Claiming my Spanish flag: the Facebook setup part two

July 25, 2011

Quick summary is I street-opened her last summer, had a Day 2 that went nowhere, and then just occasional non-sexual facebook chat. Something changed in her circumstances and suddenly I was able to sexualise quickly. Here is the next stage, one day after she’d agreed to the booty call. This is the full chat from when she opens me. You’ll notice I’m bulldozing all objections and while it’s extreme “pull” with very little push, I don’t start begging. The frame is “we both want this, so now I will make it happen, pushing past your coyness.” Not the tightest game but I didn’t want her wasting my time. She came the next day and I banged her.

Her: pervert

Me: sure…… are you in a taxi?

Her: yes

Me: cool tell him [my postcode] I’ll have the tea ready

Her: haha i told u maybe sunday i’m tired now

Me: I might be tired on Sunday I’m full of energy now, and I’m gonna be home all evening jump in a taxi

Her: but i’m not full of energy now

Me: sleep in the taxi

Her: hahaha its not comfortable

Me: no problem for the first hour, you can lie down on my bed as we drink something, and watch TV

Her: i’ll probably fall sleep

Me: perhaps then after an hour I’ll rip your clothes off bite and grab you kiss you a bit slap your ass and put my cock in you and fuck your brains out then make another cup of tea

Her: u are a tea obsessed!

Me: true get a taxi now text me when you are inside it I’ll expect you around 9pm

Her: i’m not gonna take a taxi now hahaha i’m working tomo again

Me: I’ll send you home at 11pm

Her: noo not todayy

Me: I’m quite busy this week. Can’t guarantee Sunday I’m free tonight. Take the opportunity

Her: monday?

Me: It’s awkward. I’ve got friends visiting from tomorrow evening they are here a week and then I go to Estonia for a week come now

Her: i cant noww

Me: do it you are tired at this moment but when you have a glass of vodka, and have my cock in your hand you’ll find lots of new energy

Her: hahaha i dnt think so

Me: [my address] wear a skirt so I can pull it up and do you from behind

Her: i’m not gonna go today!

Me: yes you are it’s still early and I want to fuck you now

Her: but i’m tired now

Me: That’s temporary

Her: no i’m tired since saturday

Me: you’ll be energetic and screaming when I get hold of you

Her: no, i’ll fall sleep

Me: oh dear, Catalans really are the worst in bed

Her: u dnt know

Me: you are all bark, no bite pull a skirt on, do your hair and come here

Her: noooo

Me: yes start moving now

Her: no

Me: you’ll be here in less than an hour

Her: i’m too tired to move

Me: you’ll be home by midnight you only have to move from your room to the taxi outside

Her: haha no, i have to take a shower dry my hair dress up and i’m too sleepy

Me: when do you finish work tomorrow?

Her: 11pm

Me: that’s too late, my friends will be here at 11:30

Her: its not my fault talk wth my manager

Me: take your opportunity now

Her: i’m too tired i’m not gonna enjoy it

Me: that’s unfortunate

Her: i’ve been working almost 12 days with just one day off between i’m soo tired

Me: I feel sympathy. It’s not easy working so hard

Her: til which day are your friends here

Me: they are here 2 weeks, staying in one of my guest rooms but I’m going to Estonia on the 2nd June

Her: i’m going to barcelona the 3rd

Me: so, you understand why tonight is best?

Her: but i’m really tired tonight

Me: I know. Difficult decision…. sleep or hot sex

Her: hahahah

Me: I know you want it, you’re just lazy and comfortable 🙂

Her: i’m tiredddd and u live so far

Me: taxi I’ll pay half

Her: nooo i have to do lots of things before i could go

Me: so do them

Her: and i just feel like i want to lay on the bed

Me: yes, my bed

Her: or sleep

Me: have a shower now, it’ll wake you up

Her: your bed is so far

Me: nap in the taxi do it get ready now

Her: nooo u r not gonna change my mind today

Me: that’s ok

Her: u’ll need to wait when u’ll be back from estonia

Me: I can wait. Not sure what I’ll be doing then opportunities come and go

Her: well…new ones come as well

Me: true the best I can offer you is….. maybe I can escape my friends for a few hours before I go to Estonia but it can’t be in my house

Her: why not

Me: because I’m probably gonna start dating one of them and I don’t want to be rude

Her: hahaha well depends when u can scape could be in my house if my room mate is working

Me: do you know what time they work on Sunday and Monday? this needs to be coordinated with miltary precision!

Her: hahaha i’m not sure probably sunday he is off must be in monday

Me: are you working Monday?

Her: no

Me: I prefer lunch time because then I can eat afterwards and not get fat

Her: hahaha

Me: Noon on Monday then?

Her: well, i need to check if my friend is working

Me: Ok. What’s your address, and nearest station?

Her: [address]

Me: postcode?

Her: [postcode]

Me: is your number still [private no]?

Her: yes

Me: I’m checking googlemap you are next to [private] station, right?

Her: haha yes

Me: Got it Ok, so your job between now and Monday

1. get lots of sleep

2. cheer for Barcelona

3. buy some sexy underwear

Her: haha

Me: 4. wear a nice skirt, top, and boots

5. Ensure your house is empty around lunchtime on Monday

Her: just my room will be empty i dunno about the other flatmates

Me: That’s not a problem for me is it a problem for you?

Her: we can put some music if not haha

Me: no problem I expect you to be noisy and rough don’t disappoint me the pride of Catalonia is depending on you!

Her: hahahaha i dnt need to be noisy to be great

Me: I’ll be the judge of that, young lady

Her: hahaha


  1. Rockys gonna throw a wobbly in a minute…

    Great example of not wheeling out the heavy artillery for a fugly target.

    Dumpster diving will lead to sloppy game in the long run though…

  2. yeah fuck that hoe

  3. I don’t see a problem with this. Krauser knows it’s not going to be the right way to game most girls in most situations. They only reason he did it, I think, is because it requires such a low level of investment on his part. It’s what, 2 x 30 minute facebook chats while he’s probably be talking to other targets at the same time.

    It says a lot about the nature of women as well. It’s a clear indication that they do want a lot of sex, and are willing to jump into bed with a man they have a little but of attraction and comfort with, if their current situation is just right.

    I think merely identifying an opportunity and not hesitating in taking advantage of it, even without using all that much game, can account for a lot of lays.

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