Prince Harry has his shit together

August 16, 2011

From today’s Daily Telegraph

“……Prince Harry has broken off his romance with the lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, it has been reported. The Prince, 26, told friends he wants to focus on his Apache helicopter training and does not want to be “tied down”.

Harry began dating the 25-year-old lingerie model, nicknamed Flee, in June but has now broken off the relationship. “Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment. He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that, he’s expecting to return to Afghanistan,” a source told the Daily Mirror.

“Harry enjoyed spending time with friends over the summer, but he doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship when training, so he called time on Flee.” Miss Brudenell-Bruce, who has fronted campaigns for John Lewis, Adidas and Knickerbox, was keen for Harry to join her on holiday in Ibiza this month……”

Sloppy seconds of Prince Harry and Jenson Button

It’s an open secret in the UK that Prince Harry and Prince William are half-brothers, sharing only the genes of their bed-hopping suicidal bulemic whore of a mother Princess Diana. This despicable little bitch caused much national shame so I wasn’t the least upset when she got herself driven into a wall at high speed. In fact, I remember where I was when the news of her death came out – I was walking into a bar in Tenerife with my girlfriend to watch the Newcastle-Liverpool game on SkySports, the season after the two famous 4-3 thrillers. As I walked in, the conversation went like this:

Me: Excuse mate, are you not putting the match on? It starts in five minutes

Barman: The match is cancelled

Me: Uh, why?

Barman: Diana is dead

Me: But why is the match cancelled?

Anyhow, I digress….. Whereas Prince William has bought the cow at a moment of sweet irony for me, Harry is busy with his boys in Afghanistan and dating lingerie models. He takes after his dad, the cad of cads. So check out this article. Harry has his mission, and there’s no lingerie models in the treehouse.


  1. I remember them 4-3 games with keegan ( vs liverpool of the spice boy days if I do remember), possibly the best football I have seen in my life, passionate, devil may care freedom in attack from one of the crappest tactitians to grace the game.

    These royals are apex alphas, for years I was stumped by the obsession of nubile girls with being princesses and marrying harry/william/any other balding twat royal (monaca guy springs to mind) but now alpha theory and female hypergamy explains everything.

    I really wonder if harry has any game (bar some natural arrogance)… or if he even needs any. If I was pulling girls left right and centre by virtue of my apex societal position, I know I wouldnt even have heard of the game community, nor spent the enormous time investment to get good at this.

    Guess Diana wasn’t your cup of tea…

    • I agree with you. Though I cannot say whether Harry has game, as I don’t know him personally, I know some of the so-called nobility in continental europe.
      Of course their status is not comparable to the one of Harry or Will (which I would consider comparable to a super star), but when it comes to girls there must be a massive difference in the perception of the girls of those guys compared to other guys. Those nobility guys I know are basically just cool und laid-back, but when girls get to know their background (growing up in a castle /owning it, being super rich) they automatically see them with other eyes. like they were from another planet.

  2. Respect for him for following his mission and living on his edge.

  3. Oh come now. No need to be so harsh on Diana. We know from the book Sperm Wars that her body simply wanted to get the best genes possible at that particular moment in time. Power of the subconscious is greater than the rational mind… Who would have thought that Harry would come out looking like the spitting image of the adulterer — same hair and nose even!

  4. I thought a good PUA was not judgemental about sex. I am surprised to see you calling her a whore. [She was a married woman who cheated on her husband and cuckholded him. That’s as bad as rape. This isn’t some single young club girl out to have a bit of adventure. K.]

  5. I really wonder how these royals practice sperm-control. I mean every female must be desperate to get knocked up by one of them to bag a marriage or significant media coverage. I wonder if there’s some secret anti-sperm drug they take, or if they never actually come during sex, or carry a little portable incincerator and quadruple-strength condoms with them.

    I think anyone’d rather be Harry than William. You miss all the obligations yet get all the fun. Fucking models and flying Apache helicopters: mad props.

  6. To the people wondering whether or not Harry has game:

    He just dumped a 25 year old HB9 underwear model to hang out with the lads and play with one of these:

  7. A prince and a good looking one and all he could get was a 7…..who pretty much has the upper hand in the relationship………….. while the guys supposedly with much less social proof than him can boff rows and rows of 9’s. Thank Goodness for Game. It truly is the great leveller.

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