Daygame Nitro: long-awaited second edition out now

May 13, 2014

Nitro blog launch cover

I am proud to announce the launch of Daygame Nitro second edition. I know what you’re thinking….

“I torrented the first edition and feel a bit guilty about it. How can I ever restore my daygame karma?”

Repent, sinner. I’m giving you the second chance you scarcely deserve. If you head over to Lulu and buy this book I guarantee the daygame gods will push two teenage tourist SDLs your way within a week.*  The video below goes through the content and flicks through a paper copy so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

To summarise, here’s answers to the obvious questions:

1. What is new in the second edition?
The first edition was 36,000 words. I rewrote all of those and added an extra 30,000. So it’s almost double the size. Some chapters have been expanded (for example a long sexual future projection in the idate chapter) while some entirely new chapters are added on Vibe, Emotional Rollercoaster, Polarity, Connection, Physical Escalation, SMV and Cold Reading. Click the preview on the Lulu page for full contents.

2. The first edition looks like your mum did the graphic design. Does this one look better?
Yes. I paid professional copy editors to clean up the prose, a layout guy to make it look nice, and also commissioned custom interior / cover art and a flowchart girl.

3. Who is it aimed at?
Nitro is designed to get a beginner up to intermediate level (one new lay a month), whereas Mastery is meant to get one-a-month up to three-a-month and a point higher in quality. So long as you’ve done at least fifty sets the concepts of Nitro will connect well with your experience.

4. I don’t like these hardbacks. When is the Kindle coming out?
I really don’t know. I’m not averse to it, but nothing is planned in the near future.

Note interior is in B/W

Note interior is in B/W


* Complete lie. Guarantee is pure fabrication.


  1. God in heaven Krauser!! I`m scrounging my pennies in order to buy daygame mastery and you update your previous book, May as well wait for the complete works in hardcover and leather-bound, twelve volumes and illustrations by Dore.

  2. Can anyone recommend this for an American who wants to try his hand at day game in the northeast US? I’m this fucking close to pulling the trigger, my only concern being that the advice will be tailored to swooping exotic non-Anglos in the cosmopolitan corners of ol’ Blighty. That’s all well and good, don’t get me wrong, just not sure how well it translates to approaching your average permascowl US lawyercunt.

    • From LaidNYC’s review of Mastery:
      “This is great for guys running game in Europe, but will his style of game work in North America?

      Yes. Most of the book reads like it could just as easily be a guide to daygaming North America. Besides his European girl archetypes and british accent (I read the book in Krauser’s voice), the book is field-ready for any major American city.”

      I see no reason why Nitro wouldn’t work as well. Maybe you’ll need to hit the gym more in the US:-)

    • The first edition – yes. If you are going direct, female nature is female nature. You just have to use the volume button acordingly.

  3. “Aproach” on the front cover? Sorry. I’m an editor. Can’t help myself. [Yup, got a corrected version to upload now. K.]

  4. Any chance of a discount for those of us with the first edition? (Or at least, those of us with both your books?) Thanks. [Sorry, Lulu doesn’t enable it and it would cut my margin right down. K.]

  5. I’m on page 114 of day game mastery reading about squirrels and greyhounds . now another book out that is

  6. I purchased my copy on May 5th, would the corrections be present then? How bad are the typos and such?

  7. Haha head like a potato indeed! I will be moving back to NYC shortly so may have to pick up a copy beforehand (though I am known to be one cheap bastard) …

  8. I think you touch perfection with last two books. I love the content and the style. My only minor complaint would be about typos. I think it would be better to remove them before the sales start or maybe also hire a pro to do so. It doesnt affect the content but sometimes you just wish to have the perfect product. [Thanks boss. K.]

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