My 2013 daygame stats

January 1, 2014

In the new book I write quite a lot about expectations and reality in daygame. It seems only fair that as 2013 draws to a close and I sit in my dressing gown sipping coffee, running a hot bath, I should offer some summary statistics for the year. Most of these numbers rely upon estimates because I didn’t keep notes. Only the final laycount is 100% reliable.

My New Year's Eve

My New Year’s Eve

Opens: I racked my memory to estimate how many days I went out each month and roughly how many sets I did per day then multiplied one by the other. The only months I’m absolutely sure of are February (in Brazil, did almost nothing), April (I actually kept notes that month, I was very active), May, November and December (very little work). The rest is a blur. Most times when I do a “full session” I’ll open 10-15 girls. Some days I do one open, get an idate and then I’m finished. This opens number is accurate to the nearest 300.

Numbers: I tend to get one phone number or social media add for every four girls I talk to. I rarely bother asking if she doesn’t seem keen. So this total is just ¼ of the Opens estimate

Dates: I tend to bang half the girls I get onto a first date, so this is just double the lays number.

Lays: This number is exact. I kept notes and it’s memorable enough that I don’t really need the notes.

Opens: 1,000

Numbers: 250

Dates: 60

iDates: 15

Lays: 27 new girls, 3 repeats from prior years

So that’s one lay per 37 opens. It sounds about right. I think it’s 1 in 20 on holiday and 1 in 50 in London. Now lets categorise the lays.

SDL: 5

SNL: 3

Day 2 lay: 7

Day 3+ lay: 7

Long Game lay: 5

So there’s no particular pattern there. Let’s consider the geographical distribution:

Sex in same country we met: 25

Sex in different country to open: 2 (the two long game lays in neutral country)

And for the Long Game:

Sex where she came back to London: 1

Sex where I went back to her country: 2

Sex where we both went to a neutral country: 2

Now lets get to the ages. I’m 38. The average age of girl I slept with was 25, making a 13-year average age difference. Only one girl didn’t tell me her age, a Brazilian who didn’t speak English. I’d estimate her as mid-twenties. More stats:

Youngest: 20

Oldest: 30

Number of girls under 25: 14

Number of girls over 25: 13

Let’s consider nationalities (not ethnicity). I’d say the Slavs and Balkans were the hottest, averaging 8s. Overall I think twelve of the girls were legit 8s (I feel some pride having them on my arm), four were 6s (not too proud of myself) and the rest were 7s. I’m very strict on what I call a 9 (gobsmacking beauty that turns heads everywhere) and though I dated and made out with a few I never banged any in 2013:

Slavic: 9

Balkan: 4

Western Europe: 4

Anglosphere: 2

Latino: 6

Other: 2

I’ve also racked my brain for near misses. I only count them as a near miss if the girls was totally up for it, had her hand on my dick, I’d had my hand on her pussy, and she’s either agreed to come to my place or we’d been in a sex location. It’s a bit of a muddy definition but every single one of these girls I was certain I was going to fuck and then it fell apart at the last minute:

Near misses: 12

Failure due to LMR at sex location: 6

Failure due to unexpected outside forces: 3

Failure due to logistical errors: 3

I’d say I’m pretty happy with those stats. There’s room for improvement but at the quality I’m tapping, it’s nice to know I only have to open 40 girls to get laid once. That’s basically two or three day’s graft for a new girl and not many dates-to-nowhere.


  1. so one of the best daygamers in the world has a 2.7% lay rate? how depressing for the rest of us [You think it’s depressing that an average-looking middle-aged man can reliably lay hot girls 13 years his junior with only 3 day’s work, doing an activity that is often great fun? It’s not depressing, it’s liberating. K.]

    • It’s a numbers game. At best, one-third of girls are open to sex at any one moment. From there, it’s all about how good you are.

      If you go into it with that mindset, expect to fail. A lot.

    • “often great fun”? Most men will differ with that opinion. With a 2.7% success rate, daygaming is definitely limited to a tiny niche of guys who are either incredible horny or who for some reason choose to think of it as a hobby they do for enjoyment. Otherwise, who has the time/energy/inclination.

      • Hang on, I read those statistics as a 36-45% success rate, depending upon whether “idates” is included in “dates” or is in addition to them. Roughly a third to a half of Krauser’s dates resulted in lays. I find that VERY encouraging news indeed! My default frame for the thousand chats with girls is that they’re light recreation such as I do at dances already. And I’m an introvert who’s no better, or worse, looking than Krauser, and pretty smart, if I do say so myself. So I find these numbers most encouraging.

    • It also takes the pressure off the rest of us. Think about that! No Need to kill yourself over a bad rate.

    • Krauser, I have to respect many of your positions, though I may not like many things about some of your views. And when you say you have game, for sure, this is true. But going by this, game would not be as useful for most men, because they have not the same level of ability as you.

      You are tall enough, and many guys are shorter etc than you. 1 in 40 to get a lay, will translate into 1 in 100 or less for many other guys. Also, most of your lays are non-British, which is an indictment on where player culture/feminazism is going if a country is exposed to it too long – those lay counts will go down for the Europeans in the next few years. Game works now, but only a small amount of the time for a limited number of men who have the time and resources to excel at it.

      Female choice is the primary determinant of the future of game, in addition to as Roosh put it, more dependent on a combination of social proofing, having some quirky trait, and spam approaching. When I say female choice, I mean most women (and perhaps people) will act degenerately dependent on the external incentives, hence women will date men more so in their local social groups and who bring on the tingles or who are so bad looking that they fulfil the women’s need for security knowing that the guys won’t cheat on them (with the givernment providing for said women). This locks out most average looking guys who are in the middle(you are above average/good looking). The sexual market has collapsed due to female degeneracy (like other markets) and it is a matter of a short length of time before things manifest to show this to be true.

      • Going out more would probably turn your opinions upside down. The streets are awash with opportunities, you just have to go out there and find them. Now is a golden age for pickup.

      • Krauser doesn’t look especially tall or especially good looking. He even is a little self-deprecating about his looks from time to time so we know he feels the same, he just doesn’t care. The problem with all of you is caring so much. Do you really think a guy that gets laid more than 2 girls per month average (NEW GIRLS) gives a fuck that his conversion rate is so “low?”

      • Nothing has collapsed. There are more sluts than ever before. And they keep coming. Keep your dick ready. Stash some money for STDs also.

      • On what planet is Krauser good-looking?

    • That’s a very good date to lay ratio. I’m getting most my action through onlne dating, with ~20% success rate.

    • Depressing? Nah,that’s just reality, my friend.

      I’m no daygame expert, but this mirrors my (limited) experience.

      Once went on a week-long foreign day game rampage in Tokyo. Did approx. 70 approaches and only got laid once; a “terrible” conversion rate of 1.4%.

      Could I have done better? Sure. But who cares? Yeah, it WAS liberating. [Went to foreign country for a week, got laid for free. That’s the important message here. K.]

    • A guy with a normal life style do not have time to handle 1%, once he gets out of game for months and come back his results will spike.

  2. Many guys in pickup seem tabooed by the fact of keeping stats. Cool to see and good job

    • I appreciate the stats and their interest to the more analytically minded but I do think it’s an unhelpful frame to have; for oneself and for the community. Tyler rightly warns against it, especially to the newer guys,

  3. Thanks for the post (and above reply). Motivating.

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  5. I give Krauser credit for being honest – or at least trying to be as honest as he can – with his readers.

    If there is one thing I’d wish for as a reader then it is more honest self-assessment. He did a good post a while ago called “Everyone else is an idiot except me. I’m amazing” about denial. There are some signs of that I can see. On his Twitter feed he blames the miss of a gangbang on someone else. When he missed those Serbian teenagers, his answer was “sometimes you do everything right and still miss”. If everyone was done right, you don’t miss. [Healthy boundaries distinguish between what you can reasonable control and what you can’t. There is no magic sequence of actions that gets a girl. Sometimes it simply can’t be done. It’s like thinking there’s a special sequence that could let you knock out Vitali Klitchsko. No. You cannot kayo him under any likely scenario. K.]

    So Krauser is more honest than many, some of whom are just pure scamartists, but to truly connect with a wider audience he has to be even more honest, including about his failures. To be fair, he does write about it, but his conclusions tends to end up in the same place “I did everything right, the problem is the girl” denial zone. A lot of guys do that, at least those who are successful. Self-delusion is a powerful tonic.

    • You cant blame everything in the world on yourself. The art is to differentiate what you can have an influence on and what not. Sure temptation is great to deceive yourself but overresponsiblity is not desireable either.

      You always have to look at what you can improve on yourself, the Situation and so on. But lets be honest. Nobody has limitless psychological ressources either. No need to get depressed about it.

  6. Also a note on the guy who talked about the 2.7% hit rate.

    I think if Krauser would go for most lays – period – he would probably up the percentage quite a bit. The trade-off then becomes: what are you willing to fuck in return? In other words, how low can you go?

    Is quantity really better than quality? As for the argument that you can have both, yes, that should be the aim. But it is a statistical reality that the women who are really hot are relatively few with a large pool of suitors. And even if you’re the best man, there are always days when your game is a little off or there could be environmental/out-of-your-control factors.

    Finally, most men learning the game will probably not dedicate their lives to it like Krauser. At least not initially. I’m a full-time student who also works 20 hours a week in order not to go into debt. I do have time for game, but it is very limited. It’s usually on the summer vacations I can really dive into it.

    For guys like me, we have a limited time so we’d rather spend that on getting a a few high-quality girls who can be a fwb over a longer duration so we can tap it during finals and other periods when we need a release but can’t spend even an afternoon without studying. So in this sense, quality does become more important and as such, you get more blowouts.

    So I’m sorry(not really), but I don’t really believe those who claim they can have the same low rejection rates for 9s and 10s , or even 8s, as they have with 5s and putting in the same effort.

  7. Krauser as always refreshingly honest, doesn’t peddle bootcamps so doesn’t need to inflate stats.

    Daygame is a grind. Banging quality girls is a massive grind. What the f*** do some of the commenters expect? That the worlds going to lie down drop its panties and spread its legs for you…because you’re a special snowflake???

    Krauser’s stats are key because they allow the rest of us tyros to measure where we’re at when we’re in the trenches, grinding it out.

    1 number out of 4 approaches for a top daygamer is a sobering stat – it should motivate you to keep turning over those stones or boost your intrinsic value that you are bringing into each interaction.

    I used to go out and feel like something was going very wrong because I didn’t get 1 number out of every 2. How wrong was I.

    • 10-15 years ago, there were tons of hot women around and getting laid with a good looking girl was much easier. It is much harder now for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the population is older, there are many more (mostly male) immigrants, and feminism destroys societies by getting girls to make less of an effort. It is no wonder that K only dated 2 UK women, as they have become useless in comparison to the European ones, who are perhaps 10-15 years behind in faminism.

      It literally is a famine of hot, feminine women in the UK (if we ignored the women from other countries). The problem is not K or game, though game has become increasingly useless for anything but a minority of men. The real problem is the lack of attractive and feminine talent on which to meet, and no amount of game can fix this problem. Daygame in the past didn’t use to be a grind and banging women didn’t use to be a grind either – the uselessness of women in being attractive to men due to feminazism has made things this way.

  8. Respect to Krauser for telling it like it is. It’s bang on that 28hrs and $111 per notch.

    Note that even though only 7.5% of approaches lead to dates, [b]the post-approach phase still takes the majority of the effort[/b].

    Therefore “omg 97.3% of his approaches ended in failure!” is not really important, since most of those failures occured up-front with minimal time invested.

    Moreover, this analysis shows clearly why the Cardinal Sin of game is to chase losing prospects. A date with a 20% success rate is barely worth it : (6hr + $50) / 20% = 30hr + $250 for the notch, which is more than just finding a new girl. [Yes, I should’ve mentioned that. Probably 1 out of 4 approaches is a blowout under thirty seconds. Barely counts as work. I specifically do two things in my model: (1) get the intent out early and (2) self-amuse. This means I minimise time-wasters and minimise the grind. K]

  9. Respect to Krauser for telling it like it is. It’s bang on that below 5% is what to expect. The success rate may seem low to those inexperienced with day game, but it’s important to bear in mind that these are true cold approaches.

    Consider the following:

    1 approach costs 20 minutes (accounting for all downtime)
    1 number costs 20 minutes (time spend organising date etc. the back-and-forth makes the actual burden more than the absolute time required to call or read/write text)
    1 date costs $50 + 6 hours (account for general hassle and flakes here too)
    1 idate costs $10 + 2 hour (cant flake, very convenient)

    Opens: 1,000
    Numbers: 250
    Dates: 60
    iDates: 15

    Costs =
    300hrs approaching
    75hrs on numbers
    360hrs + $3000 on dates
    15hrs + $150 on idates

    Total = 750hrs + $3k , so 28hrs and $111 per notch.

    Note that even though only 7.5% of approaches lead to dates, ***the post-approach phase still takes the majority of the effort***

    Therefore “omg 97.3% of his approaches ended in failure!” is not really important, since most of those failures occured up-front with minimal time invested.

    Moreover, this analysis shows clearly why the Cardinal Sin of game is to chase losing prospects. A date with a 20% success rate is barely worth it : (6hr + $50) / 20% = 30hr + $250 for the notch, which is more than just finding a new girl.

    • Holy shit you guys are spending way too much on dates.
      I spend almost nothing on dates and my date to lay ratio is higher than any numbers I’ve seen on this page so far (maybe that means I’m bottom-feeding).
      My last date…we went to Starbucks, went dutch…then the next date was bowling, and she paid for us both.

  10. 2.7% is not efficient but what do you expect from an average looking guy stoping random women in the street with the view to hooking up with them?

    Perhaps someone like Steve Jabba with his sultry looks may have a higher traction of say 5% (while in a club this maybe 40%).

    At the end of the day K gets results, enjoys the process of walking round the streets meeting new people and is happy with it all. Nothing else matteres. [This. What I do shouldn’t even be possible. So I’m not griping that it’s difficult. K.]

    • Ok, K is at the top end of the scale for game (admitted on many other top PUA blogs). But the point is that if he is only scoring 2.7%, what do you expect all the other average (and he is tall) sub 6 foot/5’10, asian/indian/non-caucasian, non-black guys to get. It would be too low for them to continue approaching. Most laygame is based on social-proofing through friends or being the leader of a society or singer in a band. Game itself, has become irrelevant to most men if the top guy (admirable in his skills as he may be) can only get such low numbers. Even Paul Janka (real good looking) and other daygame artists get 2-3%/max 5% rations. Game has become obsolete – it is merely the degeneracy of female choice that works on a whim that is the real game to be played, so it is abound grinding out sets and numbers rather than what used to be a relatively easy and pleasurable activity in the past. [You’ve talked yourself into inaction. It’s an ego trap and a rationalisation to do nothing. K.]

      • K, when you and GLL ( goodlookingloser ) talk about approach ratios and taking into consideration how many levels the girl is above or below you… that’s all well and good. Makes perfect sense. But, what I’d really love to see from you in a blog post one day is sample pics of what you, Nick Krauser, consider to be a 10, a 9, a 8 and so forth. Could just be random pics from the internet, doesn’t have to be girls you shagged.

        Along with this, post up what you think the male versions are. You say Tom T is a male 6 and Steve J is a 8? That’s great info as it allows guys to gauge where they are at roughly. I know your “score” is going to go up or down a point or so relative to the particular girl ( girls have their own tastes as well ) but coming from a guy with the experience you have, it would be a good rough guide. I’m assuming your rating the guys based on their overall look and style ( stereotype if you will ) and not factoring into the equation game at all. In cold approach your look is massive as it communicates a ton right off the bat. You can be kicked out of the interview before it even starts.

        I think if you made a post like this, all the short guys and ugly guys could once and for all get a gauge for where they are at and see what types of gals they got a shot at, based on your massive experience. They could look up what you think a male 5 looks like, and what a female 5 looks like, and target that.

      • @stoneflipper Hahahaha! I’m not sure why but I’m getting a bellylaugh out of your seeking such detail.

        I have to wonder, though, if a “9” is gobsmackingly beautiful then an incredibly rare “10” would be possibly fatal, like an anti-gorgon.. 🙂

  11. greenwheels is wrong about time investment. Krauser worst case scenario has spent 5 hours approaching 15 women to end up 3 Facebook/number close which is a considerable effort.

  12. If you divide your opens between London and abroad, approximately how many of those opens were in London and how many of those resulted in lays? Mostly interested in your success from opens in Western Europe vs opens in the rest of the world, but London seems like probably the best location for daygame in Western Europe and I don’t know if you have gamed in other western cities last year. [Probably half and half. The main reason I do better abroad is my vibe is better and I work harder and thus build momentum and produce higher quality work. I feel like I’m on holiday and on a mission. In London I get lazy. K.]

    • Excuse me, you already mentioned lay rate 1 in 20 traveling and 1 in 50 in London, still interested in your opening activity while traveling vs in London.

  13. Thanks for the stats K.
    It is always good to see honest stats.
    Btw, I think that if you will calibrate a bit more (I am talking about dates), you can get more lay counts.
    Just humble opinion.

    • Most players I know derive confidence off cheating on their girlfriend. They are always tall 5’11/6 foot plus and almost always white (1 black guy). Looks are key, then its about not f*cking it up (if this is what ‘game’ truly is).

      The other key thing is status. I know a 43 year old ex-player who recently started cheating on his wife and is currently dating a 18 y/o ‘8’ on the side, but then he is the manage rof the bookies where they work at. He has a long-term lung condition. His player skills helped him close, but it is easily possible to date an 18 y/o at 40 with the status of being in a superior position. His brother is also good with women, though not as much, and he relies on having tonnes of money and status, in addition to organising nights out where he invites tons of women as friends, for the social proofing. Therefore, looks + status + game helps with getting women, not just game alone – for game as we can see here, can help, but with a 1 in 40 or less rate for the pros, its effects for most men will be extremely low at best.

  14. Hi Krauser,

    Thanks for being so honest about your rate. It’s always great to see another data driven person in the sphere.

    Another interesting data point would be the timing of these lays. Were there any months which had a higher frequency of lays than the others?

  15. You mentioned once that you would get your testosterone count checked. If you did this, how did you go about it?

    • Be interested to know how you compare yourself to a good looking guy like jabba? I get alot of ioi’s when im out and idate within a couple of approaches on a good day. [Percentages change massively depending on your looks relative to hers. If you are cold approaching girls 2 or 3 points better looking than you are, expect to do 20x the number of approaches than getting a girl 1 or 2 points below. My stats would be amazing if I was happy with 35-year old 5s. They’d be horrendous if I only wanted 19 year old 10s. I get about one IOI per week from girls 6 or better, I simply cannot rely on them. Jabba get’s more in five minutes than I get all year but he still needs his skill to get the 9s because then he can’t rely on her wanting the DNA jackpot.

      I don’t know you personally so will only comment generally. Every single guy I’ve met who has a high % rate is slumming it with women less good-looking than he is. Every single one. If you are getting girls on looks alone then you are being played. A male 8 with Game should regularly get female 9s. If he’s under 30, they should average 20. A 30 year old male 8 banging 27 year old female 7s is an embarassment. He has anti-game. It’s like Lennox Lewis knocking out old age pensioners and pretending it needed boxing skill. That’s why Tom Torero is so good – he’s a 34-year old male six but I’ve never seen him with lower than a female 6 and usually they are 7s with a smattering of 8s. That’s like a male 8 feasting on a diet of 9s and 10s. K.]

      • Your probably right about that i live up in manchester so im heavily reliant on english girls. I idated two russians just before christmas which has made me realise how difficult is to find genuinly hot feminine english girls.

      • A 30 year old male 8 banging 27 year old female 7s is an embarassment.

        Not so sure about this. The overwhelming number of women are 6s and 7s, so even a male 8 is going to run into a scarcity problem for 8+ women. It’s not just about the level of your game. That problem can be overcome, as you so amply have demonstrated, but it is a problem.

        9s and 10s are just plain difficult to get even when your game is top notch, as your year also indicates. You need access if you want to bang more than the occasional top notch girl.

  16. Every gamer writing a blog should make such detailed statistics. These statistics are an indicator of how much one can profit under certain conditions. The conditions of Krauser here are his looks his skills and the times and places. Under these conditions his profit was 2.7 per cent. This means that anybody possessing the same conditions will get a similar range of profit.

  17. It would be also interesting to compare between the conditions and the results of various players and then we could find some clear patterns.
    But the first impression from Krauser and others like Roosh tells us that this game is a real tough work. [Everyone wants the hot young girls so if you’re not in a priviledged position you need a hustle. Daygame is my hustle. K.]

  18. Very helpful post Krauser. Thank you for putting the stats out there. Will Tom Torrero do the same or are they in his book? You say he bangs 7s but on the video that was on this blog I saw a super hottie in her panties and I have seen him in China Town with a really sexy brunette. What do you think the stats are for top night gamers like Real Social Dynamics? Thanks for all your posts last year which were helping me alot.

    • I’d be really curious to know what they consider the different male/female scores to look like. For example what does a male 8 look like? Ok, now what does a female 6,7,8,9 look like? How do you know what your shooting at if you have to scale to gauge.

      A lot of guys just go by “I’d fuck it, I wouldn’t fuck it”. They can improve their odds if they sort of knew what level the girl was on, and what level they were on looks wise.

      [Another nine. K.]

      • I find Irina a plain girl. Slightly above average. I am spoilt by beauty, however. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • That picture supports my view that this “numbers scale” is hugely subjective, if not completely a load of media-driven bullshit. I would not approach that girl, since I don’t find her appealing at all. Funnily enough, I find that VERY encouraging, along with the stats, and along with the fact that my over-riding goal is to get a LTR.

  19. Great post! Your numbers are in line with Chris at Good Looking Loser ( Good news is, according to his stats, you’ve made it into the ranks of “legit dirtbag”! (50+ cold-approach lays). Congratulations! Bad news is, according to his stats, you’re three points or more below the 7’s and 8’s you’re getting… i.e. a 4. 😉

    Happy New Year!

  20. Respect your effort in game K. I work everyday 8-19 in a cubicle finance job, and though I started 8 months a go, I was able to approach at most 300 women. Most men have no economic independence and time. This and your stats make me depressed, cause I will not be able to excel in this skill.

    • I have seen too many women choose either the best looking men, or the shortest most ugly men (for bf’s – they are sure the men will never leave them, and these men only exist because of welfare and government subsidy). The current dating scene is social engineering and only exists because of welfare. As such, provider and hard working men are at the back of the queue, replaced not by bad boys, but by useless and irresponsible men for the most part. As such, most men are chosen by women and no amount of game will change that as game has lost its utility for most men. Women in future will be forced to choose providers again (not fake ones where the man doesn’t leave and the government provides). [Just give up. K.]

  21. “What do you think the stats are for top night gamers like Real Social Dynamics?” No clue, But Im certain alex/tyler/julien/todd have all fuck 10’s before. [I seriously doubt it. They’ve had cameras following them around for years and no Banging-A-Ten video exists. Did the cameras just happen to be turned off every time they pulled a 9 or 10? This industry is all smoke and mirrors. Spam-approaching drunk 7s outside a Vegas nightclub at 3am for a sloppy makeout and bounce is not all that. K.]

    You can get higher quality with night game IMO because you can get deep into state and increase your sense of entitlement, also alcohol, exc. Night game is better if you’re starting out.

    “But the first impression from Krauser and others like Roosh tells us that this game is a real tough work.”Sometimes it is but the longer i’ve been approaching the easier it gets, sometimes it’s fuckin fun. Hell, sometimes i’ve gone out to approach sheerly out of boredom.

    • There’s a reason why almost all PUA teaching companies shy away from publishing rates.
      Their dirty secret is that their interest and expertise is primarily in Internet marketing, not game. If they were being honest, their products wouldn’t sell [read SCAM].

      • “Their dirty secret is that their interest and expertise is primarily in Internet marketing, not game.” Having attended a speed seduction seminar, that was the conclusion I came away with. Ross Jeffries’ main seduction skill was and is seducing men to buy his products.

  22. Great post K, thanks for keeping it honest.

  23. K, I think a great post would be if you posted up pictures of what you think are examples of women on the 1-10 scale. Then do the same with men. This way all the ugly or short guys can see what an experienced guy like yourself realistically thinks they could attain.

    GLL and you both have detailed statistics on % rates based on how high or low below your level you shoot. That’s great, but how do you know what level your at in terms of look? How do you know the girl you’re talking to is a 10 or just an 8?

    [ A nine. Would need bigger tits and rounder ass to be a ten. K.]

    • Hmm, it’s a bit eery but there’s no mention of love at all in this discussion. The exclusive concern with the subjective numbers scale as though it were as clear as Newtonian physics, makes me wonder how many men in this scene are frank psychopaths.

  24. This is fucking GREAT! I’ve already got the Krauser and Tommie T
    action man figures…Once Tom produces his stats i’ve have the
    whole fucking set!

    #bestchristmaspresentEVA #StatsFTW #Unhealthyinterestinotherpeoplesstats

  25. Krauser, I love your work. Really fucking do mate.
    It’s posts like this that give me a dose of reality.
    It gets frustrating at times being single & hunting, at times I just start doubting myself and thinking “should I go for the lower hanging fruit or just keep at the quest”. [Emotional control is the foundation of Game. K.]
    At 40+ I think even just sticking my tongue in a hot 21yo mouth is more exciting than fucking a 45+ cougar, but this is not something i would tell many.
    Cheers and happy new year.

  26. Refreshing to hear the stats to be honest, not depressing. It provides perspective and emotional reassurance. I likened it to playing solitaire (computer card game) and I think it draws a good comparison – in Solitaire it’s simply not possible to win every game as the hand you’re dealt isn’t always ideal/winnable, but you don’t know it when the cards are first dealt . In solitaire your actual success ratio is also very small. Realising that no matter how tight your game is, your experience levels, that there are factors out of your control is liberating. I try to think of this before getting down on myself.

  27. I’ve read through all of the comments and I don’t see the issue I think is most important: are you having a good sex life?

    I would rather have sex with one girl per year if the sex was incredible, than 27 new lays, all of them once or twice.

    Are you building long term relationships with some of these girls?

    • you don’t see it because its your issue not K’s

      • I agree, but that is actually very encouraging. The normal, loving man should find such numbers very heartening (pun intended) since he’s just looking to find one wonderful girl from amongst a reasonable selection.

    • you’ve posted this comment before haven’t you? I’m sure Krauser has thought through this and obviously he has different objectives. He appears to be on a certain path. You’re imposing your position RE what his goals should be, rather than holding his objectives constant and gleaning the lessons and insights from said pathway.

  28. Not exactly “stats” but would be curious to read something like your top n realizations about game for 2013.

  29. long time reader here. when i first saw this low % i was discouraged. if the master is batting so low what does that mean for me? but again it’s all relative and context is key. krauser screens out party sluts most guys would bang in a heartbeat. screens out girls who are a little thick most guys would bang but not brag about on the interwebz. if he dropped his standards a bit he’d crush it. most guys have < 10 lifetime partners and not by choice. and can't play the game at a level of krauser's female quality. but if you're happy banging the girl what does it matter? many guys are happy to be getting laid at all. see roosh's post on the "boner test"

  30. two new girls per month, awesome.

  31. Your thoughts regarding this? The article nods approvingly at his transition from ‘shallow PUA’ to man with depth and interested in serving society.

    Obviously you are on a different pathway, but do you think this report is just more evidence of the feminist narrative? [He never fixed his inner game. I suspect he fucked a parade of drunk rotters. K.]

  32. Thanks for posting your stats. You are essential reading for me when I’m studying game and I wish you all the best in 2014. It would be great also if you could do a post about the main things you learned in 2013 which would really compliment the statistics.

  33. Hey krauser. first off we, the average looking men of this great nation, are forever grateful for your work. I understand you don’t do free advice as such but much of your stuff is aimed at men who have their life handled i.e. decent career, logistics in central city (london), money for dates/travels etc. What about a student at university originally from london but studying at a smaller city? I feel completely inhibited due to a lack of anonymity which London brings. Focus on my studies till I come home or Bite the bullet and live life as your only at uni once? Before you come out with it’s your problem I’m just curious what you would do thats all.

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  38. Where is your state of mind as compared to one year ago? It seems that during 2012 you went through a bit of game repulsion, drastically cut down on your approaching but still managed to churn out more notches (relative to number of sets) than this past year (going by your stats post from last year). Is the act of proactively daygaming inherently low-value?

  39. How many repeats did you get of the 27 new girls? If not any/many are you not trying for repeats or is because you never see them again? What? Thanks again for the great post. I plan on reading your blog in more detail.

  40. You’re working hard for it – probs for that!

    But, I a bit concerend about yout “daygame method”..Damn it’s complicated. Why do you overanalyze it like that? That’s just overkill

    What I know works best, is just being direct and no bull shitting..

    Stop her and open her by tell her she is good looking -> small talk -> get number -> fuck her .. SIMPLE! No need to have 7 stages mate..

    I have probably approached MAX. 300 girls in 2013, and I have fucked 39 new girls that year.. [I imagine you’d make a great boxing coach: “Don’t overanalyse all that techniqhe shit. What I know works best. Get in the ring, punch him in the face, knock him out… SIMPLE! No need to learn that jab/cross/hook/slip stuff mate.” Show me photos of you and photos of the girls. K.]

    • Grim Reaper is obviously a natural in his 20’s heydays. He’ll make less and less arrogant sweeping statements as he goes into his 30’s and gaming becomes harder by the year.

      Krauser, as a fellow 38 yr-old who wants 20-25 yr-old booty, you’re one of my heroes, two thumbs up. [Thanks. It’s really simple – anyone who is fucking girls younger and hotter than themselves, without external props, is worth listening to. If he is, listen to him. If he’s not, he’s just another moron. K.]

  41. Were all of the lays at your place (whether home or hotel), hers, or a neutral / public place? Also, how do you manage housemates and flatmates – or do you advise living alone if you can?

    Many thanks Nick, looking forward to the book.

  42. Props to you kauser for some lays. I have a difficult time picturing you sleeping with women that I can sleep with but maybe you can? I admit, I’m over 10 years younger, have hair, am tall and very muscular. Why though, do you have a video on youtube saying that beginners should not daygame in Serbia? I only have 100 day approaches or less under my belt. I started it last October. I personally believe I would have good success in Serbia. Why shouldn’t I? [Serbia is full of tall muscular good-looking men, so most normal Anglo guys struggle because they need considerable charisma and masculinity to make up this deficit and most can’t do it. From your self-description you’ll be able to compete with the local guys on a physical level but won’t have the easy wins your looks give you in a land of fat-asses. K.]

    • I’m looking for a wife in Serbia. I think their women are less slutty than average Russian hoes, definitely less hoes than in the UK and the US — these are total whoredom.
      Am I right or wrong?

  43. It’s impressive that you can pull this off at your age, props to you for that! Why do you claim Serbia is so tough and not to approach there unless you’re advanced?

  44. Reading these comments make me wonder if most of these guys actually do day game or approach at all. 2.7 percent is a great conversion rate. That means if he did only 5 approaches a day, which is not that hard to do, he is banging a new girl every 2 weeks or 26 girls a year. How many men can boast that? Cold approach by it’s very nature leads to a lot of rejection. A lot of girls have boyfriends, not interested, homosexual, etc. I think most of the commenters saying 2.7 is not a great conversion rate do not day game much or approach at all.

  45. Honestly, even 2.7% is very impressive. I probably approached 200 throughout my late teens and early 20’s. Got rejected 100% of the time. Many I the girls were chubby too. And yes, I’m lean.

    I suspect that if a guy’s anything below a legit 6 (top 20% among young guys), no amount of cold approaching will work.

    Good thing prostitution’s legal where I live.

  46. Very good. Your rate proves that there is still hope for humanity, and not all women are shameless dogs yet.
    Let’s believe it will go down to zero with you being the best playa in the world.

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  49. The rating scale puts me in mind, because it tries to be like stellar classification: The “main sequence” of types of stars, that is. But then there are stars that aren’t on the main sequence, such as cepheid variables. But the classification of stars is based on completely and objectively measurable characteristics.

    The ranking of women’s beauty has a large subjective component. But it’s not completely a matter of individual taste since there is a form of consensus operating, as when prices in the marketplace are arrived at by an aggregation of individual purchase decisions.

    The only thoroughly reliable indicator I can think of is the hardness of my erection, as well as general state of arousal such as heart rate, when I behold a particular woman and I think of what I might like to do with her. That allows me to assign a cardinal rank to them (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) but is not very quantitative. And my ranking differs somewhat from Krauser’s, although there is considerable overlap.

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  51. Fuck this is depressing. We’re all aging and cannot stop it. But then why oh why do we still find teen booty irresistible? Maybe should just get castrated. Fuck, I hate feeling horny, it’s like a compulsion that you need to approach these girls, otherwise you’re feeling down with your dick in your hand. In terms of orgasm, fucking a girl is 12x more staisfying than masturbating, in the amount of oxytocin released in the brain. (trying to find link to study). Anyway, only need to live a few more years in this fucked up world before becoming dust for good again. And all these mothrefuckers who won the birth lottery with their rich privileged families and keep fucking teen booty at 70, aka bungabunga,,, Yeah you can go shoot up and die in ecstasy. Keep up the good work K, making the daily grind more bearable.

  52. What’s so terrifying about this percentage? You expect to slide a part of your body in the body of another human being. The fact that 2.7% of women who said hi to allowed him to do it is a good statistic. If I’d be more outgoing, I could talk to ten girls a day with minimal changes to my activities. I jog*, will start going to the gym(feck gym in January), shop for groceries(I could go to the bigger supermarket for smaller prices and more options if I wasn’t comfortable), have a coffee while my car is being washed etc. All are moments when if I wasn’t an indolent sob about it and wouldn’t rationalize bothering away, I could talk to girls. Talking to strangers isn’t even that disgusting, but that comfort zone is really appealing.

    The reality is that you must be a virgin nerd to consider the approaching the most resource consuming part(money,time etc). It’s great most blowouts happen then. What matters to men with some, even limited, experience to women is how to make the post-contact detail farming process more efficient. If you’re in a horrible funk, just read a lot of jokes about different situations you experience daily. When you’re in one with a girl you find cute, say that situation-based joke. It’s not great game, but you should get used to socializing. And I do mean that, it’s a process of desensitizing your emotions to social settings. For example, for me it’s lifestyle based. If I play video games and study/work/other hermit things, my sensitivity to how I’m socially perceived grows.

    Also, if you’re really self-conscious about approaching hot girls, just steal some instawhore’s pictures and make a fake tinder profile with a fake gps app(or profile anywhere). You’ll laugh your ass off at how dreadful most men are with women. I tried to make myself talk to 100 men with a variation in how open I was to get laid and with the goal to make a credible flirtation that leads to sex if I was actually female. Most(90%+ of men) can’t flirt for shit, even when the woman is taking charge and steers the conversation towards sex(through innuendos). After around ten of these chats, I found myself shit testing without being cognitively aware of doing it. God, most of men are so fucking boring no wonder nobody wants to fuck them. My take away is that most men seem to make their attempts of seduction eerily similar to job interviews and shit tests truly are an effective method of filtering people with an inability to emotionally engage their interlocutors. I made an ex conduct such an experiment too and I’d say the vast, vast majority of messages are either trite idiocy such as ‘hi, how are you?’, ‘hi, you hot, wanna chat?’ or spergy comments about some photo of the girl or her page(if she’s stunning in one picture, showing those ovulation eyes and shows skin, you’ll often find amidst the drool some stupid comment about an object other than her) that makes the guy look even worse than the throng of onanists because he’s obviously thirsty, but he’s both too much of a pussy to admit attraction and evincing his social awkwardness due to the infelicity of his comment.

    While building the initial attraction is the most difficult part to handle psychologically before you get around to do it, the most time consuming and resource intensive aspects about women are afterwards. It’s just annoying for us introverts to off our asses when it comes to social settings. By the way, try to stop looking at women as your drug dealers of pussy(omg, why am I so horny? etc) and do so as a psychologist and a detective. If you think it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong. Stop discussing boring things. Move it as fast as possible to her desires, fantasies and other idiosyncrasies. Then it will be interesting to you too because there’s a lot of variation here in people.

    *went out jogging today for the first time in a couple of months and asked this cute girl if I can use her to pace myself because I usually run too fast and I’d rather go for distance. At the end I teased her about it by telling her I’m going to have to sack her from my training staff if I’m to win an Olympic medal this year. We talked a bit while walking and I told her that I expect her to at least go out later during the week if she destroyed my training for the Olympics because I think her strong suit isn’t her coaching, but it might be her personality. She asked me why does it matter considering and I told her that I’m an explorer and like finding the best parts of people(lol).

  53. Kind of strange how many guys seem to think all of this is not worth the effort.
    Im an avrage looking 35 year old guy. I like to dress chick, im 1,80, 75 kg, chilled/open/communicative and I like to laugh.
    But Im not really one of the cute guys. Just looking at my face Id give myself a 5 – 6. I have a good body though and im socially calibrated and fun. At least thats my impression.
    Krausers stats are awesome.
    Most guys train 4 times a week 2 hours each time. Or spend 10 – 20 hours on their hobbys a week. Or go out clubbing and drinking 1 – 2 times a week or every too weeks for 5 hours each time.
    40 Approaches is two days of 2 – 3 hours realaxed approaching each time. Or maybe 4 – 5 hours each time if you take it really slow. Have a coffee and snacks inbetween. Talk to other ppl. Walk around in a chilled way and dont just mass approach but take in the sights and ppl around you.
    That would be something between 6 – 10 or 12 hours he invested to date and have sex with a hot girl.
    Thats fucking nothing. And I bet he doesnt perceive it as work. Its actually exciting as hell to approach girls. Even if they are not interested.

    In 2015 I approached around 80 – 100 girls. Im not quite sure but its roughly that number. Im still a beginner.

    Out of 100 girls (and they were mostly really pretty girls) I got about 10 – 15 numbers, 4 Dates and one of those dates was the hottest black girl I had ever seen in my city. An amazing body in a red dress, an angel like smile and sexy as hell. I dated her for 7 months.

    And even those 100 approaches are totally worth it. Hell, even 200 would have been worth it. That was the hottest girl I ever dated or fucked. Without Daygame I would have never dated her.

    This year I am at about 50 – 60 appraoches. Got 3 numbers, had two dates. The last was an instant date with pretty german girl I happened to meet in an elavator. Complimented her and we had an instant date. She was on and smiled at me the whole time but mentioned repeatedly that sadly she has a boyfriend. Its a lot of fun though and I am dating way more regularly than I ever had before I started daygame. So, yeah… get rejected a lot. But is it possible to date and fuck really hot girls as an average guy?

    Absolutely. I had other successes with Daygame but that was before 2015 so I dont count it.

    100 Approaches takes maybe 20 – 30 hours if you do it in a relaxed slow way. Thats how I do it. I dont run from girl to girl. Maybe ill try mass approaching one time or a few times just to have tried it. I sometimes walk 10 – 15 or 20 minutes and look for a really cute girl that fits my taste. Thats 20 – 30 hours you invest. Even if it would take you 200 or 300 approaches. Thats maybe 60 – 90 hours you invest. Talkign to hot girls. Laughing with them. Being outdoors. Walking a lot. Getting more confident and experienced and getting laid. I dont see how any sane man could ever say thats not worth it. How many hours you waste for useless shit haha.

    Krausers stats are fantastic. 40 approaches ist awesome. Very nice. Maybe one day Ill get down to 80 or 60 or even 50 approaches too. I live in Hanover. I know Daygame works anywhere but in the Caribbean (studied there for once year) it was a hell of a lot easier. Women are sometimes a little shy or even reserved if you approach them this directly. hanover is not a cosmopolitan city like London or paris or Istanbul or what not. And its not as open and chilled as lets say Jamaica. Still works here though. Its a little tougher than in some other cities I think though. Maybe Berlin is better. Havent tried it there yet. [The “cold approach is inefficient” guys are really just telegraphing their own crippling approach anxiety and lack of experience at it. K.]

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