Crystallise her attraction for you

May 15, 2014

While travelling in Moscow, dependable first-gen daygamers Tom and Ramy were having a lot of idates and screening coffees. The further you travel East, the more false positives FSU girls give you and this creates its own set of problems. In the beginning you’re wide-eyed – “wow! so many super-hotties and they all want to come on dates with me!” you think.

Not so, sir

After your fifth consecutive date-to-nowhere you realise shininess is a double-edged sword. It doesn’t matter that she’s a 5’11” greyhound with heels and immaculate fashion if she’s only there to practice her English and gaze at the strange species Homus Englishski. The new problem of False Abundance is you have so many phone numbers you have to write them all down and keep an Excel document for scheduling dates.

A dirty rotten timewaster, yesterday

A dirty rotten timewaster, yesterday

I once dated 21 different girls in 7 days. Only fucked three of them (and another two on a return visit after long game).

The positive edge to the sword is you can practice hardcore screening and escalation. That’s the kind of thing that let’s you finger three different girls on three consecutive days inside cafes in mid-afternoon (story and audio to follow). You are so concerned to avoid wasting time (rather than avoid losing the girl) that you can push hard. Now, fingering them fast may be something of an over-compensation so let’s instead consider a strategy Ramy developed.

During the questions game, ask this:
“What do you like about me?”

Really, you can be this blunt with Russians. Once you’re used to it, you’ll find you can be that blunt with any girl. The authenticity shines through and cuts the crap. Generally I’ll ask this question after I’ve done the Age and Approach debrief questions. Girls will always answer it and you can calibrate from their response.

  • “I like that you are native speaker so I can practice my English” = probably a timewaster, expect to need to give her The Talk later
  • “You are so bold and direct, like real man” = great, you’ll be making The Move soon
  • “You are interesting, with much life experience” = great, continue your MIMITW game

Girls tell you how to seduce them if only you are perceptive enough to process their words. So I’ve been using this question on almost every Day 2, especially for daylight coffee screening dates when my evenings are already occupied with Day 3s and 4s. Just last night while out with a pretty young student I realised there’s an extra advantage to asking this question…….

We are all well-aware that girls are creatures of the Now, buffeted around by whimsy and emotion. Just because she’s feeling vague woolly feelings of attraction for you now does not mean she will do so tomorrow morning when the love bubble has burst. So it’s good to lock it down.

Moving hands south imminently

Moving hands south imminently

Right now, on the Day 2, she’s feeling good. Her hindbrain likes you, but perhaps your game has been so smooth and covertly-conveyed that her forebrain hasn’t really engaged with it. She’s got this odd forebrain/hindbrain conflict where the latter likes you but the former hasn’t gotten the message. Thus the attraction is epheramel – it depends on her hindbrain, which blows around like a ship on a stormy sea. So even if you kiss her she might wake up the next morning not fancying you much. The date is just compartmentalised as a “nice experience” and the notch recedes from view.

So force her forebrain to acknowledge that she likes you.

It will crystallise the fact of “I like him” so that the next morning it’s accepted, and durable through time. This question uses the hindbrain pleasure of the love bubble to force the forebrain to get on board, and she actively constructs the reasons for her answer. You’ve given her Forebrain Fodder.


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  2. This is a very good article. A lot of game literature I have read recommends (mostly) trying to bypass the logical fore brain and primarily work on her emotions. Using her fore brain as a conduit to “cement” her feelings makes sense. The only reservation I have is that I remember you saying that girls tend to have a large disconnect between the fore and hind brain, but I should imagine the questions you mention may filter this out. Thanks Nick.

  3. This would probably work with Chinese girls and other Asian girls during the questions game. But…my only question here is whether this sounds in any way needy. I’d like to get some more context for this.

    I can see the Questions game pinging back and forth and then this comes up and the context is right. But popping this question could lead to awkwardness or shit-testing

    Any additional context on this would be great. I’d like to incorporate this but not completely clear how to weave it in, tonality etc.

  4. Nick can you add the search bar? I am trying to find some articles from 2 years ago … Thanks! [don’t be such a faggot. There’s a monthly archives sidebar, and you can use google to search within a domain from the browser. K.]

  5. “What do you like about me?”

    I like this question, but is more relevant if you’re speaking English with her. If you’re speaking (bad) Russian, and she shows no sign of wanting to speak English, she most likely has legitimate attraction for you.

    I once went on a date with a girl whose English was worse than my Russian but she insisted on speaking English. When it came time to escalate at the end of a first date, she was not interested romantically. This made sense in hindsight. [I can’t speak Russian but I’ve had success using purely GoogleTranslate on dates. K.]

    • Foreign girls who speak little English is bread and butter for me.

      I just stick to speaking English and encourage her to continue speaking in the little English she knows whilst sitting back and qualifying her on her use of the language.

      Its the easiest type of girl to Game.

  6. Great question! Good way to cement the attraction. It forces her forebrain to acknowledge the hindbrain-attraction.

    It is not Beta-Game, if used after having established attraction in a good Alpha Frame. Me and my buddies will try it out soon. Are those 3 the most common responses to it?

  7. I’ve had a lot of success on Tinder using a similar line. After about 2 messages back and forth, I always say “So what made you pick me on here?” The girl has to think about and justify why she likes you. This leads to much higher success rates, for exactly the reasons you describe.

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