London Daygame Buffoons #1 – Johnny Cassell

December 19, 2015

Time for some comic relief.

While there are many guys in London doing daygame, that does not make them London Daygamers in the sense that we are. In a seedy industry that has no barriers to entry, turning over rocks can find some very strange creepy crawlies hustling a living. Usually there’s a blurring between the lines of Self Development Guru and the hard-case noobs they work with. Often I can’t tell which is which.

Most of us are familiar with the hyper-documented train wreck that is Johnny Berba’s dating life aimless wander around London streets. But did you know there’s another Johnny who is even worse? I introduce you to Johnny Cassell!

That video is something of a soft target as he follows the standard “hire bored models and then read awkwardly from slides” blueprint that charlatan PUAs have been doing for years. It’s such a transparent piece of fronting that the only specific instance I’ll bother highlighting is this:

Focus on the girls faces as they become increasingly unable to hide their disgust.

It seems mean to mock bottom-feeders. “Hey, they are just trying to get by and make a few quid helping men” you may say. Well, watch the next video. This is just shameless misrepresentation. He knows he’s peddling a lie. If he was just an honest nincompoop I’d have let it slide.

0:00 – He’s a dating expert for the elite, remember. So this is top-drawer game you’re gonna see.
0:09 – DHV. “I was in Riga.” Watch for more awkward attempts at qualifying himself.
0:18 – “… they need to catch up on their infrastructure” is a good go-to line if you feel the hook dropping and need a quick spike.
0:30 – She’s all um, ok, yeah. Highly invested.
0:33 – That’s the second “It’s crazy”
0:40 – He’ll eventually find the right James Bond posture, after trying a few dozen variations.
0:44 – Count all the rapport laughter.
1:05 – This is the best part of the set. No fidgeting, smirk, letting her talk.
1:16 – “I have to go to a meeting” is presumeably a DHV / false time constraint. Way too early.
1:19 – This false choice is a weaselly attempt to avoid hearing “no”
1:27 – She doesn’t get that he’s trying to take her number. He hasn’t shown any intent nor moved her through the requisite stages, so it comes off so uncalibrated she doesn’t even recognise it.
1:31 – This occasionally works, but rarely, and not here. She has no reason to come on an idate after such weak preamble so she’s only likely to walk a few yards until she figures out a way to sneak off without confrontation.
1:36 – This is a flat-out lie, as you’ll see. Which is the main reason I decided to write this post.
1:44 – Note they are now just on the other side of the arch and the conversation / vibe is no different. Obvious conclusion: there was no instant date.
1:47 – This sounds like emotional blackmail. Basically, “take pity on me”
2:00 – I imagine the main thought in her mind is “WTF is this?”
2:03 – Do you think she’d have waited until after an instant date to ask his name?
2:24 – She does seem to like the attention.
2:28 – Never ask a girl’s surname on the street when taking a number. So, this is probably a Facebook brush-off.
2:51 – Another uncalibrated lunge – physical this time – without any set up
2:56 – “Have a good day” and no indication of wishing to meet.
3:05 – Apologetic laugh on opening. Don’t ever do this.
3:15 – He’s DLVing himself implying he’s usually lacking confidence.
3:18 – Rapport laughing shows her you feel lucky just being there.
3:23 – You don’t need false time constraints on a street stop. The whole point of them in Mystery Method is to put girls at ease during an ambush. That dynamic doesn’t apply on a moving street stop.
3:27 – “What’s the story, quickly, don’t tell me too much.” That’s something Mystery might say four minutes into a set when he’s already got the girl interested. It’s madness to do such a hard qualifier on a girl that hasn’t even hooked properly. Additionally, it’s putting the responsibility for stacking onto her, which is unfair.
3:40 – Anybody else creeped out by that line?
3:58 – He’s preventing any attempt at rapport being built. Madness.
4:09 – “How do we go about it?” So another attempt to shift the burden of leading onto her. Other than the stop, he’s expecting her to lead the seduction without giving her any incentive to do so.
4:20 – This is a simple “no”.
4:23 – And this is begging
4:55 – You should only argue the toss when the interaction has been good and you know she likes you. When the whole thing has been flat, she’s been looking away to IOD you the whole time…. just let her go!
5:00 – More of the creepy emotional blackmail
5:22 – “an email address or something” and volunteering for friendzone is about as needy as it gets.
6:29 – “heheh, it’s ridiculous” WTF?
6:39 – A mini-assumption stack. First bit of daygame for several minutes. Note how it got her talking.
6:56 – Doesn’t qualify her on why he picked that girl, and then jumps to date invite without any preamble. So this set is basically “Hello. Do you like how I look? Let’s get a drink. Bye.” That’s as extreme as filtering gets. Zero attraction, vibing or investment.
7:01 – Jesus, that’s a bit strong. I thought he was gonna slap her. “Bitch! Don’t tell me about yourself!”
7:16 – When a girl asks for your number instead of giving hers, it’s 99% flake.
7:18 – This is a genuinely funny comeback, but then rapport laughter spoils it.
7:40 – That’s 3/3 asking surnames. Creepy.
7:55 – Okay, so now he’s qualified her. In a very strange way.

Johnny Cassell

The TL:DR is simple – Tall, good-looking white guy creates good first impression then progressively destroys it with horrendous uncalibrated nonsensical game.

Conclusion: Buffoon.


  1. Mind checking out my channel streetseduction game telling me what you think.

    Cheers [Not bad. Keeping plugging away and learning as you go. K.]

  2. Who cares? Are you trying to put down the competition? [Feel free to not read me. K.]

    • How is this competition? This is what I’m afraid of coming across when I have approach anxiety. What’s comical is that not only did he feel like this was decent enough game, but he saw himself on tape and he still thought so. It’s like he has no compass for figuring out when chemistry and rapport are built and when people make small talk while thinking of how to bail out of the conversation. Imagine himself trying to kino-escalate! The infield would be evidence in sexual harassment lawsuits, not a video of bad game.

      Really great book(Daygame Mastery), Nick. It even made me laugh occassionally because I had a few eerly similar conversations with some girls and steering the conversation so was fruitful for me too. This is how you can tell, unless you have Aspergers, when someone is legit and someone isn’t. You had similar experiences and you can literally feel that the narrative they present is credible. For example, you’d be gullible to think this man kiss closed any of the girls in this video.

      By the way, in the great scheme of things, he doesn’t even have horrible ‘game’. Most men are even worse. Having a sister meant I’ve been privy to approaches she and her friends had to put down and some that made them lust over a man. And I’ve made out of boredom and curiosity fake Tinder profiles to canvass my competition. God, atrocious. You will find yourself shit testing to weed out the total imbeciles after a few chats. Whenever you hear men complain about girls being bitchy if you don’t know game, imagine yourself being approached 5-6 times a day and twice or thrice that on the weekend(if you go out) by veeeeery boring, ugly women that turn the whole affair into something akin to a job interview. If you can’t approach 5-6 women per day because it makes you uncomfortable, imagine being made uncomfortable by being approached by uncalibrated losers and that you can’t do anything about it except wearing a burka. Whenever I feel I’m shit at game, I have to thank most other men for being such a great confidence boost.

      And most of the men who think are being clever are even worse. You all know that dude who makes a comment about some potted plant in the picture of some hottie when everyone knows he probably jerked off while looking at it.

  3. Fuck this is horrendous, please don’t show stuff like that again, I’m gonna have nightmare tonight no kidding.

  4. You think this is bad.
    Chris Murphy is horrendous. I literally have no words.
    Running up to a girl telling her she looks ‘really pretty’ and then trying to scramble through the set is not gonna work man.
    There is an art to this stuff. [I might feature him. Poor game alone isn’t enough to draw the Krauser Wrath because I’m all in favour of guys trying hard to improve and posting their early videos. I’ve left my early videos on YouTube and they are embarrassingly bad. It’s once they start charging money, lying, or ripping off my material uncredited that I consider putting them on blast. K.]

    • Surprised you haven’t put Ed [Redacted] on blast. Clown’s been shamelessly ripping you off and charging. [Who? If you mean Ed Khan, you are free to talk about him but no doxxing on my blog please. K.]

      • Wouldn’t do that – he’s going by that name now.

        His infields and talking heads parrot daygame mastery, and charges guys for what’s probably more of the same. If he was taking the LDM and innovating to give back to the community there could be redemption, but there’s none of that there. Just taking your work and passing it off as his.

      • That Johnny Cassell tried to hardsell a 6000 pound one to one coaching to a guy I know. Promising after 6 months he would be dating top models 😂

    • The really sleazy grease balls are fairly easy to spot … the Ed Khans of this world, its some of the top names who have created ‘social proof’ (or in this case a PUA community proof) who are more difficult to spot, the real snakes in the grass. Personally I have always suspected Yad to be a fraud .. on mentioning this to a few other guys into game I have met with bewildered stares, its a community version of Martin Luther questioning the plenitudo potestatis of the Pope. To my eye, the few infields he has posted are made up of camp hairdresser chat, a non threatening offer to become a girl’s GBF. The infield which got him the respect was the kiss close video with the Russian girl which I reckon is a fake. No Russian minute, no objections, a kiss with no resistance … from a young Russian girl in London? Seriously! They are always highly suspicious initially, they test hard and do not kiss quickly as they feel its a big step. Afterwards she asks him to ‘promise to text me’ .. she’s spreading it on a bit thick here perhaps?

      I suspect Yosha and La Ruina created a character with Yad when creating DG.COM … they spotted in him a potential hero for the PUA crowd, I don’t mean to offend here but he is clearly an overweight, ugly middle eastern looking guy. Who better then promote the idea that ‘looks don’t matter’ and that anyone however terrible looking can pull hot (Russian) girls on the street {since most of the students in London resemble Yad more than an Andy Yosha for instance}? What I don’t quite understand is how someone like Tom who actually has game gives credit to Yad in his books for apparently teaching him about ‘vibe’ in his own learning phase. I can only guess that Tom spent very little time with him at this point and believed the hype himself … after all if we want to believe something we sometimes will let ourselves be fooled. [We all believed in the hype around 2010/11 and then gradually the real picture emerged, alongside a total lack of evidence he ever fucked any hot girls. Yad’s a strange one because his footprint is still on certain elements of the LDM (justifiably so, because he originated some important ideas) even though I personally don’t think he gets laid and never did get laid. K.]

      • Plot Twist: Tom learned the art of fake infields and bogus stories from Yad.

      • It seems his pickup skills have become even worse watching his recent infield videos (to try and resuscitate DG.COM after everyone else left a sinking ship).

        The set at 5:20 is terrible. Yad panting up the escalator like an overweight ogre to approach some poor girl looking for a job in a mall. On finding out about her job search he attempts some crude snake game by telling her “there’s a lot of powerful ppl watching” pointing to the camera filming them .. she still has no clue later on in the set what is going on, after repeating his lie again he takes her number while smacking his lips like some sort of fiend. A cynical display which will send a lot of guys down the wrong path. Z [It’s pretty awful now. Like a self-parody. K.]

      • ask yourself this question….why wouldn’t Yad be fucking hot girls? he’s one of the very few normal looking men who actually have an attractive personality/vibe doing this stuff. are you telling us he loses them after hook point?

      • why wouldn’t yad be fucking any hot girls though? i’m sure he approaches enough women so thats not a problem and he’s the very few men with an attractive personality/vibe doing this stuff…you say he never did get laid, ok fair point but you have to outline where he’s losing them? [After all these years there’s still no evidence. His game is smoke and mirrors – he acts the gay best friend, zero sexual threat, then hopes to somehow get the lay hours later by finally escalating. It’ll occasionally convert a girl but it’s horribly inefficient and the better quality girls are repelled by hiding your dick so long. K.]

      • On a macro level he clearly has very low SMV (he is being generous say a 4/10 in looks), if he approaches a hot girl (a genuine 8/10 + girl) it leaves too much of a gap to bridge even with the best game in the world. From observation of the two videos above (which have sample bias as he self selected them) he is very far from having even decent quality game. In my opinion you can bridge two points difference in SMV with tight game. This is the truth IMO to the ‘do looks matter’ debate. Krauser made a very good video on what he called ‘ping range’ explaining this idea in detail.

      • The more I go out do daygame, the less I can imagine Yad getting laid based on his YouTube infields. There’s absolutely zero sexual tension in his encounters, just rapport rapport and rapport. Just look at [Note all his uptalk and lack of assumption stacking. His game was far better five years ago. K.]

      • this werido is one of Kezia’s students.. have you seen the garbage she teaches people? this is the result… this joker showed up on her deep connection dvd, and has been hanging around ever since, thinking hes amazing…

      • Brian Watson, I can’t know what Kezia teaches people because I turn the sound off while I beat off to her tits. Are you trying to say people watch her videos for anything else? All those men would get better ROI by paying for sex with her than having them teach how to pick up. Ironically, it’d probably help them more with pickup too.

  5. What I like here is your analysis. Great breakdown of a bad approach and the reasons why. A good way to tidy up my own game. Too much laughing: false rapport.

  6. I don’t think Johnny Berba is terrible. He posts a lot good videos on Youtube. HIs game level I wouldnt rate it too highs as some of the other PUAs, but still decent enough for some of the beginners. This guys is has no game at all.

    • Johnny Berba is shit. He’s got that annoying holier than thou attitude — ‘BE NATURAL GUYS!!!’. Just look at some of his 40mins+ coaching infield videos in which he makes the student do 30+ approaches. Doesn’t teach him any structure at all. In the end, 30-50 sets opened and nary a phone number (forget about anything else).

      If people are this gullible, maybe I should start coaching too. Wondering how much I would make on 1-on-1s and bootcamps. Probably an extra 15K GBP doing it part-time, at the very least.

      • Also, Berba’s body language and posture suggest he doesn’t get laid at all. Still shocked how a guy like this is out there teaching something to other men. [Think how valuable an SDL video or Day2-to-lay video would be for his business and rep. Think how many days he has a camera on him. And now ask why such a video doesn’t exist. It’s all rather obvious. K.]

    • Even though Berba is completely clueless I think he’s a harmless big guy I don’t think he’s trying to con people just hasn’t got the brains to understand game really. Noobs seem to like him.

      • Fair point Nick…but where’s your SDL video or Day2-to-lay video, they don’t exist either. [You fucking moron. I was the first to ever post such videos. K.]

  7. I checked Johnny Berba too, he’s probably still worse than Cassell. I wonder how is possible Berba has 25.000 subscribers and people going to his workshops and bootcamps. My assumption is that beta/hopeless guys connect and identify more with him on a deep level than with guys who actually get it and make it.
    While Cassell’s message seems to be a mere and superficial “if you work on your look/style and fake some confidence you can get some pussy once in a while”, Berba’s messagge sounds more like “you’ll never make it, so accept yourself and learn to enjoy the process of failing”, which is quite disquieting imo. [Berba’s crowd is based on misery-loves-company and also a faulty syllogism that goes like this: “He’s weird and gets laid. I’m weird and don’t get laid. Therefore if I do what he does, I can get laid too”. The false premise should be obvious: he doesn’t get laid. It’s all smoke and mirrors. K.]

    • he recently admitted on his fb page that he hasnt had sex in over a year…. nick, please do an london bafoons article on this guy

  8. berba is indeed a cunt! [I disagree. I think he’s a good person, trying to help, and simply doesn’t realise how bad his game and advice is. K.]

  9. “You still need to invest in your social skills” – says the man who can’t read an autocue without sounding liked a stunted-language fucktard. All those hotties around him, and it sounds like he’s creaming his pants.. exact moment at 1:09. “if your gonna use… uhuhn Online dating”

  10. Look at how often the models blink. I always understood that is a sign of being bored, or disinterested at least.

  11. Watched it more, and you can see the disgust of the models, they don’t even believe what he is trying to sell. Love the whole “You are cheap and lazy” from a guy who probably sells overpriced seminars. I think that would be called a neg and a frame. (The “you don’t get shit free” – frame). And the horrible “you have my permission” is another attempt to set himself up as a some strange teacher framing.

    I honestly thought at the first moments of the video the models were edited in. (but when you see the blinking and disgust it is clear they are not). Also notice how the still of the video shows the models way more having fun than the actual video. Gotta love those promotional shots.

    Of course if you already believe he is some sort of super pua teacher, this video is pretty bad for you. Reinforces his frames of him being the master, and you needing to pay for shit. Seeing as he has only 3,5k subs, and this video only has 1k views. (For a video out 1 year already). I don’t think a lot of people are biting.

    Somebody even called him out on his BS in the comments: “Yes, use paid sites to finance the salary of operators of fake profiles.”

  12. This kind of analysis is actually pretty useful. Just like you need to know what to do, you should also know what not to do. I like watching each set, writing down my own notes, and then comparing my observations to yours. Consistency would mean I’ve got a strong mental model on this, and any hole in my analysis gets patched up with your observations and a visual reference to really pin down what not to do.

    This video made me realize that perhaps I put in a little too much rapport laughter myself. I do it consciously so a woman who immediately likes me feels that I’m attainable for her, and I’m certainly not as bad as this guy, but occasionally I have felt a little weird about it in my gut and now there’s a lot more clarity on this.

    Thanks a lot Nick, perhaps you could make a business of analyzing other Youtuber’s infields and selling them $1 a set. I can’t imagine it would take much time, nor do I know how many other than myself are interested in buying it, but your opinions and observations are worth paying for.

    – TR

  13. Similar set up to Richard ‘Gambler’. Although he might be talented?
    No infields as far as I remember [Draw your own conclusions from lack of any evidence in all these years. K.]

    • Cassell is utterly cringeworthy …I actually think he may be suffering from some form of psychosis. I had to watch through my hands it was so bad, the vacuous braggadocio that he brings is just awful and I have to give credit to the girls for taking this idiocy so well.

      His business angle of pitching to the ‘elite’, promoting high end restaurants and nightclubs, is odd. Those who are actually ‘elite’ IMO don’t need to and probably shouldn’t be doing daygame. Part of the attraction of daygame is you can traverse social networks which are otherwise unavailable to you and you are able to be judged on the merits of your look, personality and charisma on the street rather than any social positioning / back story. The disadvantage is that you cant physically show women the great lifestyle, power, money etc. you may have … so why on earth would a worn out balding, pot bellied hedge fund manager in the city want to approach a 20 year old girl in the street under cassell’s tutelage? The guy would be dropping the one advantage he gained after 20 years of 15 hours grind a day.

      On a technical point, its the first time I’ve heard you mention the term ‘rapport laughter’ (haven’t seen in any of your books either from memory). I assume you think some laughter is natural and normal especially if coming from being self amused and wonder when you feel it crosses into ‘rapport laughter’ and why is this necessarily a bad thing? [Rapport laughter is about submission not amusement. It’s what underlings do when they pitch an idea to the boss that they aren’t sure of. It’s like a dog showing his belly after defeat. K.]


      • If you’re a hedge fund manager and want to approach at all, you’re retarded. If you do daygame, you’re twice so. Imagine you make $10,000 a day as a hedge fund manager, which is roughly $1000/h. The opportunity cost of approaching is so high that it’s cheaper to have threesomes with the hottest high class escorts in Europe. You can buy so much cocaine with a day’s work to keep a harem of teenage sluts high for a whole weekend. lol. Why would you approach if it’s about sex? [I know a few rich guys who cold approach. Until you’ve done it, you can’t understand the buzz it gives or the sense of accomplishment when you pull off a quality lay. Banging escorts is like paying people to give you compliments. K.]

    • hold on a minute, K. why dont you just ask steve jabba how good richard gambler is? he knows the truth, [I already know the answer. Ask him yourself. K.]

      • @ old oligarch .. I think you need to bear the following in mind, remember there are diminishing marginal returns to almost everything. Therefore the first $1m means a lot, the next $1m less so and so on. Therefore the (net) opportunity cost to making more and more increases (as it is inversely related to the diminishing marginal return). In reality though most hedge fund managers work insane hours (they cannot adjust amount they work to take account of opportunity costs), I’m talking about from 7am to 9pm every day, sometimes working till late night ~1am. Its not a choice, it is expected by the owner as part of the conditions of work. Unlike other jobs such as say being a hospital consultant, you don’t get to take it easy with your high status, unless you reach the very top and actually run your hedge fund at which you are tearing your hair out as your own money is at work in the fund as well and the markets like to make a fool out of everyone as much as possible (analogy to girls here actually)!

        On hiring escorts, its not the same as a real sex or in a broader sense a relationship. Its essentially buying someone’s body for a limited time. You will get the physical act of sex but without any emotional content. You also miss the warmth and enjoyment of a relationship beyond sex. Its a vacuous experience for men with no other option. [Correct. I’ve met several dozen hedge fund managers through my finance work. Generally I have a high opinion of them: intelligent, dedicated, wise, in shape, personable. They are also almost without exception higher-beta. I’ve seen the photos of their girlfriends on their desks. At best, they marry up with whichever office secretary was prettiest. Rarely above a 7. Fantastic success in a career does not translate into success with women. K.]

  14. I think he’s good with the ladies as he’s a handsome, rich guy. Chilled out vibe too.
    He probably doesn’t need to do daygame tbh😁

  15. These analyses of bad game are really helpful. Thanks. Keep being a horrible bastard.

    • Yad was literally gaming 10 hours a day I admire his commitment to get good but not many people have that kind of time in a day.

  16. this johnny cassell guy is cringeworthy.

    in both vids he comes across as a halfwit. in the first vid he says “free online dating has the most monfly (monthly) searches in google”

    WTF kind of english is that?
    do people actually watch these videos and decide they wanna be like that guy?

    i’m appalled.

    my game is leaps ahead of this buffoon, and he is making a living from this? makes me realize how bad most (almost all) men must have it, so thanks, i guess

  17. This dude has absolutely horrible game – but the thing is it’s not really any worse than 99% of dudes out there. The fact he has the balls to do a street stop automatically puts him into PUA coach territory with noobs.

    I think watching really bad game videos like this , and then seeing somebody like Krauser who is actually good at street game break it down and show why it’s horrible is actually very valuable. Then after go and watch some Krauser videos and compare/contrast. You can learn a lot that way.

  18. Always enjoying those post. Thanks for the analysis. The master doing what he does the best. It’s good that you expose those frauds. Much love from Canada.

  19. Ed and Daniel Blake do get laid, but have ripped you the fuck off imo.
    Both were doing this for long periods of time with pretty much no success when they stumbled upon your material and incorporated some genuinely arrractive behaviours that work. Feel they should give you a shout out because you can quite clearly see they’re not that bright and it’s a massive testament to the London Daygame Model that socially inept, slightly odd guys can apply some proven game and get laid! Not as regularly as people viewing their YouTube videos would imagine though.

    Although they’ve kind of ripped you off, they’re harmless guys personality wise.
    Not slimy like Michael V. who although I don’t know much about always gives of a vibe of smug superiority. Haven’t warmed to him at all and I generally have a good antenna for untrustworthiness. He’s got shit loads of subscribers though so I might be wrong. Who knows. [I still haven’t reached an opinion on them. On the one hand, I respect anyone who has endured the multi-year grind and emerged with solid LDM skills – even more so when they post the evidence on YouTube. Both Ed and Daniel run the model with a high degree of competence. It’s much harder than it looks. On the other hand, they are shamelessly ripping off my material and passing it off as their own, uncredited. You can actually see on Daniel’s channel the moment that he bought Overkill – the style suddenly changes from Mastery to Overkill. So….. I dunno. Mixed feelings. K.]

    • Michael Valmont is running GLGG simple as that it’s completely pointless that this guy is even teaching this stuff same as Janka. As for Daniel Blake the guy comes across like he’s actually retarded can barely string a sentence together and pulls weird facial expressions he’s just a really weird guy how he gets laid with decent looking chicks is beyond me.

    • I have no idea who these guys are but I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with coaching your material provided they give credit and prescribe Mastery as recommended reading, you no longer make money from coaching so they aren’t competing directly and I’m sure the extra book sales would be welcome. That said I learnt a very large slice of my game from Mastery and didn’t need to pay for anybody to coach it.

  20. As this post is titled “London Daygame Buffoons #1” I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series, for entertainment and educational purposes.

  21. I’ve enjoyed your last couple of posts a lot, the way you’ve broken down the above is very insightful into what really goes into becoming a top notch gamer , the note’s on the rapport building laugh and specially the lack of assumption stacking is very valuable. For me seeing the lack of the assumption stacking not being done has been more powerful then seeing an execution of assumption stacking. This is a lacking point I feel in my game that i will work on. Your above format also for me has showed me the power of pre-recording your own infields and analyzing them using the above format.

    Real Good stuff, looking forward to your next post. PS your twitter something to be avoided like the plague, near the level of daily mail

  22. It’s really simple, all a coach needs to provide is evidence that they have/are fucking hot girls. HOTTER THAN THEMSELVES!
    No excuses.
    If you wanna charge money you have to step up to the plate.
    Infields are the most staightforward simple way of showcasing this. I’m not saying you need to be uploading one every week but a few different examples of picking up girls on the street/shops with some date audio if filming is not possible is all that’s needed.
    Anyone who’s trustworthy has done this. All the other guys (berba, yad, Chris murphy and countless others I’m sure ) have not. There’s a reason they haven’t.

    Because they can’t.

  23. Plus good looking guy game doesn’t count. There’s no game needed. It’s ridiculou.
    Daniel Blake’s last video proves this, as imo he didn’t need to do 80% of what he did. Yes girls are yes for a reason. Because you have what they want immediately.

    Rant over

  24. I think you are right to expose the charlatans out there. A lot of students are at a personal low and see the pick-up guru as a last resort. To be given duff advice and left ripped off makes it only worse. In a profession which is not monitored students have to be very careful whom they select as their mentor. They should also remember that real success comes down to practice.

  25. The disgusting thing is not his game, but is beta-bragging for a skill he doesn’t possess and the fact that he positions himself as a teacher. Usually, the more adjectives they give themselves “M-Pua”, “elite player”, “dating expert”, the more they suck. Anyways, posting stuff about him is pointless, even if it is for shaming purposes. You’d better comment stuff about Willy Beck,Tyler, Torero and Jabba who offer more inspiration. This guy showed awful game, but you are showing major focus weaknesses as well. Instead of letting him fall into oblivion, you are actually advertising him and wasting everyone’s time.

  26. This was great. “Tall, good-looking white guy creates good first impression then progressively destroys it with horrendous uncalibrated nonsensical game.”

    Wow! I realized how I’ve messed up socially by not calibrating enough and when I’m not trying to get a lay. I need to calibrate all kinds of people. Big social breakthrough for me! Thanks!

    You inspired me to create a new maxim: Always be calibrating.

    I’ve been trying to instill the habit of always having a good time and bringing the party with me wherever I go. Now I need to add that I always need to be calibrating, too. For autists, this is quite difficult to do and stay in the moment. I’ll have to develop a work-around and that will require some cogitating.

    Thanks, Mr. Krauser.

  27. Nick, a while back you wrote a post called daygame allstars, were you credited Yad to have very good game, based on having coaching with him, why has your opinion changed of him? [1. This was 2011, when I was more susceptible to smoke and mirrors; 2. Yad was better in 2011 than he is now; 3. The LDM has moved on a lot since then, so that old style is out of date; 4. Yad was very very good at hooking hot girls and getting a number. It wasn’t until later that I realised getting them that way pretty much guarantees you never fuck them. K.]

  28. A few words on Berba, based upon what I can see online. Berba’s weaknesses include

    – repeatedly complimenting the girl about her “good english” before the hook point (he’s giving away validation for free)

    – bad posture (he’s leaning in too much, probably due to the fact that he’s tall)

    – too many jokes, kills sexual tension

    – stupid questions (where are you from? what’s the name of your cat? seems to ignore the attraction phase)

    – Stubbornly reinforcing the chick’s ego by delivering unnecessary compliments and getting nothing in return dureing the whole set (this one is so bad I don’t even know where to begin it. Seems like the basic notion of push/pull is completely alien to him)

    Berba’s strenghts

    – Solid eye contact

    – Genuine glimpses of humour

    – Relentless opening

    – Lots of comfort, makes you want him to be your best friend (might be a problem in game)

  29. In regards to this Johnny Cassell clown anyone who’s done at least 2,000 daygame sets will see with clarity that he’s probably never daygamed in his life. Whats more disturbing is this ‘fronting’ nonsense he showcases. That may be enough to dupe the dappy club tarts but as you pointed out in one of your previous posts Krauser there’s a moment on a date where a high value woman reads the real you and in his sorry ass case will be left disgusted. And rightly so.

  30. I never saw this Johnny Cassell before, thankfully. He does seem like an inauthentic clown who is putting on a performance trying to play the part of a suave Casanova. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have it. Having said that, I don’t think it’s fair to compare Johnny Berba to this Johnny Cassell guy. Johnny Berba at least comes off as his authentic self, and he doesn’t look like a tool who is trying to act impressive. If people haven’t noticed already, you can’t both *try* to be impressive and actually *be* impressive at the same time.

    I think Johnny Berba is doing some great work. Technique is definitely important in game, as Krauser stresses, but it’s also important for guys to develop a self-knowledge and a self-love for themselves, which is something Berba has been emphasizing of late. You can pile all of the daygame techniques you want onto a guy, and he can shag a load of women, but he will still be unhappy at the end of the day if he doesn’t know and love himself. That might sound all airy fairy, but it’s true. Chasing tail alone will not result in long-term happiness.

    Finally, I don’t think we can say for sure that Berba isn’t having good success with women. He seems upfront and honest and has admitted he has bad and good days. Perhaps his member area has same-day lay evidence. It’s also possible Berba doesn’t believe it’s necessary or ethical to show girls who have actually made it into his bedroom. I’m quite confident from the YouTube videos already available from Berba that he is having a decent success with daygame. In fact, I would venture to say that if Torero, Krauser, and Berba were to approach the same number of sets in a certain city over a long period of time, Berba would do just as well or maybe even better than Krauser or Torero, in my humble opinion. [Give it another 1000 sets and you’ll learn to see the difference. K.]

    • Yes, Berba is trying to teach something else on top of game, from what I can gather its a mixture of dealing with ones problems, past traumas, how to be positive even with a negative backstory etc. There probably is a place for this as most of the guys I’ve seen in the London pickup scene are damaged and have deep problems (95% of LSS). The false logic at work in them pursuing pickup seems to be: ‘if I can get a hot girl to like me it must mean I’m ok’. They are in the wrong place for their future happiness. They would be better served in trying to improve their lives across the board and perhaps through CBT. Whether berba is the right person to help with these issues is another question. I really don’t know. However, to be fair, a guy teaching game is there to teach game … just as if you went to leant French cooking you’d expect be taught how to make a soufflé, not how to play tennis.

      On your forecast of Berba having the same success as Krauser / Torero on approaching a large number of sets it would make for a fascinating experiment. However, it would be very difficult to understand the results as you realise that ‘game’ is just one variable in a multifactor model (and probably a less important variable than others) so to separate out who has the best game would be very difficult indeed. In addition, the women would all have slightly different preferences so to negate this variability you would need to do a very large amount of sets across different geographies, social classes, ages and so on. As aside these are the very same difficulties which create the confusion which allows the scammers to prosper.

      This is the model as I see it …

      Success with women = Looks + Underlying personality + Lifestyle + Game

      These can be further broken down into sub variables so …

      Looks = Facial structure, Physique, Racial profile, Age

      Underlying personality = Emotional makeup, Emotional intelligence, Introvert/Extrovert, Knowledge, Skills

      Lifestyle = Job/Business, Social position, Hobbies and Interests

      Game = Understanding of real male / female dynamics, Pickup skills and techniques

      On going even further in detail to explain what seem like ‘strange’ observations, the ‘Game’ variable and ‘Success with women’, are not linearly related (through my own subjective observation). The more game you have, the less effect it will produce (IOW there are diminishing marginal returns to having game). So … a guy who has all the other variables sorted to a ‘normal’ level, who has no game whatsoever will see little to sporadic success with women. However, after learning a bit of game he would see a leap in his results (a few dates, get laid a couple of times). Getting even better he would generate higher quality interactions with more frequency, but fine tuning his game to a very high level would produce only slightly better results to that of a guy with very good game.

      Its also important to note that there is multicollinearity between the variables. It is assumed through what I believe is wishful thinking by many in the pickup community that these are all only positive, ie more game will produce better results in lifestyle, job/business etc. However as Krauser (& Bodi PUA) have discussed on a podcast there is sadly an effect where the more game you do, the more everything else actually suffers (explained as willpower being depleted through the act of cold approaching women and running game). So at a higher level you may actually be negating some effect of ‘elite’ game by destroying Hobbies and Interests, Job/Business, Social position (through loss of old friends etc.).

      Apologies for the length and perhaps boring nature of (statistical) discussion .. but I think this is the only way to explain certain issues well. [Mindwank recognised and approved. K.]

  31. Hi, Zatra. I also appreciated that mindwank. I enjoy talking about how to improve with women. It’s also interesting to see the various approaches and schools of thought. By the way, I didn’t mean to be extremely negative towards Nick. I’ve purchased two of his books, and I’m an avid reader of his blog and listener to his podcasts.

    Back to Johnny Berba for a moment: I think we can all agree that social anxiety in the form of approach anxiety is the main thing that prevents men from approaching women in the first place. I think Berba provides a real service to his clients by addressing these deeper issues with men that make them feel like there is something wrong, improper, scary, etc., about approaching a woman on the street. Again, before you worry about specific daygame techniques, I think it’s important to address the underlying issues that might prevent a guy from fully appreciating or implementing daygame techniques. A guy who dislikes himself and who is afraid to express his opinion to men and his parents for fear of judgment is going to have a hell of a hard time doing daygame on hot girls where the social pressure is really turned up. Moreover, if you watch Berba’s videos, he does talk about good eye contact, good posture, leading an interaction, plowing, etc., so Berba does include a fair amount of instruction on technique in his teaching.

    In my mind, I am always trying to distill the essence or broad principles of what works for those who are good with women. In general, it seems that the primary attractive quality or greatest part of a man’s SMV is how highly-invested he is in himself. Basically, a woman is going to find a man who doesn’t give a shit what other people think of him to be very attractive, all things being equal. The highly-invested man will freely give his opinion, do whatever he feels his right, not follow the herd, etc. Of course, looks, money, status, sense of humor, etc., also play a part in a man’s SMV.

    I am 38 and only slightly better than average looking and am experiencing a decent amount of success in attracting and dating girls in the range of 18-22 without a great amount of effort. I don’t run the London Daygame Model on the street very often because I am able to meet more than enough girls in my very social job (bartending) and social life (meetup groups, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, etc.) While I don’t run the model on the street very often, I still examine my own way of doing things and how I can improve. I’ve found that I am essentially using the three main elements of the model when I meet girls in the course of my normal daily life: attraction, rapport, and escalation. I’m extremely flirtatious without apology (attraction), good with chit chat (rapport), and am usually able to pull the trigger when the time is right to push things forward (escalation). I mention all of this not because I’m some great player but because I think the elements of the LDM can be applied to various different situations and in various different ways and still result in success. Throughout the centuries, guys who have been very good with women have been good with attraction, rapport, and escalation—even though there was no formal model explaining what was happening. (By the way, I quickly lose interest in young American girls because they usually are extremely boring and vapid. In fact, many of them are downright insufferable with their feminist brainwashing, obsession with social media, lack of interest in anything apart from their cell phone, etc. At this point in my life, I would rather connect with a fairly-decent looking girl in her late 20’s or 30’s who is intelligent, honest, and psychologically healthy. Chasing young tail, while fun at times, has lost a lot of its appeal.)

    Bringing this back to Johnny Berba again: While Berba might not focus on strict techniques, the essential elements of attraction, rapport, and escalation, as with all good seducers, seems to be present in his game. Regarding attraction, Berba is good at maintaining eye contact, delivering a direct opener, and even telling a girl to “Shush” if she interrupts him when talking. Regarding rapport, we all know that Berba is good at chit chat. Regarding escalation, Berba provides several kiss-close videos on his site, and I have no reason to believe that if he can carry that off, he can also manage to carry things further in at least getting a fair amount of women into the bedroom.

    Finally, I am mentioning all of this because it is a very important general truth, I think, that a self-loving and self-invested man who is good with women will be able to generate a fair amount of success without running a highly-technical game. In a way, the man highly-invested in himself like Berba can use wide latitude in applying attraction, rapport, and escalation and almost transcend specific techniques. For example, I began a successful approach with a girl at Starbucks a few months ago by giving a cheeky and playful tug on her ponytail from behind as she was standing in front of me in line. While this method was not a strong daygame approach from the front, it still was still strong because I did something playful, unexpected, and confident without giving a shit what other people think of me. Again, this kind of man and mindset are ultimately what is most attractive, not any specific technique. While technique is important, I still maintain the most important thing is building self-knowledge and self-love because that will make applying techniques much easier and eventually allow a guy to move beyond a rigid technique-based game.

    Thanks for letting me post this, Nick. Best wishes to all of you in the New Year!

  32. Ok, so I will use the model I proposed above to explain what I think is going on with our friend Berba.

    Looks … he is actually a tall, fairly good looking English guy in his mid 30s (~ optimum age). He scores a 7/10.

    Underlying personality … in a fairly short interaction its difficult for a girl to access in a street stop (I have met more weird girls than I would like because of this very factor) … he comes across somewhat uncalibrated but a girl may forgive him to some extent if she thinks he is under stress approaching her in the street (little does she know that this is his full time job). Score with high degree of potential variability but somewhere mid-ranging say 5/10 for lack of calibration / slightly erratic behaviour and conversation.

    Lifestyle … he hides his job/business, hobbies and interests through a mixture of evasion and deflection. The truth will emerge down the line but on a street stop he can get away with it. This behaviour also specifically undermines his claim to be totally honest, authentic etc. Question mark here as far as the girl is concerned.

    Game … this is the most interesting one in Berba’s case. Although he claims not to be a pickup artist and so on and so forth, he undoubtedly uses various elements of pickup in his infields .. specifically he approaches an (awful) lot (putting the law of large numbers in his favour), he’s pretty direct (most men apart from true alphas would never dream about being direct), he leads (through the conversation .. often cutting the girls thread and replacing with his own question etc.), he teases / self amuses (he was also from what I understand always quite a funny guy), he often likes to talk about his mum (“my mum wouldn’t like me saying this”) .. for the old school pickup crowd this was called ‘being a protector of loved ones’ .. even krauser has an equivalent in mastery with “my mother warned me about … “, he tells mini stories to create rapport (not quite my cup of tea but he does it in some form regardless), he qualifies the girl (your a lovely girl etc…) again done in a simplistic way, but he always seems to do it, finally he closes quite hard. Whatever he may claim … he is running game. It may be simplistic, messy and rough around the edges … but its still game. Score 6/10.

    Overall then .. lets say on those variables he is scoring a 7/5/?/6. Using some back of envelope cowboy maths … it averages out at 6, which is what he probably ends up with, a 6/10 girl.

    Thomas.. it sounds like you are trying to create what in the sciences would be called a ‘general theory’. This is obviously smart as the various schools of game are based on Special cases. Mystery Method originated to deal with LA club girls in Hollywood who were probably trying to snag a C list celebrity (& Mystery although a genius who worked out much of what we now call game, seemed to suffer from low self esteem which distorted his paradigm on women and relationships). Krausers model (itself a special case of LDM) originated to talk to foreign girls, usually tourists, in specific parts of central London and seems to have also crossed over into use on ‘Eurojaunts’ (I think he would agree on this from his own disclaimers in books). If you use the LDM, with the nationality assumption where I live in North London on a typical English girl she is going to think you are slightly mad … so you have to draw out certain useful principles and adapt them to the situation you are in. It sounds to me that you are actually successfully doing social circle game (with a kicker of bar tender game … or what I will henceforth refer to as ‘Tequila Sunrise game’ (officially Zatara patented .. where’s blasted Richard Ruina when you need him?.. so I can monetise this new method through some aggressive emarketing!). The most difficult thing in my opinion about doing cold approach in the street is establishing trust in the comfort stage (although coaches always say don’t worry about this as you know how to do it anyway) … because the girl doesn’t know you and her self preservation switch can flick on causing her to cut the interaction / flake even if she is attracted to you … this should be somewhat reduced in your case.

  33. Zatara,

    I pretty much agree with your analysis. I’ve done cold approaches on the street, but I find it’s just much easier to move things along with a girl if I already know her from work, from meetup groups, frequenting a restaurant, etc. Some of these girls who I’ve moved things along with have given me IOI’s, so sometimes it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t feel bad about this because I’m working smart and carving out a niche that works for me. Again, my looks are average or maybe only a little above average at best, but I use my ability to shamelessly banter and flirt to my advantage. A lot of guys here in the United States are incapable of carrying out any sort of flirty or interesting conversation with a girl, so I probably seem pretty advanced just by the fact that I’m showing up and doing my part as a man by approaching, flirting, and escalating. I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly outstanding from a technical standpoint.

    Moreover, the funny part is that I am an intense loner by nature, and social circle game is not really something I enjoy doing. I can go out and be very socially adept, but I find it to be tiring and not particularly fun. I’d much rather be alone with my books, my laptop, and my ideas. I do the bartending job because it offers me a fair amount of money and plenty of free time to do whatever the hell I want, which is what I value most in life. My family thinks I’m nuts for working such a “crappy” job when I’m qualified for much more prestigious work, but they don’t realize that my free time is more important to me than climbing some corporate ladder or being a slave to some firm I could give two shits about.

    In any event, my goal for 2016 is to massively step up my number of cold approaches on the street, in coffee shops, malls, etc. Daytime cold approach is really where the rubber meets the road, and I want to push myself to realize my fullest potential. Best of luck to you!

    • How do you manage to earn “fair money” in bartending? In the UK its a job usually taken by students, immigrants getting a foothold, or as a second job as it pays minimum wage (+ tips) and that too for odd hours here and there. If you are an introvert & don’t like socialising isn’t a noisy social atmosphere as a bartender a nightmare? Admittedly I draw my knowledge from this source:

      On what you said regarding wanting to shift to daygame, it may seem like the grass is greener on the other side, but the main advantage of daygame vs. club game/social circle etc. comes down to the sheer number and variety of sets you can approach. This is useful if (1) you aren’t particularly good looking (but not unattractive either) to find a few yes girls and some maybe girls who you can engage with (2) you have a large appetite for sleeping with women and want to take advantage of anonymity offered (3) you want to meet women outside the context you live in, so for instance you like Russian girls but live in N London like me.

      It has a lot of downsides which aren’t discussed frequently as vested commercial interests (PUA companies) don’t want to put off all the (desperate) guys looking for a magic pill. Its time consuming, destroys other parts of your life (mentioned above), you aren’t screening women well before engaging them (haven’t heard this mentioned anywhere although it should be, it’s particularly dangerous for inexperienced and venerable men as you will meet women along the way who are either just weird, manipulative and / or want to use you in some way .. some women can be very bad news indeed), has a low success rate for a given sample of women (I believe Krauser said his lay rate per 100 women is 2.5%. Mine is ~ the same at 2/100 although we are comparing apples to oranges from the argument I laid out above), it takes a lot of time and (correct) practise to build your game and you find just like in sport that there is diminishing marginal returns between practise & results, as well as an upper cap to the results you can ever achieve (because if you broadly agree with the model I proposed most of the variables are fixed and game has diminishing marginal returns. This is why I say that the best game in the world can at best raise your SMV by a couple of points. A typical guy in game who is a 4/5 in Looks, Underlying Personality and Lifestyle is not going to be able to hook up with 8s/9s/10s no matter how good their game).

  34. Zatara,

    Thankfully, I lucked out and was able to find a bartending job at an upscale venue that specializes in weddings, business dinners, etc. When you add the decent hourly wage and tips together, it comes out to be enough money for me. The nice thing about this gig is that there is a steady stream of beautiful women all dressed up walking through the door 12 months of the year, and when these girls want a drink, they have to talk to me. My co-workers are always giving me shit about flirting with the customers, taking numbers, etc. Of course, a lot of these girls end up flaking, as girls are prone to do in lots of situations, but here and there, I will get one to date for awhile. I’m not really much into one-night stands at this point in time or long-term relationships, so the casual dating that lasts for a few months or a year works fine for me.

    I realize cold approach daygame is an intense grind, but I feel I have to do it more to improve myself. There are two situations that still make me too nervous for my own liking: public speaking and doing cold approach on the street. If I’m not comfortable in these social situations, it means that I still have not totally let go of my ego and that I still allow the opinions of others to determine how I act and feel about myself. I want to be as internally-referenced and socially free as I can be. I want my sense of self-love to be determined solely through how *I* feel about myself, not how others react to me when I approach them or do public speaking for them. In many ways, cold approach daygame is just as much about a man seducing and building himself up as it is about finding birds to bang. 🙂

  35. i find myself comming back to this page again and again, its the best you’ve ever done… please do more london baffoon stuff… id love you to break down a yad video the way you’ve done this one

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  37. Johnny is proper scum bag. He was trying to hard sell a one to one coaching for 30 grand to a partially blind guy. Promising him he would be dating models within 12 months.

    Lets be real here ?. Which model is going to date or have a relationship with a partially blind guy who is jobless and lives on benefits ?.

    He even had the cheek of telling this blind gentleman to get a loan from the bank. [He deserves to be lynched for that. Such people are literally enemies of society. K.]

  38. I met this joker in a club in green park an he attempted to get me to buy him a drink *cheeky cunt* he was saying he’d show me the secrets of Pua that only the top guys knew..I was fucking pissing myself by the end,
    Total fucking retard

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