Why day game works

August 18, 2011

Never underestimate the chodiness of the average chode. Once you’ve done a few hundred street stops it becomes part of your reality that if you see a girl you like you go talk to her. It seems…. just….. obvious. Why wouldn’t you talk to her? Taking some weird circuitous route seems so weird and circuitous.

I mean, what kind of man can’t talk to a girl he likes?

A pussy. That’s who. Girls already have a pussy of their own. They don’t need another. Fortunately for us the world is absolutely awash in male pussies. They are terrified of approaching and just stand there holding their cocks when a hot girl ambles past.

Unsurpringly whole industries have grown up around this fear of approaching. You have Game companies that teach you how to approach. And you also have internet dating sites that pretend you don’t need to. What is news to me is there are companies determined to fall between two stools: daygame companies for guys who won’t approach.

Witness this:

And this godawful moneypit. (mind you, it’s advanced level!!!!)


  1. Flirtontherun – what a godawful idea. One of those business ideas that sounds great unless you actually understand male/female relationship psychology and what is implied subconciously to a girl on an alpha/dominance/confidence level by a guy who has just about the balls to approach, say two words, hand over a creepy looking business card AND RUN!!! (in case she attacked you? in case you have to open your mouth and talk?)

    Her hindbrain will be telling her that yes this is just the type of man that will protect me and my children from carnivores and other hostile hunter gatherer groups in the Savannah…or not.

    Sadly for a lot of us former nice guys, theres no alternative, no neat flirt card trick, no slight of hand, you just have to pull your panties up, man up and approach, over and over and over. I bet K can’t even remember what approach anxiety felt like.

  2. The point of the whole system isn’t to get your laid. The point is for the people doing it to make money. Getting people laid is just one way of spreading the word about the site. There’s plenty other ones that are easier.

  3. OH. MY. GOD.

    I feel sick to the pit of my stomach. As much as when I watched that “conscious man” video. That video is an abomination. Shameful. Ludicrous. Pointless.

    And streetmeet is beyond pointless.

    Holy fuck. Where do you find this stuff? I think I’m basically going to have to pirate this post on my own blog.
    [you’re welcome – just make sure you drop a blogmogging of Toe or JJ into the post. K]

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  5. Steetmate is just basically missed connections which they’ve had in local papers for years. I can actually see some geeky guys signing up to flirt on the run.

    Some people take the piss out of the seduction community and it’s people / techniques, but when you see stuff like this you come to realize how far ahead of the average chode even a lame wannabe PUA can be.

  6. Now that was a good laugh :))

  7. This is fucking hilarous.

    I don’t blame them, make money of the chodes who are too scared to approach.
    Fuck, I’ll have to consider starting something like this.

    It’d kill me but it seems like a easy way to make money off desperate men. Last I saw this venture was successful-

  8. I’m speechless haha. Don’t really like the idea game-wise, but it’s a brilliant business idea to make money.

  9. I prefer my idea of bogus business cards that you give to women when she asks what you do for a living.

    Arse model, baby seal-clubber, freelance yak herder, etc.

  10. lol at that site! Guys should really just approach the girl; say hi.

  11. What you you think of the book Soul of Love Systems wrote about day game called Daytime Dating? I wrote a review on my blog… maybe you’d like to do a guest post?

    [If you google “daytime dating review” I am the top google hit. I’m sure you already know this. Your blog seems to be an affiliate marketing site for Soul’d book and this comment an attempt to draw hits in. But, I don’t mind. I think the book is overpriced and a bit shit, but it’s not so bad. Obviously I think mine is much better, and if you want a cheaper book try Roosh’s when it comes out. I haven’t read Roosh’s book but it’ll probably be good. K]

    • My site is not an affiliate site for his Book, but his day game book was ok. Ultimately a big miss out on inner game which is a big part of Daygame. I felt your first book was rather compex in terms of opening, but your DNA matching concept really hit home with me and with meditation it’s solidifying my selections and interactions go much better.

      I also go in much stronger than I ever used to, and escalate physically right of the bad with hair touching and closing in on proximity and more high pressure game now with intense eye-fucking eye contact. They’re either in or they’re not. This also reduced falking drastically, but I think it’s because of other stuff I’ve read as well. However your concepts with being a high value male who believes in his own authentic approach/value were key for me. Overall, I think you could have designed your layout of the book a little better and more “user friendly” to make it less condensed and a little better organized. The content is great, but rather packed. I’ll be buying your new book in the next couple, not sure why you wouldn’t take advantage of online marketing affiliates with an eBook, but you have your views. Anyhow, cheers from Canada mate. [Thanks boss. Look out for the second edition of Nitro in about a month’s time. It addresses all of those complaints. K/]

  12. hahahahahahaha……………….. If any of my friends signs up for that crap, I’m gonna He-bitch-man slap the hell outta him. It’s amazing that with all this information on the net for free, this shit still sells. What gives?

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