The Rat Pack Life – wing rules in set

July 24, 2011

The highest social priority in a man’s life should be to earn the mutual respect of other high-value men. I call it the Rat Pack Life. It is in stark contrast to the low-value cretins and fakers who either have nobody’s respect or (barely better) they have the adoration of morons.

Consider Robbie Williams. He can’t sing, can’t dance, doesn’t write his material, and is basically talentless. He does have good looks and charisma so combine that with a fortuitous chain of events and suddenly he’s a superstar singing on stage in front of 20,000 adoring fans in RobbieFest, about 2/3s of whom are young nubile women, many of them pretty. Is that good?

Well, not to be sniffed at for sure. But how come he ended up a messed-up coked-up alcoholic in rehab whereas many other famous people did not. I think the parable of the Emperor’s New Clothes is instructive. Put simply, there was a massive incongruence between the public image of Robbie that he had to live up to, and the reality that he knew. He was a faker. But the morons in the audience were too moronic to know this. Cognitive dissonance and self-worth issues ensue.

"where did it all go wrong...?"

In contrast consider some genuine artists and accomplished men. These guys form natural rat packs of other high-achieving men. They hang out in a modern version of the hunting band. This is where a real sense of belonging comes from. Think George Clooney and his gang. No rehab for them. I think of it this way:

No amount of adoration from morons, no matter how many of them, can substitute for the mutual respect of a high value man.

Your goal in life should be to create your own rat pack. Seek out and befriend high value men. Gather around each other and live a life of epic coolness. The girls will come a distant second, but they will come. You don’t have to worry about your frame when you have your pack. It solidifies your inner game. Get the guys together, agree wing rules, and own the world with your awesomeness.

Aha, I mentioned wing rules. Finally I have arrived at the purpose of this post. Any time you go out with a wing you must have rules of engagement. Two or more guys operating in perfect harmony with a clear purpose can wreak havoc on untapped pussy. I’m reminded of a common sight in Estonia while I was there with Big Toe. I’d sometimes hang out at a “foreigners bar” while he was in the burrito shop stuffing his face. On at least four separate occasions the same scene played out before my eyes:

    1. Four or more Brits on a stag do, clearly in sexual poverty where the only hot girls they see disrobe after receiving payment, are drunk outside a bar
    2. A lone stripper approaches to rope them into her club by showering them with fake IOIs and leading them by the nose
    3. Men are so blown away by the (fake) sexual attention of a halfway-decent woman that their tongues hang out and they metaphorically slit each other’s throats trying to clamber across each other’s corpses to get the attention of a woman they just met
    4. Stripper struggles to hide her disgust that a group of guys who may have been friends for years will so quickly throw each other under a bus at the faintest whiff of pussy.

This is extremely low value behaviour. Girls are hard-wired to seek access to all-male groups and then wreck them with jealously plots. Consider pimp stables, football teams, Working Mens Clubs, the leading positions of civilisation….

Don’t fall for that shit. You can only get one notch from a girl. A good wing will get you 20 notches and boost the quality of your life in immeasureable ways by participating in the Rat Pack Life. No girls in the treehouse!

walking to the treehouse

Here are some basic rules of winging.

  • Whoever opens the set is the Player. Everyone else is a Wing. The Player owns the set and plays it however he wants.
  • The Wing’s job is to get the Player laid. At all times the Wing’s thoughts are towards moving the set in this direction.
  • The Player is in the set and doing most of the work to carry it. He’s also outcome dependent because he’s trying to fuck the Target. This affords the Wing the unique position of third-party observation and thus the ability to see things the Player can’t, and make adjustments on the fly.
  • The Player is always right. Never ever disagree with him and never take the Target or Obstacle’s side in a disagreement or tease.
  • When the Player talks, the Wing shuts up immediately and listens. The Player always has the Wing’s full attention. This includes the subtletly of turning your body and feet to face the Player
  • Wherever the best position is, the Player has it. If the Wing finds himself in that position by accident he contrives a reason to swap it with the Player.
  • Never ever force the Player to the edges of the group or conversation. There will be a clear centre of energy in the interaction. Make sure the Player is it, not you or the girls.
  • The Wing defers to the Player in subtle ways. For example he complies with the Player’s requests and looks to the Player for leadership (e.g. where to go for the next bounce)
  • The Wing throws softballs to the Player to hit out of the park (e.g. “You’ve been to Rio too haven’t you?”)

I’ll post up a field report soon of wingwork in action from a set last night.


  1. Bros before Hos.

  2. It’s hard to find wings of this quality. I can live with it when a wing gets more interested in cracking onto one of the obstacles than helping me out, but when it becomes a free for all of 2 or 3 guys fighting for the hottest girl, then that’s just sickening.

    One point you missed is on wings entering sets, and how the player responds. So many guys don’t introduce the wing properly into set, and leave him hovering on the perphery when he tries to come in (like not acknowledging his presence because they are too focused on the girls). This makes both the wing and the player look low value.

    [Agreed. I usually bring the wing in by asking him a question: “You said these girls were x,y,z didn’t you Jimmy? Oh, this is my friend Jimmy by the way…” K.]

  3. Legit, Krauser, as usual. We need more men like you in the manosphere.

  4. Good Stuff. Me and my friends have this set up. Our own rat pack.

    I’ve started hanging out with high value guys now. So much better than hanging out with your average chump. Motivated people are the coolest to hang around with.

    I’ve heard the saying “You’re the sum of the 5 friends you hang around with the most”(or something of that sort). I believe it to be 100 percent true.

  5. Good one. Completely agree. Pack tactics is grotesquely under-emphasised in game literature.

  6. You should submit articles of this quality to InMalaFide – I’m sure Ferdinand would be happy to showcase them. You’ll get a traffic boost as well – put a link at the bottom stating that the article originally appeared here. More traffic = better Google ranking for PUA search terms = more people buy your book, sign up for classes, become aware of your ideas, learn how to bang 19 year old Russian Erasmus students in the park minutes after meeting them etc.

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  13. “Your goal in life should be to create your own rat pack. Seek out and befriend high value men. Gather around each other and live a life of epic coolness. The girls will come a distant second, but they will come. You don’t have to worry about your frame when you have your pack. It solidifies your inner game. Get the guys together, agree wing rules, and own the world with your awesomeness.”

    This is great stuff. I know I’m commenting on an old post, but this stuff needs to be covered way, way more than it is in the Manosphere.

  14. “Your goal in life should be to create your own rat pack. Seek out and befriend high value men.” For me, as an introvert and life-long loner, that is a harder prospect than getting laid. Sure, I have the respect of my business clients, but there’s no scope there for finding such men. Any suggestions for doing this, starting from scratch?

    • Never mind.. after a cup of tea it became obvious: Get out there and get some mileage, write up the reports and video analyses, and put it on a blog, and then I’ll have some colleagues to select from. [All of this reading and analysis of my archives is good for you….. if you also cold approach. K.]

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