I bang my first 26 year old Ukranian shop girl

December 17, 2015

Girls like to put up defences and reward the man sufficiently determined and strong to smash them into rubble. It’s a game and they know full well what’s going on. I’ve had girls resist like hellcats and then thank me afterwards. Bitches be crazy.

Here’s the great man Dennis Wheatley on the Russian mind:

Back then, "red pill" was called "wisdom"

Back then, “red pill” was called “wisdom”

Now that I’d kissed her, this girl was revved up. She sent me a few goodnight messages intimating that she was hot and horny now. I knew I’d fuck her, the question was just whether it would be this trip or if I’d have to wait till next spring. Hardly ideal, but it’s very little effort to keep pinging a girl on WhatsApp when she’s playing along.

After a comfortable back and forth, time-pressure forced me to put her on the spot and I tell her its my last night in town. She wants to meet but things get a bit clusterfucked as you’ll see. There’s no way I was going into her frame to join her friends. Reading between the lines I don’t think she was trying to tool me or frame-snatch, it was simply a tight schedule and a big step for her. I hold my ground.

Kiev bird 1

While this 9pm chat was progressing I was sitting in Divan bar having a “last night of trip” beer with my travel buddy. We were starving. I ordered some dumplings and soup and – no joking – I was genuinely torn between dating this girl and waiting for my food. It didn’t feel like a dead-cert lay and I was just tired of Kiev and tired of girls. As far as I was concerned, 2015 was done. My mind was consumed by thoughts of Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V.

This zero-fucks-given attitude is both a blessing and a curse. On the downside it leads me to let all but my most compliant leads wither and die, and thus depresses my lay count. On the upside, I don’t want to be a man who begs for pussy so it’s nice to have strong boundaries. As I was sitting in Divan sipping beer, it felt 50/50 that she’d come out and 50/50 if I’d agree to meet her.

Kiev bird 2

A player must always be ready to switch up his gameplan. Girls will give off a vibe and you can learn the difference between “not tonight” and “take your chance, big boy”. When I met this girl outside Divan all of the alarms were buzzing. Take her home! Pull the trigger!

Something in the context of the previous date and messages.
Something in the way she folded and ditched her friends.
Something about meeting at 10pm without an agreed date plan.
Something in her lazy walk and heavy-lidded eyes.
Something in her falling in step beside me and not even asking where we were going.

“Do you like wine?” I asked as we turned the first corner and walked in front of a supermarket.
“Yes, I’d like wine” she says.

I had a bottle of red at home but it was corked. There was no corkscrew.

So I was going to buy a twist-capped bottle and walk her home. The only problem is everywhere was closed. The big supermarket was locked up so I walk her five minutes up to the McDonalds which has a 24/7 store…. which is closed for next thirty minutes while they cash up. The only other off licence I know is outside my apartment and already closed at 10pm.


Decision time. Do I suggest a drink in a bar and risk losing momentum? No. Her vibe is screaming “take me home now”. She doesn’t say so, as her style from the moment I met her was always about me leading her and choosing my moments of escalation wisely. Okay, it was an easy decision.

“I’ve got a bottle of red in my apartment.”

I’ll solve the corkscrew problem somehow, I thought. She came in, I put on some music, and she opened the wine by sticking a spoon in the cork and hammering it down into the bottle. Great. Ten minutes of tension and I make the move.

It was a smooth, easy escalation. No LMR. I had her shirt off while we sat on the sofa, then when she straddled me I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Smash, bang.

It was fantastic sex. She’s a gym junkie so her body is tight and hard. She grabbed me with unexpected strength, clawing and biting me. It felt like wrestling John Cena. I smashed her thoroughly, like a refugee neighbour’s windows. Then after showering she fell asleep with her head on my chest.

This girl is a lesson in greyhoundology. They are frequently like this:

  • poised and in control of themselves
  • auditioning you in your totality as a man, rather than just r-selection
  • expect a controlled and skilled seduction
  • usually want The Rub
  • Once you get them to the “okay, he can fuck me” stage, they completely surrender and you wonder how they ever seemed so difficult.

It was a fitting finale to my 2015 Euro season. Smoking hot, smart, and totally into me. I plan to keep her around.

The smell of victory

The smell of victory


  1. good man! one for the score sheet! 😉

  2. Shades of Marina Palmer in her autobiographical “Kiss and Tango” fondly recalling her previous night’s session and happily wondering if she might have suffered a broken rib. The guy was broke – she had to pay for gas, hotel, and coca-cola via room service, he was direct, uncaring, near violent, and her best lover ever.

    • lol, I met her years ago in Buenos Aires — it was after she’d already written the book and she looked to be in her early 40s and frankly rather worse for the wear, though her personality was pleasant enough. She had an extremely beta American boyfriend (I could sense this at the time even though I’d never heard of Game) at the time who was probably ten years younger than her, good-looking enough but utterly lacking in charisma — probably no longer able to attract the kind of dudes she wrote about in the book.

    • Good stuff. Going thru something similar and need to note these posts as reference.
      I can recommendthe book The Irresistible Mr. Wrong about Rubirosa. Very good read and at one stage Zsa Zsa Gabor says ‘if a man hits you…that means he lives you’.


    I bet this was going though your mind the whole time 😀

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading these three posts. What struck me as a point worth reiterating is how the average guy is simply not getting laid with hot women. The amount of sophisticated social intelligence needed to navigate your way into a greyhound’s panties as demonstrated here is simply not available to the average man – even if he were attractive and confident, he still would fail. Unless she found him so unbelievably attractive (or came with bucketloads of pre-selection) that she was willing to forgive him for certain failings in his seduction attempts. If this had been the average man, she would have been bombarded with “hows you xxx” texts and an insufferable compliance that would have put him out of the running very early on. The other side of the coin is the man who would have simply given up early on (and I include myself in this category).

    Good work.

    • @Chris: Two texts I use. I think I picked them up from DayGame Mastery and have incorporated them and adopted them:

      “Let’s meet up”

      This produces an instant response of yes or no.

      The Second is the “Push” text: “OK you’re busy I understand”. I use this one sparingly but it does surface interest right away or indicates disinterest.

  5. Great post. I’ve had very similar situations. There’s a difference between a blow off and interest. I see how she wants to meet but wants you to do all the work in getting her out: first she’s with friends, then busy, then can’t remember the time.

    I’ve been in this exact situation. Leave it a bit and they always open back up.

    I just had a situation where a girl I met online has Sunday free. She can’t confirm. She confirms. Then she tries to change the time. I finally say basically: if you can’t meet, no problem, i’ll make other plans: “Why you like this?” She asks. I tell her. I have very limited time so I will make other plans if you’re busy. “Ok, I tell my friend I can’t help her.” There it is. Similar to your situation—a bunch of hurdles she wants ME to help her eliminate before she agrees to come over. Come over=bang. I’m now moving into comfort: “how’s your day?” kind of crap then a tease…then “See you soon”….to keep the flame alive. Over-gaming will make the fact we’ve set it up to bang too obvious. Thanks again for the break down of this escapade.

  6. FYI if you’re ever stuck in a wine corking situation again, this really works. (But practice before you do it in company because it has a slight learning curve.)

    How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe.

  7. Congratulations dude, the text game is mastery. [Thanks boss. K.]

  8. Mate you break it down like no other. Nice one

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