Five Forces Analysis of Dating Market

December 20, 2015

Time for some mindwank.

Back when I was receiving my professional education in business Michael Porter was all the rage on the MBA circuit for his Five Forces analysis. This was a simple tool to map out the competitive pressure in your industry so you can play to your strengths and limit weaknesses. It’s also useful before enterting an industry to decide if it’s worth the effort. Some industries are more lucrative than others.

For example, as I may outline in a subsequent post, I simply wouldn’t recommend entering the “blogging to monetize” or “YouTube to monetize” industries unless you’re exceptionally talented and are willing to keep it up even if the money never comes.

Five Forces Analysis assumes that there are five important forces that determine competitive power in a business situation. These are:

Supplier Power: Here you assess how easy it is for suppliers to drive up prices. This is driven by the number of suppliers of each key input, the uniqueness of their product or service, their strength and control over you, the cost of switching from one to another, and so on. The fewer the supplier choices you have, and the more you need suppliers’ help, the more powerful your suppliers are.

Buyer Power: Here you ask yourself how easy it is for buyers to drive prices down. Again, this is driven by the number of buyers, the importance of each individual buyer to your business, the cost to them of switching from your products and services to those of someone else, and so on. If you deal with few, powerful buyers, then they are often able to dictate terms to you.

Competitive Rivalry: What is important here is the number and capability of your competitors. If you have many competitors, and they offer equally attractive products and services, then you’ll most likely have little power in the situation, because suppliers and buyers will go elsewhere if they don’t get a good deal from you. On the other hand, if no-one else can do what you do, then you can often have tremendous strength.

Threat of Substitution: This is affected by the ability of your customers to find a different way of doing what you do – for example, if you supply a unique software product that automates an important process, people may substitute by doing the process manually or by outsourcing it. If substitution is easy and substitution is viable, then this weakens your power.

Threat of New Entry: Power is also affected by the ability of people to enter your market. If it costs little in time or money to enter your market and compete effectively, if there are few economies of scale in place, or if you have little protection for your key technologies, then new competitors can quickly enter your market and weaken your position. If you have strong and durable barriers to entry, then you can preserve a favorable position and take fair advantage of it.

Seeing as we constantly refer to dating as a Sexual Market Place, let’s first apply the model to a man entering “the game”. Don’t take any of this too seriously, BTW.

Porter Five Forces Men 1

Supplier Power is what drives up the cost / time / effort of producing your product. Since the product in the SMP is you, this means how much control do the inputs of self-improvement have upon you. I’ve focused on the Game strategy – if you’re going to play some variant of LMS then the supplier inputs are different. Mostly, it comes down to how much you want it (Motivation) and that ebbs and flows, can run down to zero, and you’ve only got so much of it depending on your temperament. Likewise different people will have different talents for the Game. Lucky men are unhindered by work, health, financial or familial liabilities and thus have the freedom to take their chances. Eddie was recently telling me of a Canadian guy who managed to separate himself from his Wall-Smashing LTR and then packed up and moved to Poland. A big move like that relies upon freedom.

Buyer Power is what the girls bring to the table to bargain with you. Men really need sex but women do too, and they hate to be alone, so that’s a wash. The size of a female buyer’s metaphorical wallet is her youth, beauty and bloom. The more of that they have, the better service they can demand of the men. The more such qualified customers around (i.e. a city full of YHT) the less any one of them can dictate terms to you. The one slim girl in an Alaskan oil refinery has far greater buyer power than the one of many slim girls in a Moscow nightclub.

Competitive Rivalry is every other dude trying to get laid. We players aren’t running the only hustle. Female buyers will also window shop the Good Looking Guys, the Sponsors, the Celebrities, and the Lifestyle In guys. Different cities and different types of guy will have a different mix of relevant rivalries. For example, London is full of all such hustlers and has a sizeable crop of girls who will accept weak game if the rest of the hustle is good (e.g. the Instagram porta-potties are the extreme outlier of this girl). If you’re wandering through the university in Poznan you’ll get a different mix – not many Sponsors amongst male students.

Substitutes are things girls can do to sublimate their sexual desires without having to involve a heterosexual man. There is a wave of smartphone addiction tumbling ominously East out of the US which forces the players to focus on providing high-quality attention as a USP smartphones can’t match (them being vehicles to accumulate masses of low-quality attention, aka. The Chodestream). Girls can sublimate their temporary horniness via porn and sex toys or their long-term affection needs through cat ownership. If they are really fat and ugly they can tumble into degenerate subcultures like feminism and professional careers to blunt the pain.

New Entrants are guys previously out of the game who suddenly show up. That can be literally new entrants i.e. immigrants. I don’t know a lot about Rape Game but that’s a hustle muslims seem to be working hard on. LIkewise decaying social values lead to mudsharking and thus ethnics being allowed onto the battlefield (which is great for you if you’re one of them). An increasing societal awareness of game and the mainstreaming of the manosphere has expanded the outreach and acceptance of the player lifestyle and thus there’s an ever-refreshing crop of men trying out their first cold approaches. Lastly, there’s a million new coffee drinkers born every day. Just as society churns out a new crop of 18 year olds every single year, it also churns out a new crop of men to chase them.



    Great article! The grafics is very useful – one view which tell you a big story.

  2. I like mindwank. In that spirit I agreed with everything except somewhat not with wmn equally wanting sex (the well-known asymmetrical market attraction is a bitch for most of us) and more certainly disagreeing with wmn wanting affection. I think they are lizards posing as mammals, and a man’s non-negotiable and superior happiness (a rare commodity indeed) numbs the pain and interrupts the process of being a scheming bitch.

  3. Thanks. I’ve started thinking about this a lot, especially after seeing a natural at work. This natural is a professional in his field, supremely talented, He makes a lot of mistakes: laughs at his own jokes, gets overly invested, acts beta and calls girls he’s seeing all the time to check in. But he’s very good looking, he is talented, he’s young so his SMV is higher than perhaps mine. But I get more notches because I work harder at it and understand game. He gets more opportunistic lays: he’s there and girls throw themselves at him. Game increases chances and helps increase your SMV. [Personally, I don’t like the term “natural”. They are almost always relying on looks and an “in” rather than charisma and game. K.]

    • I’ve rarely give my input to game other than asking questions/clarifying comments with Nic because I don’t need the self-importance of voicing an opinion to boost my self esteem. Just want to read this blog, buy the products, go on my journey of self improvement to get the +1s.

      this is a first for me weighing in on this blog if I’m not incorrect. And I do feel the need to weigh in because I agree with Nic and this reinforces a discussion I had with a former friend. Nonetheless, I hate that term “natural”. He’s a “natural” with girls. Personally, I find it helps overly analytical betas and gammas to differentiate themselves from why these guys relying on looks and an “in” are doing well with woman when comparing one’s shitty situation with them. When you can justify that good looking guys are doing well because they are “naturals”, that would absolve one of responsibility to self-improvement or provide a justifiable ground for why they suck with woman and how game doesn’t work because they aren’t a “natural” and therefore cannot/won’t self improve.

      If you look back at childhood, all these so called “naturals” were simply NORMAL guys that didn’t have to fix the things we had to overcome (social awkwardness, anxiety, weirdness, quirks, being excluded and defined as a loser and unpopular). I simply label them as normal “good looking” guys – the looks providing the in to a strong social circle in teen years leading up to their twenties. Generally, they are socially adjusted, came from a great family, got a great group of mix guys and girls social circle – so they can carry on a normal conversation, key in on social cues of flirting leading up to dating and the bang, good looks, and there you go – the so called “natural”.

      I agree with Nic about that doens’t necessarily mean they have charisma and Game as we know it. Like Balls Deep mentioned, they have a quality ceiling relying solely on looks.

      • Jraw, let me consider your claim that naturals didn’t have to fix things that non-naturals had to overcome using my experience.

        I’m considered a natural, but I felt a ton of social awkwardness–autism is a real bummer when you’re growing up. As a boy, I was good looking, but more importantly, I was trained in good posture and wasn’t afraid to approach girls, so that got me ahead of most boys. Girls have rarely thrown themselves at me. I also have solid nonverbal skills. My convo is pretty lame, but my convo doesn’t have to dazzle because my nonverbals are solid. Girls with me aren’t necessarily laughing because my jokes are actually funny.

        I’m almost double Mr. K’s age. My looks are nowhere near as good as Sean Connery’s. Yet I still get a lot of distaff attention. It’s the preselection woowoo. I just expect girls to like me and they do because my nonverbals communicate that preselection from the past.

        I have never tolerated girls’ attempts to friendzone me or girls’ bad behavior–that indicates a solid frame that likely pings their man-dar.

        I mostly didn’t have a great social circle. I’m still working on my social circle skills. It’s an autism thing. Autists need to develop work-arounds for innate real-time social disadvantages.

        If I had not had any looks (which were above average, but nowhere near spectacular), that likely would have made no difference in my sexcapades.

      • Interesting. The one thing learning game has taught me is to be more confident around women. It may look “natural” but there are many thought processes going on which I’ve adopted so they feel more “natural” because I’ve been doing them for 6 years now.

        Prior to learning game it was hit and miss as I suspect it must be with my friend. But because he’s good looking and has a real ZFG attitude he has solid pulls. But if you asked him, he wouldn’t be able to explain it or understand why he’s successful or being dumped. He does get dumped a lot and he gets quite bitter about it when it does happen. I now take things in greater stride and apart from one disastrous episode, have been quite measured. I also enjoy the interactions more now than I did before I learned game.

    • I’d bet that walawala’s acquaintance has solid nonverbal skills. Mr. K. is correct that naturals often are good looking. Being good looking without having solid internal game won’t get you laid much, however. Wala’s acquaintance probably has a hard time keeping girls interested after the initial lay because of his beta ways which show a lot of insecurity and overinvestment.

  4. Love the introduction of non-game concepts beatifully crafted into mindwank. About the New Entrants, I’m happy about the bland inmigant policy, as I intend to live in the Mecca of Game, not game-raping though. [For the purposes of this blog, I’m on Team Daygamer whereever you’re from. Politics is for my Twitter. K.]

  5. Krauser, any thoughts on DavidX? He seems to be a natural, but I don’t think he had his success because of good looks. [Does he have any infields? K.]

  6. Krauser has movie star good looks. Resembles Jason Statham. Ha

  7. But Krauser shouldnt russians and other non british countries ban you from fucking there women since you are a different enthnicity. Why dont you stick to british women instead of sleeping with other ethnicities like baltic states. And why is it that when “minorities” sleep with the native population poor immigration policy is the reason but when white people bang both native and other ethnic populations its called game? [When a man fucks a woman of different race, it’s the man’s country which gets the win. Her country spent 20 years coddling her to peak fertility and now a foreigner has swooped in and taken it’s lunch money. K.]

    • Just like to add that this comment is quite indicative of a meta level weak female mindset thats destroying the West. That is – everyone should “play fair”. This world and this life should be seen as a zero sum game. Most of the important things anyway are exactly that – business success v competitors, sporting success, getting the best jobs, living in the best neighbourhoods, and of course banging the best women. The whole point of the fucking enterprise of being a man is that we value something we compete for others against. When you leave your house and leaved the door unlocked, do you complain that other people should leave their doors unlocked when you get robbed? The West is corrupted by feminist ‘play fair’ thinking. It appeals to people who don’t have strength. If men were in charge, the drawbridge would have been up decades ago and women would be banished for subsisting off taxpayer money with ethnic babies whose dads bolted years ago. In some countries in the world, the women still literally get banished. The dirty secret of the West is that it was its former ability to dominate other countries that made it the place to be in the first place. Not its newfound ability to ‘play fair’.

    • I respect that analysis. So it begs to question. Why doesnt the men from her tribe cash in on their investment. Because most native women would purchase a homemade product than foreign 9 times out of ten.

      The reason for my response was that alot of new guys especially arabs and indian men who come to the game have some sort of communist/ socialist mind set to the dating market. ‘I have the right to fuck ANY women but no is allowed to fuck MY women’ mentality and I never understood why. Game should always respect Game

  8. Let me take a minute to show my appreciate:

    Brilliant post. Every single one of your “mindwank” posts has been packed with holistic, realistic and down-to-earth value. You’re taking great predictive models from other domains and applying them — rightly so — to Game. There’s so much bullshit drivel like “just be yourself” and “how to be a natural” on the web that your rational approach to seduction, examplified by this post and your analogy “First day at the gym” post, is welcomed with open arms.

    That’ll be all, please continue. [Thanks. K.]

  9. I’ve met a good number of young girls that identify themselves as feminist and preach all of that crap are actually objectively hot, I usually struggle gaming them since they strongly reject the male-female frame, how would you establish polarity with girls with such characteristics?

  10. When you do this analysis for London and then for Eastern Europe, you can see why it makes much more sense from a Londoner to daygame in Eastern Europe instead of London.

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