I deflower my first 22 year old Lithuanian ballerina

July 9, 2013

Since I first committed myself to the Game I had a goal in mind. At first it was nebulous and difficult to articulate but as time passed and experience was gained I started to see patterns in the girls I go for and what I want from them. Each man has his preferences and mine is very clearly towards this:

Deep conversion of a young, chaste and sweetly feminine girl

That’s it, that’s my Holy Grail. I’m not going to turn down globetrotting models or large-breasted strippers nor will I deny occasionally trawling the streets for a grot-fuck with a lost tourist but those are the side orders. My real motivation is a very particular type of catch. I guess I’m feeding my affection needs and persuading myself when the time is right to settle with a girl I can get what I want. In this respect this girl and the previous girl represent my crowning achievements so far.

It begins in Vilnius when I’m relaxing in a pizza restaurant after a heavy day of number farming. I’m worn out. Tom is out on a date somewhere so I’m just shovelling a pepperoni pizza down my neck and then make my way home. As I come up the steps onto the street outside the restaurant a girl strides past that triggers a full DNA-pull. It’s 9pm, dusk, and I can’t be bothered but I’ve learned not to ignore the blood-bubble so I open.

This kind of face

This kind of face

Super strong hook immediately. We chat five minutes then I bounce her to the nearest cafe. Sitting in a booth it all goes effortlessly so I can tease her, build rapport, everything. She uses her dictionary to tell me our meeting was “fate”. I’ve caught the right girl at the right time in her life. After an hour I kiss her outside and let her go. It now becomes a long girlfriend experience…..

First date is in another cafe after her work. Within ten minutes she’s behind my chair massaging my back so I misconstrue this as being “on”, walking her to my apartment but she gets isolation anxiety and won’t come up. We spend ten minutes sitting on a bench outside until she finally agrees. An hour of chatting, facebook photos, youtube and then I finger her to her first ever orgasm. Bloody hell she’s sexual. Great fun. This is where she tells me she’s never been with a man. I’m grinning like a wanking Jap.

Second date is a walk around a big park where she’s literally singing and dancing with joy. She frollicks off into the trees and returns with flowers for her hair. It’s the sweetest most adorably feminine behaviour I’ve witnessed all year. She’s just glowing with pleasure, reciting Russian love poems, and hanging off my arm. I deliberately back off on the escalation. Girls, if you want to know how to catch a man this is it. Everything about her energy was pulling me towards her, giving me warm feelings and bringing out my more noble intentions.

Third date I’m laid up with ‘flu. She comes around my apartment for four or five hours to look after me and we watch The Dictator. I finger her to orgasm again but I’m physically not up for sex so don’t push further. She takes me to the airport the next afternoon and we move onto Skype for Long Game. Were I a normal man I’d be in love already.

This kind of figure and manner

This kind of figure and manner

There’s the usual Skype chats. I run rapport, give her teasing nicknames, gradually extract sexy photos from her and do all the usual future projection. She’s a thoughtful girl who is unhappy with the current direction of her life. I’m her shining beacon of happiness and adventure to escape the daily grind. A month later I’m back in Lithuania with her my top target to knock over. I’m not pushing fast because I enjoy the chase. She gets a Little Miss Giggles book.

Fourth date is coffee, park and brief stop-off in my apartment. Finally I’m ready for the big move on the fifth date. We end up back at my place late evening and I just go for it – lead lead lead. She accepts everything without a trace of LMR. I can see she’s quivering in fear (she later tells me she’d believed sex was much more painful than it turned out). I’m realising that often LMR occurs when you push faster than her timetable is comfortable with. A more drawn-out seduction is less likely to trigger it.

It interests me that even a girl with zero experience with men can immediately adapt to the sex. Within two minutes she’d thrown herself into it – screaming, gasping, moaning – and didn’t mind being rag-dolled around at all. Figuring that she’s just happy to follow my lead I do her quite rough and cum in her mouth to finish. Then we lie in bed to let all that oxytocin bubble through her system. During the interview she says things like:

“My whole body is like hot jelly now”

“I never liked men touching me. But there’s something about your touch, it makes me lose control”

I’m so pleased with myself. Only the day before I’d closed a similar girl. So I’ve just knocked off my top two targets for the trip. The next day she bumps into me while I’ve got the other girl on my arm…. and she doesn’t even mention it. It would seem both girls don’t feel entitled to exclusivity.

Learning points

  • If you don’t need to rush a girl, don’t rush. Feeding your ego by pushing for the quickest possible lay can lose the girl or cheapen the experience.
  • Nothing works better on a chaste girl than to spike her attraction and then burrow deep into her soul with deep rapport. I needed very little douchebag game here.
  • She may be inexperienced and directionless for sex but she still has the same raging hormones as the sluttier girls. Work the hindbrain, lead…. and she’ll follow.


  1. Holy shit. Got the biggest boner watching that. (No homo).

    • Now I’ve calmed down, I can say this is exactly why you’re the best game blogger out there. You’re writing is just as (if not more) engaging, useful and interesting than all the others out there. Added to that is that you also provide proof and detailed breakdowns of yourself seducing and banging hotties. Plus you live in London, like me, and your archives are a goldmine. [Thanks pal. K.]

    • agreed shes hot as balls. those tits!

  2. K: “Finally I’m ready for the big move on the fifth date.”

    You big softy.

  3. just when I’m ready to sit down and get some work done for the day, you go ahead and link to this video slammin a beauty…damn you Krauser!

    On a separate note, I came across this book called “Pitch Anything”, where about 1/3 of the book talks about frame control. Figured i’d pass it your way and see if what you think about it.


  4. For many girls over 18 their virginity is actually a burden. They feel somewhat like an outcast for still being a virgin. They are usually quite happy to have someone relieve them of the burden 🙂

  5. This is so inspiring in so many ways. I want this life.

  6. Do you try to learn the target language for your euro-harem? Or just some basic phrases (e.g. “yes, no, strip, be quiet, follow me, you look like a crazy girl, you have a banging body, a nice ass, nice legs, etc etc etc)? [No. It’s qualifying. K.]

  7. How do you deep convert without leaving them heartbroken when it’s inevitably time to move on?

  8. 1. I got here in time to see this one, happily. You did a fine job.

    2. Five dates? I admire your patience. It does pay to be disciplined and in control. You should join the Royal Marines–you’d probably make an excellent sniper.

  9. Props mate. How did you handle meeting her the day after with a different girl on your arm? [Brass-necked it like it was the most natural thing in the world. K.]

    • Absolutely the correct way to play it. Your frame, your reality. Its amazing what women will accept when in the presence of an indomitable iron clad frame.

    • It made her want K even more.

    • Having a strong frame is the difference between a man getting laid regularly and a man falling into a relationship trap with a girl after stating that ‘She doesn’t have sex without a relationship’.

      A Polish girl gave me that line a few days ago, but the minute i went back to hers, it was a done deal.

      Never listen to what a girl says. Most of the time, it’s bullshit.

  10. With future pacing, its great for fantasy but also do you risk sounding needy and rushing it?

  11. Great LR. Reminds everyone that beautiful things in life come to those with the discipline and gumption to stick at it, even 5 minutes more, when everyone else has turned in.

    Regarding FILMED DAYGAME APPROACHES: Long time readers will notice that Krauser no longer posts daygame approach videos. Those of us lucky to catch this peerless blog near inception were lucky to watch the transformation of a man and his technique on video.

    I would wager that the majority of readers have more problems refining open through to number close technique. A video of a full approach that went particularly well with a quality girl would be of great interest to me, in as much as to see how time has fully matured your technique and masculine frame.

    *****As an informal poll, would any other readers be interested in seeing a recent daygame approach video by Krauser, analysed in his usual insightful way?***** [I can’t be arsed. K.]

    • You’ve obviously earned the right to be arsed or not arsed within the manosphere.

      But as the leading light (IMO) in daygame, it’s a shame recent readers don’t get to see and learn from your style, which (IMO again) is sufficiently different to the opens that other people have uploaded.

      And thats judging from your opens a year ago. By your recent run of success (admittedly I can’t judge the time frame, quality nor open/close ratio, but either you’re spam opening like never before or you have got your daytime stop/tonality/frame/process down to a fine art.

      Daygame IS the open and subsequent 10 minutes on the street/cafe/park. Of course, maybe I am talking shit here and the punters prefer the lay videos.

      • alex, have you seen the videos by tom torero and jon matrix? they’re very good. every one of the london daygamers has his own style obviously, bu they also learn from each other.

      • Hey Riv – I keep up to date with all the best daygamers out there, I like the stuff Tom and Jon do (especially Jon’s chillness and post attraction) but Krauser has a different style to them both. Its all in the details… I have a jpg saved somewhere of Nick stopping a Polish blonde in the middle of the street in a particularly robuyst masculine style that is quite different to the other guys.

      • cool, just making sure.

  12. Did you delete the video or am I blind?

  13. Lithuania has been good to you. Seems like you’ve made the effort and taken the time and have found the formula that works best for you. Congrats. Most men don’t make the effort. I’m sure most men who read your blog have no clue the amount of effort you’ve put in to get such girls in bed. All they see is the end result.

  14. Great lay K. Do you usually pay for dates/insta dates?

  15. Whats the legal situation with these videos? My impression of PUA’s is that they are giving women what they want. Pressing the primal buttons so to speak. However, do people in this community ever worry about the legal ramifications of it all?

  16. I am allowed to film anything in my house, room, unit, hotel and on public space in most nations.
    The vids posted are very grainy and only K seems recognizable, which I assume is purposely done. It does also serve as protection and proof that no one else provides.
    Anyone can get numbers and dates.

  17. Krauser, I am a fan of your blog. Also after seeing your stats, lay report, I have started to think like: ‘How many approaches did he do since he began?” Could you make an estimation? Cause many people out there believes that is a really numbers game. I am a night gamer and actually I do 10-15 sets max per week. But also heard that some extreme day gamers do like 20 set per day. Are you like that or how does it work for you?
    I really appreciate the answer cause i want a life that yours so I can do my best with such kind of info.

  18. “I am allowed to film anything in my house, room, unit, hotel and on public space in most nations.”

    good to know.

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