A street kiss close

October 1, 2011

Much of what you see happen during infield videos is “flash game” – stuff that looks impressive to students, and maybe is difficult to pull off, but that ultimately doesn’t get you any closer to banging the girl and quite probably ruins the set. Most of the high energy street stuff fits into this bracket such as twirling a girl around, picking her up and carrying her down the street, touching up her tits, and the ever-impressive street kiss close. Looks great, looks solid, but it never is.

Solid game doesn’t look very exciting. To an untrained observer it looks like a normal boring conversation. The swirly-twirly stuff is just for show.

The reality is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to never see the girl again after this and the reason is the love bubble. Street game is all about creating and prolonging the love bubble – that little cocoon that only you and her share – until you can lock the girl down with attraction, investment and rapport. For as long as she’s in that love bubble you are the only man in her life and an overwhelming masculine presence she will follow. Once it pops, you’re just another guy and she’s back in her own reality.

  • Taking the number pops the bubble
  • Running hard cocky-funny after the first five minutes pops the bubble
  • Flash game pops the bubble.

While in the moment she’ll like it but once she’s cooled down she’ll start wondering what the hell she got herself into. She’ll probably worry that she let herself go too far and then buyers remorse will fuck you. Girls know they are easily-led. They know that when in a strong masculine presence their hindbrain will lead them off the cliff while the forebrain is powerlessly observing. So once away from you their forebrain regains control and ensures they are never again inside the danger zone and the set is lost.

Scientifically explained

This said, here’s a bit of flash game from me. I go in over-the-top bad boy, do some silly future projections and teases, and then kiss close her. It’s not a solid set. The kiss isn’t very good and nowhere near as fully commited as the others I got (but this is the only one I recorded – they are hard to predict) nor as cool as this famous one. But here you go….   I couldn’t get the girl out on a date. She still chats to me on facebook so it’s not dead, but it’s running pretty cold.


  1. Did I hear her say she’s 16? [ahem…. um…. *cough*….. K.]

  2. 10:43 and 10:54 – checking to see quality and elevation of induced boner.

    Could this be a new trend you are starting….instead of subjectively rating girls HB8 HB9 etc (everyones got different HB gradings based on looks) we should get scientific on this and introduce HB(follow with approximate angle of elevation of boner in degrees above the flaccid state induced by HBs presence during first ten minutes). For accuracy should be assessed in mid-sarge as Krauser does here.

  3. Good job man but you always hang out with foreign girls, why don’t u fck british girls??

    • Why should he game British girls when he’s getting the foreign ones? He says he does not like British girls as they are not feminine enough

    • 1) The foreign girls on a visit/studying in the UK are easier to game.
      2) A lot of them are from EE countries or russia where the fact Krauser is often over 15 years older than them isn’t so much of an issue. They are cultures where the traditional qualities of a mans age, experience as well as economic and intellectual resources are more respected. This all plays to Krausers strengths.
      3) 99% of them are more feminine and better looking than the native lasses.

      Pragmatic game = gaming hotter easier foreign chicks.
      Social pressure game = gaming uk entitlement complex princesses.

      I think that sums it up…

      • But he can show his real skills with fckng british girls.

      • Brits, Yanks, Aussies and Kiwis girls are the easiest girls in the world. Daygaming a young, attractive, non-Anglo girl in her home country in her second or third language is about as hard as game gets, despite the common, misguided perception that “poor, third world countries” like Estonia are a sexual paradise. Try running some daygame in Argentina and see how far you get. Pulling a British bird proves very little. Unfortunately, I’m probably just feeding the troll…

      • If you catch a girl who speak english well or not bad in old Soviet Union countries it is sooooo easy to do daygame. Don’t tell me about how difficult running daygame in other countries. I do daygame in Turkey!

      • Soma, Buddy, Argentina is a hard place to game because of the local culture. But that does not mean it is hard to run daygame in Estonia. If you are following Roosh, he says Poland and Brazil are the best places to run game and Argentina is probably the worst. So saying that it is hard to run Daygame in Argentina and therefore it is hard to do so in Estonia as well is incorrect. GoKahan, I earlier asked Krauser the same thing and he said he did not like British Birds. He mentions this in several of the gaming videos also. There is a video of him gaming a French girl where he tells her that British girls are masculine.

  4. Hey Krauser,

    I’m finally back on the blogging scene. Great post and video.

    Firstly, I love the way you stopped her and the way you ‘paced and lead her’ into your world. The vibe was good.Also, much props on taking the time to film your pick ups.

    I know what you mean about buyer’s remorse and ‘flashy’ game. I remember like 3 years back I was able to impress a lot of PUA’s in union square by getting make outs like in 5 minutes buy fast escalation and fun energy. ANd sometimes the girls would kiss back, but they would still flake.

    Later on, I found what worked for me is by slowing it down a bit to focus on verbally escalation and flirt, and get her to flirt back just a bit for investment, and I would do things like hold her hand for a while and sweet talk/tease her… It sets the tone, even better if you walk and hold hands with her just a few feet away as if you are a couple.

    If you think about it hand holding between a man and a woman is only done by couples, not even friends. So she will backwards rationalize that her and the guy had a romantic vibe going on as opposed to a random kiss that caught her off guard. I make sure the hand holding is somewhat mutual where she is squeezing the hand a bit.

    This makes going for the kiss much smoother since you have already set the romantic tone; as opposed to a social tone.

    This can take 5 – 15 minutes of gaming before the kiss.

    The best part is, when she goes home, her recollection of you will more likely be “wow, that was an interesting romantic experience I had with him, felt right” ass opposed to ” wow , we were talking and Justin just randomly pulled me in for a kiss… it didn’t feel right”

    Honestly, that’s the type of game I use I aim for that romantic connection as fast ass possible, as soon as i see an open, it makes getting dates and closes (meaning sex) much more seamless.


  5. I applaud Krauser for gaming a 16 year old. Nature has deemed she is ready so why not society?

    I think gaming any girl 16 and up is fair game. Every time I see a chick and think, damn shes smoking but looks 15/16/17 I turn around and next time I see her shes walking away with her 25++ looking boyfriend whos just come out of the car. I shit you not this has happened at least 5 times in the last month to me. That dude didn’t give a f*** what me or my granny thought, he went and took what he wanted. Survival of the fittest, what “game” boils down to.

  6. Dont you think your game would improve if you got more muscular?

  7. Such good stuff… thanks.

    Question… why the crossed arms? I think I might have asked you this before. I like how solid you stand… I might have trouble controlling my hands for 8 minutes, but I still think crossed arms is an odd choice. Classic “defense.” I realize you’re running strong attraction at the same time… but it’s curious.

    Her legs in that shot are so hot, and so “tightly crossed,” you can feel the sexual tension.


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