I bang my first 25 yr old Russian aerobics instructor

May 9, 2013

It’s a manosphere truism that women love dominant men and yearn for someone strong enough that they can surrender to him and bask in the pleasant womanly feelings of submission. Girls can read you very quickly and become ruthlessly efficient at screening out the legions of pushover boring beta males. When you street stop her you’ve set yourself apart. When you tease early in the set her ears prick up. When you steamroll through her shit tests she becomes very interested. The girl begins to hope she’s finally found a man worth submitting to. Then you have a strong hook.

This sort of thing

This sort of thing

While walking into a cafe in some second-tier Western Russian city I see a cute little gypsy girl ambling along. She’s got a petite dancer’s body, ass-length thick black hair and wild fiery gypsy eyes. My type all over and quite a contrast to the usual greyhounds. I’m immediately cocky and she’s pushing back from the beginning. There’s a strong spark in the air, her showing far more fire than the usual Russian coldness. I take a number and move on for my coffee date with another girl. The texting goes well. I’ll do a full transcript because it’s instructive to see the balance of Russian chode game mixed with defiant cocky game. You can easily see the major phase shifts as the game turns further my way.

Me: It was a pleasure, young lady πŸ˜‰

Her: Really )

Me: How is your friends’ meeting? Lots of girl chatter, I think….

Her: No, one girl, a lot of stories and sweets ))) [she looks keen]

Me: And probably a glass of wine πŸ™‚

Her: Without, and u

Me: I met my friends in Red Star Cafe. It has a great atmosphere

Me: [next day] Good afternoon my new gypsy-style friend πŸ™‚ How are you?

Her: Hi, working

Me: Let’s get a quick drink after work. 6pm?

Her: I work at the 2nd work ) [She’s not investing and playing a little hard to get]

Me: ok [Shift 1. I signal I’m not going to mess around and chase hard]

Her: Truly, I’m a trainer ) after the main work [she realises I won’t be strung along, girls often need a soft push to give a fear of loss]

Me: When do you finish?

Her: At 9, but then I run to the train – I go to parents )

Me: I knew you were trouble when I saw you! [Shift 2 – reframe her difficulty showing social acuity and playfully changing the tone]

Her: Really ))) I just don’t seat at one place ) [she likes it, attraction is increased so she wants to test my value]

Her: And if I was so trouble, why u came to me [test]

Me: Because you need a strong man to tame you πŸ˜€ [lay on the man vibe]

Her: I didn’t ask u, what do I need, I asked, why did u come ) [test]

Me: I already told you. You should pay more attention! [smash it out the park]

Her: I shouldn’t ) [test]

Me: You just earned your first ass-spanking, naughty girl [escalate]

Her: U shouldn’t talk so with me ) [test]

Me: Does that make me a bad man? [reframe]

Her: A veeeery bad man )))) [Shift 3 – passed test, she’s very interested now]

Me: Ha!

Her: Ha?

Me: It’s a bad man laugh πŸ˜‰

Her: I see

I’ve been averaging a few dates each day so I only give her two hours of my time when we meet the next afternoon. We begin sitting opposite each other on a high table in a cafe, it’s about 6pm. I lean back and roll off a custom DHV and comfort stack. There’s a great photobook of the city on the bookshelf so I take it down and make fun of how backward and commie her country is. This girl wants a master so I know to attack her frame. Every tease moves it further along. She’d later tell me she decided to fuck within the first twenty minutes of the date – “Once I realised how confident you are”.

We go upstairs to the alcohol only section which has dark mood lighting and soft leather sofas. I’d already played with her hands and hair downstairs so once the waitress brings drinks I do the “floppy test” (credit Tom) and then kiss close. We make out alot while I pour in comfort. I take her for a short walk outside, pointing out my apartment in the distance. There’s no time to push for a Day 2 lay (I have an 8pm date lined up) so I just lead her around and reinforce the frame. It’s massively on. A sample from our chat as we walk:

Me: I’ve noticed I attract lots of stares in this city. Even girls holding hands with their boyfriends check me out. [this is true]

Her: It’s easy to understand. It’s obvious you are so much more confident than the other guys here. [massive IOI and she’s betraying how lucky she feels to be here]

After a day of post-date comfort texting, I set up the next one. Note here how it’s possible to agree to have sex without once mentioning it. Girls communicate covertly.

Me: Are you at work?

Her: Yes, I do

Me: I want to meet you tonight. Dress pretty! [forcing the dominance frame]

Her: Hm, why? )))

Me: Because I like my girl to be pretty, of course. Do you have a favourite dress?

Her: Ok, which do you want: short and sexy or elegant?

Me: That’s a tough choice! Short and sexy – just like you πŸ˜€

Her: Or something between 2 variants )

Me: Which wine do you prefer, red or white? [This is the covert signal that this is to be a sex date]

Her: Red

Me: Me too. I’ll get a bottle of German. Better than the Russian stuff… [covert statement of intent]

Her: I don’t drink Russian ) [acceptance]

Me: Vodka is the exception πŸ™‚

Her: Did u taste it? )

Me: Of course. I love vodka. But more of a whiskey man

Her: I mean Russian vodka

Me: Russian vodka, Scottish whiskey

Her: ))) not bad mix )

Me: I love to sit in a leather chair with a Cuban cigar and a good whiskey πŸ™‚

Her: Sounds great, who doesn’t love this ))

Me: Meet me outside Double Coffee [Note its outside, I intend to walk her directly to my apartment]

Her: when

Me: 9pm

Her: Ok. Red lips? [covert confirmation of sex date]

Me: Yes! [agreement]

She shows up nicely dolled up so I give her a light kiss, put her on my arm and then walk her to a wine store on the short walk to my apartment. No resistance or questions – she’s come to fuck. Up in my room I do the usual shoes off / music / leave her alone five minutes while I clean my teeth / pour wine. I sense she needs a little more comfort so I let her browse my facebook photos. Then close. Zero LMR.

Funnily I get a big dip in mood right after. She’s pestering me for seconds but I just want rid of her. I don’t realise until the next morning but I was coming down with a ‘flu that would curtail my holiday gaming and render me a shivering sweating mess for a week. Three new girls in six days is too much for an old codger like me. Add in the relentless approaching, multi-date days, and the human body is simply not designed to have so many romantic interactions. I relapsed into a Gamer Shell Shock.

I add her to Facebook and later quiz her about the pickup. If you somehow don’t believe in manosphere wisdom then hearing it explicitly stated by the girl herself ought to help:

Russian 01

Russian 02

Russian 03


  1. Excellent all-around. I would say that I got the most out of what I assume is a text conversation where you tell her to dress pretty and plowed from there. She definitely shit tested you hard at first to see where your frame was. When you know chicks are attracted to you, though, shit tests are really easy to pass.

    I’m going out with a slightly shy seeming chick on Saturday that definitely wants the D but I admit I should have upped the sexual tension on her a bit more. Before we go out I’ll definitely impose that type of frame on her. [Be careful pushing too hard in texts. Much better to keep it more vanilla and then do the pushing on the date when she’s in your presence. I shifted this one in response to her attempted frame snatch. If your girl is already complying, no need to overgame it. K.]

    • Word, man, great point. I’ll probably just toss in something flirty through text and escalate on the date. Sort of a side note, but you had a post the other day stating that game is only needed when she is not complying. That point really resonated with me. She’s complying to everything I do so I don’t need to really overdo anything, something I have been very guilty of in the past and has cost me pussy that I could have easily gotten.

      I’ve only done about 15 minutes of talking at a bookstore and 10 minutes of phone talk a few hours later. She stated that she’s only here for 3 more weeks and down to hang out on a Saturday night. Supposedly, no drinking though cause she is on some Christian internship in the hood. I bet I can get her to drink anyway.

      Anyway again, great post, I really enjoy reading your lay reports. Surprisingly few sites in the manosphere seem to even have them.

    • Krauser

      Smooth work.
      I actually made the error the other evening of not following a couple of tricks youd suggested, I get this girl back to my room and foolishly didn’t turn light off or music on, to change the mood. Needless to say I get resistance, not the heavy kind but enough to not accomplish what i’d set out to do,. I now seem to be getting less effort on her part in messages. I assume you’ve encountered similar scenarios?

  2. Again, highly instructional. Unfortunately I fail on so much of that shit test stuff – if that was a quiz in school where each remark is graded I would have gotten an ‘F’. Until I discovered this manosphere stuff I used to be puzzled as their eyes would glaze over when I threw my nice/considerate act out there. Little did I know that I was to them what an ugly fat girl is to me (I read that somewhere). My fallback rule I try and often fail to remember is “What would you say & how would you act if you KNEW she was totally, hopelessly into you”. Easier said than done, I’m finding. I’m in my 40’s so the misplaced, constant politeness and desire not to offend is proving very hard to shake.

    Hidden in the above narrative is the following which we’d all do well to remind ourselves about what it takes: “relentless approaching”

    Finally, it strikes me that instead of studying and thinking and transforming, etc. etc. a lot of this can indeed be distilled down to being ‘cocky & funny’. David D had the outline right and a lot of what’s happened since is just coloring in between the lines.

  3. Illuminating once more K, This should be in every textbook. I’ll diverge from the topic and dare to ask, do you use any Game principles at work on female coworkers? Would you care to write a post or two about workplace Game? [Don’t do it. Risk is too high and it reeks of scarcity. Way better women to be found on the streets. The only way I’d do workplace is as follow: 1. Ignore pretty work girl, 2. DHV to others when she can overhear, 3. Ignore her initial IOIs and comeons, 4. DHV more, inspire jealousy, 5. Disqualify her on some trivial basis, 6. Wait for a very strong comeon and allow yourself to be dragged to a bar by her, 7. Allow her to lead you into isolation and jump you. K.]

    • K, great post, and I like your followup advice to this comment. I think it would work very well in a situation where a man is the boss, and/or owns the company or is an independent contractor, especially in an environment that is majority or overwhelmingly female.

    • I understand the workplace is risky unless very obvious IOI, I meant more like using Game principles for Work, like in managing a team of women, suppressing dissent and redirecting a particular team, do you find yourself using Game for Work or realise that what you are doing for work would be just as useful with Game on the streets?

  4. This is brilliant. I just read the previous Julia Roberts look-a-like post before this one and it stirs a lot of motivation in me. The electricity and the sparks you described from the previous are the parts I love most, and the “dating dance” you said in the Facebook conversation is one of the most fun things about it all. I suppose that’s why a lot of “normal” blue pill relationships fail, because that initial excitement wears off.

  5. Hey Nick,

    You mention your ability to DHV in most of the lay reports. Any tips on learning to tell a great DHV story without it being try-hard/Mystery-esque? Even if I’ve been travelling, doing something exciting, etc. I have trouble telling people about it in an interesting way. Don’t want to feel like I am trying to impress her either.

    If you’ve got a book recommendation or a post of yours in mind, that works too.


  6. Hi Krauser, excellent post. As a Londoner myself, I would like your opinion on whether you think it is advisable to meet women in Central London if I were to be living in an area like Middlesex? It would take a 30 minute tube ride for me to get into Central. Now while there are much more options for approaching there, I would reckon most of those girls would be tourists or living somewhere farther away which would make bringing them home with me after a date more difficult. I am not into same day lays or one night stands actually and I am looking to eventually have an open relationship with 2 women.
    Or would you think its better if I only approach women in the malls closer to where I live because there would be a higher chance of the women living closer by and thus making meet ups easier?

  7. Hi Krauser, you’re blog has been a great resource for aiding my game. I’m at university and seeing some interesting results when implementing you’re material. If you ever intend to come to Australia, please keep us posted. Best regards, Marin.

  8. Nick you are on fire last few posts, keep it up.

    Your INTJ is on display – most people of most other personality types are not capable or plain scared to be this honest publicly. As we see you have more reaction – the more absolutism and certainty a writer shows, the more the public is drawn.

    By the way, the women are so hot in the “pussy basket” of Russia, Romania, et al. because *genetically* they are probably the descendants of centuries of the most alpha conquering invaders who took the most beautiful women as sex partners, concubines in that part of the world. This explains the “fiery” look so many men rave of. Literally “killer” alpha genes produced these women back in the day

    No surprise these women are drawn to strong masculine types

  9. What’s the floppy test? [Pull her into you. She’ll either stiffen and resist, or go floppy and let it happen. K.]

    Can’t believe nobody’s asked yet

  10. I’ve never heard of the floppy test before but can understand why it’s so effective.

    I discovered a similar tactic in my Salsa place I regularly go to every Friday.

    I met a Polish girl who’s a solid 8 a few weeks ago who I met at salsa and could tell she was into me from the beginning having asked for a dance after watching me dancing with a bunch of girls (passive DHV ftw). 22 years old, dark hair blue eyes…

    After a few weeks of teasing, physical escalation and push/pull, the penny dropped. I overhear she’s having issues with her beta boyfriend over in Poland, which was expected.

    I knew I had something to do with it because typically girls deliberately cause problems in their present relationships by relentlessly testing their current boyfriends to see if they match up to the same alpha behavior with the new man (Me) she becomes attracted to.

    Whenever I see this girl now, all I ever do is invade her space and eye fuck her. She loves it.

    I would recommend for any new guy starting Game to learn how to physically escalate first because without it, no amount of game you spit out will matter. If you have any form of anxiety touching and prolonging eye contact with a girl, you will always encounter problems.

    It’s not what you say, but what you don’t say that really matters. Girls seem to prefer covert communication when it comes to sex.

    Here are my tips on how to escalate at each stage of the interaction:

    Meeting stage: Hugs, prolonged hand shake, kiss on the cheeks

    Teasing stage: Poking, flicking, bumping, pinching, squeezing her cheeks, pushing.

    Seduction phase: Brushing her hair, pulling her in by the neck and kissing her cheek, pulling her in by her lower waist, slightly tugging the back of her hair, eye fucking her, staring at her lips.

    Practice this one thing, and you’ll start to notice your results increase dramatically.

  11. killer post. the fb part itself is pure gold. every man needs to read this. every day.

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  13. Great post.

    “Because you need a strong man to tame you”

    I’ve texted this and used it on a girl I was dancing with who wasnt’ quite able to get the beat and follow along.

    The impact face-to-face was remarkable.

    She mumbled something, the smiled, the brushed her hair in an obvious IOI and blushed.

    I kept cool and looked at her confidently.

    The “I’m the man, you’re the woman” framing in several of your posts has a very clear impact with most girls I’ve used this one becoming much more open to giving their number or going along with whatever I’ve just proposed.

  14. Great post, I now realize how much room for improvement I have in the “manosphere wisdom” department.

    Would like to ask: Is post date comfort texting a standard thing or was this a special case? I used to wait 3 days to text after a date but have since moved it to 2, any advice on post date followup? [If the girl is being real, be real with her. Reward good behaviour. Most of the gamey/asshole stuff is for dealing with stupid American whores and not applicable to nice women. K.]

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  16. I had a wonderfully insightful moment last night with this chick I’ve been banging. We were discussing various places to go out and she declared that I liked the ‘snob’ places. This is interesting because another woman (I also doinked her) said exactly the same thing.

    At this point the -to use manosphere parlance- the blue pill guy starts thinking ‘oh this is no good I need to impress her by demonstrating that I’m not an arrogant guy etc’. The red pill guy says ‘WTF, get real, don’t listen to a word of her ‘complaint’, you are banging both of them, ask her leading questions so as to satiate your curiosity about game’.

    She then remarks that when I met her for the first time ‘you said something that I will never ever forget’. Now we are getting to salient point. In a sadly thoughtful tone she repeated that I had said ‘I am much more BLANK than me’.

    Frankly I can’t even remember what I said. She wouldn’t even repeat it. I doubt I will ever will now. In the end it doesn’t matter. She just wanted to be dominated and if I hadn’t done this then neither of us would have got laid.

    Of course this stuff is somewhat easier in Eastern Europe because if you hit on a girl whose first language is English you are going to have to deal with the fact that you are usually psychologically triggering off a pre-set collection of feminist inspired argumentation over ‘gender roles’. In reality its just a tiresome set of shit tests which you must overcome, if you can be arsed that is.

  17. As a red pill woman reading this, I’m sitting here thinking… ‘Oh my God, are we really that simple?’ And we -are-! This is what women want. A man who can banter, a man who’s slightly cocky, but with a charm that takes away the assholeyness of it.

    I feel so … owned, reading it. In a way that makes me laugh. Women are truly so easy to figure out once you break the code. And you, Krauser – def broke the code!

  18. Just wondering: Why is “Which wine do you prefer, red or white?” a covert signal that it’s to be a sex date?

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  20. I started reading some of your LRs. I enjoy the texting bit of information and the conversation segments.

    While I don’t doubt many women like to be lead, as all submissive people do, I also experienced much girls saying shit to simply agree with a frame you hold (ex: you say you like rock music and she’ll scramble to say she does too, even though her favorite music is jazz or something). This is basically how lots of girls communicate, even among their friends. It is almost like it is something they have socially or biologically picked up/do. Basically, I think they follow a certain frame (your frame) when they really like you.

    Now, this is interesting, because I’ve heard guys like Johnny Berba say things like “the woman always follows a man’s frame”…”the man’s frame is always stronger”. I think I just may of pieced those two things together!

    On the opposite side of the coin, however, is if the girl ISN’T interested in you, she will not agree to, or scramble for, similarities. When she agrees, it is almost like her saying “Yes, I know you like me, and I like you; therefore, I am going to validate everything you are doing so you know I like you and accept of this interest”. Because let’s face it, when she doesn’t like a guy, she’ll do the opposite and covertly avoid/reject his advancements.

    Blah blah blah…

    The only reason I am writing all this is because I noticed how you like to assume most women like to be led, and you ask them this post-lay. I’m not so sure this is a biological thing or if it is simply a role thing, and so if women were the aggressors then you would likely be more suggestive of acceptance/rejection as women are. After a certain amount of being lead, and being used to being lead by a man, she kind of just falls into it to satisfy it more.


    I have noticed how women scramble to match your frame when they like you, and this happens even when they AREN’T sexually interested, but they approve of you. Or, often, you’ll see two women knowingly do this among themselves to mutually show they accept each other (“I like your sweater! I absolutely love those sweaters!”…even when they don’t really mean it. It is like a form of saying “I accept you, and I am open to you”.

    In general, I think women do this more than men (obviously). Ironically, I think many women pretend to like to be submissive to a certain degree to fulfill the frame of the man’s advancements; hence, saying how they love to be led in everything. Many women don’t like to be lead in everything by a man, however. I’ll often instinctively know when women say one thing and mean another. It’s definitely more a woman’s trait than a man’s, especially the more feminine the woman. Like I said, I’m not sure if this is a social construction or a biological one. Probably both.

    Jumbled ramblings/thoughts. I just felt like writing it. Love the reports! I think I found a new favorite blog!

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