YouTube infields are often nonsense

September 10, 2014

Here’s a short video explaining why you have to be aware of what you’re really seeing when perusing YouTube channels for daygame pickups, and how to think about long convoluted lay report “super stories”.


  1. Great post. I’ve ordered the book and curious to build on my skill set. Yes, when I first learned game it was all about tactics and technique. Slowly I’m transitioning into attitude and mindset. I’ve tried many different approaches and the ones that lead to a bang follow the process of little resistance or bullshit. Yes, sometimes girls will be coy and have reasons for resisting or not being available. If you suggest a date: “let’s meet up xxx” and they say “I’m busy xxxx” and don’t suggest an alternative, it’s dicey. I just had a girl I’ve been gaming flake on me, then text me to say “What other times are you free?” I enjoy gaming women and banging them. I like the interplay. But I’m now only gaming girls who deserve to be gamed. These no-girls, high maintenance, princesses, damaged goods, broken dolls….avoid.

  2. This is very true. For example if she’s taken and in love, with good game she’ll use you for window shopping. I think you can just sense she’s never aroused and compliant enough, although she may contribute to banter or go on date. Things like competition anxiety, top game…may reignite the fire but it’s very short lived. Ultimately you could try to create a window and “succeed” but it really damages your self-esteem when she is cold quickly again after all this work. The remaining feeling is her lack of respect and you allowing this.

  3. At first you don’t know what you’re doing.
    Running up and down central London is what most guys do just to get a feel for the approach. After that comes the ‘how do i keep her enjoying this interaction’
    and so on and do forth until you’ve experienced enough that you just know.

    Im sure many daygamers who are now great went through a phase of the mass approach.

  4. Yep, spot on video. It’s a concept that universally applies to a whole host of activities really. In music, for example, what seperates a great musician from a mediocre one is the notes you choose to NOT play. The spaces, the pauses, the understanding of why you’re not doing something.

    To me, stand up comedy is the ultimate example of this. The very best have mastered the pauses, the inflections, the subtley nuanced and deliberate choice of language. But they do it in a way that seems natural and effortless. Like they’re clearly good, but to the untrained eye you’re not quite sure what exactly it is that makes them so good. At a certain point it’s NOT the material. You can give one comedian’s jokes to another and watch him bomb. With the EXACT same material. Because he doesn’t understand that the delivery and presentation and flow and precise timing is what makes the difference. And that shit takes YEARS to develop. But it’s as much about the stripping away of the bullshit and the filler. For example, the overuse of swearing to the point it loses it’s impact instead of withholding it and dropping a perfectly placed f-bomb that crushes because it was perfect for that point in the story and its impact hadn’t been diluted from overuse up to that point.

    War, sport, politics, art, you name it….rule number 1 is Don’t Beat Yourself. That’s your foundation. From that point you develop understanding and experience and that typically manifests in stripping away the unessentials, the fancy stuff. You can pepper it in as appropriate, it’s there, in your arsenal of tricks, but you know most of the time you won’t be needing it. That’s true mastery.

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as they say.

    Nice video mate.

  5. lol I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that Naked gun segment.
    Nick is on the money with this.
    This also relates to Martial Arts as well where people mistake what they see in movies with what actually works in real life.
    What actually works isn’t attractive to the eyes and doesn’t gain much of an audience. So all of those stylish flying kicks and somersaults isn’t something that would be practical in a real life context.
    Seduction. just as with Martial Arts is subtle, simple and hard to see with an untrained eye. But it isn’t great for film.

  6. Great post man and very true. Picking up girls is mostly just normal conversation and a bit of flirting, the girl is either into you or now within the first few minutes. Then its either getting her home/date now or grabbing her number and scheduling a time to meet at a coffee shop next to your place or your place directly and trying to close. Any girl that flakes, reschedules, tries to change venues gets deleted, leaves a bit of money on the table but its so much easier than running around trying to close every last lead.

  7. The Scottish “Yes” vote campaign. A congruency test for England?

  8. nick, how come you don’t have a forum on your site?

    i have a question re: long game and i know you’re the long game master. if anyone wants to have a crack at this i’d appreciate it.just a couple of bullet points is all i need. thanks

    met a girl, got hot and heavy, didn’t fuck her though. hand job and a good ole play with the boobies and a little downstairs action. uhhmm well i’d like to keep her on the line in case the chance ever arises again. i’m in touch via email. i’d usually not bother but she sends some pretty cool emails and is kinda likeable.

    • @bowler hat Krauser’s got some great stuff in his book Daygame Mastery. Also check out some of the FB chats and explanations on the blog. Frame control battles on Facebook and some others. There’s a lot here I picked up combing through the archives.

    • Dude- I second it. Read DG mastery. K goes over this in awesome detail. Don’t be a cheapskate- The value of the book extremely outweighs the price.

      “[she] is kinda likeable” sounds like someone is falling in love. =P [Thanks boss. K.]

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