The subtext of game – My talk at the LSS charity bootcamp

August 1, 2011

Most UK readers should be familiar with the London Seduction Society (LSS), the main UK forum for game. Most aspiring players find their way onto it at some point in their journey and in the beginning I used it to find wings and get a feel that I wasn’t the only weirdo doing this pick-up stuff.

I rarely post there now, mainly because my blog is the repository of my game-related thoughts. They run irregular charity bootcamps a couple of times a year so this time around I was invited to speak. Seeing as I’m primarily known for my daygame perhaps people expected me to speak about that. No sir. I wrote up a new talk about the subtext to your journey in game.

It went over quite well. Here’s the full talk as filmed by my bird. I’ve blurred out faces and when the camera pans into the audience my girl followed her instructions correctly (“just get the tops of people’s heads, not their faces”). I’ve snipped off the last few minutes of the Q&A to keep it down to 3x15min.


  1. Great presentation. And yes, I was surprised it wasn’t about day game.

    So getting truly good at game is about transitioning from beta to alpha mindsets and behaviours. What material did you study / what did you do in general to help you achieve this, Any chance you can point me in the right direction?

    Do you feel it’s possible to become good at game purely through internal change (mindsets and behaviours) or do you think you have to also change external things (lifestyle)?

  2. Any chance of posting the slides from the presentation?

  3. Interesting talk, thanks for sharing it. My favourite part was when you shot down that know-it-all medical student. “I know quite a lot about that, I’m studying medicine” – what a ballbag.

  4. Interesting talk, I remember from reading your book, you talk about same stuff.

    It would be good if those videos could be put as mp3 or even video downloadable files.

  5. Good presentation, thanks.

    Should have shut the dork at the end up pdq. Could have spent the time he was rambling on and on, discussing questions pertinent to your presentation.

  6. Great topic, could aptly being named the ‘subtext to human nature’. You presentation defined every instinct I’ve ever had. Can you recommend any books/ websites for further reading? I’m very interested in the evo-psych stuff of game (especially across different countries/ cultures/ civilizations). Cheers.

  7. BTW, good call Johnny about that Med-student being a ballbag, he needed to sit- down and shut the f#ck up!

  8. The medical student was well within his rights to comment and raised some good points. The relationship between mind and body is not one-sided, they are both interdependent on each other.

    Perhaps if we were nothing but rutting apes that operated purely on instinct, then you may have a point. However we are capable of abstract thought and can overcome our biological and cultural programming through freewill/self-awareness (as the “ballbag” med student noted).

    • Yes, but the student was arguing that free will meant we could changed so our ‘fates’ aren’t biologically determined, in response to a lecture telling us how we can use our free will to change from beta to alpha mindsets and behaviors. If Krauser was saying we can’t change then his lecture would have been pointless. He was saying the opposite.

      • There is no difference between the things you have just mentioned.

        But yet Krauser says “the body controls the mind” whilst also saying you can change your mindset from beta to alpha. You use the mind to change how you perceive yourself and alter your body to reflect your mindset… which is the mind influencing the body. Once others start reacting to the physical image you present, that feedback then strengthens your “alpha” mindset.

        Mind -> Body -> Mind

        Incidentally, the mind is a psychological construct that exists within the physical brain. There are countless instances of people gaining control over their mind to the point that they can then change how their body responds.

        Perception is reality.

    • He should have kept his question short and succinct. As it was he rambled on and on with his ‘I’ve been studying medicine for a million years’ bla bla bla.

      But yes, he was within his rights to make a tool of himself..

  9. Nick:

    I’m particularly interested in the cultural dimension you discuss in the middle of Part 3. Any movies, CDs and books that you recommend as alpha-affirming? Would be nice if you posted your list..

  10. Also: We are people trying to lead (become alphas) by following other people (imitating alpha characteristics). You cannot lead by following.

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  12. Krauser could you give me feedback on my daygame, here is the link, bascially its me opening two 3 sets plus a final set that is cut off unfortunately even though it was my best one, also sorry the audio quality is a bit shit, the link is (I am the guy with the beard by the way).

  13. Great presentation. The circles showing females entering males’ realities is a huge point, as simple as it appears.. all success I’ve had was because of bringing them into my world (which still goes against my nature, upbringing and media, what we’re told to be), also is the reason for every one that I lost: didn’t bring them in, or didn’t maintain the castle.

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  15. I like most of the talk.

    just wanted to point out that (even now) real hunter-gathers (not industrial era humans of a failed state) were egalitarian as there is no way for small nomadic tribes of people that rely on fresh food and cooperation to create rich/ poor classes.

    it wasn’t till the introduction of the agrarian life style(farming) that people could hoard resources and create massive inequality. x10 since the industrial and digital revolutions.

    not that I want to go back in time and like you said you’re not a scientist but there is much to learn from our hunter- gatherer ancestors about relationships and socializing .

    I also disagree that we have free will , we can decide , the decisions are constrained by biological processes in the body and brain.the brain is doing work I’m completely unaware of before I have a thought or an impulse. I don’t believe in fate thought, I believe in randomness and chaos, and we are consistently fooled by it.

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