Primal Seduction – Launch

September 4, 2014

As regular readers are aware, I’ve been working hard all year expanding the Sigma Wolf product range. Today represents the culmination of six months effort producing a new Game textbook with Steve Jabba. For six long months we’ve been writing, editing, interviewing and drawing. Finally, it’s done!

150,000 words and 408 pages of advanced seduction advice, drilling deep into the mind of the best seducer I’ve ever known (Steve, not me!). Watch this video for a walk through the book. Eager beavers can proceed directly to the order page here.

The centrepiece of the book is a 200-page deconstruction of the Eleven Cornerstone Characteristics of the universally attractive man. Your inner game will always express itself in your outer game – the self is always coming through. This mammoth section outlines the mindset of a master seducer. Now, this is no woolly Power Of Now feelgood pablum. Each of the cornerstone characteristics is related back to picking up and banging women – constantly. The whole book is about banging women and we never lose sight of that. Immediately after the mindsets is a large section on precise say-this/do-that infield advice.

Here are some sample pages (note book interior prints in b/w). The reader feedback on Daygame Mastery was highly enthusiastic so we decided to apply the same level of professional polish to Primal Seduction – and then raise the bar even higher.

The book is divided into four big sections - Context, Mindsets, Mechanics and Action Plan

The book is divided into four big sections – Context, Mindsets, Mechanics and Action Plan

This is the core text, in this case one of the cornerstone characteristics

This is the core text, in this case one of the cornerstone characteristics

Every key concept is expanded further in interviews

Every key concept is expanded further in interviews

We never lose site of the practical application

We never lose sight of the practical application

This is the perfect companion product to Mastery. There’s very little overlap in content. Primal Seduction covers a wider range of scenarios including bar and club game – places where Steve has been the uncontested #1 player in London for years. I hope you all like it and I look forward to hearing your feedback upon reading it.

Buy the premium hardback book of Primal Seduction here!


  1. Awesome stuff, certainly going to order a copy ASAP.
    Thanks again ! [Thanks boss. Let me know what you think of it. K.]

  2. Krauser,

    Sell it asap and take my money!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. This looks legendary men! Since Mastery I’ve been forever grateful for all the hard graft you put into delivering such incredibly high value content.

    Purchased immediately. Eager to read and apply! Thank-you.

  4. Found this. Sounds like a lot of the book is aligned or flows from this video. I’m interested in a book that does a serious and deeper dive into Inner Game.

    • Ah yes that golden oldie. My first foray into talking into a camera and feeling slightly weirded out!

      Couple of points you might be interested in:

      1:/ This was filmed when I lived with Nick in Chateau Hampstead. We’ve both flown the UK nest since then of course.

      2:/ You can see from the video how my “method”, if you will, is holistic. So getting it organised in a teachable fashion was quite an undertaking – nevertheless, we’re confident we’ve achieved that with this book!

  5. The contents look similar to Steve’s “Secret Society” video Lectures
    Roughly how much extra content is in the book?
    (if it can be quantified that is)
    Romeo_is_real [The content is quite different. The only real overlap is Steve’s frame, and the specifics of forcing IOIs and escalating. Primal makes a massive deal out of the mindsets whereas SS focuses more on mechanics. Books are always more precise than videos and contain more info. SS is a companion product. We deliberately minimised the overlap. K.]

    • Yep. 90% of content in the Secret Society is different to the book. SS is almost entirely based on techniques / mechanics.

      Some of the terminology is the same for obvious reasons.

    • Similarly, as someone who bought the first edition of Primal Seduction, do you feel the extra content/revised text is enough to warrant a second purchase? I’m not really a game theory junkie but I consider Steve’s original book easily the best resource I’ve read (sorry Krauser, I’m travelling and still hoping you’ll do an ebook version of Mastery for my Kobo…). [This second edition is a major overhaul, and it more than doubles the content of the original while improving what was already there. However, if you’re undecided perhaps you’d rather wait a week or so until the reviews start coming through. K.]

  6. Is this book beneficial to the dedicated daygamer or is it mostly night centric?

    I bought daygame mastery the day of launch and I still have my hands full absorbing it.

    • It’s either or. There’s a very long section on mindset and the cornerstone characteristics which are applicable in any environment. The interviews gives you an insight into the way I see the world and specifically women (the winners attitude) which you can then begin to inculcate into your own world view.

      An attractive man is an attractive man wherever he happens to meet a girl 😉

      • @Stevejabba I loved Krauser’s DayGame Mastery which changed my life for the better. I’m pretty solid with the techniques but now need some strategies to work on my Inner Game. I’ve seen some of your videos which touch on subjects I find interesting and relevant but only scratch the surface.

        Is this a manual about improving inner game? Can you share some insights about this?

  7. Why You No Kindle?! *Mad Chinese Man’s Voice*

    It’s K approved- I’m getting it.

    Hope this isn’t a new “PUA Cartel” you warned us about … hah!

  8. Looks Cool. is a softcover version on the horizon? [Not for a long time. Definitely not in 2014. K.]

  9. I went through Mastery, where you pretty much covered everything.

    What important topics are covered here, concerning day game, that are not talked about in Mastery? [Check out the embedded video. Towards the end I talk through the contents pages. It shows every topic in the book. K.]

  10. congratulations, this looks really good.

  11. Krauser

    You talk in the introduction to this book about how Jabba is a prototype “Sigma” which is one reason why it appealed to do the project

    Should we take this book as your own definitive take on Sigma, or can we expect from you a future book also on Sigma ?

  12. Ordered. After reading the original, I thought Steve’s style needs Nick’s structure. It will be a pleasurable read, no doubt.

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  14. Congratulations, looks great, first of many I’m sure.

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  16. Looks good lads, well done 🙂

  17. Congratulations top Nick and Steve for finally getting out the latest Sigma Wolf behemoth.

    I am a proud owner of Daygame Mastery and quite apart from the great content, the presentation and layout is superb – in my opinion a high water mark for game literature. I am expecting Primal Seduction to be another fine addition to my library.

    Keep up the great work fellas!

  18. steve says u dont need push pull, as its gamey…. daygame mastery says you do… what am i to believe here? i have all your books but the content conflicts with one another.. help [Steve is often doing push pull, he just doesn’t talk about it the same way. This is more than one style to picking up women. Primal is Steve’s. DM is mine. You’ll find your own way by taking pieces from other people and mixing it into a balanced and congruent style of your own. K.]

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