Speaking fees for such an audience can command hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t believe his claims of penury.

  20. Zatara it was a joke man. No offence intended.
    Can’t tonight, making my way home to spend it with a special lady in my life.
    Me mum☺

  21. Nick, just a little thank you…

    Your blog has in many ways genuinely changed my life for the better. Your dedication, will power and drive alone is an inspiration to many out there, but some of your blog posts have been absolute gold.

    Your blog is, in my opinion, the single best game/self-improvement resource I’ve seen on the internet. So in short, a huge thank you for putting it all out there, I really hope you keep it up.

    I’ll be buying your upcoming book. [Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it helped. K.]

  22. Now that all these weighty matters are semi-settled, can we resume story time for us guys stuck at our desks please? [Hopefully some time next week. Too busy chasing skirt these past ten days. K.]

  23. if they fake interviews, then I am guessing they also fake infields? [I’ve never met a daygamer who ever thought Simple Pickup were legit. K.]

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