I bang my first 18 year old Estonian girl. Anally.

August 18, 2011

It’s the second full day of Big Toe and I’s jaunt to Estonia. We’ve been ripping it up in daygame pushing for bouncebacks and flagrant sexual propositioning. Not the type of solid game I’d usually recommend but sometimes you want to push the envelope on a specific part of your game. We are doing more of the same in nightgame with rapid escalation. So we’re pumped. On the way to the bar I see a slutty-looking 2-set stroll by. Young girls with curvy figures and ripped-up punky clothes. Me and Toe exchange glances. “Let’s just blatantly hit on them for sex” I say and we run after them. They crack open easily.

“Hey girls. We were just over there when you walked by and we literally just saw you. Me and my friend here, we are on holiday in Estonia. We’re about to go drinking but we’re a bit tense. We thought that if we can find a couple of girls, take them home right now, and fuck them… then we’d relax and have a better night”

The girls are dumbfounded – a huge adrenalin spike wobbles their legs and they are hooked strong deer-in-headlights style. We keep ploughing and they realise we aren’t backing down and actually intend to bounce them 50m down the road to our apartment. They start to get turned on. The little redhead is in sexual state and would’ve done it right away but her brunette friend is more resistant. We spend a while telling them exactly how we’ll fuck them and occasionally slip into playful teasing and state raising. Finally we decide the girls aren’t up for it right now but might later, when left to chew it over in their minds. So I number close the redhead telling her “we’re going drinking now. We’ll swap numbers and then later if you get horny and fancy some great rough sex, let me know”

like this, but with another 5kg

Then we go out to a shisha bar to meet Toe’s date (a stunning 21yo ’9′) and her friend. We plan to go to a good club that we’ve been recommended, where one of my girls from the prior night is waiting for me to show up. Then I start swapping texts with redhead. It’s a boring exchange but just note how it is purely logistics. This girl had been given no comfort at all – just a five minute attraction set and even that was basically just intent, with little finesse:

    • Me 1:08am: We are smoking shisha at delaguardia. What you doing?
    • Her 1:17am: Sitting right here, outside at O’Malleys
    • Me 1:19am: We are at Delaguardia, at the shisha place. Come join us
    • Me 1:34am: We are going to Club Privee
    • Her 1:44am: We were just about to come up to delaguardia but ok
    • Me 1:44am: Club Privee!!! Join the party!
    • Her 1:45am: It costs too much
    • Me 1:46am: Boo! Come outside the club and we’ll find you
    • Her 1:58am: We’re pretty much near here right now, what next?
    • Me 2:00am: One minute, gonna see if they let me outside
    • Me 2:02am: They say I can’t go out. Can you come in?
    • Her 2:04am: I don’t have enough money with me at the moment
    • Me 2:05am: It’s 7 euro. I’ll pay that if you promise to 1. Laugh at my jokes and 2. Treat me like a super hero. Deal?
    • Her 2:08am: Haha, would be a deal, but what about my friend, i cant leave her alone
    • Me 2:09am: Ok, both of you BUT…. you must be our slaves. ok?
    • Her 2:18am: Hahah well… We’ll see about that. But we’ll be there in a few minutes.
    • Me 2:20am: Ok, we are on the right, upstairs. Surprise is
    • Her 2:22am: Guess I’m coming alone* but you have to come to the door to pay you know.
    • Me 2:24am: Wait. 1 min
    • Her 2:25am: I’m not there yet, chill
    • Me 2:26am: Fucking hell woman, I just walked down the stairs! It was a good song. Text me when you are at the door
    • Her 2:31am: Im at the door.

So I make my decision. I’ve only been in the club half an hour helping Toe raise state and be independent of his target, and the 19 yr old virgin I kissed the night before is somewhere in the club but hasn’t found me yet. A classic bird-in-the-hand / two-in-the-bush scenario. I go downstairs to check out my girl.

She’s up for it. So I ditch the club and just start walking her to my place. It takes ten minutes and I finally run comfort comfort comfort while engaging her logical mind. Once inside the apartment I tell her shoes off (“the wood floor is too clean”) and walk her to the bedroom to watch youtube videos. She lies next to me and then I roll over and close her.

Note: the interview / sexual fantasies thing begins about the seven minute mark

I get the expected token LMR which is easily defeated by intent (and some fingering). I give her some dirty talk and take her anal virginity, which she fucking loves. All the usual despicable depravity and by then Toe is home, sleeping on the couch. So naturally I try to pass her on. I reframe her on her attitudes to sex, DHV Toe, and push quite hard to get her to go into the lounge to fuck him. She’s considering it but it’s just a bit too weird for her. A few days later I booty call her and she walks 5 miles through the worst part of town in her heels to receive the Krausercock. She tells me she doesn’t understand why she did it.


  1. Didn’t I read this same lay report in the past somewhere? [It was originally a guest post on Big toe’s blog. The audio is new. K.]

  2. well done, that i have to admit is so sexually explicit 🙂 and the fantastic use of technology.
    how is estonia

  3. Any advice on how to take anal virginity? [Dirty talk her during normal sex, then just do it. K]

  4. Add another 5 kilos??

    you mean on her chin?

  5. haha, im sitting at my desk, in a respectable office, in a respectable job, listening to Kbone violate an 18yo slut 7 ways from sunday….

    got to be something wrong with that….

  6. Shame the audio was so shit until the 7 minute mark, but the interview is great.

    “I was a little afraid of fucking you because you were so aggressive and dominating”, And shortly thereafter she did. Anally too.

    Manginas and feminists wept…

  7. Filth. But I like it. 😀

  8. You’re absolutely sick and I love every minute of it! hahahah!

  9. Have you ever though of using the apocalypse opener? Try it for shits and giggles. I wouldn’t be surprised if your success rate approached 33%…and please post video.

  10. you ought to be ashamed of yourself for doing this anally. that is disgusting. do you enjoy defiling our white women? [It was fucking awesome! K.]

  11. “She tells me she doesn’t understand why she did it.”

    Pimp game. The whole thing was pimp-game.

    And shut the fuck up Harry; only repressed homos don’t find delight in cranking it up a bitch’s shitbox.

  12. So Krauser, how do you think this would work as a single man on a single woman?

  13. what voice recorder do you use to record these f-closes? want to get me one. thanks.

  14. Now when you went downstairs, how did you know she was up for it. As I see it you did not pay for her to come inside. So you met outside. What did you say. How long did you guys talk before taking her to your place? what was the clinching statement? Was it as simple as, “Let’s go over to my place.”

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  16. Damn…that was hot!

    Give us more more recordings…!!!

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