An interview with London daygamer Sam Django

July 7, 2013

It’s a small world out there. I’d estimate there’s maybe ten guys in the whole of London who go out regularly and have consistent repeatable success at daygame. Guys sexing up genuinely pretty women who learned daygame in the PUA sense of the word. Sure there’s a bunch of non-community guys getting laid off meeting girls in the street (naturals, good-lookers etc), a bunch getting one-in-a-million Hollywood moments but not consistently, and of course a bunch of extreme number farmers with little skill but high workrate. Oh, plus the PUA charlatans and the noobs.

However if you narrow the field to guys who have real daygame skill, can get laid regularly with desireable girls and actually choose that lifestyle then its a small world. And we all know each other. Here’s an interview with the latest guy to join the club…..

If you haven’t already then watch this infield first. That’ll clear up the “who is this guy” question.

I probably didn’t press Sam enough to bring out the hard facts but the TL:DR version is this: 19 year old virgin does a bootcamp and then commits to daygame. After six months the daygame lays begin to trickle in. Eighteen months later he’s banged eighteen girls and is dating a catwalk model.


  1. Interesting interview with a lack of real substance or should I say detail.
    It’s great that Daygame get to showcase their skill set/services to readers out there.

    Disappointingly from a learning perspective for the readers, Sam did not articulate sufficient substance in response to quite detailed and precise questions from Nick!

    I got the distinct impression that Nick is the ‘man’ whilst Sam came across as the ‘boy’ during the interview and it’s probably down to difference of 17 years more of life experience on Nick’s part.

    On the issue of body language, [not with standing shyness in front of camera which I very much doubt], Sam came across as too ‘fidgety’ i.e. Sam’s hand actions were far too animated compared to Nick’s relaxed nature, if I were ‘mean’ person then I would say too ‘try hard’ as if trying to impress the readers but i’m not mean.

    What is it with the constant deep draws/sucking in of breath, hand rubbing of right palm edge against left palm face and the constant stroking of face/jaw with right hand by Sam during the interview.

    Once again I commend Nick for hosting and Daygame for agreeing to do the interview.
    Can we ‘share’ some more of the detailed information from Daygame’s instructors experiences or are we expected to attend one of your training services to get this level of detail?

    • Apart from the trolling final paragraph, this is a good comment.

      Sam is young and faking it until he makes it, and so he should, and so did I.

      Hence the numerous nervous fidgets and tells as well as overly telegraphed “man of experience” tells. He is under a certain pressure in this interview to be “the daygame pro”

      He doesn’t have the natural gravitas,and wealth of experience that come with age and life experience. Nick’s successfully managed Ibanking teams in the City for many years, travelled internationally and made a living in one of the toughest sectors there is (where I work too).

      Of course contrasting the two will juxtapose man against boy. When Nick says “Have they made you senior instructor” I can almost hear him chuckling inside about the banality of junior vs senior instructor in something as low key as daygame pickup compared to for example, international finance.

      I’d always advise young men under 30 to concentrate strongly on building a profitable and value bestowing niche career, with daygame on weekends etc, rather than dropping out to do pickup full time. Pickup isn’t a career and won’t give you the gravitas at least a decade in the real world trenches will.

      Good interview – lovely to see the London crew having a few beers – curious to see that London has become the world daygame hub. I lived in london myself for 27 years.

  2. That interview was great. I really appreciate and admire Nick’s emphasis on dispelling pervasive notions that it really is an extremely difficult grind. In particular, the point mentioned at the end – that despite banging a cat walk model, earlier that week he was blown out by 6s and 7s – is a truth that is seldom mentioned and damaging if not realized. Thanks Nick.

  3. Thanks. A few things stand out in this.

    First, Nick comes across very calm, cool and someone very comfortable in his own skin.

    One thing that isn’t explored in this but that I personally think is both important and relevant…is the difficulty guys have of “unplugging from the Matrix” and the role that guys like Nick play in the development of guys like Sam.

    We are all Sam and aspire to become Nick so the contrast here is awesome.

    But the point I want to make is that while I’m not a “day gamer”…i have benefited from the techniques and my confidence both with women and in my life has increased tremendously in the last 3 years since discovering game. The more you apply yourself like Sam does the more successful he will become.

    But…and here’s the big but…when i share my success stories with some of my friends, far from being supportive like Nick is in this video, there is a hint of resentment which manifests itself in passive-aggressiveness from my “friends” who aren’t where I am and still believe in the “Disney” model that Sam refers to at the start.

    I’m quite guarded about this now because when I have told stories my beta friends see this as bragging and try to subtly tear me down.

    Does anyone else find this? Not over resentment but more covert resentment from other guys and is dealing with this a component of one’s journey?

    These forums are really only places I can share my successes and failures because in the real world 99% of my friends apart from one have no interest in knowing this and instead want to wallow in the “Disney” world.

    • Absolutely Walawala, its why the london crew is so tight knit and forums like this, chateau and Roosh become invaluable places to let off steam.

      I wouldn’t bother trying to unplug your buddies or telling them about the red pill. Its lose-lose, believe me I’ve tried. Its like taking away Santa.

      You need to find other men on this tough journey, find at least one guy in your city and start hanging out with him more, and the beta friends less. You are the sum of the people you most hang out with.

      • Yes, i think telling other guys this actually works against you. They think you’ve “got it all” and they find ways to undermine that: not inviting you to stuff etc.

        Years ago pre-game me actually landed the marlin of girls accidentally and my friend was so jealous he actually tried to set up hang outs with him her group of friends deliberately excluding me….

        It taught me 2 things: 1) girls don’t ask too many questions and either love the extra attention or assume you know about the thing already

        2) some of your “friends” can be real douchebags….

      • ‘Over here’ it’s like I for one have started to inadvertently re-organize my life and certainly my social life: going out with my daygame crew (whom I had never met before about 6 weeks ago) during a Friday/Sat and Sun afternoon (2 or 3 days a week) and then quite contentedly going home at 5-6pm, having a nap, getting a workout in, and either going to sleep or joining a friend or 2 for a few drinks later at night, just joining them to enjoy their a few drinks out rather than being on the hunt since I’d basically been on the hunt for 4-5 hours already that day. I drove by the big nightlife areas on Saturday night here just shaking my head at the relative (repeat ‘relative’) difficulty and futility of it all. To your point, I’m not going to bring any of my friends along on daygame unless I am convinced that they will not judge and will be cool about it: i’ve already sensed that this activity has been the butt of some jokes between them.

        Have a girlfriend coming over this afternoon to head out on the water (after being with her last night) and really where I want to be is out on the street with the crew

    • “Does anyone else find this? Not over resentment but more covert resentment from other guys and is dealing with this a component of one’s journey?”

      absolutely. i am still at the beginner/intermediate level of pickup, and i had one friend who would tease me about game because he wasn’t seeing me get any results.

      you see it everywhere. ridicule if you are still not good, and once you get good, jealousy and resentment and dismissing what you do as easy or whatever.

    • walawala: Years ago pre-game me actually landed the marlin of girls accidentally and my friend was so jealous he actually tried to set up hang outs with him her group of friends deliberately excluding me….”

      Thing is, other men are not your allies with regard to women, they are your competitors.

    • You’re going to have to weed them out and get new friends that are on the same personal growth path as you are there’s no other way. Everyone on this journey has been through it with guys they were friends with for years and it’s difficult but it has to be done.
      They don’t want you to change cause its like a mirror to their own short comings so they want you to stay the same.

      You know the story about the crabs stuck in a bucket, right?

    • I agree completely,

      And this is exactly what I said in the youtube comments section about Sam being a carbon copy of Tom and Yad in set and suggesting that he work on his congruency.

      My comment got misconstrued as spam and promptly deleted.

      Basically, i’ve come to realize through years of doing this, that the minute you embrace the idea that women are sexual creatures and are in fact ok with you displaying your vulnerability and willingness to connect on a deep level. That you really don’t need to put on a performance.

      You can still be who you are and get the same results.

      This is very similar to what Tom wrote not long ago about calling out the elephant in the room. It touches on a very important point, that authenticity and congruency is key. As long as you’re honest with yourself and with women, even if you screw up the approach, It still doesn’t matter.

      She will respect you for it and end up with the same result, which is ‘you acted like a man and went for it’.

      I’ve had some seriously bad pick ups thinking they would lead to dead ends, only to be nicely proved wrong when she eventually responds and interested to talk.

      Granted, pick up is something we can learn, but it should never be viewed or judged as a performance or given a rating system to show how good you are.

      Like one of my friends always says… “Cool bro… But are you getting laid??”

      If you are and what you’re doing works for you, then that’s all that matters.

  4. All sports, arts and pursuits have their prodigy, this is Game’s prodigy.

  5. great interview. my big takeaways:

    1. krauser and sam emphasizing the importance of HARD WORK. persistence. not giving up. and of having ups and downs. dating the catwalk model but getting rejected by a 6 or 7. i liked what sam said, his initial feeling of “i can’t handle any more rejection” countered with his determination of doing “just one more set” to turn it around. that’s the attitude i need to have.

    2. how in sam’s best sets he was so in the moment and in the zone that he didn’t even remember what he said. that’s fantastic. that means no lines, no canned material, which is what tom and jon preach. see what you say. make it up. excellent.

    3. the contrast game of sam having a “fluffy” exterior but hard, sexualized eye contact. again, that’s me.

  6. Brilliant! Do more vids like this Krauser maybe on a weekly basis discussing game/red pill issues.

  7. So am I right in thinking that Sam is banging a catwalk model but still lives at home with his parents?

  8. a good instructor should be able to break down what they did or are doing. “he was in the moment” Is good if he wasn’t an instructor.

    Otherwise, good job on the catwalk model.

    • Exact point I was trying to convey earlier post but it got lost in translation to some readers.
      There was not ‘sufficient’ detail to specific points from Sam.

      • Great interview Nick, hope to see more of these in the future. I liked seeing two guys, side by side, who have learned game in different ways, share their knowledge.

        Tom, this is a brief interview meant to introduce Sam and show viewers that with persistence you can get to be very successful in a relatively short period of time. As was said in the video, everyone is different, so as an instructor Sam is going to be able to give guys feedback on specific issues they need to address while they are in the field. They aren’t going to give you a workshop in 20 minutes and the “sufficient detail” you’re asking about is available for free across hundreds of blog posts in the manosphere (Roosh, Heartiste, Tomassi, Jabba, Krauser,, etc.), and condensed into very valuable products like the Daygame Blueprint, Nick’s Daygame Nitro and other resources including workshops and coaching.

        Maybe you’re coming at this as a total beginner, but even from this short interview I recognized the importance of repeat advice like maintaining solid eye contact, being persistent and not letting negative experiences affect your state. Get a 100 approaches under your belt and this will start to make much more sense. You may be analytical, like me, but believe me that there is no amount of detailed advice that will help you with game, more than getting out on the street and approaching, being successful, being rejected and everything in between, 100s of times. It sounds like Sam has done 1000+ approaches in the last 18 months. Thats the kind of effort it takes to get really good at this. I’m still far from where I want to be, but at least I know what it takes to get there. [Some people just think the world owes them a living, so they fail at life. No point engaging them. K.]

      • nick42983, good points made. But my first impression of him as an instructor, wasn’t a good one. If I pay money for this guy I don’t want answers such as “be in the moment.” I’m looking at this from a money perspective. If you’re dating and getting catwalk models then that’s the reputation and bar other people will perceive you at. So people should be wanting to pick this guys brain and ask for advice. Not the opposite.

      • Yes you are right there is a plethora of material out there on the web and I was not asking about that.
        I was hoping to get glean an ‘additional’ insight from a 1on1 interview that you don’t necessarily get from the plethora of material and I can see now that expectation was not particularly ‘realistic’.

        Its true you will only get back what you put in and I personally don’t think the industry ‘standard’ of 1000+ approaches is ‘necessarily’ the way to go about it, far better to incorporate this into your weekend daily activities ie whilst you are out and about doing your daily chores/tasks.

        Whilst we are talking about ‘being in the moment’, this is crucial as it allows you to auto calibrate and adjust your posture, tonal delivery without thinking about this whilst in flow.
        The point has been made and its a general point, as an instructor/teacher you are expected to be able to articulate the interaction AFTERWARDS.

  9. Good piece – enjoy interviews / videos like this. Good questions too, though I only got so much from Sam’s answers.

    I’m a bit surprised of you saying there’s only 10 guys in London who are regular daygamers with consistent success though.

    If you count the companies / instructors, guys with some reputation in the community, and then account for guys who have been working at it for a while and are pretty successful but under the radar I’d wager that number is a good bit higher.

  10. What’s the difference between Sam and other guys taking bootcamps? Obviously not all of the students are hanging out with instructors after the bootcamps are over. How much input did they have in his growth?

  11. nick how has your ability to function in a regular workplace changed after you swallowed the red pill? cool hublot bbk btw? is it a quartz mechanism or did you get the mechanical replica?

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