The 10 invisible barriers to daygame

May 12, 2014

The harsh reality of daygame is most men will never get it. That’s partly because most daygamers are an adversarially-selected bunch of weirdos (as indeed I was when I began) but mostly because it’s just an enormous ask:

Start talking to a hot young girl, who doesn’t know you, and then fuck her with nothing more than your aesthetic and charisma.

To pull that off consistently on girls younger and hotter than you is basically a super power. I’m surprised top players aren’t asked to be in the next X-Men. So while I was sitting in a cafe with Tom looking out over a nice FSU plaza, we reflected on a simple question: why aren’t more men able to pull this off?

I see all the hot girls walking around and I know that with a bit of effort I can get some of them. So that’s exactly what I do. What’s stopping all the other men doing the same? Why is it that despite hundreds of bootcamps, one-on-ones, seminars and at least a few thousand men going through the London Daygame mill I can literally count on my hands how many are good?

There are invisible barriers to daygame that aren’t mere technique and will be imperceptible to everyone below the intermediate (one lay a month from hard graft) level. These are the things that are no longer in my reality but used to be like a forcefield holding me back.

Where have all the overweight socially maladjusted men gone?

Where have all the overweight socially maladjusted men gone?

1. Sting of rejection
A girl’s reaction shouldn’t affect your sense of self. When she’s walking down the street with her headphones on and daydreaming of her next pair of shoes she’s not thinking of meeting men. Opening her well will usually shock her out of this but there will always be girls who brush you off and keep walking. Assuming she stops there’ll be girls who give you a “what do you want?” look and you can’t quite get rolling – so another rejection. Or maybe you get the compliment out and get the “thanks but no thanks”. Or you get excited with the number close and she doesn’t reply. The only two certainies in life are death and daygame blowouts. For as long as you feel the sting of it, you’ll find ways to avoid being in that position, which leads me on to……

2. Meta-weasels
…. the ego is ingenius in it’s ability to avoid damage. In addition to the usual street weasels (“she’s too hot”, “she looks busy” etc) are the lifestyle weasels that prevent you even being in a position to open a girl. Just recently Tom met a guy who appears to have the Euro-jaunt lifestyle set up but he seems to spend all day in a cafe reading books and not opening. It’s quite acceptable to go see the art gallery, the museum and the opera house on your first day but that’s it. A good daygamer is a piss-poor tourist.

You must want this more than photos outside the Opera House

You must want this more than photos outside the Opera House

3. Blowout streaks
Everyone has strings of blowouts. If you’re good-looking and confident they’ll be short strings that barely phase you but you’ll still get them. If you’re a short Indian chode opening Russian catwalk models blowouts are pretty much the only thing you’ll get. It’s quite dispiriting to have a run of good results, perhaps a few quality lays, and then suddenly every girl acts like you’ve sprayed on woman repellant. Daygame is about keeping many balls in the air simultaneously in order to pull off a magic trick. It’s so easy to drop a ball or too and then not even get a girl to stop for you. And then you’ll start doubting yourself. “Was I really any good at this? Does it even work?” The typical newbie daygamer doesn’t have the reference experiences or mental grit to push through these streaks, nor the self-diagnostics to correct whatever is causing the blowouts.

4. K-selected signals
Almost every daygamer wants to be the Nice Guy. He’s absorbed too many Disney fairytales and has turned to daygame to get the Good Girls and not those Nightclub Sluts. He’s kidding himself. The sexual market rules are always in effect. It’s always a darwinistic fight whether on the club or on the streets, and the girls are operating according to the same mating schema. Daygame is to nightgame what tennis is to squash – useless ill-coordinated slobs are going to fail in both sports. Daygame fools you into thinking you’re not in competition with all those other cool charismatic men simply because you can’t see them at that moment in time. No. Hot young girls always have options and you’d better be either (i) her best option or (ii) a side-dish she can’t otherwise get.
So drop your Disney fantasy. Daygame is dirty and animalistic.

Boyfriend material. No chance of SDL

Boyfriend material. No chance of SDL

5. Weirdness
For every cool daygamer I’ve met, I’ve met six or seven normal everyman types who have a chance to make it. For every normal guys, I’ve met a couple of weird freaks who have no chance at all. Like the LSS guy who lives in a tent in an Essex forest and has had three phone numbers in ten years – because he’s not only homeless but he looks and smells homeless. His stupid weirdo ego prevents him addressing the one obvious problem. Then there’s all the little Indian chodes asking me “how many sets I need before hot Russian girl become in my harem, Mr Krauser?” or the frame-control PUA freaks who “open” me with a Yad-Stop then completely ignore my friend while trying to get a free consultation. Just the other day I met such a guy and he had weird bug eyes and his shoulders looked like he was halfway through a shrug. He wasn’t physically deformed, just a lifetime of being weird had etches itself into his muscle memory. That can conceivably be undone but it’s a hell of a job. And until them every girl is thinking “ewwww!”

More than any other strategy, daygame is a test of how normal you are. Weirdness will always fall flat when there’s no alcohol, flashing disco lights or female super-horniness to mask it.

6. Nowhere leads
A combination of the other barriers listed here will tend to result in a guy getting phone numbers to nowhere. Now you are fully aboard the emotional rollercoaster. You get the sickening dread of approach anxiety, the euphoria of a girl hooking and chatting, then the validation of the number close, and then the dull let-down of her not responding. Inevitably you’ll obsess for days over it, trying to figure out the perfect recovery text. And finally give up. Get yourself a pile of these false leads and you’ll get into the “is daygame worth all this effort” meta-weasel.

7. Hack mentality
“Dear Tom. I love your book, perhaps I do one-on-one with you. Me your fan. Your infield very good!!!! So Mr Tom, where is easiest place to get laid?”

Everyone wants to avoid the market. Whether it’s a corporation shovelling cash in lobby groups, a feminist mandating alimony laws, an established PUA moving to “lifestle game”, or a noob looking for Pussy Paradise – the emotional driver is always the same: I don’t want to be subject to the rigours of the free market because it’s too hard / I don’t think I’ll win that competition. Combine this with the natural chode avoidance of making significant changes and you have the hack mentality.

The PUA cartel saw you coming and will sell you magic pills and 3 Secrets To Make Her Wet as long as your credit card is below it’s limit. If you’re looking to score something for nothing, you’ll end up with nothing. Daygame is hard. Very very hard.

8. Quality overreach
When you see a really hot girl with a boyfriend, have a good look at him. He’s not a short pot-bellied old man with a comb-over and ill-fitting Primark t-shirt is he? Hot girls only have sex with high value men. Now, as daygamers we are lucky that there is a carefully-honed system to deliver that value in a short space of time but….. the value has to be there. The single biggest piece of value a daygamer can have (and which at least 60% don’t have) is… a personality.

The fuck ladder is real. If you’re currently getting occasional 5s then you needn’t bother opening higher than a 6. By all means do so as an experiment in breaking limiting beliefs but know that you’ve got no hope in hell of fucking them. Go dig up a photo of the hottest girl you fucked in the last two years. That’s what you should be opening. If she’s a 5 then leave the catwalk models to the men who actually have a chance.

Good luck with that, fatso

Good luck with that, fatso

And yes, you probably bristled at the last two paragraphs. Going for turbo-hotties that blow you out is actually avoidance – you are avoiding girls you might fuck because getting blown out by the 6s is a bigger blow to your ego.

9. Spoonfeeding
The first generation of London daygamers figured it out for themselves. Tom, Jon, Antony and I were hitting the streets and trying new things. We’d experiment with how many steps to take before coming in on the front stop, what hand position, when to ask the name and so on. There wasn’t a Daygame Mastery out there for us to read so we figured it out for ourselves. That’s called self-reliance and it’s a universally attractive masculine trait. We also read whatever we could get our hands on and stripped out the goldust to incorporate into the model. At no point did we ever think somebody would just hand over the answer. That would’ve been weird.

We accepted that the world is a cold unyielding place and if we wanted to get sex, we’d better solve the problems put in our way. Now I look at some of the emails I get, or long rambling blogposts in the manosphere and it seems few people want to work for it. Wanting to be spoonfed is an entitlement mentality which will stop you improving.

10. First day abroad
Every one of the above barriers slams down hard when you try a Euro-jaunt. You’ve probably built yourself up over a few weeks while waiting for the flight date. This is it, pussy paradise, you’re gonna hit it hard. Burn the town with a crazy number farm and get some hot foreign birds! And then you arrive in your apartment, put down your suitcase and look out the window. Shit has just gotten real and all those insecurities rise up. If you’re not careful you’ll wig out and spend the whole trip buried in a cafe reading blogs.

They don't just fall into your bed

They don’t just fall into your bed

Daygame is not the easy answer to getting laid. There’s a reason more people don’t do it, and there’s a reason most people who do either give up quickly after the bootcamp honeymoon, or they are relentless weirdos who get nowhere. So when I’m sitting in a Prague pavement cafe looking at the hot teens stride past in hot pants and think “I might have a piece of that” it’s no longer a surprise to me that there’s not more men doing exactly the same.

If you want to learn daygame the right way and maximise your chances of success, check out my book Daygame Mastery


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  2. Do you write blog posts such as this partly to get the guys half-assing it to drop out of Daygame? [Yes. K]

  3. I’m sure most can get good enough to punch slightly above their weight if they stick to it long enough. No not greyhounds but that shouldn’t be most expectations.

    In one of his videos Yad said it took him a whopping 6 years before he became good.

    I think it’s the timeline to get decent or better at daygame which kills most guys. When I moved to a new city I posted on a pua forum advertising for a daygame wing. After two weeks the guy I was sarging with dropped out because the constant string of rejections was getting to him.

    • Having been going out regularly now, i’ve come to realise that the hotter the girl is, the more value you need to display up front in order to get her.

      As Nick says in his post, you need the initial value in order for her to give you that window of opportunity to game her in the first place. That’s not to say it’s not possible to do otherwise, it’s just a lot more harder with a smaller margin for error.

      The biggest lie a PUA tells you (in order to sell you their products) is that a girl has a say in the whole interaction as well. If you approach her direct and she doesn’t like the look of you or her initial impression of you is low value. It doesn’t matter what you say. She will brush you off and walk away.

      It’s possible to get the hotter girls with game alone but it all depends on your base level of attractiveness. If you’re a good looking guy, well dressed and in good shape then you can get away with working less on your value and just go out and cane it with the street approaches.

      The best way to know what your base line is is to simply approach 50 sets whilst using as little game as possible.

      If you’re below average and moderately well dressed, and you’re noticing that the 6’s and 7’s are the ones commonly stopping for you and the hotter ones aren’t. That means you now have a baseline to work from… This is what a lot of guys seem to miss and simply think going out and doing more street approaches on the hotter girls is what’s needed due to their game sucking on the hotter girls. It’s simply not true – The higher perceived value you are to a girl, the larger margin for error you have.

      Yes going to the gym is effort, building a life outside of game is effort, dressing well is effort and developing self-confidence is effort. But it surprisingly takes less effort then the effort needed going out and getting blown out by the grey hounds. Conversely, once your value does start to increase and the greyhounds start paying you more attention. You’ll eventually realise that aside from their looks, they’re all essentially the same.

      It ultimately depends what your goals are.

      • Yeah, you know, I think Krauser made a good point with number 8. Besides a 7 is ATTRACTIVE (at least by my internet scale lol). If five is average, 7 is great. That’s an interesting tactic you mentioned there about approaching minimally dressed with minimal game to find your level. It’s too bad you could never just ask someone and get the answer (or can you?).

        I’ll be dead honest with you – and the whole internet! I’m beginning to learn where I fall in the SMV after all these rejections – homie ain’t no Aston Kutcher! My ego was fooled at first because I would approach chicks that were smokin’ and they’d laugh at my jokes, though the vibe was always, “ahahaha, you’re so funny :), entertain me!” Maybe you’ve know what I’m talking about, Onder.

        Then again I saw a vid of you getting good vibes from a genuine smoke-show. I don’t think I began to feel scrutinized as a potential lover until I started approaching targets that were a little bit funny-lookin’ 😉

        Come to me, oh cross-eyed sloots!

    • I remember that Yad video. It’s on Youtube. I think (or hope), that this is 5 years WITHOUT
      our current model. 5 years of trial and error.
      It might take less time for us, since we start with what Yad discovered.
      What not to do. What to do.

  4. Great post, Krauser. The K-selected signals throw me off, even after having had my best successes during the day. Seeing those girls as “good girls” is one of the toughest mental blocks I’ve had to uncover. Rewiring my brain to see the world as it is, to ditch the old maladaptive “nice guy” paradigm, that’s the real work/

    I would add #11: Not knowing yourself. Know what your strengths & weaknesses are, and play to your strengths, your power zones.

  5. Great post. Daygame is hard as balls but I’m not gonna give up.

  6. It takes years to become good with women. And it is one thing to become completely comfortable around hotties, to be great at conversation, flirting…and another thing to solve logistics, risk confrontation and ruthlessly lead them to your bed. The street concepts sink in relatively quickly, but dates, kiss, sex…all escalation steps become progressively harder to improve and take more time because you simply can’t improve in every interaction. So you get progressively more nervous in later stages and you may be master in earlier stages, but the problems will be revealed later in the interaction. And there is also the risk of being addicted to highlights of earlier stages and convincing yourself this is all you want instead of confronting your ego. Also, if deep down you’re still nice guy who just adopted teasing/challenging or fake “push pull”, it will be revealed later on and she’ll either be disgusted or you’ll morph to her pet. You can consciously prefer all those concepts – leading, outcome independence, avoiding sniper mentality, R-selection – you read about but it takes a lot more time and practice in various areas till these become part of you that lasts.

    For example, I’m still strongly boyfriend material rather than lover. It’s not easy to just flip the switch. Some (not that many) girls offer me quick adventure – today one offered me holiday abroad by herself – while other look at me and I can see they tick the boyfriend material boxes in their head. And quite often they say no or “not now” to themselves because of detail that wouldn’t bother them in lover. They still enjoy me and want me around but they’re window shoppers.

    • This is a great point. Early stages of the model are a lot easier to force yourself out of k-selection, later stages shit gets real and if you’re still a nice guy it’ll come through.

    • Xman, I go through the same problems.

      The advice which has helped me the most is: “be prepared to lose the girl”.
      It’s hard because when I’ve been through loads of approaches and *finally* got a date I become desperate for it to go well and the by product of that is I play safe on the date. So for example, when I’m working on my physical escalation, I have to “go for it”. This may result in me over escalating, freaking the girl out and ending the date. But if I don’t try escalating then I never learn how and therefore I never improve.

    • “For example, I’m still strongly boyfriend material rather than lover. It’s not easy to just flip the switch. Some (not that many) girls offer me quick adventure – today one offered me holiday abroad by herself – while other look at me and I can see they tick the boyfriend material boxes in their head. And quite often they say no or “not now” to themselves because of detail that wouldn’t bother them in lover. They still enjoy me and want me around but they’re window shoppers.”

      I have the same problem sometimes. In fact, I always seem to end up in LTRs with the broads I game, get too comfortable, my ass gets kicked to the curb…and then I have to thrust myself back into the game with a strong current of oneitits coursing through my veins. It is the reason I want to focus on direct, straight to the point game from here on out: “let’s you and me fuck and then I’ll disappear the next morning like James Bond on a mission to Miami”. Peace.

  7. Btw, Krauser, your girl types in Mastery are spot on. I actually know a Cat that is precisely like in the book. “French” style, smoking cigarettes, super strong eye contact (even scared me a little because it’s quite rare to get so much back) with no hesitation, and later in the interaction revealed some of her escapades with boys and alcohol you wouldn’t believe earlier because her style looked quite classy. Most girls I meet – I study in STEM field – are greyhounds and squirrels.

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  9. Fuck yea- Fucking Ruthless. *Raises Sword*.

  10. Krauser, you’re full of shite!1!

    Just kidding bro. Big fan. Anyway, I think I’ve leveled up lately thanks to a combination of your Daygame Mastery book (great read) and also some advice about my approaches from randoms on the internet. I’ve taken a small break from game just to look at my accomplishments thus far/search for blindspots. One of the big things that helped me from your book was not “forcing” numbers. Now I ask less, yet most numbers will reply – they’ll just have a “busy week” coming up or get the 24-hour flu on the day of the date. x( Progress! (hah)

    Still working on getting a day two :/ . I have a feeling that the deal will be sealed on one of these instant dates before that happens! For the record, one thing I’ve learned that new guys should consider is that when you first start, 3 minutes in set feels like 30 thanks to all the adrenaline. After around 100 or so sets – ballpark – this changed for me. I noticed that as I forced myself further past the five minute mark (which required a surprising amount of mental effort) results improved. I was literally “running” from sets before!

    Btw, the only thing that scares me on your list is “weirdness.” I’ve been “that guy” for all ten items on the list, except I shower. Over time as you approach more, I’d assume that most of these things naturally work themselves out…I still struggle with them but it’s getting better. Thing is “weirdness” is hard to ferret out in yourself without someone’s help sometimes (so, so serious). Sometimes it’s a behavior that’s so ingrained that you just have no clue. For example, your advice about being too stiff during opening was golden for me. I’ve practiced relaxing more (even out of set) and people have commented on the change. Funny how you know of a problem you had AFTER you’ve fixed it.

    I’d imagine it’s how former fatties feel after people comment on how good they look now that they’ve the lost weight and gained some muscle (“OMG, you look great! You were so ugly and unattractive before!!”). Cool but why didn’t you tell me? I know, because it wasn’t your job and some people view feedback as failure.

    Actually, that might be an interesting post. I’m sure you’ve gotten illuminating comments about your past self thanks to stellar tweaks forged by game.

    See ya next post

    • I like the phrase “levelling up”. Computer games nerd.

      Bear this in mind: when you’re starting out and not getting any day 2’s then when you do that girl is almost certainly a ‘yes’ girl who despite your self-sabotaging beliefs will be massively into you and want to date you. All you have to do is not fuck it up. When you get better at daygame you’ll get more day 2’s by far but they’ll be ‘maybe’ girls.

      • 😉

        Oh…interesting, Bodi….Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. That’s good in a way. Less pressure! (for now)

      • Guess who just had his first day 2


        That’s right you bastards!
        (*looks around, recognizes nobody cares LOL)

        9 months of labor before cracking the code. I think I was on cloud nine for 3 days. Krauser, thanks again for all your great material. I still open Daygame Mastery to soak up the lessons. Bodi, thanks again for that tip. [Well done! K.]

    • “I was literally “running” from sets before! ”

      When you say “literally,” I hope you meant “figuratively.”

  11. Courage to do it. Persistence to keep doing it. Self-awareness to make adjustments. Intelligence to figure out what adjustments to make and to be able to think on the fly. That last one is probably the long-term barrier to entry, for the hottest chicks at least. In order to punch above your weight in looks, you need high verbal/social intelligence.

  12. your jokes, agreed with lot of shit you said. but man you have a way about you where i don’t think i could be round you for long and fuck your book like you said you did it with out one and so can any body else that has some backbone to them. one thing i will say the podcast you did with London real is great.

  13. One of the better articles in a while. Love the cut throat, no bullshit style. One thing though: your posts are usually well written but this post has more grammatical errors than I’d expect from you. Was this done on a mobile phone or in a hurry?

  14. great post
    well while i’m neitheir indian nor asian…. i’ disagree with krauser in one point.
    ‘the fuck ladder is real’
    NO it isn’t.
    thanks to the simple pick up team in the first place and a stupid ugly arab guy i know here in france
    they have just succeeded to destroy a big big limiting belief for me about pickup and life in general
    just bother to watch the videos they post in their project go
    kong fucked extremly hot birds in CA and he is one of the ugliest asian i have ever seen lol
    the other indian in the team is also having a fairly amount of success
    the arab guy i know here in france is fucking like a pornostar
    and yes man russian birds in front of ‘les parisiennes’ are like QPR defying bayern in munich…haha

  15. Yep this is spot on.
    Some guys should do themselves a favour and take up a hobby as daygame isn’t for everyone. Harsh as it sounds the indian guy, the guy who literally can’t display any personality and has the girl lose interest very quickly need to realize its not gonna happen. Its just too big an ask.
    Guys that get into game in the first place are lacking somewhat (mostly self-esteem, social anxiety and some are just wired a certain way that they haven’t got the mental capacity to grasp things hence years of doing the same things with the same results.)
    its insanity to think they can jump levels and start shagging hot young girls with loads of options.

    who’s to blame?
    I have my opinions.

  16. At the same time, there aren’t that many action steps needed so if you accept the time frame of years and aren’t too old/too weird/too far in denial. It can be done. Physical development is hard, but simple. For example, training for 30 minutes twice a week using HIT( will get you very far over the period of 1-3 years. Yes, it’s hard and you’ll still want to skip sessions, but you will always have the time and there are no excuses. For fashion, there are some books with action steps I’d recommend, like Graduating your Style by Effortless Gent, or The Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Better by Robert van Tongeren. Lifting is important for aggresiveness, risk taking and pride in how you carry yourself. Then there is the obvious step of buying either Nitro or Mastery and slowly ingraining all those principles, then flowing free in set. This shortens the learning period and also makes you more calm as you can tell yourself “Well, if this is all Krauser does, then as long as I’m at least decent in it I’ll be fine. It may take a year or two to truly implement it section after section but that’s fine.” Be ambitious in your career and have mind and body stimulating hobbies and you become very attractive and eliminate most of the barriers in this list. Simple, yet hard. The actual amount of steps that need to be taken over the week is surprisingly low and time-wise very manageable if you aim for efficiency, but their mental difficulty is high.

  17. Dope post on daygame dude!

  18. day-game sound much harder in the UK than in the states.

    • LOL? You ever tried daygame LA or NYC? PLLLLZZZZ

      UK are way nicer and pleasant.

    • day game is easy in both. Eastern Europe is where you really learn. Everyone presumes it’s easy out there but it’s the opposite.

      • I dont know how is daygame anywhere else instead from Romania and here is hard , also clubbing is hard too , and I live in the west part of the country , from what I observed in the east part at the sea side girls are hotter but much more harder and unpleasant , there you can be rejected even if you ask for a fucking direction or recomandation .

  19. Just want to say this is one of the best (fuck it, THE best) pieces I’ve read on the subject. Very sobering, and yet inspirational all the same. Thanks Krauser.

  20. Someone please tell me the definition of these terms: “K selected” and “R selected”. Thanks.


    Shit, that took two clicks. What was Krauser saying about self reliance again? [Lulz. K.]

    • @ RockHard — thanks for the info.

      Shit, prior to posting my request for info here, shit, I googled pua dictionary, pua lingo, etc, and
      shit, several minutes of search did not yield the info I sought.
      Shit, I don’t know what Krauser was saying about self-reliance.
      Shit, what was Krauser saying about how you look when you leap to assumptions about someone else?
      No shit, thanks for the info.

  22. I agree with all of this. I’m 18, and just getting into daygame. It’s fucking tough at the start, but two things have kept me going. First and foremost, I meet quality women doing it. I meet women I’m legitimately interested in as opposed to some dumb party girl. Second, it’s really intellectually rewarding. I start doing something right, and I see how I took something I was awful at and started doing it a hell of a lot better. I still have mindset problems and I still am not very good at daygame, but I’m not going to quit- it’s the best way (for me) to meet women. Also, it’s fun, and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it.

  23. About an hour or two after reading this, I went out and the did first three approaches of my life. They were a nervous wreckage.. with about another 5 or so approaches since those, I never realized how thrilling simply interacting with women could be until now. Thank you! [Good effort. K.]

    • Approached a girl with the most pleasant smile/mannerism I’ve come across, circumstances were bad, but storing that feel away for other times. =D By the way, do you always try to confirm another meetup right away after getting contact details (during approach)? It seems more and more like a good idea..

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  25. Indeed daygame is fucking hard , game in particular is hard . Usually the rejections and the ego stops me to do daygame. The pain of a blowout is greater than not having sex , so now im trying a thing called NoFap . Usually this means that I dont masturbate with or without ejaculation , watch porn (this is very important) and try to not get myself aroused (I hope that the pain of not having sex will be greater then the pain of a stupid blowout). Also I started going to gym to raise that testosterone a little to give me some courage . Also I want to work on my personality and social skills but dont really know how to start . If I look in a rational context being scared of a blowout is a very stupid thing , I mean its only a girl , what can a girl do to you , eat you ??! But nonetheless this thing scares most people .

  26. Honestly. some of you guys are too serious about going out to meet girls. lighten up! have fun!! make the girl giggle. be cheeky. have fresh breath. yadda yadda. no wonder some girls run for the hills when angry looking pedants saddle up to them… check out that cupid schmupid guy on you tube. relax. chill. omg. [Per this typology Lonny is either a 3.Big Baller Troll or a 13. Fiction-Writer Troll. K.]

    • it was a genuine comment. I sometimes think that men forget that meeting women should be a fun pursuit.

      • You can say that playing baseball should be a fun pursuit.
        But there are still professional baseball players.

    • Krauser! I have just figured it out. ok, here is where we went wrong on this: I have charisma, but less charismatically gifted people like you need a system. ok. I knew there was something missing. whew! case closed. cheers.

  27. Interesting article. I knew it would spark a crap load of comments from just reading it.

    I’ve personally found Daygame to be a lot easier than meeting girls in bars and clubs but that’s not to say it is simple.

    I live in the north of England so I have a much easier time than the guys down in London.

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  29. The same reason more men aren’t rich. It takes desire and hard work.

  30. ” If you’re currently getting occasional 5s then you needn’t bother opening higher than a 6. By all means do so as an experiment in breaking limiting beliefs but know that you’ve got no hope in hell of fucking them. Go dig up a photo of the hottest girl you fucked in the last two years. That’s what you should be opening. If she’s a 5 then leave the catwalk models to the men who actually have a chance.”

    I see what you’re trying to say hear and I mostly agree – game is not a miracle worker. What I don’t agree on – if I dumped my LTR because she was not attractive enough for me, I should still stay on that level, because this is what I’ve been fucking before? I thought we do daygame to get better quality chicks, not to get more of the same run of the mill girls. And, no offense, but neither are you on par in terms of physical attractiveness with the girls you snag, are you? Yet you worked your way up and there you are.

  31. “The first generation of London daygamers figured it out for themselves. Tom, Jon, Antony and I were hitting the streets and trying new things.”

    How was Yad excluded from the 1st generation of daygamers?
    Didn’t he invent the LDM? [No. He did invent certain parts, most notably the mechanics of the front stop, verbal bamboozling and the “you look quite nice.” I’d say the LDM is about 20% Yad. K.]

  32. Great article but to play devils advocate I have to disagree with the weirdness argument and the quality overeach…


    Yeah maybe if you live in a tent and you are homeless then that might be weird… Go get yourself a place to live and then get yourself a bath… Or go date homeless chicks…

    However for most people… It is not the daygamer who makes the interaction weird, but the chick being opened. If you say hi to a chick and that she has an amazing dress sense…. She can take that as a compliment and be cool or she could get creeped out and make the interaction awkward… You can’t control her response so as long as you are cool thats all you need to worry about..!

    And about quality overeach… I think that 8’s and 9’s are really just 6’s and 7’s with great makeup and a sexy dress sense… They know how to work what their mother gave them….
    It’s easy for the same rule to apply for men..! Any man can easily improve his SMV with things like his car, his attitutde, his dress sense, his confidence and so on….
    Go put on a nice fitted expensive looking suit, add a watch, some nice shoes, sunglasses or some edgy kind of accessory and go day game now.. See how much your world changes…

    Remember that chick that you know is nowhere near nice…. she might just be a 3.5…. But there is something about her that makes you realise that you would still fuck her… Well it’s the same for women…..

    Women are penis receptors…. Women fuck guys for all sorts of reasons… like he has a deep voice… he was such a boss… she was drunk…she was high… she was drunk and high…. the list goes on and on….

    It’s not easy… The only option for an easy lay is a hooker… every other method of gettting girls requires time and effort….

    The great thing about daygame is that you can do it as you go about your everyday life… Which makes it feel more natural

    Plow though the rejection and the negative thoughts…. keep going like a champ… You’ll get good at game… All you need to do is keep gaming and not get wifed off when you meet a hottish chick (unless that is what you are after) and you will surprise yourself with the amount of high quality women you attract…

    Also not to burst your bubble but to call yourself the first generation of daygamers is a bit much….. Especially in a city like London…. Daygame has existed as long as vagina has existed….. SW9 Brixton baby… We been moving to girls from as young as I can remember… Day time night time any time…!

    Maybe you the first to write about it….

    But yeah man keep up the good work… Help out the hungry men…

  33. I got my first lay after just two weeks of going out every day and I’m of indian origin (which means I look indian but don’t have indian accent). Krauser is right though, it’s not made for everyone. Some quck fixes though :
    1. NEVER approach from the front. The first week I just approached from the front and most were creeped out or thought I was selling stuff to them. I now just let them pass me and give them a gentle tap from behind and stop.
    2.If you are nervous, tell them you are nervous.
    3.When you say ‘hi’, do it with a smile and pause for a bit. I can’t stress how much this improved the probability of them staying there.
    4.Approach where it’s busy and there are people around.
    5. Be as large as you can with the shoulders large (everybody knows that I suppose)
    6. Something I noticed which prevented a lot of flaking is that I always tell the girl that ‘I would love to meet you sometimes. I’ll just give you my number because you are probably creeped out by a weird creepy guy talking to you. So no pressure, if you wanna hang out, I’ll be glad. If not, then I’ll be just happy we had a chance to talk’. The first time I said this, I was talking to girl who had a boyfriend for 2 years. Later that night, I received a text from her saying ‘ Hmmm so tough guy(I told her I box), you wanna be my booty call when the bf is not around huh?’

    So just my thoughst on it. I’m in Newcastle in UK by the way, supposedly a tough spot for daygme.

    • Yep, it is. You still gaming there?

      • Why do you say it’s a tough spot up here? I’ve been looking for a wing and the area seems pretty dead for day gamers.

      • I was just told it was tough but having moved to London last month, I don’t see much difference. Newcastle centre is great for daygame.

      • Ah, cool. Just starting out and already have enough on my mind without worrying that things were extra difficult up here. Any advice from when you were here (good locations, e.t.c.)? Is there any sort of local community?

      • I couldn’t tell you about community bro..I was on my own for the first 4 months and then a guy messaged me on the PUA forum(for uk) and we started going out together. I usually started at Eldon square and Northumberland street. From 11 a.m till 4-5 p.m it’s great.
        From there sometimes I wandered around the city.

  34. This motivates me everytime I´m stuck = gold

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  37. Until this day, this article remains one of the best higher-level descriptions of daygame challenges out there. I’m just around 100 sets in, and I find myself relieved to read this list of downs from an experienced daygamer. I’ve read a ton of daygame material, which has been spot on when the girl hooks, but there’s not much written about recovery from the significantly more times she doesn’t. For the same reason most people never approach, those that do hide their rejections to protect their ego (points 1, 2, and 3 in this post); I know I’m listening to an advanced daygamer when they roll with it and can tease apart the oppurtunities to learn from the volatility of the Game.

    As I continue my daygame journey, this post will be dog-eared for the times I need inspiration after hitting blowout streaks (points 3 and 6), encoutner thoughts of escaping the SMP (point 7), and when I’m finally ready for my first jaunt.

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