Romanian 19yr old part two: Verbal escalation

July 24, 2011

I think people are too obsessed with kino. It’s really not very important outside of the nightclub environment. The key to getting a girl across the sexual rubicon is to flip the switches in her hindbrain to make her feel that motion-towards of “I want this guy inside me”. The forebrain won’t help you much – think of it as a guarddog protecting the property and then just toss it enough bones to keep it distracted and quiet. When you start kinoing a girl you are unequivocally telling her hindbrain that you are chasing her – this will still work but it’s carrying her across the sexual rubicon not enticing her to make the leap herself.

I believe this is a crucial component in why most guys I know cannot achieve hand in their relationships. They set the frame in the beginning that they are chasing and she is the prize.

I like to multi-task my verbal escalation so that I can build comfort, show vulnerability, DHV, master her intellectually, heat her up, anchor her sexual feelings to me, while showing her a very easy path towards sexual gratification. I shot this video to give an example. The how-to explanation is in my book.

We begin the question game about 15 minutes after sitting down for a drink, after we’d had ten minutes shopping and before that ten minutes in the initial approach. This is a delayed instant date. Our total time since the cold approach was 35 minutes – that’s how quick you can go into this material if all the planets have aligned for you.

Things to look for in the video:

  • My vocal tone is flat and calm. I’ve not got my tongue hanging out all excited to be talking about sex.
  • I’m not propositioning her yet. The overt frame is we are getting to know each other. The escalation is a side bonus.
  • I am genuinely interested in her attitudes towards sex and she can feel it’s authentic
  • There is no judgement about morally good / bad. She feels free to open up
  • I begin relatively light and then keep going deeper and dirtier. It’s a smooth progression.
  • Her questions tell me alot about what she is interested about in me. In particular it allows me to preselect and also share deep rapport. Yes, you can get rapport during dirty talk.
Later that night she opened me on Facebook for more talk, then again the next day. She’s on the hook.


  1. nice game krauser.
    what is she asking you in the 1st vid, at 13:22 ? sth. with the finger?

    [Do I like fingers in the ass, she says. K.]

  2. Damn, what a cute voice.
    A feminine voice is a +1 in for me. It can make a cute decent looking girl into a hottie for me.
    Probably because I”m used to annoying Canadian and American girls who constantly go “Like” every second.

  3. It’s amazing to think you had only opened her about an hour ago on the street. Getting girls on insta dates is still outside of my reality, so this blows my mind.

  4. you come off calm,chilled & detached about sex, this is rare for her so she’s giggling all the time..great demo!

  5. Hi Krauser, I was at the LSS bootcamp this weekend just gone. Just getting into this now but had a great weekend and some good results. Really appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into this blog. I feel like I’ve learned a lot just watching some of the vids and reading your comments. Just had a few questions actually. If there is a better way of contacting you, please let me know. First few questions relate to this Romanian escalation vid.
    When you were doing the question game, you push really hard on the sexual questions, even when she starts asking non-sexual questions….did you feel you were taking a big risk by continuing with that line of questioning? There must be a good chance with a lot of women that they would be put off by it….i.e this guy doesn’t want to talk about anything but sex. I guess the same goes for when you talk about approaching other girls and going for quick lays…a lot of girls would obviously be a bit put off by that. I’m assuming you were just feeling the vibe and realised you could push this one really hard?

    Also, how did you end it? Did you attempt to take her back to your house, go for kiss, just numbers etc?

    I’ve noticed in other videos you go for facebook details often. Do you literally open up for facebook app and get them to search for themselves?

    I’d really like to read a bit more about escalation and closing (I feel ok about my approaches and general conversation) – can you recommend any particular posts or any literature that you thought was particularly good?

    Finally, do you do any coaching?

    Thanks again.

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  7. Agreed I’ve laid girls without kino-ing them. That being said, what I do at the coffeehouse is that I sit in such way that if she sits naturally, there will be some leg-to leg contact between us. She basically has to make a little bit of effort to avoid the leg to leg contact. If she makes that effort, I’ve usually found that I flounder. But if she let’s the contact happen, that’s all that is needed. Kino with the hand and fingers is soemthing I have not mastered. Makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason and perhaps it is this sub-communication that screws it up for me. Need to get out of my comfort zone on this

  8. K, did you fuck her? The question game went really well, i’m guessing she’s horny as hell. I’m curious how this interaction went on, and if you didn’t fuck her then you think it was possible? [She lives with her boyfriend. I overescalated. She almost let me drag her into the toilet, but finally decided against it, then the chance was gone. K.]

  9. Guys i’am want to say only these:she start to talk about sex whitout any shame because she is very sure is very confidencial sex talk .normally girls in Romania reject to talk with us about sex like that.but because you are Uk person nobybody knows her so be proud of you:)) you not worked so hard on getting what you wanted to hear from her.

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