I might bang my first 26yr-old Ukranian shop girl – Part Two

December 5, 2015

An intermediate player spends a lot of his time learning how to blow the love-bubble and prevent it bursting. From the moment you stop a girl on the street you have to induce her to talk to you, to enjoy it, and to let you lead her forwards. That’s a real skill if she hasn’t already decided to fuck you – which for us normal men means 95%+ of girls (and all the hotter ones). If you take her on an idate the bubble stays blown ever longer but there’ll come a point where you have to either pull her home, or take a number. Assuming the latter, the bubble bursts and she’s going to wake up tomorrow morning to her normal life. The subsequent texting (or lack of it) will clue you in to what she really wants. If she responds well you’ve got a Day 2 coming up and the bubble gets re-blown.

You can only fuck the girl when she’s in the bubble.

That’s why I say the first message after the bubble bursts is the most important one. How does she respond to your feeler text after the street stop? How does she respond to your ping the day after the idate/Day 2? That’s the single best piece of data to gauge her interest. The medium is the message. Good signs are:

  • Fast reply (either by clock-time, or by a busy girl responding soon after her first available break)
  • Long reply
  • Smiley faces
  • Unsolicited information
  • Playing along to your conversation thread

So with that in mind what do you think of this girl’s next day post-burst response?

You can open this bigger on a new tab

You can open this bigger on a new tab

I call it a good one. She remained a Suspicious On but she’s closer to Yes after the first date than she was before it. She’s had a good look at me and is willing to stick around for another dance. My gut was telling me not to rush it and not be too available because for all the positive signs, she’d rejected the kiss attempt. I’d do better to just patiently keep things going, drop in a little value but avoid banter and studiously avoid asking her out again for a few days. This would recover some frame and show I’m not entirely sold. Make her chase a little, or at least wonder why I’m not chasing harder. She needs to know she’s got to get her steps right too, it’s not all one-way traffic. *

It’s not until four days later that I invite her out. It didn’t take any willpower on my part to hold out because I was enjoying my street game and had other leads which looked brighter than her. She rebuffed that invite and I didn’t ask again so you can see she’s keeping the momentum alive and doesn’t want me to drop off the hook. When I don’t ask a second time she starts chasing. I start to feel like I’m reeling her in.

Kiev bird post pre day 3

Any time she’s chasing, let her come. Don’t snatch the reins and start leading. You’ll see I just hold my ground – polite, keeping it alive, but not trying to move forwards. You never get this luxury on a short trip but I had time and alternate leads. When I don’t message her at all the next day she tries to rebuild the ant mound and invites me out with a specific time later that day.

She was still hard work.

Kiev bird post day 3

We had a drink in a bar and she retained her usual self-possession. Nonetheless my thinking was “she knows what I want and she came out again, so escalate” and I started walking her to an Irish bar that has darker, more secluded booths. She wasn’t having it. “I don’t want to go there” she said, but actually provided a reasonable specific rationale for why that particular pub was not suitable for her so I let it slide. She suggested some other place a couple of streets away and walked me there.

Oh dear, another frame-snatch.

That pub turned out to be a brightly-lit Italian restaurant and she wanted to eat. As has happened consistently this year, at the first silly buggers gambit I just lost all interest in her. I literally couldn’t be bothered to talk to her anymore and was fighting the urge to walk out without ordering. She said she’s hungry and ordered pizza. I ordered a beer and told myself “give her ten minutes to redeem herself, or leave”. It took mental discipline for me to stay on the date. **

She couldn’t help but notice my change of mood and started to get worried. I barely looked at her, refused a slice of her pizza, didn’t order a second beer, and mostly just gave short non-commital answers. It wasn’t a ploy – I really lost interest in her but couldn’t quite decide to leave. Halfway through her food she’d been trying hard to rebuild the mood so I softened and started talking again. With the benefit of hindsight this had been an effective push.

I told her I wanted to go to a proper bar and as we walked on to a basement hipster-twat joint *** my mood suddenly picked up. I became more talkative and the vibe was good again. We sat down in a booth, her across from me and I decided there’d be no more bullshit. She’d reached the end of the line and things would have to get overt. Slavic girls are extremely good at playing the grey area to waste your time. You’ll often have to break the vibe and get overt. Find out where you’re really at. I told her to sit next to me. She resisted then came, leaving a six inch gap between us. I moved her bag out of the way and pulled her in.

Her – “What are you doing?”
Me – “I want you to sit closer.”
Her – “Why?”
Me – “So I can touch you.”
Her – “I don’t want you to touch me.”
Me – “Why not?”
Her – *silence*

Intellectually, I had her pegged as a timewaster but my gut told me it was probably a case of The Rub. She’s a strong-minded greyhound, very pretty, and at 26 years old she’s past the stage of being whisked up on a wave of momentum. So, I gave her The Talk. Daygame Mastery has the explanation, and I phrased it something like this:

“I like you and you know what I want. Now you have to decide what you want. If you decide you just like me as a friend, that’s okay but I will walk out. I won’t be angry, but I don’t have female friends and I don’t want to be your friend. If you are sexually attracted to me and want to be more than friends, that’s great. That’s what I want too.”

She turned and said “I just like meeting you, and practicing English. We’re just friends.”

I looked her dead in the eye and said “Think very carefully before you answer……. Is that what you really want?”

She clammed up and looked into space, thinking furiously. She knew she’d run out of road and it was put-up-or-shut-up time. Obviously she was sexually attracted to me, it wasn’t a friendzone issue. This was purely about her script vs my script. She wanted me to go at her pace and jump through her hoops. I’d just told her I’d jumped through enough hoops and now it was time for her to jump through mine. Would her pride allow it? Did she like me enough to tear up her script, or at least hastily rewrite it to bring the happy ending forwards?

About five minutes passed, while I just sipped beer and watched the wall-mounted TV which played Cheburashka (that’s not embellishment, it really was that show). Then she piped up.

The rejected kiss-close face

The rejected kiss-close face

“Nick, I do like you as a man.”
“Okay, kiss me” I said and pulled her in. She resisted and I went stone cold again.
“Not here” she said. Admittedly, it was a crowded bar.
“I will kiss you tonight” I said.
“Yes, okay. Just not here.”

I knew I didn’t have the patience to sit through another hour in the bar and it was getting late so I drank up and told her I’d walk her to the bus stop. She was quite timid and quiet now. As we walked up the main street we passed what my travel buddies had termed the “Ghostbusters building” so I pointed to the staircase leading up to it.

“I’m going to kiss you there” I said and started walking her there. She followed. At the top of the stairs I pulled her in and kissed her. She went floppy for a second and then jumped me. It was like a damn bursting and she was very much into it.

Okay, so it was The Rub all along.

I was alert for any sign that she was ready to be dragged home, but she never let her crotch push into mine and never quite gave the telltale sighs, squeezes and grinds that signal “take me home now”. So I walked her up to the bus stop, gave a soft kiss goodnight and let her go.

How she felt when I kissed her

How she felt when I kissed her

* Men who can only ever fuck girls through Fools Mate are probably scratching their heads thinking “Dude, what?”

** Men with 100+ notches are probably nodding their heads at this part of the story. With the benefit of hindsight she was more “on” than I realised, she just wanted to keep the frame.

*** Divan


  1. Great sequence and great analysis. Lots to learn from here.

    In the 1st text series, “Try it))” looked like a shit test. To pass it, you had to be suspicious. The “))” was the signal that it was a shit test. Some reply like “don’t like rocky mountin oystrs” works. Obviously, you didn’t fail the test. Does this sound plausible?

    “She needs to know she’s got to get her steps right too, it’s not all one-way traffic” This is excellent stuff. (The two-way chase is in my post, Sexual Macrodynamics.)

    Gratz on an excellent push. You pinged her fear of losing you after all her time investment.

    Well done on assuming the sale with “I will kiss you tonight.” Another possibility is “I’ll let you kiss me tonight.” That takes more pushing, though.

    Gratz for getting the kiss! Gratz to her, too! (She could easily have missed out. You are the prize!)

    This broad probably wants a long chase and has some self-control. Her enthusiasm for the kiss could have been a test to see if you would push away first and make her chase you again. (I like a long chase myself. My dad, who was a womanizer, said that it was about the chase.)

    NB: about the texts…shorter is sweeter and signals that your time is dear since you were likely texting multiple girls…good grammar sends a bad signal…a few spelling errorrs coz of rushing is gud, 2…if she comments about spelling/grammar, you say that u are a bit rushed…if she asks why ur rushed u just say that she’s too nosy…if she does all that, she’s chasing hard

    Again, excellent post and well done!

  2. So much thought and analysis about some dumb cunt. I kinda admire the effort put into it, but: Who cares?

    • I’m not so much into this whole “chess game” thing you have going on. It’s a bit superficial and your txt messages seem forced and scripted. If you truly like her and she likes you then great, eventually you’ll sleep with her. If you can’t stand her and merely just want her as a sex partner then you’re just wasting everyone’s time here. She’s trying to figure out if this is just an act or not so she’s suspicious. I find that girls that KNOW you just want them for a good fuck and nothing else will get down in less than an hour. In less than 10 minutes even. But you’re not even giving off that vibe. There’s no sexuality here only fifth grade bullshit. So to her it’s either: 1. he’s trying to fool me. or 2. he really likes me. she’s trying to figure out which one. If it’s just sex you seek, you’ve already fucked it up by taking this long. [I refer you to my Fools Mate footnote. K.]

      • Right. Sorry for insulting your religion, Alpha.[A direct quote from your own blog: “the only time I felt secure enough to fuck a girl was when she was an ugly bitch”. You’re a weird gamma. You’re welcome to comment here if you drop the whiny shit. Otherwise, fuck off. K.]

      • So what, Nick? Who cares how many girls I fucked? If we meet in real life, will you have the balls to tell me that I am below you in the social hierarchy? That is the interesting question. Because I am not playing into that ‘who fucked more girls’ frame. Nevertheless, this is your place and I will respect your wish and fuck off. Enjoy your day.

  3. I am surprised you use emoticons. I have stopped and have gained better results. It keeps them guessing as to the tone. And only girls use emoticons. [Nice try. K.]

    • No emoijis? Let me guess, you must be from the States.

      • Yeah my comment seemed a bit dickish not meant to be. Girls will use emoticons any chance they get. I stopped and get better responses but I have banged about 100 girls less than Krauser so I should probably stfu.

  4. Parts one and two are a great roadmap for dealing with the Slavic Princess.

  5. Why does this girl and her demeaner /responses remind me exactly of the girl I went on a date with a year ago.

    Exact same thing, expert frame control,always wanting to snatch the frame.

    She was a pretty girl, very strong minded and only 18 but had the mind of a 30yr old it felt.

    Would you he happy to compare them?

    I’m also curious which country has these sorts of women.

  6. Krauser this is a great post. Respect for not just discussing the lay reports. This talks about how to handle the grey area many girls will fall into and how to deal with them, you got to get the message across … ‘shit or get off the pot’. I didn’t understand what you meant by “the rub’ though .. could you clarify (I have daygame mastery and it isn’t mentioned in there)? Also when she ordered pizza and you a beer how did you settle up the bill .. I hate when women suck you into a dinner date … I am more a mcdonalds man.

  7. I am a guy who often gets laid through fool’s mate but no, I don’t scratch my head when you write “she gotta get her step right too” ecc. Quite evident that chasing her hard after the rejected kiss attempt would have appeared needy. But I still think your texts are a case of over-gaming (too short responses, disappearing suddenly, ecc.) Ukrainan girls are not Polish, they are very well aware of game dynamics, and can handle it pretty well. No surprise she tried to play you back taking you to a brightly-lit restaurant and ordering food.

  8. http://freedompowerandwealth.com

    Eastern Europe girls are great – the belong to the finest among the whole female population of the world. They still have a female soul and heart and are not brainswashed into being more masculine than their spouse.

  9. Nick,
    As a follower of your blog since the beginning, I would like to special thank for this reports especially texting parts. It gave me many ideas on the topic where I fucked up many times.
    Really thanks.

  10. “Yes girls” and regulars (in that order) always have priority over the “maybe girls”. “Maybe girls”, regardless of their degree of hotness, have the lowest priority in my schedule. And that’s how I bang them. I just tend to forget about them, which forces them to chase and reveal their cards. Chasing me is the only way they have to stay on my mind. My focus is always on the easiest available lay. It’s funny how, by focusing on the easy leads, I create the best conditions to give the princesses a chance of banging me.

  11. As ever an impressive post game related but I’ve recently become aware that this thing could be damaging over time.

    An example, you get good over time eg very smooth opening, build attraction quickly have successful instant dates/day 2’s and close a decent number of girls. Then you decide maybe you’d like to date a girl for a bit to see how things go but very quickly it becomes evident doing date things bore the fuck out of you and the girl picks up on this. You don’t have much conversation and generally feel a bit frustrated and bored spending time with her. She quickly loses attraction for you.

    Does anyone else have these thoughts?

    And it’s not a case of she’s not hot enough or maybe she’s not a pleasant girl. It’s a case of the more you spend time together the more empty you feel. Very odd tbh.

    • I believe this will always be a problem for men who have at least moderately high SMV, and especially so for those who have high SMV paired with high intelligence.

      There are only so many bangable girls out there, so it figures only a fraction of this already small group will also be able to provide sufficient emotional, interpersonal and intellectual stimulation such that you can enjoy their regular company on an ongoing basis.

      To look at it another way: I have only a small number of male friends whose company I could enjoy with that kind of regularity (in the context of one-on-one interactions), and I’d be surprised if the same weren’t true for most other men who know the score. If we go through our lives barely managing to find other men we can truly connect with, then what are the chances of finding that in a random girl off the street?

      The fact is, dating most girls is going to require you to see her 2-3 times a week for hours at a time. That’s a huge chunk of your time, often more than you would see your closest friends, so she’d better be enriching your life in a material way.

    • Seems obvious to me. When you have had direct access to so many steak dinners sometimes in very quick fashion , future appetizers will bore the shit out of you and you don’t want to go through the patience of all that. Tbh I have no idea here you guys come back from that.

      • …where you guys come from here. I wonder sometime does it ever get easy picking up girls that you get bored and start taking the piss? Nice problem to have of course.

  12. “dating most girls is going to require you to see her 2-3 times a week for hours at a time”. Who said this? That is a bogus limiting belief with no absolute validity. I meet my regulars once a week and they just follow my schedule ’cause I’ve trained them to do so from the start.

  13. Awesome. Don’t blame you for wanting to walk out. With these situations how often is it just The Rub and how often are they really time waiters and is it worth the time in case it is just The Rub?

  14. I like the way you’ve laid out the screenshots of the whatsapp exchanges with little annotations at each stage to indicate what’s going on. Makes it a lot clearer and easier to follow as opposed to trying to explain it all underneath.

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