Tom Torero reviews Primal Seduction

September 6, 2014

Most of you will know all about Tom Torero, formerly head instructor for, author of two daygame memoirs, and more recently creator of the Badass Buddha video. He’s one of the few people in the game who’s opinion I value. So I’m mightily pleased that he likes Primal Seduction. Check out the full review below.

UPDATE – A savvy reader notes Lulu are offering a big discount if you enter the correct coupon code at the checkout. Currently the one that works is:  SMG14 — Free Shipping & GETIT15 — 15% OFF  Total Price: $76.87 USD


  1. Why not call a spade a spade. It’s a promotion, not a review. You don’t want to be ‘one of those marketing guys’ do you? [Concern troll. You know as well as I do that Tom doesn’t shill other people’s products. He genuinely likes the book. K.]

  2. Krauser,

    To what extent is the book your take on what it means to be a Sigma,

    Or can we expect a separate book from you on future on this

    Thanks [There’ll be a video on this point soon. The book is basically Sigma Game. K.]

    • Hey,

      A quick point, just to clear it up. The ideas, and concepts expressed within the book are largely mine (as you’ll see in the introductory video towards the end)

      Through our discussions and the interviews it became clear that both Nick and I are strikingly similar in that we are “Sigma”. So you could say that Sigma game is a leitmotif that runs throughout the book, since it is an expression of the perceptual lens through which I (and Nick) view the world in a myriad of ways, not only just in terms of dating and picking up girls.

      Whilst there is a definition of the concept of Sigma given within the book, it is a thematic element that became obvious through the interview process and discussion, not the other way round
      i.e.heavily transposed onto the original text and interviews, etc.

  3. Wouldn’t expect Tom to give a bad review in any circumstance. However, I am interested in anything that Steve Jabba puts out so will be checking this one out. Thanks,

  4. LuLu Coupon Codes: Enter @ Checkout

    — SMG14 — Free Shipping

    — GETIT15 — 15% OFF

    Total Price: $76.87 USD

    Thanks guys- Can’t wait to read, learn, and practice from your experiences.

  5. i just ordered it with this coupon code:


    the old code didn’t work. this new one was 25% but no free shipping. for me it came out to $83.99.

    looking forward to reading it and reviewing it.

  6. Update video link please? Really want to hear Tom’s input on this.

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