Indirect day game: How to pick up a girl on the bus

September 28, 2011

My friend acquaintance Big Toe has been hitting it hard on daygame with me over the past two weeks. I think it’s a myth that daygamers are out “full time” hitting on girls. For most of this year we’ve been going only a few hours each week now that we are in a stabilised pattern. Things changed when Toe decided to gear up for his big trip around Central America and asked me to whip him into daygame shape so he can survive solo for six months. Now we’ve been out nearly every day and got lots of dates and videos to show for it [coming soon].
Mostly we do the direct street stop. The one that allegedly only works 1 in a 100 times. We must’ve had some phenomenal luck because we’ve had dates every day for a week from it. Sometimes we like to try indirect and different venues so on the way home we got this girl.
JJ opened her with a teasing apology along the lines of “I’m sorry, that you have to sit next to an Aussie oaf like Toe” and she laughed. That gave Toe the “in” to make a response and an observational statement. Unlike street game, this was an ambush because the girl can’t really move and thus her continued physical presence cannot be taken as an IOI. In these cases it’s important show disinterested body language and be much less intrusive with your screening.
Toe was doing a good job so JJ and I decided to throw a spanner in the works with some amogging but really we were just throwing him a fat ball to smash out the park – we pipe up and he shuts us down. Wing technique.
0:04 – Note the non-committal body language matches the indirect vibe. It’s just two people on a bus chatting
0:16 – She shows she’s willing to make small talk so Toe moves into a real conversation with an open-ended light screening question “what do you do when you’re not babysitting?”
0:20 – The patented Krauser “not fashion, obviously” tease. It doesn’t really hit this time. Probably too early and the vibe is a bit low key
0:31 – Playful future projection but much lower energy than if it was in a bar. She plays along telling him he should shave. She’s starting to warm to this – it’s not normal boring shit and he’s stayed stand-offish longer enough that she’s no longer feeling trapped
0:49 – Just keep talking, making it fairly interesting. It’s still Toe’s job to carry the conversation. Street direct is different because you pump so much energy into her in the first ten seconds.
0:59 – An in-joke to tease Toe because he “accidently” walked out of a shoe shop in the shoes he’d been trying on. He’s from Australia.
1:14 – Counter amogging let’s him show character strength and social calibration and it entertains the girl with our fun vibe
1:27 – She’s listening but it’ll be up to Toe to get back into the private conversation
1:31 – Team talk to figure out if Toe wants us to stay on the bus with him past our stop
1:35 – There are no dogs
1:39 – There is no car
1:50 – All this banter has functioned as a takeaway. She was frozen out of the fun and probably assumed the interaction was over, so she’s pleasantly surprised that Toe reopens her. The past minute showed non-neediness and that he prioritised his Rat Pack over some random girl he just met
1:53 – He’s turning up the subcommunication especially eyes. It’s time to make a pass at her because our bus stop is coming up so there’s a time constraint
2:14 – She’s very relaxed and enjoying this
2:30 – Drop in a preselection DHV about a dancer he dated from the same country. There was no dancer
2:50 – He’s getting distracted because we just rode past a pie shop
3:00 – A soft close without pushing hard for a date or giving a strong statement of intent. There’s not been enough time for good rapport and the nature of going indirect means there’s very little attraction relative to a ballsy street open. So go soft.
3:11 – As wings, we get away from them so she feels less social pressure when giving her number
3:26 – … and act like getting the number is no big deal


  1. I really liked the video. Mostly because you can see both the guy and the gurl and get an idea of the whole dynamic better, rather than just filming the gurl.

    love to see more of these . . .

  2. I like this, I take 10 minute busses twice or more a day.

  3. Good stuff.

    Generally speaking: commuter game is very much neglected by the community. More of this please. In the bus, tube or train.

  4. I’ve learned more watching videos and reading text game from Krauser than any videos I’ve seen of “gurus” giving a high-priced presentation in a hotel room. Thanks for all the info and help you’ve given guys who are working their way up.

  5. How did this number turn out. Did she respond to his texts? Did she pick up his calls? Did she flake?

    • In my experience quick closes like this will assuredly flake.

      [That’s why it’s best to go for instant dates. In this case it wasn’t possible, so it’s a roll of the dice. Quickie number closes are always just screening for “yes” girls. K.]

  6. Good damn post Krauser.

    I liked how you broke down the patterns of the video.

    I’m not a fan of wingmen but I liked the way you and Toe kinda pull an ambush on the targets making it more interesting

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