Sexualised day game

October 20, 2010

My daygame model is not meant for wusses. I’m trying to formulate something that captures the essence of alphaness and projects it onto the interaction. We don’t do daygame to be the friendly timid nice guy who would ever so much like the girls number if it’s not terribly troublesome to ask. We’re in it to pick up hot young chicks and fuck them. Then collect their souls and slot them into a harem.

So I’m testing out various sexual projections including right from the opener. Here’s an example. I eventually blew the set by pushing too hard for a street kiss close, but what the hell, it was fun.

The main thing to get is the importance of vibe and intent. I opened full on sexually – and fairly crass – but because my vibe is playful, honest, and spoken like the most natural thing in the world she just laughs and hooks. Within a couple of minutes she’s opening her jacket to show me her tits and then letting me grope her waist. Can’t ever go back to beta daygame…..



  1. I’m trying to see the value of initial crassness. It’s seems just as likely to interrupt the flow and have a potential to invoke awkwardness in the first few minutes of the conversation.

    “my vibe is playful, honest, and spoken like the most natural thing in the world she just laughs and hooks.” It seems like your vibe is what gets her to hook regardless of what you say. So long as the vibe is playful, conveys your selectiviness, value and intent, then of what relevance is the opener (so long as you’re not a bleeding pleading beta)? My experience is that once you get a girl to hook it enters a new phase. How you got there matters little. You then escalate as she invests with the idea of creating the shortest possible time to close.

    What “extra” do you believe a crass tits-n-ass approach buys you? Is it tension? By introducing sexuality early are you shortening the time it takes to close or are you merely demonstarting that a good vibe and persistance will compensate for any of the fucked-up shit you might say along the way?

    • I think you answered your own question. Good vibe means you can open with anything (as this video demonstrates). Opening sexually allows you to compress the time to close and sets you apart from everyone else. The quicker you introduce the idea of fucking, the better – so long as you haven’t repelled her. This is a bit of fun, it’s not my bread-and-butter opener.

  2. hey i just purchased a mini gum cam and a 8 gb sd/tf card. can’t wait to start filming my sarges.

    do you use the mic from the gum or you use a seperate mic and then you sync them together?
    and also like when you hold the camera, do you have something covering the mic. like the gum wrapper or just hold the camera. lemme know thanks

  3. btw who records the sarge. do you record it yourself or a wing records?

  4. Streetstorm was great and eye opening, far from the world of Daygame for Beta’s.

  5. I am curious, when she said she didn’t do anything interesting, why you did nothing with that comment. I haven’t either, other than one girl i am accusing of being boring, having a boring pathetic loser boyfriend, etc. I can tell it really disturbs her, but she keeps coming back for more. It cranks up her emotions, but she’s stuck in her lets-get-married-and -live-happily-ever-after fantasy. I think that approach has potential, but i am not sure how to do it. There’s a married bartender i am going to try it on. She already knows i want to do her, and she keeps being touchy feely. But that is a big taboo. Because you are so low key, and avoid subjects like that, I assume you think “interesting insults” are counter productive?

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