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July 7, 2013

One of these days I’ll write a proper treatise on text game just so my name gets etched into the annals of history alongside Einstein, Copernicus and Shearer. My text game fucking rocks. But before that moment comes to pass let me just talk a little about the concept of ping texting. After taking a girl’s number its usual to send out a confirmation / feeler text. The idea is to initiate a text chat which will result in setting up a date. The basic pattern goes like this:

You: feeler

Her: response, encourage

You: acknowledge, stack

Her: response, encourage

You: acknowledge, seed date

Her: response, encourage

You: logistics time

Her: accept

You: logistics place, hoop

Her: jump

That’s extremely vague so here’s an example. Bear in mind it’s your job to initiate and to move the conversation along until its natural to invite her on the date. You are leading in a particular direction. Don’t get hung up in endless chit-chat. The aim is to get a little playful momentum and proceed to the date invitation as soon as is natural.

You: So this is the crazy French girl with crazy big hair. Nice meeting you, hon 😉

Her: Hahaha, what’s so crazy about me???

You: Everything. I’m scared. My mum warned me about French girls.

Her: She’s a smart lady!!!! Haha, be careful of us!! )))

You: I shall. I wonder if you are capable of drinking an English tea like an English lady. Hmmmmm

Her: Hmmm I don’t know about that. I can try but usually I drink coffee.

You: I guess we can try. Tuesday 6pm is good?

Her: Yes, that’s good. Where?

You: Piccadilly Circus. Dress cute, so we match 😉

Her: I’m always cute! ))))

This is assuming a Yes Girl giving full compliance which of course is only true for a small proportion of numbers. Realistically she’s going to throw at least one spanner in the works be it mild (unavailable first time, suggests alternative) or strong (shit tests). That’s where the craft comes into text game and one tool in your box is the ping text. I use it under the following circumstances:

  1. The hook wasn’t very strong and her reply to my feeler was non-committal or tardy. I feel its too early to push towards a date and she hasn’t picked up on my thread.
  2. She replied very late, such as a few days after my ping
  3. We had momentum but then she dropped off and didn’t respond.
  4. She was too hard to pin down for a date either by declining the logistics or declining the date without giving a firm No.

So the ping text is a way of forcing yourself back into her mind without coming off needy and over-invested. Girls are creatures of the moment so if she’s got alot on and you aren’t a high priority then that number can go cold. So you ping her a statement about what you’re up to and you don’t ask a question. Just throw it out there. Examples:

  • “I just saw a man walk into a lamppost. I thought that only happened in comedy shows”
  • “Just saw a cat that walks like you… weird”
  • “I’m lying in my hammock, sipping Pims. I love summer!!”
  • “Don’t ever join a queue behind a group of Italian tourists. Jesus, what a fanny on!”
  • “There was a little girl sitting next to me throwing a tantrum. I gave her a stern look and she just stopped. I don’t know if I’m a good or bad guy now.”
  • “There’s a dog following me home from the shop. He’s really big and shaggy. Cute.”

If a number goes cold throw one of these out to see if she responds. If it’s still blank give her a week’s roll-off then try another. If that doesn’t get a response, she’s just not into you.


  1. nick, tom and jon recommend sending out the feeler text the same day you meet the girl, a few hours after. i am assuming you agree but just wanted to confirm. thanks. [Depends on too many factors, so it’s a rule of thumb unless your calibration dictates otherwise. K.]

    • thanks man, good reply. my interpretation: it’s a good rule of thumb if she hooked properly and you had a good connection. if she came off as a bit too self absorbed or too pleased by the attention, then you have to ignore her for a few days.

  2. Reblogged this on 3rd Millenium Men and commented:
    Brilliant text game advice from Krauser.

  3. Thank you very much, K! I have started recently to “pick up” girls I have on my facebook friends list but who I don;t actually know in real life, and I have experienced more than a few drawback in the conversations. I am going to include your pointers in my conversations! Also, I am looking forward to reading the full article about text game.

  4. What to do if they suggest an alternative that is clearly different from what you originally suggested? (eg getting an icecream rather than a drink or something) Obviously need to regain the frame, but do you just bulldoze ahead with your original suggestion, or should you reframe the suggestion as your idea and just decide when, where, how etc?

    • @Emerson:

      This doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all generic answer.

      Listen carefully to her alternative suggestion. Figure out why she’s giving it. From an outside observer’s perspective, it it very reasonable (legitimate scheduling conflict with important event, real safety concerns, etc.) ? Then go with it happily and move on to a better part of the conversation.

      Is she being a pain in the ass? Then in a funny way, call her out on her ridiculous behavior.

      Also, her reluctance may suggest that you didn’t hook her properly when you met her and got her number. Think of her idea of an “ice cream date” as a proper opportunity to build her attraction to you, show some value, and qualify her a little.

      If done properly, that ice cream date can extend right back into drinks and a visit to her/your place.

  5. mmoooore !!! 🙂

  6. great post. Any more examples of feeler type texts? my brains run dry with the heat. its a good heat though. everyone in the UK looks about 40% hotter

    • While we’re waiting for Krauser to publish his own text guide, if you want more examples of “feeler-type” / ping texts, check out Love Systems – Ultimate Guide to Text Game (especially pages 38-39 and 88 and 129 (of the printed edition)) and Rob Judge – Magnet Messaging package (all of “99 Best Texts” and pages 31-34 of the textbook).

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  8. A text game treatise is much needed!

  9. Aha! I did this today! Deja-vu to read your post on it 🙂 Goes to show that the basic principles are most important (don’t appear invested, but ensure you take initiative and stay in her mind – in this case).

  10. Hi Nick, I liked your ping msg. I tried it and it worked but I don’t know how to transition it.
    Me- Feeler.
    Her – response ( after 5 hours)

    Me – Response and tease ( after 1 day)

    No response.

    Me – Ping again. ( After 2 days)
    I m so wired having a ice cream in cold weather.

    Her – I hate ice cream. ( straight away)

    Me – That good. There is snog for u then. When are you going back to Paris?

    I have not got reply after that. what should I do now?

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  13. if a girl doesn’t respond to a initial feeler text (bad sign I know) is there much point pursuing any more text game? would you ping her again & if so how many times is it worth pinging her before binning the number?

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