I talk too much

August 13, 2011

Recently I’ve switched up my date game. One concept familiar to community guys is that skills acquisition is like a pendulum. At first you are out of balance to one side – usually the passive side – so you need to swing the pendulum right over to it’s opposite side. Think of it like flexing your muscles. So for example, a guy who has never cold approached has to start flying into set after set regardless of how well-suited the girl is to him, just so he can feel what the other extreme is like. Or a timid nice guy might really dial up his assholery so he can learn how it feels to unburden yourself and piss off lots of girls.

Then once the test phase is over, you let the pendulum rest at the sweet spot in the middle. You calibrate that aspect of your game.

I’ve been pushing it hard lately in verbal escalation, reality-reframing, and intellectual mastery. These are core skills to get Type One girls. The problem is I’ve been pushing it too hard too fast and losing girls because of it. This isn’t a problem because I can get an endless series of dates with girls like in this video. However, after watching this video I decided I’ve swung the pendulum out far enough and it’s time to scale back.

I’m returning to minimalism on dates. Be quiet, let the girl talk. Whoever is talking is investing.

Note how despite doing too much work it’s still effortless to draw IOIs and sexual state out of this girl. She’s a bona-fide Krauser ‘9’.  In this particular case my hands were tied by logistics: she was in London for only three days, to stay with her boyfriend of two years, and I met her two hours before he finished work. Also, I was with a 1-on-1 student so I felt bad stretching the date out. Had logisitcs suited I would’ve led her around London for a couple of hours, put a couple of pints in her, then escalated once in my bedroom.  As Rocky said to me upon watching the video:

“I can see that you talk a lot and she doesn’t     she is easy     she is up for it     she needs to be led     look at the way she smokes     look at her eyes     she is ready”


  1. it looks more like to me, she cant understand a word your saying and is dying to get away… 🙂

    • In the first few minutes it does give that impression.

      Not afterwards.

    • Really? You think that? Or are you being tongue in cheek? Perhaps this is English humor?
      I thought she liked him and was DTF. But her mood seemed to change by the second. One moment she looks DTF and the next she looks bored, then she looks uncomfortable, and again she seems intrigued and so on and so forth.

  2. “I like guys who smoke weed… That is important for me…” What the fuck?

    She was definitely interested. You talk a lot but it doesn’t mean you should have talked less in this situation. She was always interested and you went pretty deep/intellectual which is different that spewing some gibberish about random stuff.

  3. Nice smile and very pretty. Well done.

    This is not a criticism, because I don’t know what else you could have done, but my god what an energy suck she is! Give her the conversation for more than a couple seconds and she drains every bit of energy there was away. You kept speaking because you knew the interaction would die if you passed her the football. If you could do this again, how would you try to get her feeding energy in?

  4. Couldn’t it have been largely a language barrier issue?

  5. This doesn’t have much to do with the post besides the title. “I talk too much.”

    My hometown is a huge tourist destination, and for some reason, the tourist most likely to stop and chat with you on the street or on a flight is English. Maybe I’m just selectively picking out these memories, but seriously, I keep meeting English people on flights! And on the beach, and at theme parks….and they talk SO MUCH!

    I think it works for you by virtue of being English! If it were an American doing it I would get so annoyed.


  6. Wow, she is hella hot! I don’t see girls like that in Toronto nightclubs dude. [She’s a hidden gem. I nearly missed her. Once you introspect on what you want in a girl and then align your forebrain/core, you’ll just start unearthing them. K]

  7. Thanks for the response, that’s .. freaking deep. Have you posted on this mindset before?

  8. One problem with dialing up the asshole as you mentioned early on is that you will have a chat with the Cops like I did. That shit screwed me up for a month. Kept looking over my shoulder imagining her complaining to the cops. Ever had a chat with the Cops yourself? Not fun, I assure you. This is every mangina’s fantasy. To have a state approved bully badge and play knight in shining armor to a damself in distress. But enough negative talk.

    Love your videos. They show the girl’s expressions as you talk and you can see how what you say/how you say it is affecting the interaction based on her facial expressions.

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